Uzbekistan 8K HDR 60p

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
  • We were invited to Uzbekistan by the Ministry of Tourism to capture this diverse and beautiful country. Travel with us to the Samarkand mosques and mausoleums, the city of Tashkent and its uniquely beautiful underground Metro, The Samanid Mausoluem in Bukhara, the Juma Mosque, and the Itchan Kala in Khiva and more.
    Produced by
    Bekruz Hamzaev
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    DJI Inspire 2 X7
    Final Cut and DaVinci Resolve
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  • Jacob + Katie Schwarz
    Jacob + Katie Schwarz  4 months ago +181

    It's now in 8K. We found out that USclip changed their encoding process, so even if we re-uploaded we would've had the same issue. (Which we did behind the scene to make sure we weren't crazy ;--) So you all know, the issue was the HDR to SDR LUT. We make a custom LUT for each of our video rather than allowing USclip to apply a generic HDR-to-SDR, which doesn't always give us the best results. For you tech people We use to be able and with all our other videos use a 33x33x33 conversation LUT, but with USclip new encoder we are required to use 17x17x17. So when we uploaded it kept failing on USclip end because a few month ago the changed up their backend. In the future, since we are always try to push the limits, we are going to work more closely with USclip on every release so you guys have the best quality possible right of our the gate.

    • A. J
      A. J 10 days ago

      Hi Jacob. Take the video for Turkmenistan, please :-)

    • DUST35
      DUST35 12 days ago

      Hi! Do you know if it's possible to create a LUT from the Dolby Vision SDR grade, to use for USclip? Maybe its possible to use the rendered SDR-version and analyze it compared to the HDR-version and generate a LUT from the difference between the two? 🤔

    • Jonathan Huerta
      Jonathan Huerta Month ago

      @Someone Else okay, be a jerk then, jerk.

    • Jesus Dominguez
      Jesus Dominguez Month ago +1

      Jacob + Katie Schwarz te falta MEXICO please

    • Marie Grass
      Marie Grass 2 months ago

      Thank you for your amazing work. I really enjoy to see Samarkand and Bukhara the historical, religious and cultural centers of Tajik -Persian peoples of Central Asia.

  • Adelina Gaudi
    Adelina Gaudi Day ago

    Could you please, tell me what camera you have used to make this footage.

  • Инна Куликова

    как же у них там красиво и атмосферно

  • Рита Ломоносова

    Моя мечта побывать там, узнать их культуры, прогуляться по рынкам..Эх

  • djrocuall
    djrocuall 3 days ago

    My laptop can run 4k but then I try 8k and it starts breathing loud and the video starts to buffer 😂🤣 ill stick to 4k

  • Akmal Khalbekov
    Akmal Khalbekov 4 days ago

    I dont understanding one thing, i have some problems with video, i have only black sqreen;) can u explain me why? I have ips sqreen

  • 雨雷
    雨雷 4 days ago

    Thank you Jacob+Katie Schwarz

  • 雨雷
    雨雷 4 days ago +1

    乌兹别克斯坦 真的漂亮和美丽
    Uzbekiston beautiful country
    Assalomalekum uzbekistonim

  • online piter
    online piter 4 days ago

    Салам Узбекистан,красота какая, никогда бы не подумал.

  • Шахбоз Абдалиев

    Зур чкбт лекн 👍👍👍

  • dilbek turaev
    dilbek turaev 5 days ago

    Such a nice work you guys did. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Please share behind the scenes video.

  • cirovideo1
    cirovideo1 5 days ago


  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 days ago +1

    Best quality on YouTub, you guys know your stuff. Please make more

  • ZlatoМir Simeonov
    ZlatoМir Simeonov 6 days ago

    i hope to visit one day this amazing country full of history and beauty. Kisses from Bulgaria!

  • Николай Якольч

    Отдыхал, завёл новых знакомых, приеду обязательно ещё раз!!!!

  • Daniel Duhart
    Daniel Duhart 6 days ago +2

    Uzbekistán is amazing, congratulations from Mexico 🇺🇿🇲🇽

  • Chris Pen
    Chris Pen 6 days ago

    I like how the time is 420

  • Crypto
    Crypto 9 days ago

    I can watch at 2160p HDR but SERIOUS FRAME DROPS!😭

  • R.T. Ikramov
    R.T. Ikramov 10 days ago

    Guys, thank you! That was outstanding!

  • Gerard Yanzon
    Gerard Yanzon 11 days ago

    This channel made me buy a 4k TV years ago. Now I'm off to 8k TV, hopefully soon.
    Thanks for all your amazing videos. Keep 'em coming guys.

  • Morgoth Bauglir
    Morgoth Bauglir 11 days ago

    Guys meet Moldova please, it's my country, and i cant be more grateful for you if you do it

  • Nik N
    Nik N 12 days ago +2

    Люблю свою страну. Спасибо большое вам для этого видео.

  • university of toronto
    university of toronto 12 days ago

    Where Registan

  • Kanadanka
    Kanadanka 13 days ago

    Stunning video! Way to capture the beauty of this place!

  • Дневник Бека

    Welcome to my country

  • Atia sanjida Polloby
    Atia sanjida Polloby 13 days ago

    Plz upload vdo for Bangladesh....

  • vianney
    vianney 14 days ago

    Hello! can I use some parts of this video for a school project introduction?I will give full credits. If not, then thank you👍💓

  • Shaheer Imam
    Shaheer Imam 14 days ago

    God Willing I visit sometime in my life

  • JayzBeerz
    JayzBeerz 14 days ago

    All I have is the 4K option. Where's the 8K?

  • AS2PIK 333
    AS2PIK 333 14 days ago +2

    From Algeria, peace on you

  • すぎ。
    すぎ。 16 days ago +2

    Love Uzbekistan from Japan 🇯🇵❤️🇺🇿

  • Rare Girl
    Rare Girl 16 days ago

    Incredible journey to hidden Uzbekistan. Thank for an amazing video.

  • ashutosh ify
    ashutosh ify 16 days ago

    It's breathtaking even at 17*17*17 encoding results would've been for sure better. But your efforts are just wonder

  • Mihnea Lazăr
    Mihnea Lazăr 17 days ago

    Just as a suggestion, can you make the watermark a bit more transparent, so that OLED TVs won’t develop burn-in?

  • Man Steel
    Man Steel 18 days ago +1

    Canada 8k 60fps

  • myVideoMedia
    myVideoMedia 18 days ago

    Fantastic video! Absolutly great work! Best wishes!

  • Jordi Latorre
    Jordi Latorre 19 days ago

    the Best videos you can see on youtube

  • Ali Chabuk
    Ali Chabuk 20 days ago


  • Rozymurat Jorakulyev
    Rozymurat Jorakulyev 20 days ago

    at 2:06 women from Turkmenistan



  • asya ma
    asya ma 23 days ago +2

    I love uzbekistan...assalammualaikum...i'm from indonesia

  • Ольга Хисамутдинова


  • Marcelo S.
    Marcelo S. 23 days ago +2

    I didn´t know that Uzbekistan is so beautiful. Thanks for this amazing video. The quality is incredible. Regards from Brazil!

  • Basitkhan Tashmukhamedov

    on 1:38 what is this place?

  • Cciberia
    Cciberia 24 days ago +1

    3xcelente imagen, suscrito. Perú

  • Мурат Токтасынов

    Salamaleikum! To our Uzbek brothers from Kazakhstan!)
    I love Uzbekistan, Tashkent really beautiful city!)
    I wish you all the best! And may everything be good in our relationship!

  • Naci GÜL
    Naci GÜL 28 days ago +1

    Perfect - Mükemmel

  • Gday Osandu
    Gday Osandu 28 days ago +1

    More 8k HDR videos please

    • Gday Osandu
      Gday Osandu 24 days ago

      @Jacob + Katie Schwarz how about Mexico, Japan, China, India, Brazil, Hawaii, or Australia

    • Gday Osandu
      Gday Osandu 24 days ago

      @Jacob + Katie Schwarz Wherever you haven't been yet

    • Jacob + Katie Schwarz
      Jacob + Katie Schwarz  24 days ago

      Where do you want to travel to next??

  • Ъуъ Азаза
    Ъуъ Азаза 29 days ago

    ваууу моя страна))))) жаль что от 8к у меня комп взорвется)) в 4к посмотрю)))

  • Оптимист Позитивная

    Кыргызыстан Бишкектен Салам🙋‍♀️

  • Оптимист Позитивная

    Она ватаним Узбекистоним😍😇👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Faruh Nurkhanov
    Faruh Nurkhanov 29 days ago +2

    It gives me goosebumps, we're so unappreciative of what we have. Beautiful Uzbekistan and Beautiful Bukhara, also other cities.
    Just wowww

    ART DECO DESIGN Month ago +2

    Bukhara the Holy, Bukhara the Noble, the Dome of Islam.
    Bukhara is one of the world's seven holy cities of Islam. It was a large religious center in the Middle Ages, with over 350 mosques and 80 madrasahs.
    ...with love from Bukhara!!!

  • Marxabo Mahzuna
    Marxabo Mahzuna Month ago +1

    I love you my Bukhara

  • zakur0hako
    zakur0hako Month ago +6

    Салам алейкум с Кыргызстана!

  • ohhh no
    ohhh no Month ago +1

    come to pakistan🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

    • ohhh no
      ohhh no Month ago

      yes!!! they will because pakistani government already invided many foreigners like @evazubeck @collegefree and many more to show the real image of pakistan

    • Jacob + Katie Schwarz
      Jacob + Katie Schwarz  Month ago

      would love to. Do you think the goverment would help sponsor us?

  • Tim Voliva
    Tim Voliva Month ago +1

    Amazing! I've watched this video over and over again since I discovered your channel earler today.

  • sandi jentera
    sandi jentera Month ago

    Indonesia Next

  • Ferro 1991
    Ferro 1991 Month ago

    Jacob and Kate thank you so much!!!

  • Alex Florida
    Alex Florida Month ago

    Господи, как красив этот мир.