The BEST OF KRYOZ 2018!! Arguably the most sought after, and funniest video of all time!


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  • Kryoz
    Kryoz  7 days ago +4146

    Excited to see what 2019 brings, hopefully less demonetization!

    • Harrison Stephens
      Harrison Stephens 17 hours ago

      1:04:35 "I am not ashamed of my actions I did it with passion and that's what matters" under it "a serial killer as probably said this before" ^^^. Has**

    • MFZBitch
      MFZBitch Day ago

      You guys need to play dnd ! Its basically improv as a game, it'd be hilarious and is easy hour long content to make ;)

    • T-Bonerism
      T-Bonerism 2 days ago

      Sellout channel incoming

    • Raelynn Jade
      Raelynn Jade 3 days ago

      Link me ur fuckin playlist. I want to listen to it so I can feel cool

    • JJ496
      JJ496 3 days ago

      Kryoz I’m literally dying of laughter! 🤣🤣

  • uriel aa
    uriel aa 7 hours ago

    That outro was beautiful man that mashup

  • RipsiMØMΞNT
    RipsiMØMΞNT 8 hours ago

    this compilation is so good, keep it up

  • Aneirin Price
    Aneirin Price 8 hours ago

    9 adds bruh

  • Γιωργος Νικηφοριδης

    11:06 my boy having 1k fps on csgo

  • Sophie Cory
    Sophie Cory 13 hours ago

    1:08:31 song?

  • Joey Newsum
    Joey Newsum 13 hours ago

    1:08:24 Where can I find this song

  • Chewsterr123
    Chewsterr123 17 hours ago

    Did anyone else just have a instinct orgasm at the bbno$ mix at the end

  • Andrew Gibson
    Andrew Gibson 18 hours ago

    Don't you mean the worst?

  • Harrison Stephens
    Harrison Stephens 18 hours ago

    30:36 Roy purdy did submit the "Orange Justice" dance just ofc Orange shirt kid got that dance for himself and he is now suing... and it's not his dance.

  • The Epic Dwarf
    The Epic Dwarf 20 hours ago

    Tony Thot was by far the best outro song

  • kickin_wing93
    kickin_wing93 20 hours ago

    😂😂😂 16:34

  • Quilt
    Quilt 21 hour ago

    What a fucking year. Nice outro btw.

  • Blaine Smith
    Blaine Smith 21 hour ago

    fucking love this because my name is blaine

  • Seamus Thornton
    Seamus Thornton 21 hour ago


  • danny phenton
    danny phenton 22 hours ago

    i still cant believe you played with Luxxbunny i follow her on twitch, she cool as a mug

  • mindriot731
    mindriot731 22 hours ago

    did you lose weight?

  • mindriot731
    mindriot731 22 hours ago

    i just laughed so hard i shit my pants

  • Aaron Google
    Aaron Google 23 hours ago

    yo can i get the tim the toolman download i need that in my life

  • SteamGeek
    SteamGeek Day ago

    Anyone else really like the mini-mashup of the songs at the end, I wanna listen to a full version,

  • Goose Boy
    Goose Boy Day ago

    smii7y laughs like a chicken lol

  • Tactical Toast
    Tactical Toast Day ago

    Unofficial face reveal?

  • R*H*S
    R*H*S Day ago

    Bro fucking lit and hit me up about your music playlist good shit

    PIPER TOTTEN Day ago +1

    😍😍 I loved this

  • Dr. Babo
    Dr. Babo Day ago

    Dat outro though

  • babycankles297
    babycankles297 Day ago

    Who were those 2 kids Tyler and John we're playing with towards the end?

  • Mellow Sans
    Mellow Sans Day ago

    rip swaggersouls. he just wanted to shoot. not to disappear

  • BallsTavies BallsTavies

    The gun shots! LMAO SO REAL SOUNDING

  • Evan 'Corporal' Blatty

    45:48 ''Yayt'' xD

  • AniMan
    AniMan Day ago


  • Jacob Ramsey
    Jacob Ramsey Day ago

    *mic rape*

  • Lol icon
    Lol icon Day ago

    ur ugly

  • Tim Be
    Tim Be Day ago

    have you played games with baby? If not do so!

  • Dis Ninja
    Dis Ninja Day ago

    Hey what do you want?... you want some 9mm? *BANG BANG BANG*

  • elisabeth jean
    elisabeth jean Day ago

    the mashup of ur outros gave me so much nostalgia i’m crying

  • Nick Bland
    Nick Bland Day ago

    Anyone know the remix at 1:08:25?

  • NF symn
    NF symn Day ago

    All the outros

  • iiLucus
    iiLucus Day ago

    That outro bang sesh

  • Nicholas Grindstaff

    Ghandi was shot Jan. 30 1948... so yeahhh.. late 80s... XD

  • Rodney Dezir
    Rodney Dezir Day ago

    No other youtuber did what kryoz did with his outro... Legend.

  • Dylan Gore
    Dylan Gore Day ago

    The outro was sooooo cool 😎

  • sally roslin
    sally roslin Day ago

    Wtf was that moaning xD

  • Exon
    Exon Day ago

    I'm happy u use bbno$ for outtros I found your channel through baby no money

  • Yeetus Christ
    Yeetus Christ Day ago

    Aw yeet finally something to beat my meat to

  • Brodo Faggins
    Brodo Faggins 2 days ago +1

    Aye you had Jurassic in the outro

  • ashley S
    ashley S 2 days ago

    10:36 makes me cry laughing everytime

  • VSGJagger
    VSGJagger 2 days ago

    Hell yeah good shit you made here

  • Ivy Kunde
    Ivy Kunde 2 days ago

    look at all those ads borthers

  • Leonardo Ramos
    Leonardo Ramos 2 days ago

    John this was fucking amazing

  • Valgeir Örn
    Valgeir Örn 2 days ago

    This video was hella lit

  • Joel clayton-Greene
    Joel clayton-Greene 2 days ago

    54:08 is the highlight of the video

  • IPrice
    IPrice 2 days ago

    At 1:15:58 wheb zuckles said "disconect dude" my mobile hot spot disconected.

  • Purpelll
    Purpelll 2 days ago

    you look hot

  • Cream ing
    Cream ing 2 days ago

    While watching this, my guitar attacked me, and now i have a stab wound in my foot.

  • Bloodcrow_rojo_Gaming


  • LMarble
    LMarble 2 days ago

    What was that song you played to show fitz the vine your all were talking about when playing CS:GO?

  • Dylan McMullen
    Dylan McMullen 2 days ago

    Oh yeah, wtf happened to Nogla? I noticed he was on louder with crowder and then I never saw him here again

  • dxle
    dxle 2 days ago

    1:23:46 i nutted

  • SyPtic BEAST
    SyPtic BEAST 2 days ago

    Why does he have blush and his nails painted wtf

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 2 days ago

    Damn dude looks like you've lost weight! Looking Good.

  • faisal humam
    faisal humam 2 days ago

    To me, you and smii7y were the best youtubers of 2018
    Thank you for the all the videos and the awesome contents the passed year
    Thank you for making me laugh ❤

  • Lorenzo lynn
    Lorenzo lynn 2 days ago


  • Wilhelm Stenvall
    Wilhelm Stenvall 2 days ago

    Oh my, a "Best of 2018" that is actually edited?

  • sketchywolff
    sketchywolff 2 days ago

    who else got a roblox ad

  • Dralli
    Dralli 2 days ago

    You're being a nagger right now dude

  • megaking500
    megaking500 2 days ago

    who is j-cole?

  • Quinn Wendt
    Quinn Wendt 2 days ago

    been with you since 50k man! glad to see you succeed

  • Jason Patrick
    Jason Patrick 2 days ago

    best outro ever

  • Thedeathskull
    Thedeathskull 2 days ago

    You look like a muh fuckin UGHHHHHHH

  • Apex gaming
    Apex gaming 2 days ago

    1:08:35 song name??

    SPOODERMAN 2 days ago

    It looks like you lost weight from the “thanks” clip. Keep up the success!

  • Linay Brock
    Linay Brock 2 days ago

    Why did I start laughing at the beginning when the video just started? 😂

  • Kenna Moore
    Kenna Moore 2 days ago

    42:34 my dumbass saw “hibana” and with a friend next to me I just yelled “hibana ooo nah nah, I’m gonna shoot up with hibana ooo nah nah” I got detention but it was worth it

  • Queen Strawbz
    Queen Strawbz 2 days ago

    ⚪👄⚪ thank you

  • Lorenzo Williams II
    Lorenzo Williams II 2 days ago

    What’s the name of the video that’s at 8:30 I really want to watch the full thing

  • Selky
    Selky 2 days ago

    Are you wearing fucking nail polish my guy

  • Amelie Garcia
    Amelie Garcia 2 days ago

    I'm not kidding

  • Amelie Garcia
    Amelie Garcia 2 days ago

    Who is J-Cole?

  • Sam Ireland
    Sam Ireland 2 days ago

    7:08 is pure gold

  • Bray ayye
    Bray ayye 2 days ago

    do another q and a

  • 1nput Name
    1nput Name 2 days ago

    My guy did you lose weight? You SEXY BEAST YOU DID DIDN'T YOU

  • alex clark
    alex clark 2 days ago

    what video is 1:19:35 from..

  • Nathaniel Worthen
    Nathaniel Worthen 2 days ago

    One day six shows one thot grey top, try and pull vert ima half pipe tony thot best outro mashup ever

    BIGGIE CHESSE 2 days ago

    I think Miniladd has more ads than this

  • Alexandr Baleиski
    Alexandr Baleиski 2 days ago

    actually watched most if not all of it

  • Michael DiCarlo
    Michael DiCarlo 2 days ago

    Great compilation Kryoz! Can't wait to see what you have in store for 2019!

  • Shimin Z
    Shimin Z 2 days ago

    I watch this when I sad

  • Nathan Facteau
    Nathan Facteau 2 days ago

    I like how he reminded all his outdo songs for bb as well. Nice touch

  • Connor Macgregor
    Connor Macgregor 2 days ago

    15:35 sounds like cold hart

  • andy walgenbach
    andy walgenbach 2 days ago

    47:07 was the best vid of 2018

  • MyLifeIsALie SoIsYours

    6:51 and 6:59 got me laughing so hard.

  • Tyler Rivas
    Tyler Rivas 2 days ago

    I got a phone call for an unknown number when he said “bomb the plane’”

  • Organic Cryptids
    Organic Cryptids 2 days ago

    I T ' S S O U P T I M E

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan 2 days ago

    I miss all the outros

  • Detective Sauce
    Detective Sauce 2 days ago

    1:16:05 eskettit!!!

  • Ghettospacefish
    Ghettospacefish 2 days ago

    Look at this dood with his slender face and pronounced cheek bones, god I admire him

  • Adoring Fan
    Adoring Fan 2 days ago

    A serial killer probably as said this before

  • Maddi Marko
    Maddi Marko 2 days ago

    the best hour and 24 minutes of my life

  • Owen Baker
    Owen Baker 2 days ago

    25:59 Ahhaaa dats hot