The BEST OF KRYOZ 2018!! Arguably the most sought after, and funniest video of all time!

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • Enjoy all Mine and my friends Funniest Moments (well not actually all of them, just an elite few) and let me know if you liked it! There's a lot of variety in this bad boy, you better believe that!
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  • Kryoz
    Kryoz  5 months ago +5792

    Excited to see what 2019 brings, hopefully less demonetization!

    • Anthony Glenn
      Anthony Glenn 3 days ago

      Well you got nine ads on this, ya don’t have to worry about that

    • Merlin Cantrell
      Merlin Cantrell 6 days ago

      hopefully more stickfight

    • The Gang Gang Knight
      The Gang Gang Knight 10 days ago

      Hey I'm from 2019 I just thought I'd warn you that no demonetization has only gotten worse, but hey good luck my guy :D

    • superz04
      superz04 27 days ago

      Owen wilson, my favorite beetle

    • Jude Basnet
      Jude Basnet 27 days ago

      Wouldn’t go that far

  • J 42
    J 42 Day ago

    I have never laughed so much in one video! 😂😂

  • Memphis Turley
    Memphis Turley Day ago

    Are you gay cuz you wear nail varnish

  • ItzJuztJaz
    ItzJuztJaz Day ago +1

    "I cannot see that happening"
    *get a million fucking subs*

  • Zachary Puentes
    Zachary Puentes 2 days ago

    Bro I damn near pissed myself on some of these

  • Sevensovercast
    Sevensovercast 3 days ago

    Finally got around to watching this and I must say besides all the fortnite pubg uno stick fight shellshock and that Tetris game great video John

  • Cave Johnson Prime
    Cave Johnson Prime 4 days ago

    2:01 sound effect scared the piss out of me!! I had headphones on and thought someone broke into my house!!!

  • Jared Hiegel
    Jared Hiegel 4 days ago

    I love the outro

  • Carlos Leyva
    Carlos Leyva 7 days ago

    6:50 “Nice last place, IDIOT. YOU F***ING SUCK.”

  • Mr Endial
    Mr Endial 7 days ago

    Someone also please animate all of 10:45

  • Mr Endial
    Mr Endial 7 days ago

    Someone animate all of 8:02 please

  • Freddy Deleon
    Freddy Deleon 8 days ago

    I really watched 140 minutes of Kryoz and his fucked up humor and I enjoyed it

  • Lil GamerTony
    Lil GamerTony 8 days ago

    1:08:30 someone Reply with the remix he used

  • Kristófer Ingimundarson

    "Gandhi was assasinated in the 80's"
    bruh he died of old age in the 50's lmao

  • robertdowner jr
    robertdowner jr 8 days ago

    *K R Y O Z*

  • Alex
    Alex 9 days ago


  • William Veisamasama
    William Veisamasama 9 days ago

    1:22:57 couldn’t stop laughing 😂😂😂

  • Oxy
    Oxy 9 days ago

    How do you make edits like at 46:25

  • Matt Cummins
    Matt Cummins 9 days ago +2

    1:05:58 the level of aggression is terrifyingly funny, and immediately just calm discomfort funny

  • Sarril
    Sarril 11 days ago


  • Ethan Gibbs
    Ethan Gibbs 12 days ago


    DON JON CHERRY WON 12 days ago

    Sweet fuckin vid😂

  • Darius Ow
    Darius Ow 12 days ago


  • ThatObliviator
    ThatObliviator 13 days ago

    Swaggers voice had gotten a lot deeper

  • Senpai A vęłŕÿ
    Senpai A vęłŕÿ 13 days ago

    12:51 that's the most cute laugh i've ever hear

  • the thiccfish
    the thiccfish 14 days ago +1

    My favorite asian country Jorea

  • poseidon -
    poseidon - 15 days ago


  • Shawn Costello
    Shawn Costello 16 days ago

    I’m watching this high😂🤣

  • Voth
    Voth 17 days ago

    John was actually nice to the kid
    Ah yeah well I’ve never heard of you
    A piece of John died that day..

  • Brekkon Arroyo
    Brekkon Arroyo 17 days ago

    Krjoz your shoe untied

  • Sullivan Manning
    Sullivan Manning 18 days ago

    Awesome recap!

  • TheRandoMan
    TheRandoMan 20 days ago +1

    24:14 for future me watching the vid

  • Caleeeb Zehm
    Caleeeb Zehm 20 days ago

    What’s that song?

  • Halle Carlsen
    Halle Carlsen 21 day ago


  • Angelina Hsu
    Angelina Hsu 22 days ago

    The title says it all! This complation made me laugh my ass off, I've never laughed this much in my life.

  • Benizzor
    Benizzor 23 days ago

    What was happening at 4:07

  • Jen Exopie
    Jen Exopie 23 days ago

    28:21 what‘s the actual video?

  • Davon Mulder
    Davon Mulder 24 days ago

    36:32 best moment

  • Blondie Weasel Sg
    Blondie Weasel Sg 26 days ago +1


  • Frida Gutfelt
    Frida Gutfelt 26 days ago +1

    Currently hitting my face on my keyboaeddgchuhcur86vjj4ecbnnfidt7sigzjpurajzkh lhkxxiic cuc8ydihxoj hoc

  • Leon Yu
    Leon Yu 27 days ago +1

    12:13 best laugh ever

  • Ghost _ Orchid
    Ghost _ Orchid 27 days ago

    SMii7y and john have the *greatest* fucking friendship ever I love it.

  • Xack
    Xack 27 days ago

    11:59 pokeed you?

  • Jack Cawood
    Jack Cawood 28 days ago


  • Adrian Brock
    Adrian Brock 28 days ago

    All of the songs playing at the end not only gave me chills but flooded me with nostalgia, love your vids man keep producing

  • The IcePhoenix
    The IcePhoenix 29 days ago +1

    10:43 Natural Selection

  • Jason Rosa
    Jason Rosa Month ago

    @ 7:08 it’s just a normal night at the ghetto Wendy’s

  • Gabrielle T.
    Gabrielle T. Month ago

    for the breathy thingie, if people are still interested in learning.
    breathe in
    act like you're gonna breathe in more
    talk like you're gonna breathe in more but don't actually be breathing in more

  • Lucazith
    Lucazith Month ago

    47:53 was the funniest rhing ive ever heard.

  • Julio L.
    Julio L. Month ago

    Lmao 47:35

  • Bumbledoogie
    Bumbledoogie Month ago

    To this day I still can't find that "muh fuckin uuuuh" remix

  • laxtacular 227
    laxtacular 227 Month ago

    That moment when his view count is higher than the sub count

    PWNSTAR RYAN Month ago

    You're my favorite out of the group Kryoz

  • Adam King Shanuir
    Adam King Shanuir Month ago +1


  • Yamil Cruz
    Yamil Cruz Month ago


  • Leafy Hex
    Leafy Hex Month ago +2

    old man trys to be cool-

  • Ticket Tocket
    Ticket Tocket Month ago

    John: Nohoho, that's not fire, it's *stream!* Stream from the uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

  • Daddy Trump
    Daddy Trump Month ago

    Smitty predicted season 9

  • Retrogamer14
    Retrogamer14 Month ago

    1:24 kills me

  • Jarrod Keller
    Jarrod Keller Month ago

    5:47 what video is this from?

  • sumdumbbih 666
    sumdumbbih 666 Month ago

    1:26 Grandpa... is that you, I thought you died..

  • Le Zenø
    Le Zenø Month ago


  • Le Zenø
    Le Zenø Month ago


  • emily d
    emily d Month ago

    i watch this every day swear to god

  • Moose Pearce
    Moose Pearce Month ago

    What video is at 7:10?

  • the gaming rock
    the gaming rock Month ago

    Also what the fork around 46:10

  • the gaming rock
    the gaming rock Month ago

    Err am I funny? wubba Lubba lub dub

  • JulsMaNulz doesn't have a life

    54:08 cutest thing I've ever heard

  • NamelessKid
    NamelessKid Month ago

    wait up, its jan 19???

  • DutchieAD Midnight
    DutchieAD Midnight Month ago


  • Tatii J Potter
    Tatii J Potter Month ago +3

    My favorite video on USclip. I watch it at least 3-4 times a week

  • XxTwinFacexX
    XxTwinFacexX Month ago

    What song is at 1:08:30

  • Cyrus Nelson
    Cyrus Nelson Month ago

    What’s with the nails m8

  • DarkN1ght Games
    DarkN1ght Games Month ago

    I watch this every time I take acid lol. Love you man

  • Aspen Frost
    Aspen Frost Month ago

    7:08 this is what I'm going to animate and turn in to a college instead of a portfolio

  • Evan Kincheloe
    Evan Kincheloe Month ago

    Thank god this finally got more views than a fortnite video

  • SkyGuy
    SkyGuy Month ago

    there.... i made it an even 500 dislikes because i love even things and you John.

  • Kayla Gorringe
    Kayla Gorringe Month ago

    10:37 made me cry tears laughing

  • Leah Putz
    Leah Putz Month ago


  • Aiixght
    Aiixght 2 months ago

    “Stop reading me, I’m underage”

  • Lily Sama
    Lily Sama 2 months ago +1

    Conner was the fucking cutest kid ever!

  • Xenia Renée
    Xenia Renée 2 months ago +9

    It's literally 3:01 and I'm in tears 😂😆😭 Ok 1, congrats dood cuz you literally crushed your goal sub count, and 2, that outro was hecking beautiful

  • BARCODE387
    BARCODE387 2 months ago +1

    White privilege white
    Absent father black
    Forged green card green
    Heroin yellow
    Rape red
    Wage gap orange

  • Venatrix Virus
    Venatrix Virus 2 months ago

    It irritates me that you can't like things multiple times! This is the fourth time I'm watching through this entire video and I swear I've tried to like it every time xD

  • Carnighidien Creates
    Carnighidien Creates 2 months ago

    I accidentally watched the video twice.

  • MaDDsHoTT 33
    MaDDsHoTT 33 2 months ago

    N@ger got me lmao! We used to have a clan in MW3 called North Atlanta Gaming Regime. Tag was (NAGR)

  • damb 17
    damb 17 2 months ago

    Someone pls tell me where I can find that vine song at 1:08:25 :3

  • Shay Klug
    Shay Klug 2 months ago

    I watched the entire video I love you john with all the homo in the world

    Jk no homo

  • Mr Cream
    Mr Cream 2 months ago

    6:25 is great

  • Mr. Krabs
    Mr. Krabs 2 months ago +1


  • Beejeezaay
    Beejeezaay 2 months ago


  • MJ A
    MJ A 2 months ago

    51:11 gets me every frikin time

  • Sicaad /-:
    Sicaad /-: 2 months ago +1

    1:18:01 -- 1:18:08 fuck off, you know some of your subs live with their parents and that just got me in trouble

    • Hella Planty
      Hella Planty 2 months ago

      It's called wearing headphones you fucking dumbass

  • xjiden
    xjiden 2 months ago +1

    32:47 is my favorite part

  • ClassicalGamer2
    ClassicalGamer2 2 months ago

    when porn-hub has dollar shave club adds SMFH

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 2 months ago +1

    Yo wtf i just realized he runs csgo at 1300 fps wtf

    • Sicaad /-:
      Sicaad /-: 2 months ago

      that's what you get if you're able to run pubg at 60 fps

  • Mc Lingo
    Mc Lingo 2 months ago +2

    Is it just me or does Mini ruin every joke he try's to be in.

  • Abby G
    Abby G 2 months ago +2

    I love that every single time Kryoz laughs too hard he starts fucking dying

    ALPHY 2 months ago

    I mean, I’m relatively new cause I started watching in the beginning of his polybridge vids which is basically what blew him up in a way

  • XSeven
    XSeven 2 months ago

    my parents walked in at 1:18:01