Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? | Dolan Life Mysteries

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
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    From whether you can breathe liquid oxygen to why cats are afraid of cucumbers, we answer several of your strangest question about life
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  • Super Planet Dolan
    Super Planet Dolan  16 days ago +435

    Check out our mobile game: DOLAN KART. Play free today!
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    • Awesome PooKz
      Awesome PooKz 5 hours ago

      Why are kids addicted to video and games

    • Jennifer Davis
      Jennifer Davis 10 hours ago

      Danger Dolan where is she okay have you been able to find her also Dolan are you your friends and your brother very concerned cuz me and everyone I love Shima very sad at that she disappeared please tell if you'll be able to find her soon we're all very worried

    • Fran Hrvoj
      Fran Hrvoj 14 hours ago

      Super Planet Dolan why cats and dogs are enemys

    • Awesome Gamer
      Awesome Gamer Day ago

      What If you Were Immortal

    • XxProGamerXxYT
      XxProGamerXxYT Day ago


  • * zenns98 *
    * zenns98 * 15 minutes ago

    Poor earth chan.

  • MelonGaming56
    MelonGaming56 24 minutes ago

    I have one! Why do sharks have a fin on their back?

  • LosingLuke
    LosingLuke 25 minutes ago

    wait he's a marshmallow?!?! 0:53

  • golden.axe
    golden.axe 36 minutes ago

    hey guys form Super Planet Dolan is shima coming back and is she ok i miss her :(

  • Ay Boi
    Ay Boi 59 minutes ago

    I didn’t know my uncle was a Martian, thanks

  • Anna Fedorova
    Anna Fedorova 2 hours ago

    What will happen if nuclear bomb exploded in space?

  • Kelly Mallett
    Kelly Mallett 2 hours ago

    Red star 4 years

  • syed bilal
    syed bilal 2 hours ago

    answer is at 7:40

  • Max Walker
    Max Walker 2 hours ago

    What year did people think of making houses?

  • freddy lane
    freddy lane 3 hours ago +2

    when the tittle said cat
    I immediately thought sheema was back

    • Shizzled Noodle
      Shizzled Noodle Hour ago

      freddy lane
      Aw i miss her.... Idk what happened to her tho..

  • Marko Bagaric
    Marko Bagaric 5 hours ago

    What if Earth have two moon?

  • Color Splash
    Color Splash 6 hours ago

    If wheels never exitested, 3:29 and the flat earth society would be correct

  • Christopher Chavez
    Christopher Chavez 7 hours ago

    Why does it hurt when sweat enters the eye?

  • FunArtWielder 123
    FunArtWielder 123 9 hours ago

    How does a person be born with autism?
    Or how many types of autism is there?

  • Mugmans wife Artist
    Mugmans wife Artist 9 hours ago

    Why is the sun hot?

  • Gotham’s Reckoning
    Gotham’s Reckoning 9 hours ago

    “SHAKE THE IDIOT!”- Hellbent 2018

  • Shellise Gore
    Shellise Gore 10 hours ago

    Why do you feal an itch in the shower after you roll in the grass?

  • wam balam
    wam balam 10 hours ago

    8:03 theory*

  • Lily Martinez
    Lily Martinez 10 hours ago

    What will happen if there were no pets????

  • Dr Chicken
    Dr Chicken 11 hours ago

    Can you freeze electricity

  • Alex Jamieson
    Alex Jamieson 11 hours ago

    6:50 Alternate Answer: asexual reproduction. It would probably work like a self fertilizing female.

  • Diego Carrillo Campos
    Diego Carrillo Campos 11 hours ago

    But I can pop my ears when I want

  • Galaxy And Space Wolf
    Galaxy And Space Wolf 12 hours ago

    Why does orange get spelled the same way in English language and French language?

  • EmojiBroNick
    EmojiBroNick 12 hours ago

    8:02 " One Therory"

    STAFFY LAND 12 hours ago

    would it be canabalisim if pringle ate pringles

  • jaiden M
    jaiden M 12 hours ago

    why do people use sign language if there death

  • Vincent Aramburu
    Vincent Aramburu 13 hours ago

    Can you guys do a face reveal if you havent

  • Lord Shen Emperor
    Lord Shen Emperor 13 hours ago

    Can a female be a king? Can a male be a queen?

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 13 hours ago

    wait cats are afraid of cucumbers

  • Kathy Genao
    Kathy Genao 14 hours ago

    i agree a squirkle will do great things in the world

  • JammerProductions
    JammerProductions 14 hours ago

    Why does your sweat smell so bad?

  • Michael Manuel
    Michael Manuel 14 hours ago

    How many emotions do we have

  • Michael Manuel
    Michael Manuel 14 hours ago

    What would happen if a star touched another star

  • BoomMan_52 Mc
    BoomMan_52 Mc 14 hours ago

    What would happen if an unstoppable object ran into a unmovable object?

  • BoomMan_52 Mc
    BoomMan_52 Mc 14 hours ago

    Why do people have hair?

  • BoomMan_52 Mc
    BoomMan_52 Mc 14 hours ago

    Can you “kill” a plant or tree?

  • Kawua PvP
    Kawua PvP 14 hours ago

    I was here since super planet Dolan wasn't even a thought

  • Ábel Szabó
    Ábel Szabó 15 hours ago

    2:41 is that fucking loss?

  • A Serra
    A Serra 15 hours ago

    6:0 we would be f*cked.

  • A Serra
    A Serra 15 hours ago

    Honestly, I'm an atheist.

  • Shadow & Lucario
    Shadow & Lucario 15 hours ago

    Are teeth actually white?

  • AbruptNoise
    AbruptNoise 15 hours ago

    How much different it would be if everyone became tetrachromats?

  • Anime Wolf
    Anime Wolf 16 hours ago

    What if people were made of gas (AND if they were could they fart and WHAT would it be like XD)

  • Shadow Flash
    Shadow Flash 16 hours ago

    Lol that last question made me laugh so hard

  • Nikita Mokhnatyuk
    Nikita Mokhnatyuk 17 hours ago

    What if the earth's tilt changes from 23.5° to 30°?

  • MagmaMiner YT
    MagmaMiner YT 17 hours ago

    Who misses shima?

  • Dara X trix
    Dara X trix 17 hours ago

    What if animals were reasonable?

  • Kellan Meza
    Kellan Meza 17 hours ago

    When was the first murder in history?

  • Bejeweled Bushes
    Bejeweled Bushes 18 hours ago

    2:42 *is this loss*

  • Lol Lel
    Lol Lel 18 hours ago

    If god made the universe who made god?

  • The Madness Maker
    The Madness Maker 18 hours ago

    i is weeb

  • Soldier Plant
    Soldier Plant 18 hours ago


  • Cakebeef
    Cakebeef 18 hours ago

    Green eggs

  • DerpyTurtle101
    DerpyTurtle101 18 hours ago

    Can I join the anime cult

  • hamad boyabess
    hamad boyabess 19 hours ago

    Would you die if you just ate bugs

  • William Romero
    William Romero 19 hours ago

    If a cow drinks chocolate milk can it milk it out?

  • Litmus Chris
    Litmus Chris 19 hours ago

    thumbnail looks like it was made from Adobe Fireworks.

  • Star The Doggo
    Star The Doggo 19 hours ago

    The cucumber looks like a snake to them

  • Kawaii TIME!!!!
    Kawaii TIME!!!! 19 hours ago

    Dancing dolan is so talented and cute 😂

  • marija vukoje
    marija vukoje 20 hours ago

    The "Why your ears pop when you yawn" question could be like why i hear more when i wake up than the rest of the day.

  • Pothole TV
    Pothole TV 20 hours ago

    Uh. It said therory.

  • Pothole TV
    Pothole TV 20 hours ago

    Only having one gender would make no difference.
    Having one *sex* however...

  • Cheer4Life
    Cheer4Life 20 hours ago

    What will happen if I don’t Poo 💩

  • derick lile
    derick lile 20 hours ago

    If nothing is faster then light
    then how did dark get there first?

  • PainCakes
    PainCakes 20 hours ago

    What happens if planet popstar from kirby was the planet we lived on?

  • The Fox Gamer
    The Fox Gamer 21 hour ago

    Why do scissors make that weird slicing noise????

  • Da Cat Named Eve
    Da Cat Named Eve 21 hour ago


  • Yandere Chat story
    Yandere Chat story 21 hour ago

    Why does planks/trees float on water?

  • all goats eat waffles
    all goats eat waffles 21 hour ago

    How and why do we lose our voice?

  • not olivertran
    not olivertran 23 hours ago

    2:40 is this loss

  • Gellert Szabo
    Gellert Szabo Day ago

    what if everyone lived a 100 years?

  • Reload
    Reload Day ago

    Do you still say goodnight if someone sleeps in the morning

  • Aliyah Syarifa colley

    Why when u see people yawn u yawn to?

  • Lindsey Vuong
    Lindsey Vuong Day ago

    Wondering if Shoma is back

  • spinogamer 160
    spinogamer 160 Day ago

    why does dolphin open one of there eyes when they slep

  • zxe questions
    zxe questions Day ago

    Like The chips

  • Mary Lyza Mendoza

    Are cats and octopi liquid cuz they take the form of the container

  • The Globglogabgolab

    Who’s this fine lady? I’m ready for some more rule 36

  • Sophie Doodlez
    Sophie Doodlez Day ago

    Who else noticed Doopie's name was spelled incorrectly? 0:48

  • White Smith
    White Smith Day ago

    The loss meme 😂😂😂

  • Adam Qutaefan
    Adam Qutaefan Day ago

    Listen donut says the sky on Steam his name is a true American bun and that's the other guy called Ekko they are Shimas friends on Steam maybe they know how she's doing you might want to ask them if not her it would help us to know you're the only contact we can believe when you say something's up with her we trust you so if you want to confirm that she's okay. I meant that mental and physical health are okay we would believe you and only you there's no telling how many imposters we can encounter

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen Day ago

    I don't have religion

  • iBj Kelly1g
    iBj Kelly1g Day ago

    On the vid the one that's speaking on why are cats afraid of cucubers is mookluck

  • kylee elizabeth Darity

    Were did the unicorn thout come from

  • Awesome Gaming
    Awesome Gaming Day ago

    Why sometime do you get pain in your leg? is it cramps?

  • Cyber Cat
    Cyber Cat Day ago

    Does god exists?

  • timothy alexander


  • Sylveon Covers
    Sylveon Covers Day ago

    Green eggs and ham? More like over boiled eggs and turkey

  • Ender Sky
    Ender Sky Day ago

    the dancing dolan XD

  • dankyam mason
    dankyam mason Day ago

    How do trees make oxygen

  • Francisco Parido

    Why dog and cat's always fight each other?

  • Kristy burger
    Kristy burger Day ago

    What was the first cat that ever lived

  • Aiden Sheldon
    Aiden Sheldon Day ago


  • SaltySnail •v•

    9 to 11..?
    9.. 11..?

  • Louie Vail Acosta

    This vid whas posted next to my birthday my birthday is in July 9 tinalak festival if your Filipino you might know that you dont have to say happy bday to me

  • Karina Torres-Sanchez

    green eggs

  • Eric Cabral
    Eric Cabral Day ago

    How do people know expiration date of food

  • FireLord 47
    FireLord 47 Day ago

    half these i can answer. not saying planet doan is dumb but people are and some of its subs who can answer it