Getting Filler: why I'm doing it + my results.


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  • TheHeroSaver
    TheHeroSaver 3 minutes ago

    Man I need this, I have that dead eyed look without concealer yet I have a crease that looks gross with makeup over it.

  • seerpou
    seerpou 5 hours ago +1

    did she get lip fillers?

  • Lindsey Jenkins
    Lindsey Jenkins Day ago

    I feel you on a whole nother level girl! I cant even get makeup to cover up my dark circles & bags. It is the thing I hate about myself the most. Under eye filler is definitely on my wish list. Getting asked if I'm tired even if I'm wearing makeup and it's just so horrible and can make me feel a little insecure. I definitely love everything about me, just not my under eye darkness & bags. I'm glad you are making the change you want. It's so awesome! Much love to youu 💙💙🙌

  • Taylor Langford
    Taylor Langford 3 days ago

    I 100 percent understand, babe I really do. But I have got to admit that after watching all of these videos on fillers etc it really has me thinking I need it too. These videos definitely make young girls feel like they need to change. NOT your fault, at all. It just makes me sad that we’re all in such an insecure place as women. I’m looking up fillers rn

  • jeje rey
    jeje rey 5 days ago

    I want to do the same but im scared the filler make my eyes look smaller

  • Kimmie Wagner
    Kimmie Wagner 5 days ago

    How did you clear your skin?!

  • shafiqah yusof
    shafiqah yusof 5 days ago

    I also hv a very bad dark circle under my was so bad that when i was a child my teacher always ask me whether im sick..n told me to go home bcs he thought that im sick..back then my friend use to call me an owl

  • Natasha Kali Quinn Turner

    ‘If you’re getting physically touched by like a man.’ 🙈

  • sofia Rofriguez
    sofia Rofriguez 6 days ago

    Yeah. You can do whatever you want if someone doesn't like u for u umm.......bye we have a problem😉

  • Di Nowak
    Di Nowak 6 days ago

    Nicki you are beautiful. Another way to get rid of undereye issues is to flush out your system. Look up Colema boards and the master cleanse. It is truly transforming. Good luck on your journey...YOU ARE BRAVE!

  • Sara Cook
    Sara Cook 7 days ago

    I understand why you would be scared to share because of judgement and also you guys have a lot of young followers which you worry will all want to get injections but you have to do what’s right for you and makes you feel good

  • Dakoda Conrades
    Dakoda Conrades 7 days ago


  • KeepSmileyy
    KeepSmileyy 8 days ago

    I can relate sooo much to this, I‘ve had dark circles since I was a child and I don‘t have a problem going out without make up on my face except for concealer. I NEED concealer to not look like I‘m sick or only had two hours of sleep (even though I slept like twelve hours). I‘m not really a fan of fillers or beauty surgeries but I‘d honestly do this, too! At least if I had the money and a good doctor I‘d trust lol

  • jess Vaiphei
    jess Vaiphei 8 days ago

    I had em too!

  • Wonder Girl
    Wonder Girl 8 days ago

    I feel you i have the same problem like all my life my dad said i looked dead cause of how bad it got once your a big inspration to me thankyou

  • Noelle Mocarski
    Noelle Mocarski 8 days ago +2

    To me, she's still beautiful just the way she is! All the time I'm watching her and I never realized! And she has had videos without makeup on. All I'm trying to say here is... ignore the other people that say things that annoy you, just strut your stuff!

  • Chloe Cutajar
    Chloe Cutajar 9 days ago

    bro u got cheek filler

  • Reece Adams 33
    Reece Adams 33 9 days ago

    You are naturally pretty we all love you for who you are

  • faceless bandits
    faceless bandits 9 days ago

    Okay but I thought under eye circles were sexy ...

  • Ariana Ajvazi
    Ariana Ajvazi 9 days ago

    You Said to gabi its not okay ? Why are you doing that

  • Turtle Queen
    Turtle Queen 10 days ago

    I'm happy she did this to make her feel more comfortable and happy with herself

  • Sarah Kay
    Sarah Kay 10 days ago

    I was just about to comment that you and the chick from Fancy Vlogs by Gab look IDENTICAL but then you said you were twins

  • ValerieRuiz Ruiz
    ValerieRuiz Ruiz 10 days ago

    Niki I love that you do whatever makes you happy and proud that you made this video which some people wouldn’t because they wouldn’t want hate comments and all of the hate comments you get because of this videos is so upsetting and so rude so please ignore those hate comments I really think you have stepped out and showed people that if you wanna do something that makes you happy you should do it and I know a lot of people that get jobs in there body done and there so happy and Nikki you doing this to make you happy is incredible I know some people are scared about it but I think doing that is amazing I hope doing that makes you happy!

  • Robyn Griswold
    Robyn Griswold 10 days ago

    I wonder if that tinted Moisturizer would have covered up the bags under your eyes if it covers up a bruise It was just an idea

  • Robyn Griswold
    Robyn Griswold 10 days ago

    I have the same under eye circle problem to it sucks

  • Moustache Maniac VLOGS

    13:09 is it just me or does the tinted moisturiser look a bit orange but it could just be the lightning in that area

  • Melina Wujanz
    Melina Wujanz 10 days ago

    These kind of videos actually make me more insecure. Seeing other people talking about things they are insecure about and that you might have as well just makes you feel bad about something you might didn't even noticed before. Everything on USclip is always about looks but then they say that everyone is beautiful yet don't accept themselves

  • sara torrey
    sara torrey 10 days ago

    gabi you look so pretty!!! if this boosts your confidence GO FOR IT you are my idol

  • Rachel Eh?
    Rachel Eh? 10 days ago

    Ugh, that is so obnoxious that that drag queen said that. I also struggle with severe dark circles, darker than yours look, I have deep hollows and they are stark purple. Literally, people have asked if I was punched, if I am tired or sick. I would have panic attacks if I couldn't find my concealer before school. I would lie to my mom saying I was sick so I didn't have to go to school with my dark circles. None of the home remedies work. You are beautiful.

  • Saya N
    Saya N 11 days ago +1

    where did she go?? what facility

  • Ila Johnson
    Ila Johnson 11 days ago +1

    Do u Niki 😊

  • Ariane Casasola
    Ariane Casasola 11 days ago +4

    Nikki!! The drag queen only asked "ARE YOU TIRED...?" as a set up for the punch line word FATIGUES. YOU WERE WEARING ARMY/CARGO PANTS 💁🏻

  • briannalazo
    briannalazo 12 days ago

    That drag queen is an asshole :(

  • X_ariana .Grande_x
    X_ariana .Grande_x 13 days ago +3

    Omg I didn’t think there was a way to get rid of dark circles, I tried this bottle of lotion that was especially for dark circles that cost £70 and did nothing. I am only 13 do you think I could have it at this age?

  • Ali Swingle
    Ali Swingle 13 days ago

    My eyes are the same way as yours
    even when I’m not tired. 😬

  • alexa weldon
    alexa weldon 13 days ago

    i know this video was months ago so you probably wont see this, but i went to the dermatologist for eczema on my arm in highschool, and the dermatologist was explaining that i have Atopic dermatitis skin condition and they said "thats why you have such dark undereyes" and i wasnt even there for that and i didnt mention it but they noticed it on their own lol i was like wow i never thought about the actual reason behind it!! i used to alwaysssss get asked if i was sick or tired!!! so annoying. but it just made me wonder if maybe you have the same thing :)

  • Raised Country
    Raised Country 14 days ago

    I’m 23 and have dark circles too! How is your opinion on the fillers now?

  • Astronomical truths
    Astronomical truths 15 days ago +2

    We love you niki
    Like if you agree

  • America Rodriguez
    America Rodriguez 15 days ago +1

    She looked like gaby

  • Deer Rose
    Deer Rose 16 days ago

    I think you look Great no matter what you do

  • Hasan Samadi
    Hasan Samadi 16 days ago +1

    You look beautiful in jast the way you are like i really want to be you 💙💜

  • jess scott
    jess scott 17 days ago

    I hope your okay niki xxx

  • Florence Fortier
    Florence Fortier 18 days ago

    Go girl be you😍😘

  • Sha-Niyah Ortiz
    Sha-Niyah Ortiz 20 days ago

    Anyone know where her “BLUE” choker necklace is from?

  • Laeeqah Stevens
    Laeeqah Stevens 20 days ago +1

    Who care about what you look like it does not matter you just be you : )
    saying in nice way

  • Faith Martin
    Faith Martin 23 days ago

    Good job

  • Kayla Allen
    Kayla Allen 24 days ago

    I used to be self conscious until I got a filler for a scar

  • Kristina S
    Kristina S 25 days ago

    Did you ever do an update on how you cleared you skin besides Mary Kay products,?

  • Kate Balmford
    Kate Balmford 26 days ago

    Good for u girl don't let anyone bring u down xx

  • Sadie Mayfield
    Sadie Mayfield 27 days ago

    Your awesome

  • Michealia louttit
    Michealia louttit 27 days ago

    Do what makes you happy Niki, I love you x

  • meera lodhia
    meera lodhia 27 days ago +1

    You are beautiful and many leaflets hate because they are jealous of you 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Evelyn Evensen123
    Evelyn Evensen123 28 days ago

    Omg your hair look Beatiful 😻😍❤️

  • Kacindra Davis
    Kacindra Davis 28 days ago

    I really think you should do it

  • Kacindra Davis
    Kacindra Davis 28 days ago

    Girl do what you want and what makes you feel good

  • Ellie Cox
    Ellie Cox 28 days ago


  • vintageness
    vintageness 28 days ago

    Its so sad people feel the need to ask you if you’re tired and shit that’s obviously to be a dick I’m sorry you had to deal with that Nikki. I love you tho do you 💕

  • Meagan Sutton
    Meagan Sutton 28 days ago

    I’m struggling with cystic acne right now ☹️ and I know I’m beautiful, I love how I look but I look in the mirror and see all these sores on my face and it makes me feel soooo ugly, I don’t know what to do about it 😞 I clean all my sores with alcohol and I wash my face twice a day sometimes three times a day because I just want it to go away so bad. I’m turning 18 on thanksgiving and I’ve never Er had acne until about 2 months ago. I don’t mess with my face I just keep it clean but it won’t go away! I just want to be able to not wear makeup because I love how I look without it but now with all theses marks on my face. I get called a pizza face all the time and it makes me feel so weird because my skin has always been so clear. What did you do to get your skin to look so good? I need help 😣

  • Erica Duignan
    Erica Duignan 29 days ago

    Amazing how people just invent things to obsess about, your face looks fine!

  • breezy fbaby
    breezy fbaby Month ago

    ive always loved how niki's eyes look. that under eye look she has, has always been so cute to me because its unique and it makes her her. i've always had issues with certain insecurities as well, so its interesting to me that some of the things we hate about ourselves are the things others genuinely like about us.

  • exercise n
    exercise n Month ago

    I understand I have that same problem!

  • Cordelia Harvey
    Cordelia Harvey Month ago

    Niki I have the same pr

  • Lulu's Life
    Lulu's Life Month ago

    I'm in the same boat as you! But my inner corners are even worse. I have hollowness and purple / green bruised looking undereyes. People in school use to think I was abused at home. But it's just my face 💔

  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg Month ago

    Love you niki
    You are beautiful

  • Courtnie Pollard
    Courtnie Pollard Month ago

    I’m loving that LSU sweatshirt! Geaux Tigers!

  • Cat lover Girl
    Cat lover Girl Month ago

    I have the same issue but mine are so deep as even with makeup I look sleep deprived but the problem is I’m a child so my parents refuse for me to get it filled . How did u use makeup to cover you under eyes? I’ve tried it so much it doesn’t match .

  • Keira Williamson
    Keira Williamson Month ago

    I got them Nikki and hen I always try to civet up but I can’t and I’m not old enough to get them but I will when I’m older

  • Anu__ Gauli
    Anu__ Gauli Month ago

    I have the exactly same problem
    hollow and dark even makeup does not help i never knew this existed i thought you were getting lip fillers when I grow up I'll get this done thank you niki love you

  • Abigail Tinoco
    Abigail Tinoco Month ago

    I have the opposite problem as u my under eyes are puffy and red all the time I always look so sleepy

  • Pacific Rim
    Pacific Rim Month ago

    My under eyes are worse than hers were. Compared to mine hers are fine. No one has every said anything about mine expect my mom, she'll be like, have you been sleeping, you need to go to bed earlier. And I'll be like, i went to bed SO FREAKIN EARLY, it was 8:00, my gosh

  • Guru
    Guru Month ago

    3:00 im sorry but that shit was so funny. that voice sounds like JayMilesProduction

  • Dashing Lights
    Dashing Lights Month ago

    You do you your doing great

  • Farida Karim
    Farida Karim Month ago

    12:00 her Starbucks name is John 😂😂

  • Layla Haas
    Layla Haas Month ago +4

    It’s ok niki I wont judge you are super pretty you do you I have dark circles and it’s ok to cry

  • Rebekah Mellark
    Rebekah Mellark Month ago

    yassss you do you💗💗don’t worry about what people say we/i love youuuu💗💗💗💗💗

  • Cathleen Gaffney
    Cathleen Gaffney Month ago +1

    Did it hurt!!!

    • Naghma Sajid
      Naghma Sajid Month ago

      When you fell from heaven. Ayyyyyyyyyye. lol sorry :):

  • Lily Bee
    Lily Bee Month ago

    I have the same thing I and very well rested and I still get circles under my eyes

  • Miraculous 101
    Miraculous 101 Month ago +8

    Lol! I actually didn’t know you had the under eye circles until now! And I don’t care, you look perfectly beautiful to me!

    • Emy Flower
      Emy Flower 14 days ago

      Miraculous 101 Same I didn't even know or notice till this video

  • Brat Fan
    Brat Fan Month ago +1

    You should do whatever makes you happy! You look so good without makeup! I get bad under eye circles too 💕💕

  • Ottie Smith
    Ottie Smith Month ago

    Dont worry i have had bags under my eyes all my life and om only 9 years old i think it is so brave of u to do this and if it makes u fell better then go a head and do it

  • KatruChan CandyBaf
    KatruChan CandyBaf Month ago

    Mine are terrible too

  • Deborah Augustijn
    Deborah Augustijn Month ago

    I understand your problem i am curious for the results because i'm bothered by my own under eye circles people think i don't sleep at night but i sleep alot to much.. so i was thinking about this and this video makes it less weird for me so thank you Niki lots a love for you girl❤

  • GeminiBabe89
    GeminiBabe89 Month ago

    Clearly you have no idea how you are influencing young girls. My daughter is a huge fan and I dont really want her watching you or your sister. Why dont you be happy with the way you look and inspire younger girls to have self love???? You're in your 20s you dont need fillers! You were beautiful before and no need for any cosmetic injections

  • Sharmila Solanki
    Sharmila Solanki Month ago

    Niki you are amazing in buetoful in my eyes girl💕

  • Gabby O'Nail
    Gabby O'Nail Month ago

    Niki I will love you even if you get plastic surgery and I am pretty sure all your fans can agree because if it make you happy who cares!

  • Queen For A Day
    Queen For A Day Month ago

    Hit me with the feels at the end

  • Queen For A Day
    Queen For A Day Month ago

    AWW I FEEL SO BAD. I know your struggle!! I have always had puffy eyes, it's hard to describe but I have very hooded eyes which I don't even mind but at the point where my eyelids end, there's always always puffiness. It's the very first thing I think of in the morning and people alwayys think that I'm tired or stoned!! I hate it so much. I don't remember a single day where I haven't felt insecure about it since I was in at least grade 8. I'm past grade 12 now and it still drives me nuts.
    I hope you see this, it might make you feel better because we're told the same thing.

  • Blur raiyes
    Blur raiyes Month ago

    Love your video girl

  • ClaireBear21
    ClaireBear21 Month ago

    9:33 fghkjtrdesxdyfkhjbdfx I'm sooooo squeamishhhhh ----- but thx for being honest omg fuguygfytuy

  • Charlie-mae Parkin
    Charlie-mae Parkin Month ago

    my anxiety was going THROUGH THE ROOF when she was moving the needle around in her face...if you can’t deal with that stuff like me....SKIP IT

  • Summer Murphy
    Summer Murphy Month ago

    I also have really bad under eye circles, & I've had them my entire life. And yeah, been asked soooo many times "are you tired?" "are you feeling ok?"
    And I also, like you, prefer not wearing makeup. But I'm 10 years older. ;)
    I did not know this was an option!! I will DEFINITELY look into this. Fingers crossed this is available in my state. :/

  • Broke Marshall
    Broke Marshall Month ago

    I love her hair

  • Natalie Loves God
    Natalie Loves God 2 months ago

    Wow ok .. Sad so many girls are not happy with thenselves .. Who cares what others think about you!

  • Julia Rytten og Anakin
    Julia Rytten og Anakin 2 months ago

    I have it too and im 10

  • Madi Coltrane
    Madi Coltrane 2 months ago

    I mean I am in middle school and middle school changes you but like I could literally sleep for 24 hours and still have the worse dark circles and I’m always tired lol

  • PeachyBee
    PeachyBee 2 months ago

    Nikki can u plz react to ur first viddddddd ? :D

  • Gen Lake
    Gen Lake 2 months ago

    You shouldn’t feel bad I have lots of dark circles under my eyes but I don’t care but do what makes you happy! 😋

  • R3D RUM is noice
    R3D RUM is noice 2 months ago

    I can relate. I can’t sleep at night and I don’t get tired but I still yawn and ALWAYS have dark circles and bags under my eyes

  • Samantha Geary
    Samantha Geary 2 months ago

    As long as you are happy and you want to do this than hell yeah love you u are beautiful

  • Hey its Andreia
    Hey its Andreia 2 months ago

    I have a similar situation. I have DARK undereye circles and they are hollow too (the scoop inwards). My parents always say ''sleep earlier!'' but I get 8+ hours of sleep everyday which is good. I really wanna get them filled too but im pretty young.
    edit: even when i CAKE on concealer you can still see the hollowness and the lines from them. Tbh hers aren't even that bad compared to mine!