• Published on Nov 21, 2019

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  • George Bojszuk
    George Bojszuk Hour ago

    Going to jail for what

  • Anna Farrington
    Anna Farrington 4 hours ago

    Fuck FBI I know the watching but Fuck them if the read this ...

  • Kenneth Gray
    Kenneth Gray 5 hours ago

    Omi in a jail cell

  • Giddy89
    Giddy89 6 hours ago

    You don’t get a few years federal time for not paying your taxes for the past 3 years or without sometime of audit or knowing this was coming or doing things in a “gray area” . Id probably shut it down until after.

  • Jay Pixelo
    Jay Pixelo 11 hours ago

    keep your head up

  • Anthony Antoine
    Anthony Antoine 12 hours ago

    Stay up fam

  • Ramone Lyons
    Ramone Lyons 23 hours ago

    When America declared its independence from British rule,
    it was primarily because they didn't want to continue paying taxes to the Queen (thus, the Boston Tea Party, and the Revolutionary war). The Declaration provides "life, liberty,
    and the pursuit of happiness.
    There are literally countless millionaires who avoid taxes, but once you pay you're locked in the system because you voluntarily entered into an agreement. There are ways to establish a defense but you must be prepared to fight
    as sui juris or sui generis... if you don't know what that means then look it up. I hope you receive competent advice and representation because although I don't know all the particulars, you can establish a prima facie case and defense.

  • Colt King
    Colt King Day ago

    Decease in desist? Hmmmm so die and stop? Lol

  • Emanuel Hernandez

    Omi is no longer in a Hellcat

  • Brian Rollins
    Brian Rollins Day ago

    Went from 100-0 real quick

  • Unknown PrO
    Unknown PrO Day ago

    Not even Al Capone could escape this, what makes you think you could?

  • Jim Loughnane
    Jim Loughnane Day ago

    This guy is a true hustler he literally hassled everybody on the live to donate to him and they did Lol

  • LIG 175
    LIG 175 Day ago

    Ok so since they didn’t warn u and they came before the year sue them simple

  • Quischiddra Neese

    That shit gay asf. 12 is bicthes fuck them hoes

  • Cori Mullins
    Cori Mullins Day ago

    They some bitches how you get back at them is to teach brothas like me how to put my money in off shore accounts...

  • Giovanni Gomez
    Giovanni Gomez Day ago

    Dam this shit is inspiring in a way. If he can become a millionaire and do it over again. I can tooo. The focus is real

  • TrapRemix
    TrapRemix Day ago

    Wait hes broke now wtf why idk what happend

  • Petion Keny
    Petion Keny Day ago +2

    Why you didn’t buy houses overseas

  • TrapRemix
    TrapRemix Day ago

    Why did they take everything from you

  • Eduardo Gorgonio

    Don’t give up you’ll bounce back soon and better then ever 👊🏽💯

  • Marilyn Brooks
    Marilyn Brooks Day ago

    Praying for you

  • Mista Multi
    Mista Multi Day ago

    Check me out

  • JP Tattoos
    JP Tattoos Day ago

    Keep your head up heart strong and keep having faith there are always devils on watch keep faith brother

  • Payton Purvis
    Payton Purvis Day ago

    Taxes should be illegal. Sorry this happened.

  • Hazzaiha Perdomo

    God would bless you brother you would be ok god is always gonna in your side bro después de lo malo sigue lo bueno échele ganas que todo va estar bien y dios te va ah seguir bendiciendo ati y tu familia..

  • Nathaniel French

    Trump dismantling the Deep State. They need all the money they can get. They about to have legal fees of they own...

  • Why can't black women grow hair

    Damn bro you were just living the life shit I was living through you now you just a regular person like me sorry that happened to you and your people’s at least you got to experience it

  • Abdullahi Mohamed
    Abdullahi Mohamed Day ago +1

    Minor set back for a major come back 💪🏾

  • Jose Valentin
    Jose Valentin Day ago

    Damn bro that sucks . I been hit by the IRS had to pay them back for 7 straight years in the thousands and when I was done they reminded me that they will be on me for the next 10 years 👀👀👀

    MSF-KHD Day ago

    pray for omi

    MSF-KHD Day ago

    that's messed up

  • chase
    chase Day ago

    sounds like he had a movie streaming website from what he is saying

  • Outi Music Group inc

    Salute O Stay Strong thunnn QB💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  • Craig H.
    Craig H. Day ago

    What's your twitch name

  • carlows
    carlows 2 days ago

    Federal prison is basically the luxury of prison which is where you go for doing tax evasion and shit

  • Cool Guy
    Cool Guy 2 days ago

    Hopefully OMI bought gold bars or a good crypto and stashed it. Leaving millions in cash even if you are not under investigation is just foolish. All it takes to secure your wealth is a steel safes full of gold buried underground scattered around remote areas.

  • swager johnson
    swager johnson 2 days ago

    You do know you got the right to remain silent?

  • swager johnson
    swager johnson 2 days ago


  • Mike Uriegas
    Mike Uriegas 2 days ago

    Yo omi be quiet bro until this is over with.dont need to be on internet speaking openly without lawyer present! Hope u alright tho bud be safe.

  • RJ King
    RJ King 2 days ago

    What's the website for the merch?

  • MrKrazee Horse
    MrKrazee Horse 2 days ago

    You was Capping to hard my brother on social media that's were you fucked up at. They billing a case on you now .

  • Aubrey Brown
    Aubrey Brown 2 days ago

    It’s illegal to be black and legal

  • Raymond Ezell
    Raymond Ezell 2 days ago

    Pure thieves

  • Antwan Tyrell
    Antwan Tyrell 2 days ago

    Fuck the irs n the american goverment

  • Antwan Tyrell
    Antwan Tyrell 2 days ago

    Do the irs pays there taxs

  • Gaston Castro
    Gaston Castro 2 days ago +2

    Hope you all get the RICHES AND BLESSINGS 🙏 😎 that you seek💯💯

  • Malice Revenant
    Malice Revenant 2 days ago

    FBI is just one big bully!! Period..

  • Selah Solomon
    Selah Solomon 2 days ago

    You gotta conduct business thru a business trust. They can't take what you don't own g

  • Shabazz Sass
    Shabazz Sass 2 days ago

    Meanwhile they raping little kids getting away with it, like nobody knows the piece of shit the government is.... they can’t steal or take away your personality, keep inspiring us we love you no matter what your still the MAN fr stay positive bigger and better next time!!

  • Wayne’s World
    Wayne’s World 2 days ago +1

    Taxation is theft the government is organized and as long as they got us divided it’ll continue to happen🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Cap Dinero
    Cap Dinero 3 days ago

    Bye bye views ..

  • Kent Hilburn
    Kent Hilburn 3 days ago


  • Comrade Hatuey
    Comrade Hatuey 3 days ago

    Jews probably don't pay any taxes, but I'm not surprised, they get away with every bullshit and seem to got the us gov under their wings. Sob gov send billions of dollars from everyone taxes to the illegal state of Israel and everyone doesn't say shit or do anything about it. So many homeless people here and they rather send all that money over there instead of helping the people here first. Fuck that.

  • papa bear
    papa bear 3 days ago +5

    This reminds of lab rats when they got kicked out they house

  • ben and brooklynn white


  • Trxpnnn
    Trxpnnn 3 days ago

    Fuckin Feds Man mfs don’t leave no one alone smh 😤✅

  • bigbrooklyn25
    bigbrooklyn25 3 days ago +6

    Should have pulled a Trump and not release your taxes 😭😭

    • bigbrooklyn25
      bigbrooklyn25 4 hours ago

      Dakota Nieman exactly then everyone should be able to keep theirs private I rest my case

    • Dakota Nieman
      Dakota Nieman 6 hours ago

      Stop. Trump has the right to keep that private. That’s his personal business and not for everyone to know. How bout we see why all democrats are millionaires and billionaires after 35+ years

  • Kawa85
    Kawa85 3 days ago +1

    My nigga I’m finna go out and watch all the ads for you most I can do and fuck the police

  • Remy Arroyo
    Remy Arroyo 3 days ago

    Im so sick of FBI cracking down on tax evasion its extortion. As rich as this man is and was I hurt for him and I hurt for the country. Pedophilia and human trafficking is less important to the FBI then harmless people making money. This is the definition of slavery.

  • Steelers gang East side

    The problem for them is that you made that kind of money 💰 from ground level, another thing is that if that C.I. worked with you in any capacity he should have charges too