Surgical Resident Breaks Down 49 Medical Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED


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  • KristianaMarine
    KristianaMarine 14 hours ago

    Bring Annie Onishi back!!!!ASAP!

  • Zoe Kirk
    Zoe Kirk 15 hours ago

    I probably shouldn’t have watched this while eating my lunch

  • Deji Adegbite
    Deji Adegbite Day ago

    She's cool, witty and fine too.

  • NateJGardner
    NateJGardner 3 days ago

    Volts are not joules! Defibrillators can go up to 1.7 kV.

  • Marsha Hare
    Marsha Hare 3 days ago

    That marajuana part was dumb he is only saying that so ryan renolyds will tell him where the weed is in the hospital since the point of the movie is finding weed....and whitecastle it has nothing to do with movie thinking that is correct

  • ShimyShaw Shaw
    ShimyShaw Shaw 3 days ago

    This was hard to watch. Not a completely accurate critique. You shouldn't shave, but also do not have to clip hair to do a case. One person can do an appy - this was the pre-laparoscopic era. If you are concerned about lacerating the "jugulars" or the carotids during a tracheostomy (should be a cricothyroidotomy), yikes, take a step back. The anterior jugulars are certainly at risk and can make it hard to see if lacerated. And other stuff.

  • Jorge
    Jorge 4 days ago

    Thank god surgeons don’t run codes. As an icu physician: her analysis of codes, particularly with respect to the meds, is south of accurate.

  • Hoodxo Calum
    Hoodxo Calum 5 days ago


  • gmjpharmd
    gmjpharmd 6 days ago

    Hey Dr. Onishi, you give me premature ventricular contractions, you make my heart skip a beat. Straight gorgeous and smart? What else do you want in a women.

  • More13Feen
    More13Feen 6 days ago

    the bullets might stay in your body? Wtf?

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield 7 days ago

    Someone please tell this lady these are fictional depictions!

  • Sian Birkner
    Sian Birkner 8 days ago

    i need one of these for law shows/movies

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia 9 days ago

    Programmer breaks down Mr. Robot

  • Musicbymusicians
    Musicbymusicians 9 days ago

    Cute and extremely intelligent. Awesome.

  • Hanka Paldum
    Hanka Paldum 9 days ago

    my god, knowledge is hawt.

  • Abhishek Joshi
    Abhishek Joshi 10 days ago

    well she isnt kidding around just zapping everyone left and right

  • paul tricker
    paul tricker 11 days ago

    So called expert says " dye section " ! The word is " diss ectcion". The clue is in the double "s" in the word dissection as opposed to one s in bisection!!!!

  • Kyle Maddison.
    Kyle Maddison. 12 days ago +1

    where is MASH?

    QANT EVANGELION 13 days ago

    Can she comment on doctor x(season 5 episode 4)

  • uh what
    uh what 13 days ago

    i like her

  • Kaitlin Rachel Baumgarten

    WOW am I glad I never have to compete with her for anything... I feel like she would tear me to shreads

  • andrey yak
    andrey yak 14 days ago

    @9:30 cmon, lass.... are you meaning to tell us you never actually found a toy car or some kind of a rubber yellow duck in one's behind??!

  • K G
    K G 15 days ago

    God I love this channel!

  • Victoria Banner
    Victoria Banner 15 days ago

    Can someone please explain why a surgeon would need urine output to be measured?

  • The Diamond Ninja
    The Diamond Ninja 15 days ago

    Why does she look like clementine off TWD.

  • Derrick Belanger
    Derrick Belanger 17 days ago

    What, no Good Doctor?

  • AlchemistOfNirnroot
    AlchemistOfNirnroot 17 days ago

    15 mins in and I regret picking physics :P

  • Vurgun1985
    Vurgun1985 17 days ago

    Hold on! A wine glass!?!? Blue screen... WTF?

  • Árpád Juhász
    Árpád Juhász 17 days ago

    Dont beat Spies like us. It's a comedy. Really?

  • Nabeel Qazi
    Nabeel Qazi 18 days ago

    Quite surprised that the tv series ER wasn’t shown on here as it seems to be quite medically accurate

  • laura martinez
    laura martinez 18 days ago

    I love her and Erik singer!!

  • Mark Marlowe
    Mark Marlowe 18 days ago

    I am surprised there was no mention of a person without any pulse being revived with a defibrilator. Really often depicted method that is absolutely incorrect.

  • Regular Dude
    Regular Dude 18 days ago

    She bombed on the Spies Like Us portion, but makes comments that the movie itself answers. The whole point was that they had no idea what they were doing, and they were even told to first shave the patient, hence why he has shaving cream on his face because that's what they thought it meant. Also, all the people in the room were intent on observing what they thought were expert surgeons.

  • Zogg from Betelgeuse
    Zogg from Betelgeuse 18 days ago

    The best part was Annie Onishi's deadpan face during the "Like a Surgeon" scene.

  • S F
    S F 19 days ago

    Surgeons and RNs are awesome.

  • Bushify13
    Bushify13 19 days ago +2

    Great video but please don't use the word OCD like that, surgeons who remove hair meticulously don't necessarily have a disabling and life destroying mental illness, it demeans people whose lives have been ruined by it. A doctor should know better.

  • Art CMBDIA
    Art CMBDIA 20 days ago

    she'll need top charge the defibrillator to 360 joules because she made my heart stop.

  • OriginalTheUsername
    OriginalTheUsername 20 days ago

    Her eyes are beautiful and mesmerizing

  • RasenRendan
    RasenRendan 22 days ago

    "Yelling at a patient or cheering them on doesnt bring em back to life."
    Good thing Anime isnt real then.

  • Jood T Alfaraj
    Jood T Alfaraj 23 days ago

    They didn’t put the good doctor

  • Selektive Wahrnehmung
    Selektive Wahrnehmung 23 days ago

    Hm, what about Electroshocking if Asystoly? Was thinking about to use it only when Arrhythmy or Palpitations.

  • Sanil Khurana
    Sanil Khurana 24 days ago

    Can she review this one? It seems pretty accurate.

  • harm991
    harm991 26 days ago

    9:18 where it's at - reality stranger than fiction

  • harm991
    harm991 26 days ago

    Don't many AED's have razors inside?

  • Kip Trump
    Kip Trump 26 days ago

    whelp, I dunno why, but I just fell in love with Annie...

  • endpoem
    endpoem 27 days ago

    She's hot

  • Egg Tortellini
    Egg Tortellini 28 days ago

    I don’t think you guys should’ve had her review comedy medical scenes, because they’re obviously not accurate

  • edwardmashberg1
    edwardmashberg1 29 days ago

    Wow she is excellent -- succinct, commanding and knowledgeable with just the right amount of ironic detachment. She must be a great instructor and surgeon.

  • Foxtrot.Uniform.Charlie.Kilo.Golf+

    Pretty sure there are something called a French tube or catheter - but maybe its so important not in a trauma situation..

  • Raniella Durand
    Raniella Durand Month ago

    No operating room galleries? My whole life has been a lie

  • Matdy James
    Matdy James Month ago

    I love this series you do, thanks. Please continue to do them.

  • Olha Huska
    Olha Huska Month ago

    “Happy nightmares”

  • Rachel W
    Rachel W Month ago

    12:54 patient is conscious during face transplant. Patient ALSO has a full face of makeup and that would never happen either, as her skin would be 100% bare, clean, and sterile!

  • Brettisen
    Brettisen Month ago

    i love these videos, especially as a nursing student this was funny and interesting to see.. it's practically impossible to find a good engaging somewhat accurate medical drama. but i have to say, in sweden a deceased person would not be wearing any kind of alarm or tracker. BUT yes to the no normal windows and no patient care on the ground floor

  • Moritz Sir
    Moritz Sir Month ago

    What i hate most is defibrillating an asystolie

  • Alex Jean
    Alex Jean Month ago

    I think she's missing the point of some of these movies...

  • Mikael G
    Mikael G Month ago

    That lady is so cool.

  • jiao jiao
    jiao jiao Month ago

    lol my local hospital's er has a viewing gallery

  • Jean M
    Jean M Month ago

    Love her “arrogance” (as some would say but I would go more with healthy confidence) she actually reminds me of Yang! Also her wittiness and sarcasm is on point. And the part where she bragged about her surgery time. 😂

  • SEABORNE1971
    SEABORNE1971 Month ago

    This girl is so attractive, my god, that smart kind of look kills me

  • Crofregernish
    Crofregernish Month ago

    How about that ambulances have their own entrances?
    I got to the trauma bay through some sort of garage. I don't remember going in or out, just being wheeled through what seemed like a giant garage.

  • karl keiderling
    karl keiderling Month ago

    200 joules of monophasic is outdated. 200 joules of Biphasic is currently used in Zoll defibrillators. The only Defib I know of that uses 360 is Physiocontrol.

  • Gregory Ford
    Gregory Ford Month ago

    I heard plenty of Surgeons say Scrubs is super accurate. I've heard the opposite about Grey's

  • Sanad Saudi
    Sanad Saudi Month ago

    Technique Critique of Pilots breaking down movie cockpit scenes would be really interesting!!!

  • Michael Pilz
    Michael Pilz Month ago +1

    those green eyes is why i come! Wow!

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor Month ago

    8:50 I had to have surgery on my scalp. I told the doctor I would shave my head on the morning of the operation, he said not to. In fact, he said if I shaved my head, they would have to cancel the surgery.

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor Month ago +1

    She has got amazing eyes.

  • Rawr5649
    Rawr5649 Month ago

    I woke up while they were gluing me shut after donating a kidney. I knew I wasn't supposed to be awake, but all I could come up with to say was "So you guys up for some basketball after this?"

  • Doge15
    Doge15 Month ago

    2:15 VTEC ?

  • lavakillu
    lavakillu Month ago

    Great job, Dr. Onishi! I've been vexed by the inaccurate portrayals of hospital dramas for years! Crappy CPR, shocking asystole, inaccurate meds being ordered for the rhythm being shown on the monitors, unsecured ET tubes and intubated patients talking up a storm! I'm willing to suspend belief when the shows are comedic but, when they supposed to be "real", it seems like the produces could have dedicated a little of their budget on consulting actual doctors and nurses to get it right. Even the "real" ER shows, like "Trauma, Life In The ER" and "Code Blue: Savannah" show a slightly altered view of ER/OR life as everyone acts a little differently when they know there's a camera is in the room.

  • Marcelino Rosas
    Marcelino Rosas Month ago

    She did great

  • Lucy Unicorn
    Lucy Unicorn Month ago

    Omg the butt part

  • kayuce mag
    kayuce mag Month ago

    actually, a patient could shock himself out of vtach at least in theory as I have never seen it done. quite a few patients I have encountered in Vtach are alert and oriented and many drove themselves to the emergency room in that rhythm.

  • Amarnath
    Amarnath Month ago

    Code Black scenes are almost real

  • JaQuan Senegal
    JaQuan Senegal Month ago

    Wow she is gorgeous!

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S Month ago +1

    "Happy nightmares" The arrogant look Lol.

  • MaNwE MeLoDy A.M
    MaNwE MeLoDy A.M Month ago

    yeeeee. she is cute!

  • Benedikte No hate, just watching

    Thank you, I learned alot 😉

  • Hrushikesh Naik
    Hrushikesh Naik Month ago

    val kilmer jim morrision

  • Confusioning
    Confusioning Month ago

    Where's doctor strange

  • Parobro
    Parobro Month ago

    black hawk down is accurate.

  • MichelleObama2020
    MichelleObama2020 Month ago

    with the house clip there was a doctor on youtube that said that the incision was way too big.

  • Soumil Singh
    Soumil Singh Month ago

    5:04 She shivered looking at the worms. I guess medical professionals do get grossed out by somethings. I missed that the first time I saw this video.

  • Shawnie Negus
    Shawnie Negus Month ago

    I Want Her To Save My Own Life. By Being In it.

  • Triple!!
    Triple!! Month ago

    Wow random girl off the street gets to commentate on random vids

  • Hunter Driscoll
    Hunter Driscoll Month ago

    But you cannot shock asystole..

  • Alex
    Alex Month ago

    At 10:46 she isn't entirely correct. It didn't have to be beatless tachycardia. Could have been like 10-20 actual beats/min but still requires electrical cardioversion. Not technically defibrillation because the pulse would be synchronized, but the patient can be conscious for it. That is what happened to me. It hurt. A lot.

  • rileyjayy
    rileyjayy Month ago +1

    heyy lol seeing the drop dead diva was a nice suprose. my aunt stars in it lol

  • keanu Lol
    keanu Lol Month ago

    I am sorry but I only looked at her not just because she à interesting to listen to but I can’t stand the blood Hahahaha

  • BariumCobaltNitrog3n

    11:51 "Get me a box of kittens STAT!" Love Scrubs.

  • A Random Guy On The Internet

    Did they really analyze Mr bean doing a surgery? LMAO it's meant to be inaccurate.

  • emanandchill
    emanandchill Month ago

    This woman is interesting looking.

  • Lily-Rose Meadowes
    Lily-Rose Meadowes Month ago

    I had my breast cancer surgery under local anaesthetic (long story due to dodgy heart). My surgeon tortured me with Bruce Springsteen. He's a lovely person but he has terrible taste in music lol.

  • Lily-Rose Meadowes
    Lily-Rose Meadowes Month ago

    I woke up at the end of my appendectomy. I told the nurse I'd had a dream, which I thought was impossible under anaesthesia. I said, "I heard someone ask for a bead. They were taking my appendix out, not making a necklace" and I laughed. She went absolutely white. It only made sense when it came to having my stitches out. There was one long running stitch and at either end was a green bead.

  • memescoper
    memescoper Month ago

    Hey does anyone know why they measure the applied "electricity" at about 3:10 in Joules (an energy unit)? Why not measure in Amperes? Are the defibrillators a capacitor or something?

  • Mark Cuffe
    Mark Cuffe Month ago

    This is why I can’t watch “medical” movies or tv shows. They’re laughably ridiculous. Chest X-rays backwards and MRI scans upside down on the screens.

  • Rakshith
    Rakshith Month ago

    shes actually ronda rouseys sister i guess

  • Danguole Krevskaja
    Danguole Krevskaja Month ago

    The good doctor? Or you are picking just funny ones?

  • Cluisanna
    Cluisanna Month ago

    I'm surprised they didn't mention the whole "defibrillating while patient flat-lines" thing - almost every time someone flat-lines on TV they will defibrillate despite the fact that an electric shock doesn't do anything against asystole.

  • Snipey Snipes
    Snipey Snipes Month ago

    That's one gorgeous surgeon.