Surgical Resident Breaks Down 49 Medical Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

  • Published on Mar 14, 2018
  • Annie Onishi, general surgery resident at Columbia University, takes a look at emergency room and operating room scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are. Would the adrenaline scene from Pulp Fiction actually play out that way? Is all that medical jargon we hear in shows like Grey's Anatomy and House true-to-life? Is removing a bullet really a cure-all for a gunshot wound?

    Correction: We misidentified the type of worm in the Grey's Anatomy episode at 5:23! It was actually Ascaris lumbricoides,not Strongyloides
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    Surgical Resident Breaks Down 49 Medical Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED
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  • Zealon
    Zealon 4 hours ago

    No one gonna talk about her flexing the gucic belt

  • Marvin Pepino
    Marvin Pepino 2 days ago

    Wrong. CC stands for cupcakes. Everybody knows that 😒

  • Daniel Lloyd
    Daniel Lloyd 4 days ago

    Faceless is CURSED

  • Yoshi Prime
    Yoshi Prime 4 days ago +1

    She can operate on me any time!

  • Katey Nicole
    Katey Nicole 5 days ago

    I stan this woman

  • sups 514
    sups 514 5 days ago

    1:18 LOL

  • Noo8ym4ster
    Noo8ym4ster 7 days ago

    Is fun how she reacts to some scenes

  • Ty Nguyen
    Ty Nguyen 7 days ago +1

    V tech not Vtec

  • Ghost Simon
    Ghost Simon 7 days ago

    She cute

  • L
    L 7 days ago

    Please do a video about a lawyer commenting on movies and tv

  • Surica cascar
    Surica cascar 8 days ago

    She's just a mere resident. She'll do much better after a 1 week prep with Peter Benton.

  • ilg2012
    ilg2012 9 days ago

    HIPPA is stupid

  • Phong Nguyen
    Phong Nguyen 9 days ago +1

    5:25 strongyloides instead of ascarias? big HMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • TRGV
    TRGV 10 days ago

    3:00 when she doesn't comment on the pad being on the abdomen...

  • Carlos David Alipi Garcia

    Dr. Farquaad

  • nelsonta00
    nelsonta00 12 days ago

    That was cool... except 80% of the clips she reviewed are Greys Anatomy

  • Bolor
    Bolor 13 days ago

    anyone got her instagram name?

  • cyberianrave
    cyberianrave 15 days ago

    so the scrubs not actually always blue, I actually have a friend they wear orange ones but movies and series always have these light blue ones

  • digitaurus
    digitaurus 16 days ago

    LOL. I woke up during my own procedure . Not that uncommon these days as interventional cardiologists avoid using an anaesthesiologist and just stick you with some midazolam. I can confirm that the atrium of your heart has pain receptors!

  • TonkaTruckk
    TonkaTruckk 18 days ago

    Oh man! I was kinda into this video, and her cute/no non sense way of talking, and then the Seinfeld clip popped up and she smiled.. 😍 wow. She's cute, smart, motivated and enjoys simple humor. Be still my heart! I need to get into the medical field!! 😭

  • Anomander Rake
    Anomander Rake 19 days ago

    I hope that beautiful intelligent woman has lots of children!

  • Marianne Quitiong
    Marianne Quitiong 19 days ago

    Happy nightmares 🤗

  • MrIAgreeToDisagree
    MrIAgreeToDisagree 20 days ago

    I love her! She's awesome! Definitely need her back for more episodes

  • gondor532
    gondor532 21 day ago

    Racing to break some record is a great way to potentialy destroy patients health. Good job narcissists...

  • xXCrazyJack29Xx
    xXCrazyJack29Xx 21 day ago +1

    yeah you dont dream while under surgery, I under gone one to remove a fish hook thats been stuck entirely into my foot when i was young, i just remember having a mask put on me the nurse and older sister not to fight or resist sleeping and i was going to be fine, and i wont feel a thing, i woke up slightly drowsy, walked out after some paperwork and talks with a slight ping of pain in my foot and a medicine to treat it, what all i remember is basically blacking out and waking up what seemed like minutes later, what actually was 2-3 hrs

  • Jo Fe
    Jo Fe 21 day ago

    1º This woman is creeping me out.
    2º I really wish my next surgery would be done by a robot.

    • Jodddy
      Jodddy 6 days ago

      What happens if the robot malfunctions and the AI isn't coded to handle the millions upon millions of unexpected situations that might occur during your surgery?

  • bob cobb
    bob cobb 23 days ago

    Strange to see such an attractive woman who has a job that doesn't include taking her clothes off.

  • Shaen
    Shaen 24 days ago

    2:16 V-TEC

  • daniel ficara
    daniel ficara 24 days ago

    i love these videos but who decided to put white writing with an almost white background

  • HowSci
    HowSci 25 days ago

    An injection straight to the heart is ludicrous, you're most likely to kill her that way. Inject the drug through IV, Jesus.

  • Arnold A. Lampel
    Arnold A. Lampel 25 days ago

    Some things she has got wrong herself...
    The defib energy dose 200J is NOT outdated, the 360J is.
    The older monophasic defibs could be set up to 360J but disapperead a while ago and you might get to see one in a museum.....

  • WiseFool
    WiseFool 26 days ago

    That's a little disturbing that surgeons would time themselves doing procedures. Uh. Sounds a little sketchy. Please don't rush if doing any surgeries on me, okay? I don't need to be some place any time soon and you're getting paid a lot of money.

  • FannyPackZZ Ives
    FannyPackZZ Ives 26 days ago

    This is exactly what I want to watch all the time

  • its a MAD world
    its a MAD world 26 days ago

    Intelligent women are so hot.

  • Nate The Great
    Nate The Great 27 days ago

    Eggplants and wine glasses, eh? What a day that was.

  • Pokerface
    Pokerface 27 days ago

    I'm having major surgery this year, and this video gave me agita like crazy. Dear god, why did I watch this?

  • E L Z
    E L Z 27 days ago

    More technical critiques pls

  • A1 Kapo
    A1 Kapo 27 days ago

    Yo what's her @?

  • Okasha Qadir
    Okasha Qadir 28 days ago

    Common Mr Bean is comedy show and no one will take that operation scene seriously .

  • Jassy Rahal
    Jassy Rahal 28 days ago

    judging comedy movie depictions is seriously stupid.

  • play games
    play games 28 days ago

    The last one is the most accurate and it’s funny

  • aven russo
    aven russo 28 days ago

    Time is myocardium, people!

  • mubtasim rahman
    mubtasim rahman 28 days ago

    Operating galleries still exist in many hospitals...

  • Cassandra Choo
    Cassandra Choo 28 days ago

    this video made me realize two things:

    1) A surgeon's job is incredibly complex and scary

    2) Netflix should have NEVER gotten rid of Scrubs

  • Gilbey Mangangey
    Gilbey Mangangey 28 days ago

    Where's the good doctor?

  • jessica A
    jessica A 28 days ago

    They literally chose the worst scene of greys anatomy

  • Phillip Roc
    Phillip Roc 29 days ago

    I know its not her fault but.... some of these movies are comedies that are clearly not meant to be accurate. What is the point in asking her to break it down? I mean the fact that they aren't accurate depictions of real-life treatment is part of what makes it funny.

  • Costin Popescu
    Costin Popescu 29 days ago

    5:05 I think she had a baaad history with those kind of worms

  • Sean Keller
    Sean Keller 29 days ago

    gotta lover her dry humor and the way she is trying so hard not to laugh

  • Grzegorz Piekarski
    Grzegorz Piekarski 29 days ago +1

    Do whole episode with Annie Onishi about "Code Black" plz :)

  • ShiroiKage009
    ShiroiKage009 29 days ago

    That shiver when she saw the worms scene was so relatable.

  • Elite Radium
    Elite Radium 29 days ago

    She can do open heart surgery on me and steal my heart :)

  • Da Boss
    Da Boss Month ago

    I almost puked at the House clip

  • Fatima Alhabshi
    Fatima Alhabshi Month ago

    I need to meet her as a med nerd

  • Victor Lin
    Victor Lin Month ago +1

    Isn't a "twelve fn/ch tube" just a tube size?

  • GG Channel
    GG Channel Month ago

    This is awesome!!

  • Haley Walker
    Haley Walker Month ago

    I have had a small bowel resection so that scene was really disturbing to me. Nooooooooooooooooo

  • cubeincubes
    cubeincubes Month ago

    she is prolly a comedy god in the OR. but she aint funny

  • Fernando G.
    Fernando G. Month ago

    13:59 took at her face lol
    that's how I look after smoking a ton of weed lol

  • Phenom Da DON
    Phenom Da DON Month ago

    I sense a lil 'tude...geez lady lol

  • stephanie tran
    stephanie tran Month ago


  • Michelle Mills
    Michelle Mills Month ago

    Spies Like Us is a comedy. Shouldn’t be taken for real life possibility. The scene shown here was pure comedic treatment. It should’ve never been used in this analysis.

  • Irving Ramirez
    Irving Ramirez Month ago

    0:50 I get it but this is Frank Gallagher thou...

  • OmniPoticus
    OmniPoticus Month ago +5

    Is it just me or is she kinda cute?

  • Ammar 05
    Ammar 05 Month ago

    i have seen a dead rat inside a butt.person was on a cocaine.

  • Ammar 05
    Ammar 05 Month ago

    as a doctor myself these things really sound funny to me too.

  • Malinda Senavirathna

    Explaining so fast ,That's means she knows her stuff

  • Chrysaura
    Chrysaura Month ago +7

    I am so swept off my feet. I just realized my type is "actual real life surgeon". Wife me, Annie!

  • Amy Hillsman
    Amy Hillsman Month ago

    2:36 French tubes are actually the type of tubes veterinarians use to intubate lol

  • David Beddard
    David Beddard Month ago

    1:12 Surgeons do not have severe OCD. Please do not trivialise mental illness in this manner.

  • Kylar Stern
    Kylar Stern Month ago

    Hospital windows don't open? So I imagined my open windows overlooking the street after getting my left leg amputated? Dont generalise this for the rest of the world.

  • Brad Knapp
    Brad Knapp Month ago

    Man I'm crushing on Annie. 😍

  • Bloody Hell
    Bloody Hell Month ago

    you couldn't get dr. mike?

  • Virginia Fernandez
    Virginia Fernandez Month ago

    “Yelling at a patient has never bought them back to life”. Well yeah, tell that to the Hulk.

  • Gustaf Söderling
    Gustaf Söderling Month ago

    She didn't really need to say "just kidding", did she?

  • xXTixerosXx
    xXTixerosXx Month ago

    Wait get the accent guy what did she say at 3:18 base chet ball

    • Torcus100
      Torcus100 Month ago

      xXTixerosXx she say Base ket ball because that is the name of the movie. The idea is that it is like PIG in basketball mixed with baseball

  • Cameron Alexander
    Cameron Alexander Month ago

    200 jules is still standard for biphasic defibrillators unless there was a 2018 acls change that I did not hear about...

  • Pobody's Nerfect
    Pobody's Nerfect Month ago

    Columbia? yup, shes good.

  • isbsey
    isbsey Month ago

    I never expect comedies or films where the onus is on action and not medical procedures, like 007, to be totally accurate, but you would like to think that medical films and dramas would do their best to be as authentic as possible. Experts in any field must look at their job being done on-screen and be critical.

  • Rupin Harendra
    Rupin Harendra Month ago

    Wait does the lady talking shake suddenly at about 5:06

  • Ginger Ninja
    Ginger Ninja Month ago +6

    Oh great - now she’s given the game away that we try to beat each others’ record times for procedures. (My laparoscopic appendectomy record is 35 minutes)

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 2 months ago

    that twitch at reaction exactly (-.-)

  • Zamolxes77
    Zamolxes77 2 months ago

    Hmm, when I had my surgery done, they shaved my chest, but they used dry shavers, with blade, you know, the old style of shaver where you have a large blade gripped in the teeth of the shaver.

  • Kris Marine
    Kris Marine 2 months ago

    Bring Annie Onishi back!!!!ASAP!

  • Zoe Kirk
    Zoe Kirk 2 months ago

    I probably shouldn’t have watched this while eating my lunch

  • Deji Adegbite
    Deji Adegbite 2 months ago

    She's cool, witty and fine too.

  • NateJGardner
    NateJGardner 2 months ago

    Volts are not joules! Defibrillators can go up to 1.7 kV.

  • Marsha Hare
    Marsha Hare 2 months ago

    That marajuana part was dumb he is only saying that so ryan renolyds will tell him where the weed is in the hospital since the point of the movie is finding weed....and whitecastle it has nothing to do with movie thinking that is correct

  • ShimyShaw Shaw
    ShimyShaw Shaw 2 months ago

    This was hard to watch. Not a completely accurate critique. You shouldn't shave, but also do not have to clip hair to do a case. One person can do an appy - this was the pre-laparoscopic era. If you are concerned about lacerating the "jugulars" or the carotids during a tracheostomy (should be a cricothyroidotomy), yikes, take a step back. The anterior jugulars are certainly at risk and can make it hard to see if lacerated. And other stuff.

  • Jorge
    Jorge 2 months ago

    Thank god surgeons don’t run codes. As an icu physician: her analysis of codes, particularly with respect to the meds, is south of accurate.

  • Hoodxo Calum
    Hoodxo Calum 2 months ago


  • gmjpharmd
    gmjpharmd 2 months ago

    Hey Dr. Onishi, you give me premature ventricular contractions, you make my heart skip a beat. Straight gorgeous and smart? What else do you want in a women.

  • More13Feen
    More13Feen 2 months ago

    the bullets might stay in your body? Wtf?

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield 2 months ago

    Someone please tell this lady these are fictional depictions!

  • Sian Birkner
    Sian Birkner 2 months ago

    i need one of these for law shows/movies

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia 2 months ago

    Programmer breaks down Mr. Robot

  • Musicbymusicians
    Musicbymusicians 2 months ago

    Cute and extremely intelligent. Awesome.

  • Hanka Paldum
    Hanka Paldum 2 months ago

    my god, knowledge is hawt.

  • Abhishek Joshi
    Abhishek Joshi 2 months ago

    well she isnt kidding around just zapping everyone left and right

  • paul tricker
    paul tricker 2 months ago

    So called expert says " dye section " ! The word is " diss ectcion". The clue is in the double "s" in the word dissection as opposed to one s in bisection!!!!