Top Secret GAME MASTER Identity Clues Arrive!! (Time to Find The Truth)

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Waiting for the new mail box package, Stephen Sharer mom found the Game Master Top Secret Mystery note in the Sharer Family mailbox and told Stephen and his sis Grace Sharer that the Identity Clues Arrive and that it was time to find the truth just like Vy Qwaint found when doing the lie detector truth test on Project Zorgo. So Steven and Grace plugged in their USB spy gadget device but needed an attachment from the electronic game store so they almost hopped on their electric scooter chase but decided to take a car but soon realized they were being followed and tracked so they had to escape the Game Master or PZ member and make it to the store so they could plug in the USB drive device and find out the reveal of the Game Master True Identity! Who could this #GameMaster be?!
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Comments • 6 385

  • Stephen Sharer
    Stephen Sharer  7 months ago +1415

    Who do you think the *Game Master* is?!

    • grant singleton
      grant singleton 2 months ago

      Stephen Sharer UNCu6 y5t

    • Cristina W.
      Cristina W. 2 months ago

      Steven l seckke esdagemastr

    • Tewobista Worku
      Tewobista Worku 2 months ago

      I thin chad wild clay is the project Zorgos or the game master

    • Trudy Henry
      Trudy Henry 3 months ago

      Haidyn Adven ture was

    • Its_kenken 23
      Its_kenken 23 4 months ago

      Stephen Sharer I think the game master is chad wild clay

  • Taiden Johnson
    Taiden Johnson 14 hours ago

    i think the game master is cwc

  • Catrina Yanna
    Catrina Yanna 16 hours ago

    i see a camra like up in the roof

  • Catrina Yanna
    Catrina Yanna 17 hours ago

    i think its some one you do not know

  • Katie Peebler
    Katie Peebler 17 hours ago

    Don't Trus Steven or Becca sum vaporfly hypnotized by GM

  • joel cervantes
    joel cervantes Day ago

    I think it is chad wild clay I love you guys

  • Mari Rodr
    Mari Rodr 2 days ago

    The brothers twin

  • Mary Ann Francisco - Hake

    Chad wild clay

  • Sis vs sis
    Sis vs sis 3 days ago +1

    I was on rebeccas channel and she is trying to break out the game master and he has a new mask Rebecca is working with the game master

  • Jake Risinger
    Jake Risinger 4 days ago +1

    Carter Sharer=Game Master

  • Chris Hoover
    Chris Hoover 6 days ago


  • Jason Rapan
    Jason Rapan 6 days ago


  • king kannon
    king kannon 7 days ago

    I saw 2 people in the Jeep

  • Natalie Powell
    Natalie Powell 7 days ago

    It’s getting hot me know that I can stop

  • Kim Gleason
    Kim Gleason 8 days ago

    Hey Stephen Grace and Connor my name is kellie

    KRYSTAL PARURU 8 days ago +2

    The twins have a jeep like that Lucas and that

  • jelly yt
    jelly yt 8 days ago

    If your dream car is a Lamborghini hit the like button 😎😎

  • LeeAnn Murray
    LeeAnn Murray 8 days ago

    I think Melvin

  • LeeAnn Murray
    LeeAnn Murray 8 days ago

    I think Peezynine is Melvin

  • chaise Platt
    chaise Platt 11 days ago

    The game master is your face

  • Brock Crum
    Brock Crum 11 days ago

    Stephen you are a hacker

  • Brock Crum
    Brock Crum 11 days ago


  • Carters Kitchen
    Carters Kitchen 11 days ago

    That was lizzy

  • Dre Seb
    Dre Seb 11 days ago +4

    The game masters name is Jeff and he’s 21πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž

  • Olamiposi Fapohunda
    Olamiposi Fapohunda 12 days ago +1

    It is from the game master you are hacking some one it can be you or carter share , Lizzy share, or anyone

  • Charmi Soni
    Charmi Soni 12 days ago


  • Crystal Reed
    Crystal Reed 12 days ago

    I am the game master Chad wild clay

  • M H
    M H 14 days ago

    It's a vires

  • nadia ejaz
    nadia ejaz 14 days ago

    It is definitely not dobre brothers I watch their videos

  • Josiah Bubba
    Josiah Bubba 15 days ago

    The Jeep was Liz Capris

  • Kristi Elliott
    Kristi Elliott 15 days ago

    Your being hacked

  • Kristi Elliott
    Kristi Elliott 15 days ago

    The pond Monster was in the pond

  • Ian Gunsman
    Ian Gunsman 16 days ago

    I think Chad wild clay is The Game master Chad Chad wild clay should become a master

  • Catherine Kitto
    Catherine Kitto 17 days ago

    Papper jake

  • Catherine Kitto
    Catherine Kitto 17 days ago

    A person


    It is a boy

  • yue hing kan
    yue hing kan 18 days ago


  • Tanya Hermann
    Tanya Hermann 18 days ago


  • Alice Bell
    Alice Bell 18 days ago

    Because well the usb if u look closey their is a fingerprint like if u agree

  • Alice Bell
    Alice Bell 18 days ago

    I think the game master is like alot of people like if a freind gose missing they might not rec and then thell be the game master

  • Rute Sousa
    Rute Sousa 19 days ago

    VY the GM

  • Marissa Siegel
    Marissa Siegel 19 days ago


  • Charmaine Tarran
    Charmaine Tarran 20 days ago +1

    The game master is is not Chad wild klay because when you Steven and Chad ve quaint went on a mission you disappeared and and Chad and vvv reacquaint they not disappear but I watch yours carders and Waze liss channels and and I I put TN the the share there the love of song fun it's a Snow Day and your new one 1 one-eyed love your channels you are the best family on USclip there's no no one else that is better thansheriff Sheriff and share the love 1 of of your your fans and my my my name Zara Garratt.

  • Lana Riddle
    Lana Riddle 21 day ago


  • Jannat Ohi
    Jannat Ohi 23 days ago


  • Melki Amaya
    Melki Amaya 26 days ago

    Vy is work in wih
    project Zora

  • Andrew Mitchell-Bunby
    Andrew Mitchell-Bunby 26 days ago


  • Thomas Baudot
    Thomas Baudot 28 days ago +3

    I think its Chad wileclay
    Like if u agree.

  • Thomas Baudot
    Thomas Baudot 28 days ago +8

    Both dogs are so cute!!
    Like if u agree.

  • Jacinta Fedrick
    Jacinta Fedrick 28 days ago

    you are getting hacked

  • Rocky Davidson
    Rocky Davidson 28 days ago

    Chad wild clay

  • diy squad
    diy squad 29 days ago

    Why can't we see Grace's room

  • Davy Dijkstra
    Davy Dijkstra Month ago


  • Drew Volynchook
    Drew Volynchook Month ago

    Vy Qwaint Rebeca and cwc

  • Drew Volynchook
    Drew Volynchook Month ago

    Vy Qwaint

  • L and A Sisters
    L and A Sisters Month ago +1

    No not Chad wild clay or any of the spy ninjas

  • Ezra Davis
    Ezra Davis Month ago


  • Natalie Juan martinez


  • Sajjad alzubaidy
    Sajjad alzubaidy Month ago


  • Choudhry M Ikram
    Choudhry M Ikram Month ago

    Cooper and baby otter is sooooo cute πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸΆπŸΆowwww