Morgan Freeman: Race Affects Wealth? 'Bullsh*t'


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  • Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H. 5 days ago

    Get busy living, or get busy dying. That's god damn right.

  • DeltaGem
    DeltaGem 11 days ago

    God has spoken

  • Andrew Schlagler
    Andrew Schlagler 28 days ago

    Morgan Freeman is a pedophile who has been in a sexual relationship with his granddaughter.

  • Zero Control
    Zero Control Month ago

    Well I say BS too , to that..

  • Jimmie Floyd Jr
    Jimmie Floyd Jr Month ago

    He got lucky to act needs think of his roots

  • J T
    J T 2 months ago

    I love Morgan Freeman. He should run for president. He's such a wise, kind, sincere man. He'd be great at uniting the country.

  • Frank OWENS
    Frank OWENS 3 months ago

    says the wiseman to the moron...

  • TheGuyThatmakeThingsUp Nathan

    I’m Asian aaaand I suck at math, I procrastinate like mf, and I suck with yeah Morgan freeman is right race got nothing

  • frank2398
    frank2398 3 months ago

    fuckin' A.

  • Chan Gibson
    Chan Gibson 4 months ago

    This whole interview is bullshit. First, if Mr. Freeman was a white man, he wouldn't have been allowed to say what he said. Second, I'm not sure if he was talking about a literal bus, but if he was, there are many areas of the country and the world where the only bus you'll ever see is those yellow buses you rode in and get sick of, and outside of the states, maybe not even that. Now, maybe he wasn't talking about a literal bus, maybe he was just talking about opportunities. Many people are stuck in situations of acholism, drugs, constant fighting, or other awful situations where the only situation they can worry about is the struggle to survive. Morgan grew up in the city, where opportunities and the chance for success are always right in front of your face, and he really has lived a very privilege life.

  • knowledgetracker
    knowledgetracker 5 months ago

    When did this guy start thinking? He’s been a race baiter in the past.

  • TamaDrums26
    TamaDrums26 5 months ago

    Saying "I can't do it" is just taking the easy way out. It may take you longer than others. It maybe harder for you than for others. Point is, it's possible.

  • maa4747
    maa4747 5 months ago

    Say it Mr. Morgan... SAY IT!!!

  • Allan Byallas
    Allan Byallas 6 months ago

    Top bloke.... talks a lot of sense!!

  • scrubl0rd
    scrubl0rd 7 months ago

    What Mr. Freeman is saying is basically "If you believe you can't, then you will miss every opportunity to do so." It's absolutely true and proven time and time again.

  • jake bourret
    jake bourret 7 months ago

    I have a a lot of respect for Morgan Freeman.

  • Try harder
    Try harder 7 months ago

    Make no excuses ,work harder.

  • MissPronounced
    MissPronounced 7 months ago

    As a liberal, I can say I love his wisdom here.

  • John Martin
    John Martin 7 months ago

    Everyone has issues, it's the fight or flight response that determines if we use that issue to hold us back or drive us harder, many times the most successful among us had something driving them to greatness.

  • Mr. Versace
    Mr. Versace 7 months ago

    I have witnessed people immigrate to this country (legally) with under 100 dollars in their pocket. through the help offered in the government assistance programs and their own steadfast commitment.... they are now doing better than me financially. No reason for me to envy them.

  • inglando
    inglando 7 months ago

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  • Jamaica17
    Jamaica17 8 months ago

    I call BS on MF. Depends on your skill set and race. They let one or two in just so you can say see no racism here. That is why they use bullshit quotas instead of honesty. They are afraid to hire black people or just refuse to because they are black. Some people are just not made for this lifestyle and cannot get the help they need.

  • T-Zay
    T-Zay 8 months ago

    Agree or disagree, it's much more encouraging and productive to be told "I can" than "I can't." So educate the youth by starting with this simple thing instead of telling them to be victims.

  • Diego Nunez
    Diego Nunez 8 months ago

    If you really want to pull yourself up, you gotta ask yourself, is it worth it? Let me work it, I put my thang down flip it and reverse it.

  • Peace Seeker
    Peace Seeker 8 months ago +1

    Yea, the bus runs everyday as Morgan said, but it's not going to get him out of the deep shit he's in now, LoL.
    Let's see if he can pull his legacy up by the bootstraps now, with all the harassment charges being made against him.

  • Mary M
    Mary M 8 months ago

    And this is what Kanye west and Candace Owens r talking about. Stop playing the victims get off your ass and do something.

  • Goose
    Goose 9 months ago +1

    So here's another rich asshole whose been exposed as a sexual predator and serial assaulter. Seems like power and money have a way for warping the brains of the rich and powerful and voiding them of any empathy for others.

  • Phack Em
    Phack Em 9 months ago

    If this was Ben Shapiro saying these things or any other pundit that was not black, Lemon would be losing his everloving shit over those factual statements Morgan is making.

  • Insane One
    Insane One 9 months ago +1

    Lets see you do it now that the sexual assault claims are finally out.

  • Ed Silfa
    Ed Silfa 9 months ago

    Metoo after Morgan now, SMH

  • Am Pe
    Am Pe 9 months ago

    This is bullshit!

  • Am Pe
    Am Pe 9 months ago +1

    Sorry but you have been wealthy for a good amount of your life. You will never experience being poor your whole life. Your a successful, rich black dude. Of course this is very easy for You to say.

    • Lamarr Baxter
      Lamarr Baxter 9 months ago

      Am Pe - He won’t be able to say this after today’s revelations....

  • Steven Bentsen
    Steven Bentsen 9 months ago

    Runs every day, the bus does :-) Morgan freeman Yoda style

  • FBI 1987
    FBI 1987 9 months ago

    what a brilliant man. and i literally cannot think of anything else to say about this.

  • 外国人说中文
    外国人说中文 9 months ago


    DANG JOS 9 months ago

    This video had nothing to do with race

  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon 9 months ago

    give to caesar what belongs to caesar, now give to the jews what belongs to the jews, specifically the rothschilds family that owns every central bank on Earth and prints our currency.

  • You Won't Go Without If You Go Within

    Bullshit, EVERYBODY CAN.....
    God damn right!

  • James Gray
    James Gray 9 months ago +1

    Freeman is a fortunate and gifted actor who is wrong and ignorant with regards the racial aspects of wealth inequality in our nation.
    Interested readers should take time to read detailed works such as The Color of Law and The Racial Wealth Gao to get the accurate facts on this issue

  • Charles Warren
    Charles Warren 9 months ago

    Poor guy had to sit on the back of the bus in his day. Go Trump!

  • Derek Fischer
    Derek Fischer 9 months ago


  • Freedomboy006
    Freedomboy006 9 months ago

    not everyone who is born poor will end up rich or even upper middle class. but if you dont commit crime, go to school, spend wisely, get a job, you will be at least lower middle class and then your own kids will have the advantages that you never had and they will be at least on your level or most likely working class +.. then their kids will have more advantages and be upper middle class
    most people think that most wealthy people were born with money or inherited millions. Thats a complete lie. only few families have been rich for generations. In America, some begin rich and end up middle class. it happens. people move up and down the economic ladder

  • goma3
    goma3 9 months ago

    Morgan Freeman needs to understand the concept of Statistics and Probabilities.

  • Silver
    Silver 9 months ago

    Nigga immortal

  • Michael
    Michael 9 months ago +1

    "The bus runs everyday" - Morgan Freeman

  • Shane Goodlad
    Shane Goodlad 9 months ago

    Morgan is speaking the truth.......

  • Samson Crosswood
    Samson Crosswood 9 months ago +1

    One is successful because of the victim mentality, the other is famous, respected and a legend because he shunned it. I wonder which one is happier, more grounded?

  • Anson Whiting
    Anson Whiting 9 months ago


  • P
    P 9 months ago

    Lemonhead is the biggest loser. Holy fuck. “Not everybody can do that”? Are you fucking kidding??

  • Xsiner
    Xsiner 9 months ago

    Smart old man.

  • nicholas neri
    nicholas neri 9 months ago

    Well put morgan

  • Alex Sytinskiy
    Alex Sytinskiy 9 months ago

    sick and tired of both sides using bs tactics, like how this vid cherry picked shit. If you guys don't get yourselves together, you'll be long gone soon

  • 16161645
    16161645 9 months ago

    It's so much easier to become,financially independent today more than ever.All the information is right in front of people.On the internet. All that is required is to study hard and, work hard. The real key thing is, YOU MUST HAVE THE WILL TO DO IT. courage is a nice word but balls is better having unmitigated gall. You have fire in vanes. Fearless.

  • Evacer
    Evacer 9 months ago

    There's only so much room for success. First of all, everyone doesn't have the ability to win big, and even if they did, so what? So what's gonna happen? Is everyone gonna win? No that can't happen. There's not enough room for everyone to be a winner.

  • Lachlan O'Neil
    Lachlan O'Neil 9 months ago

    That's because the bottom 3.5 have legit 1dollar and they don't even use a currentcy

  • freestanding1000
    freestanding1000 9 months ago

    While you have a pulse you have unlimited possibilities!

  • Ordinary Human being
    Ordinary Human being 9 months ago

    I comes with hard work and dedication you have to be willing to loose everything to gain everything, people who blame they’re own personal failures on race or racism. Then that’s bull shit.

  • nlgPRO
    nlgPRO 9 months ago

    "Where were you born?" as Morgan stares directly at Don and he replies "me"? Idiot

  • Matthew Curley
    Matthew Curley 9 months ago

    Sounds like an easy cop out not to help the poor...

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 9 months ago

    Ive always like Morgan, hes just a damn smart well spoken man.

  • Patrick Todd
    Patrick Todd 9 months ago


  • Sandor Clegane
    Sandor Clegane 9 months ago

    You can't bait Morgan Freeman and expect him to bite. Very intelligent.

  • DFlix
    DFlix 9 months ago

    My man

  • John Blake
    John Blake 9 months ago

    You guys should pick someone better, and more consistent, to be your pin-up 'Uncle Tom'. This is nothing but a simple case of "I'm alright Jack, pull up the ladder", masquerading as deep social philosophy. Freeman isn't smart enough to maintain a distinction between his own identity, and his 'wise old man' type-cast.
    It's easy to make these kinds of sweeping generalisations after you've already made it. But there's no substance. To any of it. Freeman was the son of a teacher and a business owner. His opinion would carry far more weight if he had actually done what he preaches unto others. But Morgan Freeman didn't have to overcome any of those barriers which he says others can overcome so easily. So why would anyone believe him when he says it's always possible to overcome any obstacle? What is this statement based on? Not his own life experience, that's for sure.
    Furthermore, a few years ago he spoke out about the violence and harassment innocent black people face from US police forces. There's nothing intelligent about his ramblings. He can't even keep up a coherent, non-contradictory narrative from interview to interview.

  • S god
    S god 9 months ago

    Choices and accountability can get you rich or can make you poor it up to you.

  • Miles Weinberg
    Miles Weinberg 9 months ago

    Wealth does affect wealth. When you are from a poor part of Africa you don't get as good as an education and not as many opportunities, so you don't get as rich. When you are a former slave you are poorer than the white non-slaves. When there are discrimitory laws you are poorer. When you are the son of a poor person, you tend to be poor too. Black people were slaves, they had discrimitory laws against them, they were poorer, their children are poorer. Those children are black people in america today. If a black person didn't have a poorer father or mother, then they would be equal in wealth to white people, but black people are put at a disadvantage. Todays laws aren't racist, but yesterdays were racist. And the after affect of those racist laws are still prevelent. Take a black person, have him in a rich family with equal oppertunities. Does just as well as a white person. But the black people on average aren't from the rich family with equal oppertunities.

  • takemethere78
    takemethere78 9 months ago

    Wise man love u morgan

    SLICENSLASH 9 months ago

    Anyone can find Success, but that doesn't mean everyone will. Let's not oversimplify things into half truths.
    It's like saying if you just work hard you'll be rich.... absolutely not true.
    Doing your best does not mean your best will be enough.
    If life was as simple as just try hard, then everyone would be successful.
    Work hard, work smart & let the chips fall where they may. That way at least you won't have regrets. That's the best I can come up with knowingly lying to ppl.

  • Tilde White
    Tilde White 9 months ago

    People sure don't understand that the economy changed drastically since Morgan was a starter

  • FATMAN_162x
    FATMAN_162x 9 months ago +1


  • FATMAN_162x
    FATMAN_162x 9 months ago +1

    This has nothing to do with race....

  • MoJo Claw
    MoJo Claw 9 months ago

    Wow mr freeman

  • Richard Dunn
    Richard Dunn 9 months ago

    There's a reason why he gets cast as God so often.

  • Alex
    Alex 9 months ago

    Now it's hard to judge someone's opinion or point of view from such a tiny clip. But I'm calling bullshit on MF's korero. Neo liberal bullshit to deceive people thinking that the game isn't rigged (which it is).

  • Mohamed Sudheer
    Mohamed Sudheer 9 months ago

    race does affect wealth

  • mary jeremiah
    mary jeremiah 9 months ago

    A man with wisdom.

  • paradigm shift
    paradigm shift 9 months ago

    total number of hours hollywood ACTORS have spent behind cameras accomplishing precisely nothing tangible equals????

  • Ron Lockhart
    Ron Lockhart 9 months ago

    If everyone was rich there would be no rich.

  • dash captures of Vermont

    Lemon lemon lemon, dncs spokes woman at his b.s baiting again.

  • T C
    T C 9 months ago


  • jen zydyk
    jen zydyk 9 months ago

    uncle tom

  • siddhartha subramani
    siddhartha subramani 9 months ago

    But race does affect income to some extent jamal from the hood isn't going to have the same opportunities as Whitney from the suburbs. I'm not saying that minorities should blame Caucasians for everything but the history of African Americans and other minority groups does factor into their current standard of life to some extent.

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams 9 months ago

    Its obvious that the light brothers and the uncle toms gonna have a lil money. Everybody just don't kiss ass and sell their souls.

  • OsamaBinLooney
    OsamaBinLooney 9 months ago +1

    god I love it when CNN gets fking owned! and having Morgan Freeman do it makes it even better! XD LOL

  • Yoidragmanutz
    Yoidragmanutz 10 months ago

    That reporter ain’t from br man

  • Juan Leon
    Juan Leon 10 months ago

    Immoderate amounts Inequality make us all poorer even if you work "hard" it does not matter when The public has considerable less of the overall circulation. The middle class is crumbling, the country is in deep debt and has a trillion dollar anual déficit. And taxes are cut most for the wealthy. We are in a age similar to that before the depression of 1930s and you idiots are cheering on the elite thieves because you losers think you will win the lottery and become one of them. Wake up you are their slaves they pay you enough to just to survive to continue working like the stock animals you are. We will see who is great when the market goes to shit and your all fighting for a piece of bread while Morgan Freeman is in a bunker with his illuminati overseers and models drinking and taking the purest drugs laughing at all you blind idiots.

    • Robert Matlock
      Robert Matlock 9 months ago

      Wealthy and "elite" don't profit from the poor. The wealthy need the middle class to buy their shit in order to profit, this is basic economics. Don't get so caught up in the tin foil to where you're just spewing out your ignorant perception as facts. Take a step back and think for a min

  • Shotgun Pete
    Shotgun Pete 10 months ago

    I love Freeman's realness and the way he wants to inspire people to do better, and I agree that everyone CAN do better. But to say "the proof is in the pudding, here we sit at the dinner table." On fucking CNN, a media outlet that has lied about WMD's to vote the country into wars where Americans lose their lives and systematically does estbalishment propaganda to keep things as they are, making the rich richer and the poor poorer. It'd be a lot easier for everyone to do better if the rules of the game weren't massively rigged against the poor and media outlets like CNN didn't systematically support that very establishment, with the very few exceptions like this one where they do bring up the ridiculous wealth inequality and invite a famous black man to support that "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" narrative. It's not that Freeman doesn't have a point, it's that his point is only half the story. You can work as hard as you want to, statistically this system breed winners and losera and there are always gonna be losers even if they try to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. You want to help people do better? Support raising the minimum wage, universal healthcare as a right, affordable college education and getting corporate money out of the political system. Start jobs programmes to fix the crumbling infrastructure and shut down tax-havens for billionaires who crashed the fucking world economy and never so much as lost their job, let alone faced jail time for their fraudulent crimes. That'll help people to do a lot better for themselves if the tax burden wasn't systematically shifted onto them and they actually earned a living wage for a fulltime job, that way they wouldn't need handouts and foodstamps.

  • barcrrt
    barcrrt 10 months ago

    He's correct. First, get off the couch!

  • Beastamongst HumanSheep
    Beastamongst HumanSheep 10 months ago

    This fella makes sense. Anyone who disagrees is a pussy looking for excuses for being so weak. I'm a god and you ain't shit. Eat some cruds scum fuckers!

  • Peter Von Der Hasenheide
    Peter Von Der Hasenheide 10 months ago

    Dindt he used to have blue eyes?

  • Stephen Mason
    Stephen Mason 10 months ago

    You have to fight for it. The vast majority of people have to fight for it, and the vast majority of people don't. It's either too much time or too much effort. It's easier to not do something difficult than to do it... to try again and again, to fail again and again, but finally succeed. If it were easy, everyone would do it and everyone would have it, but it isn't so they don't.

  • MKUltra1
    MKUltra1 10 months ago

    He is the fucking man!

  • Hungry
    Hungry 10 months ago

    although i don't necessarily disagree, I don't think a millionaire's views should be the one and only source you site on wealth imbalance. He's a millionaire, maybe he says that because it works for him.

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 10 months ago

    Translation: "No excuses!"

  • Rebellen007
    Rebellen007 10 months ago

    He's a smart man. Very smart.

  • 00ironskull
    00ironskull 10 months ago

    Hey did you know if you look in the comment section all you see is a bunch of white people stroking their own ego

  • Mongoloid Mike
    Mongoloid Mike 10 months ago

    Morgan Freeman would be an awesome president

  • Chip Douglas
    Chip Douglas 10 months ago

    Lol wealth depends on how much money your parents made or how hard you're willing to work and also save

  • Joel Walker
    Joel Walker 10 months ago

    Too bad that he is wrong and there truly is not real opportunity for everyone.

  • Roman Hood
    Roman Hood 10 months ago

    Fuck I love this man