The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

  • Published on Apr 22, 2018
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    The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

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    • Dorothy Isidro
      Dorothy Isidro 2 days ago

      Kurgesagt, I came here to get knowledge and see birds.

    • Rigil Kent Abundo
      Rigil Kent Abundo 4 days ago

      nba$ 2019

    • Big Dee
      Big Dee 15 days ago

      black holes are scary...........yet at the same time fun to be with. I know them pretty well

    • Vsauce666
      Vsauce666 15 days ago

      +JoseATurner yeah, besides, wouldn't the mirror break apart because of uneven gravity and collapse in the black hole? They said this would happen with dyson spheres.

    • JoseATurner
      JoseATurner 17 days ago

      +Vsauce666 I'm pretty sure the mirror will wear off by the time it can make any differences

  • alejandro estrada
    alejandro estrada 6 hours ago

    Forget the shootings now we can bomb them woth black holes

  • Tsunami Steeldios
    Tsunami Steeldios 6 hours ago

    How to power a halo ring.

  • Oren Kover
    Oren Kover 9 hours ago

    Who dislikes these vids? I dont know one reason to

  • Pete 1
    Pete 1 20 hours ago

    I saw what you did there - Pinky and the Brain! Nice one.

  • Aziz Al-Azfar
    Aziz Al-Azfar 20 hours ago

    0:20 Them starcraft feels! Show me the money!

  • Reichtangle
    Reichtangle 20 hours ago

    This is place where intellectuals gather

  • Science Guy
    Science Guy 21 hour ago

    Pinky and the brain?! I never thought I’d see them again!

  • 100 K
    100 K 22 hours ago

    Black Hole Bomb won't you come.

  • London ElPapu
    London ElPapu Day ago +1

    I like the Starcraft references in these videos xd

  • Foxina
    Foxina Day ago

    It’s like stealing energy from a black hole.

  • Enrique Elvir
    Enrique Elvir Day ago

    Yo it’s the corn flakes chicken in 6:06

  • Comrade Matthew
    Comrade Matthew Day ago

    I bet at least one species could survive the last black hole dying out by finding another alternative energy source

  • Fryderyk Z
    Fryderyk Z Day ago +1

    Atomic bomb: I can destroy a city!
    Black hole bomb: Hold my beer

  • George RU
    George RU Day ago

    I look forward to adding your energy to my collection

  • wireless fall79
    wireless fall79 Day ago


  • David Tiangco
    David Tiangco 2 days ago

    rip hands

  • Reynaldo Martínez Auger

    Loved the Starcraft reference, nice vid!

  • Roblox rox
    Roblox rox 2 days ago

    This animation is amazing! keep up the good work

    MR JUGZY 2 days ago

    Indian scammers: wait you can scam black holes?

  • Abdellah B
    Abdellah B 2 days ago

    in my opinion there will always be as many suns as there are black holes.
    just as there are as many men as women.

  • JS Mariani
    JS Mariani 2 days ago

    I like "in the far, far future" when describing after red dwarfs die. How do you wrap your head around 10 trillion years or so, considering the concept of a year will be out of date for almost the entire time (unlivable or destroyed earth)?

  • Mind Gear
    Mind Gear 2 days ago

    2021 pft nuclear energy

  • Lucioc
    Lucioc 2 days ago

    But wouldn't the mirror gets destroyed by the black hole?

  • Kaden Garcia
    Kaden Garcia 3 days ago +1


  • Jovon Xiong
    Jovon Xiong 3 days ago

    Yeah you wait the future years

  • Cranberry the Cat
    Cranberry the Cat 3 days ago

    "Black holes are spinning."
    Me: *surprised pikachu face*

  • Hijynks
    Hijynks 3 days ago

    I would like to imagine that by the time the Heath Death of the Universe comes around, civilisations will be so incredibly advanced that they could basically create their own Stars or somehow counteract the Heat Death and keep life and light going in the Universe forever.

    But hey, that's a long way off yet, and we have plenty of time to figure it out.

    • Videtto
      Videtto 2 days ago

      It's a good topic to discuss. Basically the biggest danger of the universe is dark energy, and it will depends on if we can even do anything to stop it. If humanity find a way to reverse it before proton decay happens, then we win immortality.

  • Troll- Men07
    Troll- Men07 3 days ago

    Or is It? ¯\(°_o)/¯

  • Grnt 1261
    Grnt 1261 3 days ago


  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 4 days ago

    So basically, we could build a Death Star sort of thing.......... and feed our plants with it. Or glass some planets if we let it get a bit stronger.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 4 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen's we got him!

    HONGUS WHOMSTALL 4 days ago

    7:10 the halo rings firing

  • xxhalogamer22xx
    xxhalogamer22xx 4 days ago

    The deadliest living thing and the deadliest thing in the universe should team up to survive in a dying universe

  • deep fry
    deep fry 4 days ago

    I just realised this could prolong the time until heat death

  • Annabella Patton
    Annabella Patton 4 days ago


  • tictak toes
    tictak toes 4 days ago

    this is so Interstellar

  • Cherry Boop
    Cherry Boop 4 days ago


  • Jp SantAna
    Jp SantAna 4 days ago +1

    0:01 black hole in pac man version

  • Antoine 123
    Antoine 123 4 days ago

    Why I’m stressing when I watch your video

  • Flare Infinite
    Flare Infinite 4 days ago

    Halo Infinite looks great.

  • Ibrahim H.Badreddine

    Couldn’t understand shit but great work as always 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  • Jason Driz
    Jason Driz 4 days ago +6

    In a Dying Universe?
    Don’t you mean...
    *A Dead Space?*

  • Gabriel Jergens
    Gabriel Jergens 4 days ago +1

    You forgot that if you drop mass into a black hole it will emit gamma radiation which could be harvested for energy.

    • Videtto
      Videtto 2 days ago

      The black hole mirror topic was discussed because it is incredibly efficient compared to other sources of energy. Basically, running gasoline in an engine is around .00003% efficient, while using the ergosphere can be up to 70% efficient in terms of converting mass into energy from the formula e=mc^2

    • 周生生
      周生生 4 days ago

      They kinda do - In the form of light, since it's much easier and sustainable that way.

  • Enzo Messina
    Enzo Messina 4 days ago


  • alfense60
    alfense60 4 days ago +1

    Is this zachariah 5 the flying bookrol....! Watch Iran they have a weapon they will use against babylon!

  • Cheybat
    Cheybat 5 days ago

    Man we're just gonna figure out how to reverse entropy and undo the end of the universe one day aren't we

  • LOLSflint
    LOLSflint 5 days ago

    probably harvest fully mined asteroids as well as their garbage and other useless things like radioactive waste and strange matter

  • Nenad Dukić
    Nenad Dukić 5 days ago

    what a stupid name of the channel.

  • Roel Yoon
    Roel Yoon 5 days ago +1

    Wow, I actually almost understand everything in this video. I feel smartt

  • Head on a Crab
    Head on a Crab 5 days ago

    So angular momentum is m times v?

    THE ANONYMOUS 5 days ago +1


  • Op_ C4L1BR3
    Op_ C4L1BR3 5 days ago

    Funny, as soon as we discover a new power (like nuclear power a few years back) we make a friggin bomb out of it.

  • David Fellner
    David Fellner 5 days ago

    Even though I doubt humanity will ever make it far enough to do anything like this, I love the implications of using a black hole as a generator. Something about life from death and other deep philosophical shit that I'm too drunk to express right now

  • Iplygmz
    Iplygmz 5 days ago

    Would you just be able to use rubbish to create energy from the black hole

  • awesome wolf
    awesome wolf 5 days ago

    What is the sun

  • Hitman M
    Hitman M 5 days ago

    How brilliant this idea is!!!how did you even think about it guys??, such an amazing channel! comments are pretty dumb and stupid though... keep going!

  • ArbitraryNumbers
    ArbitraryNumbers 6 days ago

    You always conclude the videos in a way that wraps everything up in a nice little bow and ends on a high note, even if the topic is scary. It's beautiful.

  • justbram
    justbram 6 days ago

    Love the StarCraft reference lol

  • Rando comenter
    Rando comenter 6 days ago

    Sunlight, we don't need sunlight where we're going.

  • brgmnn
    brgmnn 6 days ago

    I feel so tiny right now...

  • Missyomite
    Missyomite 6 days ago

    i cant believe this video made me feel good about black holes...

  • Fuz-e Games
    Fuz-e Games 7 days ago

    You could also make a man made equivalent of a gammaray burst by directing it through a shaped window the same one would direct sunlight through a magnifying glass to burn a leaf

  • Jesse C.
    Jesse C. 7 days ago

    Who told you this? I want their name! -Jim carrey,Cable guy

  • Schwifty Sai
    Schwifty Sai 7 days ago

    I like how we already know how to weaponise a black hole that would destroy the entire universe...

  • David Slutes
    David Slutes 7 days ago

    Bonus ducks!

  • Meraki_ U
    Meraki_ U 7 days ago +1

    In science class, I learned about clean energy (environmental science) and how we are using non-renewable energy that could possibly kill us all. This makes me happy that, if we get a lot of new technology, we could save our planet =)

  • Garoto BPM
    Garoto BPM 7 days ago

    This video makes me think that we are in a cicle starting with a black hole bomb explosion as the big bang and ending it the same way

  • 黒いカラス
    黒いカラス 8 days ago +2

    This sounds like a good sequel for Chernobyl lmao

  • Jacob Gamesbillion
    Jacob Gamesbillion 8 days ago +1

    Kurzgesagt: Makes a video titled "How to Build a Dyson Sphere - The Ultimate Megastructure"
    Also Kurzgesagt: Makes a video about a literal mirror that surrounds a black hole.

  • Philodox Xiph
    Philodox Xiph 9 days ago

    Alright I love you guys but this is too much for my brain to handle, I need a cigarette (I don't even smoke).

  • Jade Harley
    Jade Harley 9 days ago

    What if two black holes collide?

  • Sabri Sertan TAN
    Sabri Sertan TAN 9 days ago


  • Kristen Lopez
    Kristen Lopez 10 days ago

    Stop eating us you black holes. You all SUCC

  • Amanda plays roblox
    Amanda plays roblox 10 days ago

    (in a nutshell)

  • James McCormick
    James McCormick 10 days ago

    What’s inside the ringularity? It’s a ring so doesn’t have in inside area?

  • Pewd DiePie
    Pewd DiePie 10 days ago +1

    How do i understand these kind of words im 9 XD

  • Bill Sison
    Bill Sison 10 days ago

    Poor birds they are like kids

  • Taisto Tammilehto
    Taisto Tammilehto 10 days ago

    7:33 this sounds just like one ending in "Dark Souls III"

  • Sunderzilla
    Sunderzilla 10 days ago

    3:28 did that bird just ground up those arms?! JEEZUS

    28 STAB WOUNDS 11 days ago

    Pls dont hand it to north korea

  • Spark The Flame TV
    Spark The Flame TV 11 days ago


  • WeaselGames
    WeaselGames 11 days ago

    lol it wont be dark if you have a flash light duhhhhh

  • GeorgiePentch2
    GeorgiePentch2 12 days ago


  • stockart whiteman
    stockart whiteman 12 days ago

    Its like a cracked out dyson sphere...

  • U Miami
    U Miami 12 days ago

    Pinky and the brain!!!!

  • Alex H
    Alex H 12 days ago

    Kurteratz: king of likes Bright side: king of uploading Pew die pie: king of subscribers

  • Some nerd 157
    Some nerd 157 13 days ago

    I don't think it will work, but a handheld version of a black hole bomb 0_0

  • Brandon Beck
    Brandon Beck 13 days ago

    How much harder would it be to turn the black hole into a sun?
    Don't we just need to convert it the desired wave forms of energy (in moderation, without creating a supernova)?
    Would it be possible to make the black hole indistinguishable from a normal sun?

    The questions humanity will have to answer on the last days of our universe.

  • Carlos Josue Hernandez Jaramillo

    That Protoss reference xD

    KILLER MILLER 14 days ago

    Imagine you get a black hole bomb on your pocket to charge phones and devices....

  • a person
    a person 14 days ago

    Could we use a black hole bomb to allow formation of stars over tens of millions of years? Or would they not release enough matter

  • WaiSay
    WaiSay 14 days ago +1

    So if black holes are infinitely dense, are they infinitely small? so when the star collapses, does the hole start spinning infinitely fast? Which would make it explode outwards with infinite force, destrying everything? And more? Which would make an infinitely sized hole in space and time? Infinity cant be contained... does infinity lose energy? And if so, is it really infinity?

    NOMASAN 14 days ago

    so... I had a „showerthought“...
    The singularity is ... basically a zero dimensional thing... meaning that we ... theoretically have a way to another dimension. you don‘t go anywhere, you stay in that point. Going by the Einstein-Rosen bridge theory: If white holes are real, and we find one, then... we could go into one and get to another dimension, like the 4th or 5th space dimension. getting there would be like looking at a point that IS our universe... which could be saying that you can go to parallel universes by either going over the border of our universe OR into a white hole... though... then there‘d be an abundance of white holes. My solution or explanation: white holes have a lifetime of a planck second... or how it‘s called. an infinitely short moment, that translates to a very long time on a lower dimension. just like our black holes, they are the thing that lives the longest in our / their universe, working as a one way gate to a higher dimension. Maybe there‘s nothing that comes out of a black hole, because the white hole corresponding to that black hole closes right as you fly out of it, into the empty 4th dimension

  • Ant Studios
    Ant Studios 14 days ago

    Question. How can the mirror be built around the black hole without it sucking the mirror into it?

  • Packi Kittipob
    Packi Kittipob 14 days ago +1

    *when kurzgesagt released red dwarf video*
    Kurzgesagt: red dwarf might be the last hope of life
    *when kurzgesagt released white dwarf video*
    Kurzgesagt: white dwarf might be the last hope of life
    *when kurzgesagt released black hole Bomb video*
    Kurzgesagt: black hole might be the last hope of life

    Kurzgesagt, make up your mind.

  • ViserX FaTe
    ViserX FaTe 14 days ago

    Homor Simpson ???

  • arzu marcillo
    arzu marcillo 15 days ago

    Jumps in diceinsphere to be continued

  • Zare Zare Thinks
    Zare Zare Thinks 15 days ago

    PETA would like to know your location.

  • JoJoPlayz - Gaming, Vlogs, Parodies

    We could have endless energy

    Or we could blow us up