Devil May Cry 5 World Premiere Trailer - Microsoft Xbox Press Conference E3 2018


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  • ElegeantFencer
    ElegeantFencer 18 days ago


  • ulf gjerdingen
    ulf gjerdingen 23 days ago

    too much teenage disney humour... ah well... also, the music just took the quality down to zero.

  • Killer Tone47
    Killer Tone47 Month ago

    The animation is amazing 👍

  • Matt Collazo
    Matt Collazo Month ago

    I was really hoping they would have made it more like DMC. Best game in the series by far.

  • Cancerious Cat
    Cancerious Cat Month ago

    Im fine with Nero being the main but where is the smart writing,the not-cringe dialouge?

  • Vincent Ramos
    Vincent Ramos Month ago

    it's the 6th devil may cry though...

  • JR 20XVI
    JR 20XVI Month ago

    For switch??????? :) ;)

  • heyyzombi
    heyyzombi Month ago

    Why does Dante look like a goodboy. Wait is that even Dante. Why isn't he super edgy!!

  • MasterTonberry
    MasterTonberry Month ago

    is this game going to be done in-house, or is it going to be outsourced to Ninja Theory again?

  • TravisPlayz Gaming
    TravisPlayz Gaming Month ago

    DMC4 was one of the best games i played with amazing graphics, it's amazing too see a next part to the series.

  • Darren Copperwell
    Darren Copperwell Month ago

    My biggest concern is that Dante already provides everything that Nero does. Their personalities are very, very similar.
    There's also nothing shown here to appease those of us who want Vergil. If he's not coming back as a protagonist, why not have Nero be similar to his father and let Dante be his own thing?

  • Mythical
    Mythical Month ago +1

    Guys stop being so mad, I know they messed up but Dante and Virgil are here, calm your tatas before writing a hate comment acting all tough with you 100 reasons why i hate this game, before it's even released, or heck, even before. we're given gameplay footage.

  • Kuja
    Kuja Month ago +1

    Why isn't Dante the main character of this...

  • lowkeytheoneandonly
    lowkeytheoneandonly Month ago +1

    Did anybody else cringe as hard as I did?

  • Rikimaru B
    Rikimaru B Month ago +1

    sweet, but who the hell is this new kid.

    • Mythical
      Mythical Month ago

      That's nero, Dante and Virgil are back, if you've played DMC 4 you'd know.

  • Michel Held
    Michel Held Month ago

    So DMC is officially an american title now?

  • Lechqu
    Lechqu Month ago +5

    So where's Devil May Cry?

  • Alexandru Tanasov
    Alexandru Tanasov Month ago +5

    Is it Aprils fools because this doesn't look like the other 4 Devil May Cry games-all i see is aliens and hillbillies.

  • SmoothLegend
    SmoothLegend Month ago +2

    My problem is while I like Nero as a character, I don’t like him as the gameplay lead. Needs to be Dante. That’s the only screw up, I don’t mind the aesthetic changes or anything else, though I was confused at first that DMC5 was somehow DmC2 at the same time.

  • WPX D. Head Honcho
    WPX D. Head Honcho Month ago +1

    its shanks

  • WPX D. Head Honcho
    WPX D. Head Honcho Month ago

    virlgil neo angelo for ever.

  • logan kerr
    logan kerr Month ago +2

    didn't know Cody starred in this

  • Mihir Chitnis
    Mihir Chitnis Month ago +2

    Where is dante ?

    • Mihir Chitnis
      Mihir Chitnis Month ago

      Hellolife But is it dante ? The guy at the end has the same black jacket as nero in the trailer, dante always wears a red jacket. Plus dantre's main sword rebellion is not on his back when he is riding the bike.

    • Hellolife
      Hellolife Month ago

      Mihir Chitnis at the end of the full trailer

  • TheBlackbirdii
    TheBlackbirdii Month ago

    song name plz

  • Soaringfalco
    Soaringfalco Month ago +2

    Yess Nero, Dante and Vergil is back!:)

    • WPX D. Head Honcho
      WPX D. Head Honcho Month ago

      virgil is the best

    • Soaringfalco
      Soaringfalco Month ago +1

      Splaterson92 it's not this trailer they cut that part for some reason lol.

    • Splaterson92
      Splaterson92 Month ago +1

      Where the hell is dante in this trailer?

  • Allan Santana
    Allan Santana Month ago


  • Cornelius Carswell
    Cornelius Carswell Month ago