15 Puzzles That Will Keep You Up All Night

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • How to Make Yourself Smarter. Studies have shown that solving riddles and puzzles is exceptionally good for your brain. It sharpens your mind, improves your memory, and teaches you to pay attention to small details. Get ready to train your brain and impress your friends with your new analytical skills with our 15 super hard riddles.
    The candle mystery 0:47
    The ladder mystery 2:00
    The coins mystery 2:52
    The grass mystery 3:45
    The apple mystery 4:35
    Car vs. car 5:23
    The apple tree mystery 6:10
    The king's task 7:37
    A fair bet 8:50
    The mystery of the bearded man 9:35
    The inheritance mystery 10:12
    The shower mystery 11:22
    The stylist mystery 12:00
    The trapped man mystery 12:35
    The truck trick 13:30
    Seductress Francis Preve
    Honeybar Rondo Brothers
    -How did the youngest daughter save her father? Can you figure it out in just 10 seconds?
    -How did Paul manage to survive after he had slipped from a 100-ft-high ladder?
    -Сan you predict which coin will touch the bottom first?
    -How long will it take for the grass to cover half of the field, given that it takes 10 days for the grass to cover the entire field?
    -You must place an apple in such a way that all the people in the room but one can see it. Where do you place the apple?
    -Which laws of physics do the two cars neglect to encounter each other?
    -Can you help Mary find out which tree was her friend?
    -Why did the king choose the girl who brought him an empty pot to be the future queen?
    -Tim bet Jacob $100 that he could predict the score of a football match before the game began. Why did Jacob lose his money?
    -There is a man who shaves a minimum of 10 times a day. Still, he has a long beard. Who is this man?
    -The youngest son bought 2 things that immediately filled the room, earning him his father's money. What did he bring home?
    -Jane gets in the shower, but, surprisingly, her hair isn’t wet after she gets out. How is this possible?
    -Why does a hair stylist prefer to cut the hair of 2 blondes than of one red-haired person?
    -Will you be able to help free the man from the trap by picking the right door?
    -Guess what the boss's order was that helped the truck driver get out of the trap.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  Month ago +1645

    The candle mystery 0:47
    The ladder mystery 2:00
    The coins mystery 2:52
    The grass mystery 3:45
    The apple mystery 4:35
    Car vs. car 5:23
    The apple tree mystery 6:10
    The king's task 7:37
    A fair bet 8:50
    The mystery of the bearded man 9:35
    The inheritance mystery 10:12
    The shower mystery 11:22
    The stylist mystery 12:00
    The trapped man mystery 12:35
    The truck trick 13:30

  • firestriker 77
    firestriker 77 2 hours ago

    They were fake seeds

  • Nazier Reina
    Nazier Reina 5 hours ago


  • Manish Metha
    Manish Metha 6 hours ago

    You lost your subscriber, this was waste of time... If you don't have creative one don't post..

  • Elnora Laycock
    Elnora Laycock 7 hours ago

    Got all but 2 right

  • Dark Monster
    Dark Monster 10 hours ago

    #goldly wings

  • xxxmxganxxx xox
    xxxmxganxxx xox 14 hours ago +1

    Who else just came here to find out the answers

  • Nick Druce
    Nick Druce 14 hours ago

    I assume your business is based on making morons think they're smart. If not, I strongly encourage you to employ someone who passed primary school.

  • Rick Castellano
    Rick Castellano 15 hours ago

    Bonus tree carrying riddle is not correct. The question is what civil engineers would refer to as statically indeterminate. Just think, the middle guy could be resting his hand on the log while the other two carry it

  • Miraculous Gacha Tales
    Miraculous Gacha Tales 16 hours ago

    I only got 3 😂

  • Jacob salvador
    Jacob salvador 17 hours ago

    Hey I am jacob

  • I Love Science
    I Love Science 18 hours ago

    9:51 my father.XD

  • La Benezra
    La Benezra 18 hours ago

    seems to me it was simpler and simpler as it went on ! :P

  • Samantha Hoffman
    Samantha Hoffman 20 hours ago

    The last one

  • Reaper
    Reaper 20 hours ago

    11:53 how u take a shower with no water?

  • turkeyguy0
    turkeyguy0 21 hour ago

    Anyone else here a thinking person that just got angry with themselves for going to this video?

  • anonymas
    anonymas 21 hour ago

    #6, same start POINT AND TIME...AND...AND. these are annoying and incorrect

  • Hatrick X
    Hatrick X 22 hours ago

    Nice video

  • sparkle sprinkles Pajares

    i got number 2
    i got 6
    i got 7
    i got 10
    and 13

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia Day ago

    I only got the one about the magnifying glass right

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia Day ago

    Jesus my dude I never get any of your riddles right

  • Kayo Lazuli
    Kayo Lazuli Day ago

    for kids

  • J a r e d C i o r a

    The ones from 11 to 15 are the dumbest and most pointless “riddles” I’ve ever heard

  • Daniel Platt
    Daniel Platt Day ago

    How did the man get trapped if both the doors are covered?

  • doozydouche 1
    doozydouche 1 Day ago

    What I feel about the barber one

  • JustJustin
    JustJustin Day ago

    Riddles are supposed to give you clues to figure them out within the context. Not telling us that the seeds were fake in the king one was confusing and made it unenjoyable to try to solve, because you cannot solve it, you can only guess at possible circumstances. Riddles are supposed to give you everything you need beforehand, and you have to use your wits to deduce the answer from the clues.

  • Just Reactions
    Just Reactions Day ago

    on 14 it should be the dragon because their not real and if you say they were with dinos then they would be extinct

  • luigi p
    luigi p Day ago

    The red and blue car riddle😞

  • lonely .soul
    lonely .soul 2 days ago

    Number 14, it could be both, dragons don't exist

  • SpongeBob SquarePants

    They have been standing there for 3 years

    SANIC SPEED 2 days ago

    ik the candle mystry they must have a spesial type if candle that stays alight foever if not the might of added a substense to the candle

  • Deep Das
    Deep Das 2 days ago

    Most of this were nonsense and useless

  • Megan Woods
    Megan Woods 2 days ago

    #10 the bearded man

  • mlg fasebook
    mlg fasebook 2 days ago

    Why dose this have to keep me up if its 4 am for me

  • The Gamer's Gamer
    The Gamer's Gamer 2 days ago

    The trapped man mystery, it could have been a komodo dragon in a cage, BTW fire breathing dragons don't exist. The apple mystery, someone could have looked up. The coins mystery, he could have bought paint and painted the whole room. I don't want to tell anymore second- answers to the riddles right now, but maybe you guys could think up more.

  • IlGutsl I
    IlGutsl I 3 days ago

    This was terrible, most of these had no sense of logic at all. I’ld say 2 of them were ok but the rest, so bad.

  • Erwin
    Erwin 3 days ago

    10 @ 9:40
    correct answer is Santa.

  • Leader Daniel
    Leader Daniel 3 days ago


    It's Day

  • Onni Taipale
    Onni Taipale 3 days ago

    I got them all wrong... aM i dIsAbLed?

  • Thomas Veltri
    Thomas Veltri 3 days ago

    The one that didn’t have anumber

  • willa wolff
    willa wolff 3 days ago

    The candel

  • Roberto O'neil
    Roberto O'neil 3 days ago

    I thought Jane is bald

  • Alice Reading
    Alice Reading 3 days ago

    I would have liked the video if the thumbnail actually matched the riddle. I only clicked because I wanted to know who was slacking off. Shame on me, I guess.

  • Halo AJ
    Halo AJ 3 days ago

    This video is not a "Puzzle" it's just you making stories...

  • Halo AJ
    Halo AJ 3 days ago

    8:37 how the hecc were we supposed to know that they were fake?!?!?!

  • nic booher
    nic booher 3 days ago

    This has kept me up every night for 4 nights now... I am now going to try to get prescribed sleeping medicine due to my insomnia. Please warn everyone you know to not watch this because you will be kept up all the nights. Can legal action be taken :(

  • Average Guy
    Average Guy 3 days ago

    you would think 15 10 second riddles wouldnt take longer than 2 minutes right ? wrong .

  • Rainime
    Rainime 3 days ago

    I guess Americans are at the advantage for once for number 3

  • Bhaskar Dev
    Bhaskar Dev 3 days ago

    Tell me the reason of bonus

  • Henoch Dagnew
    Henoch Dagnew 3 days ago

    11/15 plus bonus

  • Hugo Nzouankeu
    Hugo Nzouankeu 3 days ago

    Wow i loved this video

  • Sister Life
    Sister Life 4 days ago

    10 - I said Jesus xD

  • Sth erected
    Sth erected 4 days ago

    so whos slacking off?

  • Martin Seetso
    Martin Seetso 4 days ago


  • Martin Seetso
    Martin Seetso 4 days ago

    Last one

  • rock ruff plaus
    rock ruff plaus 4 days ago +1

    On number 14 I would choose any because dragons aren't real

  • Joel Crasta
    Joel Crasta 4 days ago

    This is just waste of time. The questions are not even complete

  • PugLover88692
    PugLover88692 4 days ago

    It's already midnight.

  • Kingg Frankenstein
    Kingg Frankenstein 4 days ago

    The last 2 were the best

  • Streamline
    Streamline 4 days ago

    Thanks, now I can't sleep

    RUBY GURUDEV JAIN 4 days ago

    Riddle 5
    Question was wrong..
    ' You should place the apple so that all the people but one can see it '
    The Question should be:
    ' You should place the apple that all the people can see it except one'

  • D M
    D M 4 days ago

    the apple tree one was a little bit of a reach...

  • 10196944 Gameing Gibble Snib

    For The Beard One I Headed Stright For The Coments

  • Дмитрий Рукавишников

    The last riddle is not correct. It depends on height of men and diligence. Also, take a look at the branch with two leaves. It's directed right, so we can suggest that top part of tree directed right and bottom (more wide and heavy) directed left. So, left person carry most weight.

  • Jake Maruth
    Jake Maruth 5 days ago

    The bonus is false. Assuming that the log has evenly distributed weight and that the men are equidistant and of the same height, they will all carry the same load.
    If that's NOT the case, then it's not really a riddle.
    Assuming all of that, thr weight carried would only change if one of the men acted as a pin, in which case one of the men would have to be pulling DOWN on the log to balance out both force and moment.

  • Shukriya Hussaini
    Shukriya Hussaini 5 days ago

    Some of them was not making any sence

  • Joseph Barki
    Joseph Barki 5 days ago

    I thought she was looking for food just LOOK AROUND see the apple and the tree right next to the apple tree

  • Ne No
    Ne No 5 days ago

    On 11 you could say he brought any gas with him, since they expand

  • Jake B
    Jake B 5 days ago

    I thought number 10 would be santa 🎅😝😂

  • commeungarcon1
    commeungarcon1 5 days ago +1

    Question 14: I would go through the second door with the dragon in it, because dragons don't exist, they are mythical!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maxime Dufour
    Maxime Dufour 5 days ago

    For the last question the answer should have been that he gets out of the truck

  • Tatiana Mavridis
    Tatiana Mavridis 5 days ago

    The one with the flowers I know because once in school we got told the story

  • Kwena Jacob
    Kwena Jacob 5 days ago

    no comment.

  • Ellie Vlogs
    Ellie Vlogs 5 days ago

    Don’t press read moor...

    I told you not to

    Your time not mine

    Yo Gona he hear a while...

    Ok... you are free to go


    Ok fine but first BYEEEEEEEE

    If you made it to the end have a great day/night!!!!!

  • Joarden
    Joarden 5 days ago

    soooooooo easy all corect

  • Dj Luminol
    Dj Luminol 5 days ago

    These questions are poor because there are multiple correct answers to many of them. The car question for example asked what law of physics was violated not how they could meet at the same place at the same time. Technically your answer is wrong. The correct answer is relativity. Although 2 other answers are also correct if loosely interpreted, yours and both cars going the same direction and the faster lapping the slower.

  • Dog lover Dogs are cute


  • Nasiha Nazar
    Nasiha Nazar 5 days ago

    0 mark
    ye hooo

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 5 days ago

    I got 2 and 15

  • Gerard Carrothead
    Gerard Carrothead 5 days ago


  • Connolly Cannolis
    Connolly Cannolis 5 days ago

    Then his tires are just empty, and the truck is messed up

  • Jose Corchete
    Jose Corchete 5 days ago

    The bonus is partially a lie. It is based in an old pinciple of physics that we know is wrong. Even our intuition had told it for ages, but was not until atomic theory came out, at the knownledge of mass-energy transformation.

  • TheSimDiaries
    TheSimDiaries 5 days ago

    Wouldn't the coin just float?

  • Ethan Caplinger
    Ethan Caplinger 6 days ago

    9:25 there isn’t a score before a match starts, the score starts being recorded when the match starts. Ever played soccer?

  • How I Scene It!
    How I Scene It! 6 days ago

    These are terrible

  • the not good gamer
    the not good gamer 6 days ago

    whats a farenhite

  • almaz ume
    almaz ume 6 days ago

    By far the stupidest thing I ever saw

  • Alexander Holland
    Alexander Holland 6 days ago

    in the trapped man mystery, he can just not go into the focal point and he'll be fine

  • Autumn Padgett
    Autumn Padgett 6 days ago

    question 10 you

  • Geydi Guerra
    Geydi Guerra 6 days ago

    I solved the apple mystery and the king’s task

  • Omar Nabulsi
    Omar Nabulsi 6 days ago

    some puzzels have more than 1 answer

  • Celeste Manuel
    Celeste Manuel 6 days ago

    There was only one girl

  • Kshitij Bhoir
    Kshitij Bhoir 6 days ago

    The death should be knowing that she blew the candle right as it has power

  • Urmila Rijal
    Urmila Rijal 6 days ago

    I guessed 6 answers correctly

  • Im_That_Monk
    Im_That_Monk 6 days ago

    Hair stylist. Cuz she’s hair racist

  • Im_That_Monk
    Im_That_Monk 6 days ago

    Plastic candle. xD

  • Jacob Bentham
    Jacob Bentham 6 days ago +1

    Ur gei

  • cassie white
    cassie white 6 days ago

    the riddles were so hard

  • Anime Fan:3
    Anime Fan:3 6 days ago

    Letting the air out of your tires is not smart... because how can you then get the car moving with four flat tires

  • Beau Watson
    Beau Watson 6 days ago

    The bright side