15 Puzzles That Will Keep You Up All Night

  • Published on Jun 21, 2018
  • How to Make Yourself Smarter. Studies have shown that solving riddles and puzzles is exceptionally good for your brain. It sharpens your mind, improves your memory, and teaches you to pay attention to small details. Get ready to train your brain and impress your friends with your new analytical skills with our 15 super hard riddles.
    The candle mystery 0:47
    The ladder mystery 2:00
    The coins mystery 2:52
    The grass mystery 3:45
    The apple mystery 4:35
    Car vs. car 5:23
    The apple tree mystery 6:10
    The king's task 7:37
    A fair bet 8:50
    The mystery of the bearded man 9:35
    The inheritance mystery 10:12
    The shower mystery 11:22
    The stylist mystery 12:00
    The trapped man mystery 12:35
    The truck trick 13:30
    Seductress Francis Preve
    Honeybar Rondo Brothers
    -How did the youngest daughter save her father? Can you figure it out in just 10 seconds?
    -How did Paul manage to survive after he had slipped from a 100-ft-high ladder?
    -Сan you predict which coin will touch the bottom first?
    -How long will it take for the grass to cover half of the field, given that it takes 10 days for the grass to cover the entire field?
    -You must place an apple in such a way that all the people in the room but one can see it. Where do you place the apple?
    -Which laws of physics do the two cars neglect to encounter each other?
    -Can you help Mary find out which tree was her friend?
    -Why did the king choose the girl who brought him an empty pot to be the future queen?
    -Tim bet Jacob $100 that he could predict the score of a football match before the game began. Why did Jacob lose his money?
    -There is a man who shaves a minimum of 10 times a day. Still, he has a long beard. Who is this man?
    -The youngest son bought 2 things that immediately filled the room, earning him his father's money. What did he bring home?
    -Jane gets in the shower, but, surprisingly, her hair isn’t wet after she gets out. How is this possible?
    -Why does a hair stylist prefer to cut the hair of 2 blondes than of one red-haired person?
    -Will you be able to help free the man from the trap by picking the right door?
    -Guess what the boss's order was that helped the truck driver get out of the trap.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  13 days ago +62

    Only the smartest 5% can solve these riddles 👇 usclip.net/video/m0zrRIN_T5E/video.html&t=66s

    • Steven Rogers
      Steven Rogers 5 hours ago

      BRIGHT SIDE and only the dumbest 5 % would waste their time watching these videos. Go figure. I'm glad I won't be one of them anymore.

    • Yves Sioui
      Yves Sioui 14 hours ago

      You specialize more on clickbaiting than offering real challenges. It is a pity to fall in this downpit money slavery.

    • AnnOnuem75
      AnnOnuem75 2 days ago

      +Nox Obla - Ok. Valid and accepted.

    • Nox Obla
      Nox Obla 2 days ago

      +AnnOnuem75 He carry's the most because his eye's are open. The other two are actually sleep walking.

  • Steven Rogers
    Steven Rogers 5 hours ago

    I swear this channel has become pure clickbait. The riddles are lame and, in many cases, they could have several answers.

  • Im AWESOME.com
    Im AWESOME.com 6 hours ago

    Then why tf did she go into the shower in the first place

  • bench caraig
    bench caraig 6 hours ago

    The last riddle

  • Alicia Bennett
    Alicia Bennett 7 hours ago +1

    Question 3 : he said the coins will hit the WATER at the same time but later through he mentions the one of the buckets it frozen 🤷

  • Michele Cornish
    Michele Cornish 7 hours ago

    I got this all right omg I am not normal

  • D3vastator 19
    D3vastator 19 7 hours ago

    11 - perfume

  • cherie hennig
    cherie hennig 8 hours ago +1

    13 she's racist

  • cherie hennig
    cherie hennig 8 hours ago +1

    Not a frickin shower jane

  • Panther Owl
    Panther Owl 8 hours ago

    When the candle in her hand burned out? Just don't hold the candle (or any other candles) again

  • IcyNinja32
    IcyNinja32 9 hours ago

    2nd riddle it said it was impossible for someone to fall and survive but he is on the lowest possible ladder

  • Justin Benson
    Justin Benson 11 hours ago

    Did anyone else see that at the beginning when he says you have to solve 15 riddles in 10 seconds that there is 16 ❓

  • RunBad
    RunBad 11 hours ago

    none of them are my favorite, please stop making these.

  • Rebound
    Rebound 11 hours ago

    On number 14, dragons don’t exist

  • Rebound
    Rebound 11 hours ago

    On number 12 she could have been wearing a shower cap.

  • RED Ortiguera
    RED Ortiguera 12 hours ago

    I won number13,15 and the bonus

  • 10,000 subs with no videos Challenge

    It’s 1:00am I think I’m ready

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  • LumberTycoon2 Gamer
    LumberTycoon2 Gamer 13 hours ago

    i got 5 of them

  • jameRRP
    jameRRP 13 hours ago

    the middle guy is just doing nothing

  • Not my Real name
    Not my Real name 14 hours ago

    A man is on 100 ft high ladder he fell and is not get injured how
    He was on the first stepp

  • Gacha Toaster!
    Gacha Toaster! 14 hours ago

    #14: It's both actually. Dragons are myths and aren't real , so the 2nd room would be empty. 😉

  • Cristopher Medina
    Cristopher Medina 14 hours ago

    I rage quit

  • Yves Sioui
    Yves Sioui 14 hours ago

    Good one. All 15 solutions are good even if some riddle might have other answers. The only miss here is in the bonus.
    To drive to the video's conclusion we have to assume too much, specially as if all 3 men act as no-brain automaton. So there are only that much situations where 3 men placed like in the picture will bring the middle one to work harder than each of the others. In practice the deduction in the video is improbable. If the man in the middle works harder, he will tire faster and so try to diminish his effort which leads to the other to work harder than the middle one... and back and forth in this balance they will finish by work equally hard... if the workload is supported long enough. In fact, the real work done by each will be proportionate to his own real capacity of work after a balancing back and forth the effort between all three men assuming there is enough time of work to allowed the equilibrium to be reached.

  • Bella Lazenby
    Bella Lazenby 15 hours ago


  • Anitsuuko
    Anitsuuko 15 hours ago

    how cold do yall think 25F is?

  • Noah Christian
    Noah Christian 15 hours ago

    Videos riddles don’t make sense

  • Vitaliy Semchishin
    Vitaliy Semchishin 15 hours ago

    Nuber 2 is doo doo, "it would be too high for any person to fall and not get injured". So how was he and the second step of the ladder!

  • Dash896
    Dash896 16 hours ago

    10:5- I was gonna say Hypertrichosis .

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    Willow's Game Plays 17 hours ago

    *this is amazing*

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    KING Gamer123 17 hours ago

    this is so HARD!!!

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    kailie cringe 18 hours ago

    am i the only one who chose the dragon in 14 BC of how to train your dragon

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    gacha creep 18 hours ago

    I don't know why but your voice scares me

  • Aidan Or
    Aidan Or 19 hours ago

    I think another valid answer for the candle mystery is that the youngest daughter never lit her candle.

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando 19 hours ago


  • Jason’s Yt
    Jason’s Yt 19 hours ago

    I got 4 of them
    10,12,13 and 15

  • William Miller
    William Miller 19 hours ago

    13:19 but dragons dont exist so that is another way

  • Marina The Octoling
    Marina The Octoling 20 hours ago

    This video is so lame and boring

  • BluR_ Fritz
    BluR_ Fritz 20 hours ago

    Lots of these are just cheap wordplay that's easy to guess I'm not getting that time back:(

  • Rafał Myma
    Rafał Myma 21 hour ago

    4:15 9 days

  • N1cKyP4mH4zP0Pc0rnT0Eat

    4:00 you can use your calculators easily, after 10 days there will be 2^10 patches of grass, or 1024, if you divide that by two and take the log base 2 of it then you will get your answer.

  • Brush Girls
    Brush Girls 22 hours ago

    1) it was a fake candle
    2) he slipt and cawt a later spot to step on
    3) 25.c dot is support to be up for the one I think
    4) half of ten is 5 so of cros it's 5 days
    5) In the middle or in the middle of the boy or is it a girl I do not no but it has brown hair and a pink shert and the blond girl on the right with a green shert that life be where it is one of those

  • Dmitriy Sergeev
    Dmitriy Sergeev 22 hours ago


  • ahmed zahid hussain
    ahmed zahid hussain 23 hours ago

    none of them

  • Shailaja Dubey
    Shailaja Dubey 23 hours ago

    i slept after the 1st one if im honest now!

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    Maria Aguero Day ago

    Everyone pls watch gachaverse if u like anime

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    Maria Aguero Day ago

    Thr i resting prt was the last one anf i got 9 wrong and da rest last

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    Michael Graham Day ago

    This was bad I didnt get the first one right 2 out of 10

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    Steve Lewis Day ago

    the apple tree one couldn't it be the one tree that one the closest to the apple tree?

  • Edward Molnar
    Edward Molnar Day ago


  • Harry
    Harry Day ago

    The girl that turned into a tree 1,Can’t happen, 2, if it did just look where you can find where she bit her apple and the tree next to it is the one. Also Fire breathing dragon doesn’t exist.

    • Slave Of Sulyvahn
      Slave Of Sulyvahn Day ago

      she didn't know Ann bit the apple /: stop trying to be clever

  • All Beast
    All Beast Day ago

    Your mom

  • Mike Begin
    Mike Begin Day ago

    Riddle #1: The riddle never said that the candle was ever lit. So therefore as long as nobody ever lit it... then it would never burn out.

  • Llama Leader
    Llama Leader Day ago

    Here's a Riddle. I spent 3 minutes watching this video. Do you know what time it is?
    It's rewind time.

  • Billy MacKay
    Billy MacKay Day ago


  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Day ago

    Insult to common intelligence.

  • dashinvaine
    dashinvaine Day ago

    'She never lit it' is as good an answer for the first riddle as the answer given. You didn't specify that it was a lighted candle.

  • Mira Suhaimi
    Mira Suhaimi Day ago


  • Athenna Bantog
    Athenna Bantog Day ago

    Riddle 15

  • Matthew Stark
    Matthew Stark Day ago

    Hi, I just want to point out in the ice bucket question that I think you might be confusing some school students. At 32 degrees Fahrenheit the water is "turning" into ice, not at 25 F. The script implies that water freezes at 25 F. Twenty-one million subscribers, such as myself, are counting on you folks! (put happy face imoji here LOL!) I always enjoy it when you produce a "can you guess" segment such as this one. Cheers!

  • Ivy Bertram
    Ivy Bertram Day ago

    these r easy

  • Eunice Nicolas
    Eunice Nicolas Day ago

    The 11th riddle can also be a speaker though but it is not the answer if there is no electricity or the money isn't enough.


    he needed someone to be his AIR 😂


    7 Merry-Ann Merryann


    6 one ison left the other is on right


    5 in front of pink shirt


    4 five


    3 both


    2 he was on the bottem


    each year he has a candle

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    The trucky!

  • Eyes on tha street Always

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    a lady found a donut it was delicous afterwards how was the donut still there... she didn't eat it! wow just mindblowing

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    GamingGrizzly Day ago

    at the end, i said the middleman had to carry the most weight because his clothes looks heavier then the others XD

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    JK GOD bless if you got everything right

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    #6, you could be on a circle track and eventually the faster car will lap you as well.

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    Rees Family 2 days ago

    this is trash

  • Nox Obla
    Nox Obla 2 days ago

    I have a long beard and I shave myself every day. Not really a mystery.

  • Nox Obla
    Nox Obla 2 days ago

    You'r not in a shower unless the water is running. You can go into the shower booth, but it's not a shower unless the water is running. You can't go out into the rain on a clear day either. Same principle.

  • ultra instinct vegito7862

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  • Laura :P
    Laura :P 2 days ago

    1st I kinda guessed it, I thought the girl didn't even light the candle. 2nd guessed it. 3rd I don't know about farrenheit temperatures but the only idea I had was correct so I guessed it. 4th I overlooked the simple math but I did eventually guess it. 5th I first understood it wrong and though only one person must see the apple but then I read it again and guessed it. 6th guessed it right away. 7th didn't guess because I forgot I have to read the whole thing if I get stuck. 8th guessed it. 9th didn't guess. 10th I almost got it but too late. 11th guessed it was light but didn't guess he bought a candle and matches so I count it as half a point. 12th guessed it. 13th guessed it. 14. even though it was simple I didn't guess it. 15th also didn't guess, I'm not into cars. BONUS I didn't know the physics of it but the middle man was the one I guessed. So 9.5/15 +1 points, not bad for my age (13)