• Published on Nov 23, 2018
  • There's some controversy that ColourPop knocked off an Indie brand in their "This Is Not a Dream" Collection. xo's ~ Tati
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    Colourpop Chasing Rainbows Eyeshadow Palette
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  • Chyanne Adekat
    Chyanne Adekat 12 hours ago

    “Just give it a good spanking” 😂

  • Lily.2006xx
    Lily.2006xx 13 hours ago

    ngl i thought she had a bra round her neck
    ly b

  • Deb Kelly
    Deb Kelly 23 hours ago

    IRL is short for Ireland, and its green ! definitely related to Ireland.

  • Sarah Udoutch
    Sarah Udoutch 2 days ago


  • Angie Bartelme
    Angie Bartelme 3 days ago

    Umm, you may not love that metallic lip color, but girl it WORKS on you!

  • Amanda Niles
    Amanda Niles 4 days ago

    hey anyone wanna be friends with me who wants to give 290 dollars worth of makeup

  • Donut mess With me
    Donut mess With me 4 days ago

    100% of the comment section: how is this copying this ?

  • Krystle Robertson
    Krystle Robertson 4 days ago

    It’s the same with clothing brands and fashion. When it comes to creativity there’s no originality anymore. Everything just goes round and round. So what if it looks the same it won’t take customers away. People that can afford expensive will usually stick with it and people that can’t afford it will go for the cheaper brands. At the end of the day business is business and people will do what they want. Once you release something good expect others to follow, that’s how it works it doesn’t matter who made it first. There wouldn’t be many products or businesses if everyone were so restricted with their ideas. People copy each other and some take the same concept as the original but put spin on it. I’m in Australia and it’s late and I’m tired so hope this made sense 😂

  • Rebecka Mullard
    Rebecka Mullard 5 days ago

    colorpop did not copy no one glitter gel has been around for years it was even in my high school days and I am 36 so yeah

  • LluviaAva
    LluviaAva 5 days ago

    It's glitter girl, who cares. Not like they copied a specific pallete layout (and even then, I feel like I dont care - go for the superior quality) There is no new wheel invention here so why should we accept being nickled and dimed when we can buy similar/affordable products that do the same thing, some place else?

  • Eileen Barrios
    Eileen Barrios 5 days ago

    I say it's lame to call companies copy cat....nothing is new under the sun.


    Chosungah22 has jelly eyeshadows...which is a Korean makeup brand and they’ve been around for years. So this July eyeshadow thing is not new in anyway!

  • momma flips
    momma flips 6 days ago

    Everything in this world has a dupe, From generic medicine, to great value food.... Those who choose to buy the expensive brand will buy it regardless of if there is a dupe or not.

  • cappertillar
    cappertillar 7 days ago

    I was a little antsy at first when i saw Colourpop’s glitters, but after I saw how Lemonhead’s owner handled everything I didn’t care. She was so immature. I choose to support Colourpop

  • Beastermaster 64
    Beastermaster 64 8 days ago

    The only time that I haven’t agreed with tati

  • Dana Aherron
    Dana Aherron 8 days ago

    You should revisit the Chasing Rainbows palette! I bought it recently and would like to see what you do with it! I don't have any of the jellys so recreating your look in this video would be hard lol

  • shypiejohnson
    shypiejohnson 9 days ago

    They're definetly different from formula to the glitter colors.

  • Kat Reckless
    Kat Reckless 10 days ago

    I think the indie brand is trying to get free press. They don't own and didn't create the concept of glitter jelly.

  • gianna kai
    gianna kai 11 days ago

    “Just give it a good spanking”😂😂 6:22

  • Mary Hensley
    Mary Hensley 12 days ago

    Just stop.

  • Savannah Popplewell
    Savannah Popplewell 12 days ago

    I think the color pop glitter looks more pretty as a highlight. The lemon head one looks a little gross from the front view. But could be the light. Never the less. Gorgeous makeup. Love you Tati!

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 12 days ago

    It would make sense that Colourpop would purchase a competitor's product. All companies purchase their competitor's products, you need to know your competition. Also, it's glitter in a clear gel paste. Every company has produced this product, I don't think it's a big deal.

  • Saba Tasmia
    Saba Tasmia 13 days ago

    I just want to say that unless and until LemonHead had the formula and the product concept copyrighted or patented they can't accused other companies of stealing as not copyrighting or patenting means that the product concept is up at the public domain and is up for grabs. If I am wrong please correct me please.

  • Mandy K
    Mandy K 13 days ago

    Omg i do the same. Idk what sleep is.

  • Jessica Jones
    Jessica Jones 14 days ago

    I think saying it’s stolen is a reach. Lemonhead to me is very much more of a foil/flaking look, whereas colourpop is more individual glitter pieces. And they both are not the only glitters and CERTAINLY were not the first.

  • Amalfi Reyes
    Amalfi Reyes 15 days ago

    Love both brands. And, they are both doing different and great things. If something is similar I think it’s an accident. I believe colourpop wouldn’t mess around and step on another brand’s toes. That being said supply and demand is very real. Similar products at different price points is so very much needed. It’s so great to have the colourpop price point as a girly girl on a budget.

  • AskingAtaraxia
    AskingAtaraxia 15 days ago +6

    Why so arrogant? I really liked Tati but the vibe I'm getting from her lately... I just can't.
    This video does not make sense at all, it's not right.

    • lovelitlife
      lovelitlife 10 days ago +1

      AskingAtaraxia omg everyone is saying it and I have to agree. I genuinely love Tati but her vibe here is soooo off.

  • littlemermaid155
    littlemermaid155 15 days ago

    It's glitter and some kind of glue or adhesive stuff. I don't understand. There's no color similarities. I'm sure the first person to create eye shadow didn't get mad when someone else made eye shadow. What I mean is, what's wrong with different companies offering similar products? It makes the market more competitive for better versions of the product

  • Nikkie Casillas
    Nikkie Casillas 15 days ago

    The controversy is silly. Its like getting pissed off that multiple companies make liquid lipsticks. Its a make up product. At some point other companies are going to hop on board with a concept

  • Hanna Lipman
    Hanna Lipman 15 days ago

    Glitter gel has been around forever. I used to buy stuff like this at Claire's and Bath and Body Works as a kid. This is nothing new.

  • alternativedelusions
    alternativedelusions 16 days ago

    It upsets me cause when colourpop was a much smaller company, people tried ripping off their super shock shadows and they should know how it feels to have companies rip off their product

  • Selena Lamothe
    Selena Lamothe 16 days ago

    So the glitter gels are just little bits of plastic that you wash into the drain every time you take your makeup off? Why are people okay with this?

  • Andrea McKeehan
    Andrea McKeehan 17 days ago

    7:58 🤣🤣🤣

  • Cara Shin
    Cara Shin 17 days ago

    Funny you mention having insomnia considering I’m watching this at 4:07 in the morning to help me fall asleep 😂

  • Erin S.
    Erin S. 18 days ago

    Lol Tati, zzzZzzz.....sleepy.....dream you know what you’re doing IRL when you dream.....I think they ran out of synonyms.

  • Erin S.
    Erin S. 18 days ago

    Sorry but everyone is fair game! If you’ve had a product launch and then another co. comes out with something long as the names and packaging isn’t word for word....tough cookies. If lemonhead wants to stay in this billion dollar industry they can’t rely on one line of glitter gel to be their life line. The end....
    Ps love the lip after it dried down.

  • Erin S.
    Erin S. 18 days ago

    The BEST and FREE PR for a company I’ve never heard of is a controversy!! Lemon head...haven’t heard of them until now!!!

  • Jennifer Loreto
    Jennifer Loreto 18 days ago

    I had glitter gel when I was like 5 from some kids makeup.
    Copying obviously happens. I don’t think this is that situation.

  • Alexandra Indseth
    Alexandra Indseth 18 days ago

    I actually love that eye look so much!!

  • Morgan Ashley
    Morgan Ashley 18 days ago

    Okay, that eye look was stunning. I think I would definitely purchase the models own tub and I have had my eye on space paste for a while now 🎆👽

  • kyra jo
    kyra jo 18 days ago

    ok i’m upset... it’s the end of december and i didn’t get all of your vids in my sub feed 😥😥😥

  • Tiffany Orton
    Tiffany Orton 19 days ago

    It’s just reality....companies are going to steal ideas from other’s the way of the world. If you’re going to have a business you have to go in understanding this. Does it suck? Yes. Is there anything one can do about it? Not so much.

  • Diana Correa
    Diana Correa 19 days ago

    You freak out about a shadow falling out? People are dying, Tati.

    • Diana Correa
      Diana Correa 7 days ago

      Yeah Tati what she said!

    • Donna Reiss
      Donna Reiss 7 days ago

      Diana Correa yes. stop watching glitter make up and go and help donate ur time to these dying people.

  • Megan Rose
    Megan Rose 19 days ago

    Yawn. This is above all else just... sad? I don't mean for Colourpop or for Lemonhead but for Tati. I really don't understand that as someone who claims to have a very clear ethos surrounding the 'reality' of the beauty industry you would be using such a cheap title and subject to make a 23 minute video on? I mean, of course, continue to make videos about companies like Makeup Revolution and MUA who have previously or are continuing to blatantly steal the intellectual property of company owners but my god it's just glitter. Using a title with the word controversy on to grab the attention of viewers and then continuing on to sit on the fence throughout the video with occasional 'opinons' that aren't really opinions because they feel listless and false is kinda crappy and I would have honestly expected more, it's a really cheap tactic in my opinion...

  • Krysten Horan
    Krysten Horan 19 days ago

    This is totally ridiculous! Just because one makeup company produces glitter doesn’t mean another can’t.

  • Ariana Rose
    Ariana Rose 19 days ago

    Tati, I’ve recently started listening to audiobooks when I wake up with insomnia and can’t get back to sleep, highly recommend!

  • Leona W
    Leona W 20 days ago

    Thanks for the testing and swatches! Love the metallic lips and would not normally go for that myself.

  • Gold Rose
    Gold Rose 20 days ago

    What is her problem with Colourpop?? 🙄

  • Samantha Joyce
    Samantha Joyce 21 day ago

    I understand what they mean however people do similar highlight shades and the formulas are different does that count as coppying. Or every foundation or other products that are similar or inspired by each other.

  • Tiffany Stuard
    Tiffany Stuard 21 day ago +2

    when you realize you've been binging Tati for 1 hour lol :)

  • Rubix_Kaos
    Rubix_Kaos 21 day ago

    Butter london did jelly eyeshadow

  • Rachael The Red
    Rachael The Red 21 day ago

    Younique cosmetics has some cream shadows that are a very similar texture to what the gel shadows seem to be. Haven't played with the color pop ones myself but the look similar.

  • Lucy Love
    Lucy Love 21 day ago

    So when you were starting off on USclip starting with drugstore vs big name brand and comparing and your dupe videos which is what got you a lot attention in the first place, that's not relevant now that you're a big USclipr?

  • Christina Belle
    Christina Belle 21 day ago

    Btw.. where is your shirt from I NEED IT!

  • Kaidyn Ert
    Kaidyn Ert 22 days ago

    y’all idgaf abt this controversy or not controversy, can someone please answer tati on why sleeping is Zzz

  • Ashley Cristine
    Ashley Cristine 22 days ago

    This is ridiculous. Brands can release similar products. If they’re not all the same colors, then what’s the point of comparing them? Let’s start nitpicking everything then. Which brand came out with metallic liquid lips first?

  • confessionsofoncer
    confessionsofoncer 22 days ago

    there's no reason colourpop can't purchase the space paste and have their own spin on it.
    I don't see the issue. This happens in all businesses. Someone creates a new product and other people come in and learn how to make the same product or a new innovative variation on it. That's how you get BETTER products. Everyone is forced to up their game to stay relevant, and that means making something better OR cheaper. They have different markets.
    Indie brands have a very small market anyways. Colourpop appeals to the masses and clearly made lower quality of what is essentially glitter glue. Big whoop.

  • Therese Estrada
    Therese Estrada 22 days ago

    tbh i dont like tati’s vibe in her recent videos...

  • Sense of sensei
    Sense of sensei 23 days ago

    so much hate! why are people so upset? chill guys it’s not a matter of life or death...
    (cue incoming butt hurt people)

  • Sarah Touarha
    Sarah Touarha 24 days ago +1

    Tati , you've changed!! That's what i think 😐😞😒

  • wejdan alotaibi
    wejdan alotaibi 24 days ago

    that's a beautiful hand mirror 😭😭💜💜 does anyone know where its from ? :(

  • Jelainy WV
    Jelainy WV 24 days ago

    I love this look !

  • Teesha M
    Teesha M 25 days ago

    I get that people get really obsessed about their proprietary formula but as an 80/90s babe, I can tell you that we had pretty much exactly the same style of mixed glitter gels in the same little pots way back then,I have one here that I have never found a better version of, soo it is a something making a come back not an original product.

  • grace brown
    grace brown 25 days ago

    No shade, but is it just me or are the highlight shades all low key the same color...

  • Denise Rasmussen
    Denise Rasmussen 26 days ago

    Um... the arts and crafts industry put glitter to work best make up world ... it was invented by a cattle rancher. So...everybody just needs to sit down. Glitter is like potatoes, If you put them in your recipe it doesn’t give you ownership of potatoes. 🤣

  • Suzanne Bernert
    Suzanne Bernert 27 days ago

    If I can't get a dupe I still won't be able to afford the Original ...

  • Jennifer Fraley
    Jennifer Fraley 27 days ago

    That makeup looks amazing on you ❤️💕

  • Adela Gonzalez
    Adela Gonzalez 27 days ago

    I don’t think color pop did it intentionally

  • Dayana Alvarado
    Dayana Alvarado 28 days ago

    Who care anyone should be free to do as they please it’s just glitter for gosh sake.. that’s my thoughts, that space paste looks bomb though.

  • RebeccaWard
    RebeccaWard 28 days ago

    Models own is in liquidation now and is closing all stores :(

  • Pao Ha
    Pao Ha 29 days ago

    I'll wait for the maybe another day with that palette :(

  • Lana Roberts
    Lana Roberts 29 days ago

    Honestly I’m surprised you haven’t seen loads of different versions of potted glitter like this, even just on discover on Instagram people are making their own glitter like this! It’s not original at alllll

  • Lana Roberts
    Lana Roberts 29 days ago

    Nah I’ve seen so many brands do glitter in a pot like that....clearly didn’t rip off lemon head hahaha

  • Jasmine Bruns
    Jasmine Bruns Month ago


  • ButterflyV
    ButterflyV Month ago

    Tati, your cool most of the time but it feels like you have been on the whiny side lately.
    Should we just accuse you of copying all the other gurus?? Makeup is makeup, and people by because they like the brand and it draws their attention. Everyone has been making their own version but glitter was there way before i was born.
    Play nice.

  • Lizzie Brady
    Lizzie Brady Month ago

    Wow, this look you came out with is stunning! So EXTRA-terrestrial👽💓

  • Gabriella Skye
    Gabriella Skye Month ago

    I've seen so many different companies do glitter gel, it's not a new thing. Nothing is 100% new now in makeup. Ya it can suck but you get what you pay for when it comes to stuff like that. None of them are the same color so it all depends on what look you want

  • Loki del Rey
    Loki del Rey Month ago

    Love it

  • Sondra Smith
    Sondra Smith Month ago

    I dealt with insomnia for years. Turns out, it was all anxiety. You describing thinking of something stupid you did years ago, is anxiety. 100% I refused to get treated for years and slept during the day for eight years, missing out on my kids' lives. I couldn't even sleep at night with Ambien! Hope that helps a bit.

  • Heather Williams
    Heather Williams Month ago

    That company Younique had some jelly shadows like that for a couple years. I loved them actually 🤫🤫

  • ult pluto
    ult pluto Month ago

    Skin looking tan and healthy 😍! I

  • Rachel Meadors
    Rachel Meadors Month ago

    Tati, I enjoy your content I do, but you’re always giving ColourPop such a hard time for no reason? They make good products! But you’re always seeming to find a reason to hate them or diss on them. It’s good, cheap make up which is great for people who can’t afford to spend $40+ on one product.

  • mikahick
    mikahick Month ago

    Tati looks too fly in this video! raven haired beauty indeed

  • XxBoredAngelxX
    XxBoredAngelxX Month ago

    When it comes to the ridiculously expensive items from high end companies you're more so paying for a brand name... they could make their things affordable to everyone so it's their own fault that these "dupe" companies have taken to making similar products for a cheaper price.

  • Jade Nelson
    Jade Nelson Month ago

    If your not sleeping very well, maybe try some melatonin. If you havent allready...

  • Pia Young
    Pia Young Month ago

    Are any of these glitters in any of these products Eco friendly? I am really trying to reduce the amount of microplastics I'm washing down the drain.

  • April Marteena
    April Marteena Month ago

    Tati i NEED that sweatshirt pleaseeee tell me where i can get that! Love!!!

  • SupSarahxx
    SupSarahxx Month ago

    6:21 "I always spank my dough...who's your daddy?"

  • Megan Cherri
    Megan Cherri Month ago

    Tati looks like she has a cindy crawford thing goin on at the start of this video (loving it)! ....God i have so much hair envy right now.... GIVE ME THAT HAIR!

  • Lauren Slabaugh
    Lauren Slabaugh Month ago

    It's an idea that people made their own versions of. Just like people keep coming out with eyeshadow pallets or lipsticks. if I had a dollar for every eyeshadow palette out there I wouldn't have to work for the rest of my life. I just bought a glitter flip lipstick from Ciate but I know there are a bunch of other brands that do the same thing. I feel like the original maker of the space paste is just mad that they're not the only one making it.

  • Angie Nimo
    Angie Nimo Month ago

    If people are going to say this is copycat then why don't people say that elf, essence, or milani copied the stila magnificent metals?

  • Laiza Respicio
    Laiza Respicio Month ago

    I still super duper love Colourpop! You know, beauty must not cost you a fortune. ❤

  • Sara Faria
    Sara Faria Month ago

    Maybe zzz because z is the last letter of the alphabet and it is the end of the day... As you can see you really made me think

  • Alyssa Coursen
    Alyssa Coursen Month ago

    They didn’t exactly copy and paste. They are different colors and different looks it seems. Glitter is glitter I think. It’s not the only one in the makeup industry.

  • Imaginary Winchester

    Whew!! I can't do a gloppy, come-off-on-everything, jelly like gloss. I swear, that stuff actually runs off your face and vanishes 5min after you put it on!!

  • Madeline Intravia
    Madeline Intravia Month ago

    Catrice has water based jelly eyeshadows and I don't really like how mine dries. I only have the gold one and you can't really layer it with itself nor other shadows without clumping so I don't like theirs. But colourpop really out-do their own products so I'm curious about them!

  • Sharon Swan
    Sharon Swan Month ago

    Frankly, I think we need to gain perspective here. Two different brands produced glitter in jelly. If someone from Colorpop bought something from lemon head... so what. They’re free to do that and makes sense from a business perspective... market research. I’m personally glad as someone who can rarely afford high end make up. I rely on drugstore brands taking inspiration from others to cater to my budget and I know it won’t always be as good quality but good enough for my needs and no matter what your budget you should have the opportunity to access products that excite you and make you feel good. Thanks for sharing Tati. The colour pop collection looks fab and loved the look you created 😍 xxx

  • Michael Fitzpatrick

    I would like to know if that glitter is biodegradable?

  • An G
    An G Month ago

    Love that lipstick on you!

  • Hibiscus Ou
    Hibiscus Ou Month ago

    Colourpop has released too many new eyeshadow palettes. They look all the same. Similar shades, similar lipstick, similar blush. Their products are not unique at all.