Ridiculous Restaurant Makeover Includes a LOBSTER CLAW GAME! | Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Janiyah Lane
    Janiyah Lane 16 days ago

    Umm...oh yeah yeah 💯

  • 怪我ドル Z O M B O I D

    That lobster claw machine is the most gaudy, stupid, carnival looking thing you could possibly put in a semi-classy seafood restaurant in Manhattan. David is a prick every which way but on that he's 100% right. If I owned a restaurant, I'd never allow that inside.

  • Pete
    Pete 2 months ago

    This guy was so full of shit and so fucking ungrateful. He never should've gotten the remodel. Didn't deserve it.

  • Luna Ranger
    Luna Ranger 3 months ago


  • Sarah S.
    Sarah S. 3 months ago

    "We're not gonna see any results from a mascot and a celebrity endorsement in front of thousands of people."
    What the fuck David?

  • Jada Pack
    Jada Pack 4 months ago

    when i saw the title i thought it was gonna be with stuffed animals but wow that’s fucked up

  • Toni Leaf
    Toni Leaf 4 months ago

    "What kind of fish is this? Codfish?"
    What, do you think Gordon would serve Captain Hook?

  • ehssan ghandehari
    ehssan ghandehari 4 months ago +1

    Did you know that this restaurant closes bc the owner sells everything and sells it to somone lese

  • Jack Lol
    Jack Lol 4 months ago

    Too bad the restaurant closed.

  • HATSUNE ყყრწჰსბს და

    I love the game not a nightmare

  • SantomPh
    SantomPh 5 months ago

    They sold the tank lol

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 5 months ago

    Ungrateful arrogant prick ffs LMAO ..Hope he reads all the comments

  • Sam Jackson
    Sam Jackson 5 months ago

    How is grabbing a lobster with a claw causing it to suffer more?

  • Regular Invader
    Regular Invader 5 months ago

    I believe a lobster claw machine is not a good thing for a makeover. I recall an episode of “Bar Rescue” where Jon Taffer scolded a bar owner for owning one because she kept getting negative reactions from the locals of her hometown.

  • Nick Montana
    Nick Montana 5 months ago

    David was right about one thing: that lobster claw is extremely stupid, out-of-place, tacky, and jarring for a very gorgeous-looking seafood restaurant in Manhattan. That lobster claw is something you'd find on a beach boardwalk.

  • Ot3p
    Ot3p 6 months ago

    I wouldn't eat the lobster. By that white line on that claw it indicates he left the rubberband on while it cooked. I worked in a lobster processing plant and you can taste the rubber. Come on Ramsey. :c

  • Henry Crick
    Henry Crick 6 months ago

    David more like the grinch

  • William Schutz
    William Schutz 6 months ago

    Such an ungreatful fucker that owner is.

  • Classic80sStuff
    Classic80sStuff 6 months ago

    If that restaurant would have had the lobster claw game when it first went in he would have called it ridiculous and tacky. But since he put it in it's all good

  • Jean Marceaux
    Jean Marceaux 7 months ago

    Hello my name is Nintendo

  • Zan Partizane
    Zan Partizane 7 months ago

    Wow awesome looks beautiful

  • Joey a
    Joey a 7 months ago

    David's a stupid mouthbreather

  • Jimin Lifue
    Jimin Lifue 7 months ago

    In his mind David is yelling this is realllll good

  • Dean D aka TheLaughingMann

    The Lobster Claw machine died, but made a return in Bar Rescue.

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres 8 months ago +1


  • Rameerol Syarizal
    Rameerol Syarizal 8 months ago

    Kys David

  • Cheyenne Trump
    Cheyenne Trump 8 months ago

    I thought that was the lobster from the Amanda Show when I was a kid!

  • Argee Lor
    Argee Lor 9 months ago

    How is it ridiculous

  • Mr BrightSide
    Mr BrightSide 9 months ago

    I always know people like David in my life. Why?

  • Ryan Giffel
    Ryan Giffel 9 months ago

    The owner is lame. He doesn’t like anything!

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright 9 months ago

    You ungreatful tosser his team went beyond and back to help you and you have the balls to stand there and complain about the new menu get fucking real you tosser.!!

  • logan siebe
    logan siebe 9 months ago

    I wanna kick that fat fucks teeth in.

  • Richard Smout
    Richard Smout 9 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks turning the lobster tank into a game is pretty sick

    ANONO MOUSE 9 months ago

    Y'all know Louie ain't fuck his shit up😂

  • Cringe Nation
    Cringe Nation 9 months ago

    I’m happy the restaurant got sold so we do don’t have to see that useless ungrateful douchebag owner again

  • Eugene Lee
    Eugene Lee 9 months ago

    David probably loves it.

  • Micah Mentie
    Micah Mentie 9 months ago +1

    David annoys me so much😡

  • I want to be tracer. I’m already tracer.

    Every owner has to ruin everything good Gordon does.

  • Anime lovers Trailer44
    Anime lovers Trailer44 10 months ago

    Fuck you David!

  • Scottishboi 1212
    Scottishboi 1212 10 months ago

    That owner is a fuckin grouse

  • Hello
    Hello 10 months ago

    I can get a good job easily.

  • Realafah
    Realafah 10 months ago

    Let me guess, the minute Gordon left, the shitty owner went back to how things were because it's what he wanted, and the restaurant flopped and was closed in, like, 2012 or something.
    I would hope I'm wrong, but am I right?

  • Cry Celestial
    Cry Celestial 10 months ago

    David is biased af

  • IsCoolGuy
    IsCoolGuy 10 months ago

    Owner: "going to time square, we're not going to see any effect from that"
    wow, ... what an idiot..

  • Zane M.
    Zane M. 10 months ago

    The lobster claw machine is cruel lmao

  • dan
    dan 10 months ago


  • Ampwich
    Ampwich 10 months ago

    That'd kinda be traumatizing to me, especially as a child, to play a "game" with living creatures about to be slaughtered lol

  • Luis Rangel512
    Luis Rangel512 10 months ago

    that guy was just turning everything down. so picky. ungrateful piece of shit lol

  • Carlo Lim
    Carlo Lim 10 months ago

    there is lamb sauce but where is the LOBSTER SAUCE?!?!

  • Olaf .feels
    Olaf .feels 10 months ago

    That lobster game is so cruel?

  • DeviousRaccoon
    DeviousRaccoon 11 months ago +1

    Imagine being the lucky lobster that was in that crane game

  • Karate Shark
    Karate Shark 11 months ago +1

    "Lewey if you fuck up you're going in the tank"

  • Ja Re
    Ja Re 11 months ago +1

    That guy is a douche

  • Vahan Vardanyan
    Vahan Vardanyan 11 months ago

    David stfu

  • Guthrum
    Guthrum 11 months ago +1

    "The cones should be yellow"
    Well Jesus Christ Gordon Ramsay is about to save your business and all you care about are the fucking lights? Shame on you.

  • Gate Night Productions
    Gate Night Productions 11 months ago

    The owner should leave and start a new restaurant with old lady Adele and the dirty chef who refused to try Gordon's bass... they could call it Bitters!

  • Marco Rios
    Marco Rios 11 months ago

    David why are you so fucking ungrateful

  • G3 Clipz
    G3 Clipz 11 months ago

    Gordon gave him the death stare

  • G3 Clipz
    G3 Clipz 11 months ago

    Ramsay: happy everybody?!
    Everyone: yes!
    David: 🤐

  • Sorry But Not Sorry
    Sorry But Not Sorry 11 months ago

    David reminds me of a diaper full of poop.

  • Makron5
    Makron5 Year ago

    David claimed 50% loss in revenues and closed it 4 days after it aired. Reading reviews it sounds like the owner fucked it up for the most part.

  • Aninha Draws
    Aninha Draws Year ago

    I mean cmon Gordon Ramsay Goes to your restaurant and makes it beautiful and you David are so ungratefull my god

  • irfan123100
    irfan123100 Year ago

    3:04 Is that a...FLIP PHONE?

  • Shrek Fanboy
    Shrek Fanboy Year ago

    Plot twist: That was Nino in the lobster costume.

  • Dakota Wolf
    Dakota Wolf Year ago

    All of these comments make the watching experience 1000x better

  • Assassin 88875
    Assassin 88875 Year ago

    The manager is a right bitch so ungrateful

  • Gladys Lee
    Gladys Lee Year ago

    The Black Pearl is now gone........

  • Cryo 329
    Cryo 329 Year ago

    Gordon Ramsey: **catches lobster in claw machine** "ITS RAAAWWWWW"


    The male version of addle

  • toby jones
    toby jones Year ago +2

    LOL LOOK AT THE DESCRIPTION "At least the lobsters are fresh this time..." LMAO

  • Hidden Artist
    Hidden Artist Year ago

    I've been to a place that had a lobster claw machine and it looked really fun.

  • Nikki K.
    Nikki K. Year ago

    The owner is just being a pissy bitch.

  • Ookurikara Rex
    Ookurikara Rex Year ago

    how would peta respond lol

  • Ryan sharlotte
    Ryan sharlotte Year ago

    This restaurant went out of business and he sold the lobster tank. I'm not surprised because if you can't drum up business in time square where tourists are your basically Fucked

  • Horrifyingly Hillarious

    David was one of the biggest douchbags in the entirety of the show and that’s saying something

  • Troy 168
    Troy 168 Year ago

    So while Kitchen Nightmare approves of the lobster claw machine, Bar Rescue disapproves the use of a lobster claw machine...

  • Faiyaz Rahman
    Faiyaz Rahman Year ago

    Give the owner a yellow piller from behind..

  • Cmoekie Quixopiss


  • Paul Schaefer
    Paul Schaefer Year ago


  • Shadow M
    Shadow M Year ago

    That owner pisses me off he should be grateful

  • Our Destiny - Call Of Duty Ww2 And More

    Nino would ha said my name's NINO and beat the claw machine.

  • Homero Medina
    Homero Medina Year ago

    Hate it when ungrateful owners don't like the improvements because they refuse to change😡

  • Scrub Lord
    Scrub Lord Year ago

    This restaurant closed and he sold the machine.

  • Midnight MoonsFrost

    That hurts the lobster more... it’s bad enough he gets boiled... poor poor delicious baby

  • ssjMaximum22Goku
    ssjMaximum22Goku Year ago

    That owner needs to get his head out of his ass.

  • ProGamerLee21
    ProGamerLee21 Year ago

    If it's not good stop eating

  • MujahidZz
    MujahidZz Year ago

    Nino is my village

  • Cecilia Banson
    Cecilia Banson Year ago

    This restaurant is now closed I live near ny but obviously I’m not going to tell you where I live

  • Russian Firepower

    I'm not complaining or anything but, IF THEY CATCH IT THEY EAT IT, just imagine you are the lobster XD

  • L1L K3NNY
    L1L K3NNY Year ago

    Well this redturant is now closed to god-damn ramsay

  • Clay4Trey
    Clay4Trey Year ago

    The lobster claw machine is one of the most absurd and cool things ever!


    Now i understand what spongebob meant when he said livin like larry lmao.

  • Your Next Door Neighbors

    Ungrateful bitch

  • Andrea Reynolds
    Andrea Reynolds Year ago

    I want to introduce David to Adele

  • spicylemons
    spicylemons Year ago

    Yes please I would like to go there for the claw machine and keep that lobster as a pet I’ll call it Johnny and I’ll take him to the vet and love him and take care of him.

  • Zanna Nguyen
    Zanna Nguyen Year ago

    Just like what I said on the video of Adele absolutely hates the expensive restaurant makeover, This friggen owner is a freakin Buddy the Elf from the movie lookin ass Jim Carrey look alike ungrateful ass Jerk who doesn't deserve a makeover for his restaurant!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter Mehaffey
    Hunter Mehaffey Year ago

    Why do the owners hate all the renovations

  • Kayleigh Ritten
    Kayleigh Ritten Year ago

    It pisses me off when people don't appreciate what Gordon does for them

  • Goro Majima
    Goro Majima Year ago

    Larry the lobster

  • Cloгох Блять

    I would've loved to eat at that restaurant, that owner just drove it to he ground...