We Try Meal Prepping For The Week • Ladylike

  • Published on Jan 20, 2018
  • "Just having this food ready to go is dope!"
    Wanna meal prep like Ladylike? Check out the recipes here:
    Mustard-marinated Flank Steak: bit.ly/2F1vZbS
    Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs: bit.ly/2DXLfY8
    Parmesan Crusted Salmon: bit.ly/2G34bFo
    Reusable Meal Prep Containers: amzn.to/2BjGp4E
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    Beef Steak Dinner
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    Meatballs with Zucchini pasta
    LucidSurf/Getty Images
    Credits: www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/41435

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  • Austin Wilson
    Austin Wilson 3 days ago

    Me with the wine 🍷 😂😂😂😂

  • Bella
    Bella 4 days ago

    I would watch a lot more of these if they were like this one and Kristin was not in it.

  • lynn
    lynn 9 days ago

    Did I see a Stranger Things poster

  • Radical_2018
    Radical_2018 9 days ago

    I'm guessing there all feminists?

  • maria vulturius
    maria vulturius 9 days ago

    what a waste of plastic...

  • Stefan Hsueh
    Stefan Hsueh 11 days ago

    Ya roll it up

  • Molly
    Molly 12 days ago +2

    Freddy: I didn’t do anything...
    Also Freddy: gets everyone to validate her and how much work she did

  • Cheernastics 9
    Cheernastics 9 16 days ago +3

    Teachers: a week is 7days

    Ladylike: a weeks 3 days!!😆😂😂

  • Heidi Davis
    Heidi Davis 16 days ago

    “I don’t want to cook”

  • Delilah Ericson
    Delilah Ericson 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who just really doesn't like Devin

  • Lois Deborah
    Lois Deborah 20 days ago +1

    mike's eye colour is beautiful

  • Yxndere Gum
    Yxndere Gum 22 days ago

    Freddie ”30 dollar delivery charge on postmates”

    Girl I’m still debating on rather I should spend a extra 2.50 to get McDonald’s from DoorDash that’s down the street😂🤣

  • YOitsNat
    YOitsNat 23 days ago +6

    "I don't wanna cook" says your friend who is willing to spend $10/meal and then complains to be broke.

  • Rosepedal 13
    Rosepedal 13 24 days ago

    I'm a 13 year old girl and I was just thinking about how Mike seems like a nice and cool guy to hang out with.

  • Cianna Awad
    Cianna Awad 25 days ago


  • Simply Bii
    Simply Bii 25 days ago

    I can't eat food cooked before days and kept in the fridge it becomes stale even if you heat it. I will have an upset stomach if I do this

  • Car Ric
    Car Ric 26 days ago

    You should bunch and roll the parsley and then slice and chop.

  • Gracie Williams
    Gracie Williams 26 days ago +1

    Fred cutting parsley gives me life 😂😂💕💕

  • S.A. Huber
    S.A. Huber 27 days ago


  • Jayy nahla
    Jayy nahla Month ago +1

    So jen likes to EAT OUT huh 🤣🤣

  • Victoria Gonzales
    Victoria Gonzales Month ago

    millenial gringos discover that cooking and taking lunch to work will help saving money XD

  • Carrie Krout
    Carrie Krout Month ago +1

    7:22 Is Jen drunk or just very happy? 😂

  • kk. kayla
    kk. kayla Month ago

    My mom does this but she makes Mediterranean food sooooo I try to gulp it down as best as I can

  • Tracy Lunos
    Tracy Lunos Month ago


  • monica donnelly
    monica donnelly Month ago +1

    oooooooooooooooooooooh my god, FIVE DAYS IS NOOOOOOOOT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!

  • Reina B
    Reina B Month ago +6

    Omg Mike’s eyes are SO GREEN!

  • L. E.
    L. E. Month ago

    Europeans can't relate

  • babyem
    babyem Month ago

    I’m Italian and it bothers me so much that u had canned pasta sauce because me and my dad always make it homemade

  • Miowly Siew
    Miowly Siew Month ago

    devon improvising at the grocery store for 2 minutes

  • Lilly Brewer
    Lilly Brewer Month ago

    I want that salmon!

  • Nicole Fetcenko
    Nicole Fetcenko Month ago

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  • Emily Aho
    Emily Aho Month ago

    Freddy kinda annoys me in this video. Don't get me wrong i love her but idk ..

  • Nicole OwO
    Nicole OwO Month ago +1

    It’s probably one of my dreams to work for lady like

  • Caspar H
    Caspar H Month ago

    5:38 Look how her Mood changes 😂

  • fluffiedre
    fluffiedre Month ago

    Me : *im hungry*

  • Cianna Awad
    Cianna Awad Month ago

    Can we just talk about that eggplant emoji 😂

  • Lalo Lariz
    Lalo Lariz Month ago

    Left over pizza !!!!

  • Samantha Rodriguez
    Samantha Rodriguez Month ago

    I was pumped throughout this video until I heard Freddie eating. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Laura Fox
    Laura Fox Month ago +31

    Did Freddie just say $30 delivery charge!? For what? Does that include the meal you’ve ordered?!!😱

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang Month ago

    Basically don’t be lazy and you’ll save money and have fun doing it at the same time

  • SaNaaya DuBose
    SaNaaya DuBose Month ago +1

    Devin can I have your sweater

  • Blood Cotton Candy
    Blood Cotton Candy Month ago +1

    Omg surprise pot luck meal preps with friends! Awesome idea.

  • Hailey M2006
    Hailey M2006 Month ago

    I have the same stranger things poster

  • susan gomez
    susan gomez 2 months ago


  • Emellia Bloodborn
    Emellia Bloodborn 2 months ago

    Yes, one bottle of one is never enough. 😂

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 2 months ago

    where did they get the containers

  • Peyton Walker
    Peyton Walker 2 months ago

    Should’ve did it with Kristen and chantel to get a full weeks worth😂

  • Sophie Robinson
    Sophie Robinson 2 months ago

    Where has chantel been?

  • Belkhair Mohammed
    Belkhair Mohammed 2 months ago

    Can you do another video because I love this video❤️💕

  • Stephani Tidwell
    Stephani Tidwell 2 months ago

    Is it me or is disliking just pointless if you dont like it just click off

  • Will Robert
    Will Robert 2 months ago

    next video: we blow our noses with tissues!

  • Petra Basic
    Petra Basic 2 months ago +4

    I cook every single day and it isnt hard at all.
    And all people from my country do the same thing

    • minnie and my
      minnie and my Month ago

      Yeah bc you know everyone in your country... And not all people like cooking.. Or can cook

  • cindy sun
    cindy sun 2 months ago

    mike creeps me out

  • Jamari Romines
    Jamari Romines 2 months ago

    Love the sound effects

  • Syd_ Dino
    Syd_ Dino 2 months ago +1


  • Kim Tov
    Kim Tov 2 months ago

    try this zero waste, it hurts me how much plastic you guys used

  • XxParis xX
    XxParis xX 2 months ago

    Who loves this video?

  • Rose Condron
    Rose Condron 2 months ago +1

    Fred’s face at 5:07😂

  • Samantha S
    Samantha S 2 months ago +5

    I got so hungry in the middle of the video. So I quickly made food😂😂 🥘

  • JR Grant
    JR Grant 2 months ago

    3:52 nice choice of emojis

  • Fabz rocks
    Fabz rocks 2 months ago +109

    Wow I never knew that a week was three days😂😂😂

    • LisaTerhurne
      LisaTerhurne 19 days ago

      the title ‘ meal prep for the week’ not for ‘a week’

  • Habiba Radwan
    Habiba Radwan 2 months ago

    Devan....devan...i am so proud of u for having a stranger things poster at ur house...well done😂😂

  • Carrie Krout
    Carrie Krout 2 months ago

    Devin seems like she feels superior which is reeeaaallly annoying.

  • Gianna Viggiano
    Gianna Viggiano 3 months ago

    Where’s Kristin

  • Keath 3000!
    Keath 3000! 3 months ago

    Make more videos like this!!!!!!! I’ve seen this over 100 times!!!!

  • Cereal Biggest Fan
    Cereal Biggest Fan 3 months ago

    6:21 honestly when I'm an adult and living on my own I am probably just going to make a whole lot of meatballs every week just so I have them because they are just one of those foods that is portable, easy, you can choose how many you want, and when you literally that lazy you can eat them cold and they are still delicious. I love meatballs, but I never have them because even frozen meatballs which are not always the best still require cooking and im lazy, also I still live with my parents cause im a teenager and I don't think they would appreciate me just cooking crazy amounts of meatballs just to have. LOL

  • Maius
    Maius 3 months ago

    Am i the only one that was like 6 per meal is kinda expensive? i can get a pizza margherita for 5

  • Kayan Yousry
    Kayan Yousry 3 months ago +32

    " I have gotten really friendly with the trader Joe's frozen food aisle " GURL who hasn't

    • Brooke Dutterer
      Brooke Dutterer Month ago +1

      IDoMusic ? Same

    • IDoMusic ?
      IDoMusic ? 3 months ago +1

      Kayan Yousry we don’t have a trader joes where I live

  • Do u like Sucking Toes
    Do u like Sucking Toes 3 months ago

    I'm eating ice cream and watching this

  • Paige Dunn
    Paige Dunn 3 months ago +2

    ladylike goes vegan for a week!

    AMANDA TIJERINA 3 months ago

    Cook the meat until it's almost burnt!

  • Ali Jensen
    Ali Jensen 3 months ago

    Their cutting techniques make me nervous

  • Tinyhamsters Bigliving
    Tinyhamsters Bigliving 3 months ago

    Look at all of those dead animals!

  • s h a n n a _
    s h a n n a _ 3 months ago

    zoodles. z o o d l e s?

    that’s some LA sh t

  • Sheryn Batrisyia
    Sheryn Batrisyia 3 months ago +1

    4.54 me fishing for compliments😂😂

  • Finn Wolfhard gang W
    Finn Wolfhard gang W 3 months ago

    Did anyone see that stranger things poster

  • Winter husky 350
    Winter husky 350 3 months ago


  • Greta Buschau
    Greta Buschau 3 months ago

    This is my fav ladylike vid I’ve watched it like 4 times already

  • Ali Jensen
    Ali Jensen 3 months ago

    I love to cook and like I was making pasta from scratch and making eggs and chicken for salad and making cookies at the same time and I was just having a great time

  • Carrie Krout
    Carrie Krout 3 months ago +3

    Literally I could listen to Mike talk for hoouuurrrs, I love his voice so much.

  • CRINGY Bianca
    CRINGY Bianca 3 months ago

    starts at 2:09

  • Olivia Jasek
    Olivia Jasek 3 months ago +1

    Nobody in my family knows how to cook so I have to eat out or get take out and it is terrible for you health

    • Lœa Cläy
      Lœa Cläy 3 months ago

      Olivia Jasek learn to cook, you’ll find yourself lagging later on in life

    • Olivia Jasek
      Olivia Jasek 3 months ago

      Note that it is every day

  • A Human
    A Human 3 months ago

    I’m late but the guy looks like a crack head

  • xX Gacha Peach Xx
    xX Gacha Peach Xx 3 months ago

    Who just came here for the food?

  • Frankie Bentley
    Frankie Bentley 3 months ago

    Chopping parsley- cup+scissors+parsley 👍

  • mynameispolly
    mynameispolly 3 months ago +123

    i can’t be the only one who comes back around every 2- 3 months to watch this video? aha

    • gxbaesthetics
      gxbaesthetics Month ago

      Should be seeing you this month or next month 😭😂

    • Lœa Cläy
      Lœa Cläy 3 months ago

      Pj_vlogsBeauty no, I love this video

  • milena lopez
    milena lopez 3 months ago

    why do white people like wine so much

  • Bridget Ellis
    Bridget Ellis 3 months ago +1

    I’m watching this while eating peanut butter filler pretzel nuggets and I have no regrets

  • EclecticMillennial422
    EclecticMillennial422 3 months ago

    Apothic Dark is my favorite wine.

  • Nikiynova
    Nikiynova 3 months ago

    I really love Freddy but not enough to put up with the rest of the “ladies “ 🚶🏽‍♀️

  • Shanecon 23
    Shanecon 23 4 months ago


  • Gianna Viggiano
    Gianna Viggiano 4 months ago

    I love cooking I wanna be a chef when I get older 👩‍🍳 dats me

  • Catie Wren
    Catie Wren 4 months ago

    I think Devins favorite word is hesitant lmaoo

  • Speed Art
    Speed Art 4 months ago

    What i would do is make dinner one night make something else the other night and something else the next night again then rotate around those three meals for the next couple days or something like that it'd be way more efficient and you won't have to cook every night and you'd probably save some money which is awesome

  • most _wanted. nae l
    most _wanted. nae l 4 months ago

    Meanwhile im eating dunkin donuts

  • SquishyCat Studios
    SquishyCat Studios 4 months ago

    And I’m here eating 2 minute noodles...

  • Tallulah Byng
    Tallulah Byng 4 months ago

    2:33 Devin looks so pleased with herself 😂😂😂

  • night striker
    night striker 4 months ago

    Can we do ladylike goes vegan for a week

  • Aisha Magomadova
    Aisha Magomadova 4 months ago

    Devin is me with cheese

  • Maria Aleem
    Maria Aleem 4 months ago

    This is a great idea