Arin's Incredible Self-Confidence Gets Tested - Game Grumps Compilation

  • Published on Mar 12, 2018
  • Some of my all-time favorite moments come from Arin's amazing self-confidence... "Check THIS out..."... followed by immediate death. It makes me laugh every time! (And isn't "Egoraptor" the perfect name for this dynamic?!)
    Here are some of my personal favorites, and as always, this compilation isn't meant to be comprehensive... just my personal favorites! Thanks to everyone who has left a kind comment, I read and cherish each of them!
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Comments • 818

  • Narcissistic Llama

    5:04 This transition from Mario to Samus is crazy.

  • adam martinka
    adam martinka Day ago

    The transition between 5:04 and 5:06 is amazing

  • power surge
    power surge 8 days ago

    The ancient Greeks would be happy to know that Hubris is still a core theme in works of art such as these.

  • Choleric Charmander
    Choleric Charmander 9 days ago

    “Check this out”
    Me: “I know EXACTLY where this is going.”

  • John_RCG
    John_RCG 10 days ago

    5:06 beautiful transition man

  • Christina Hunt
    Christina Hunt 12 days ago

    This should be called the *Check this shit out* compilation.

  • ToxicDerg
    ToxicDerg 16 days ago

    I'm so glad you included the pay-off xD

  • JustinD98
    JustinD98 18 days ago

    Arin's unintentional comedic fail timing is probably only second to Rich Evans'.

  • CornelliuS
    CornelliuS 20 days ago

    0:14 legit thought the ball was going to come out of the screen and hit me in the face

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller 21 day ago

    What we all watch for

  • Wesley Patterson
    Wesley Patterson 22 days ago

    Arin losing 20 million times in the casino only to win back every cent he lost at the very end is one my all-time Game Grumps wtf moments

  • Kenny Henkes
    Kenny Henkes 23 days ago

    5:05 is the best edit ive ever seen. More of a perfectly timed cut but still.

  • Suckmydictionary
    Suckmydictionary 24 days ago

    The fortress of solitude will always be one of the greatest GameGrumps moments ever

  • tehdominator17
    tehdominator17 24 days ago

    the transition at 5:02 was amazing

  • Chelychee
    Chelychee 25 days ago

    Arin’s “check this shit out!!” being immediately followed by inexcusable failure will never ever not be hilarious to me

  • Isiah Perez
    Isiah Perez 26 days ago

    Oh my god this title makes me laugh with such gusto!!😂😂

  • Alfonza Pryor
    Alfonza Pryor 27 days ago

    19:24 the crescendo of happiness and strained vocal cords delights me lol

  • Jalen Ticen
    Jalen Ticen 28 days ago

    5:01 looks like Mario jumped to Samus

  • Preston Myers
    Preston Myers 29 days ago

    That transition 5:00 to 5:10 Mario jumping into the next clip.

  • Cash Moulder
    Cash Moulder 29 days ago

    5:04 That transition was funky bro...

  • Dominique T
    Dominique T Month ago

    5:04 Damn, that transition!

  • NCarter756
    NCarter756 Month ago


  • lil nut
    lil nut Month ago

    5:04 that transition tho

  • Cupcake BG
    Cupcake BG Month ago


  • Steve Moses
    Steve Moses Month ago

    15:00 my all time favorite "over confidence followed by rapid incompetence" moment from arin.

  • Awsomeisimo
    Awsomeisimo Month ago

    Who edits the newer episodes?

  • Klauchrus
    Klauchrus Month ago

    The most perfect transition when Mario jumps at 5:00

  • Sarah Jane
    Sarah Jane Month ago

    Aka Arin-Fails

  • jared_ really
    jared_ really Month ago +2

    What a gorgeous transition 5:02

  • lil nut
    lil nut Month ago

    check this out I’m totally gonna nail this compilation aw fuck

  • BenjiGoldilocks
    BenjiGoldilocks Month ago +1

    Dan: *you got it!*

  • Lati Twins
    Lati Twins Month ago

    I love the Mario Maker one at 9:23, because I just like to think that Arin literally could not comprehend himself losing so his brain just defaults to yelling what killed him

  • SC2
    SC2 Month ago

    Bold of you to assume Arin could imitate our lord and savior, Norville Rogers.

  • Sarah Ryan
    Sarah Ryan Month ago

    5:05 is such a smooth ass jump transition my mind is blown what the fuCK

  • Samuel-Kei Corpuz
    Samuel-Kei Corpuz Month ago +4

    Check this out Shaggy more like the ultra instinct god

  • Opal
    Opal Month ago

    No one’s gonna talk about the perfect transition at 5:04?

  • Cra1gW4ve
    Cra1gW4ve Month ago

    Fitting how it stars with a Shaggy clip, and Shaggy is now a meme.
    *The Foreshadowing is REAL ×10 THIS MUCH.*

  • tofol cano
    tofol cano Month ago

    With great confidence comes great wonfidence

  • ari ryan
    ari ryan Month ago

    5:04 that was absolutely beautiful. Spectacularly edited my good sir.

  • Thanh Nguyễn
    Thanh Nguyễn Month ago


  • J Dubs
    J Dubs Month ago

    Who wrote the description for the video?

  • Emma Lindskog
    Emma Lindskog Month ago

    5:03 is perfectly lined up

  • Luar D'Andrea
    Luar D'Andrea Month ago

    "check this out" Arin's last words

  • Ace D
    Ace D Month ago

    Almost all of these are golf related games

  • alex bynum
    alex bynum Month ago

    Dan needs to stay off the froopy loopys.

  • Evan Uttech
    Evan Uttech Month ago

    *like, at the beginning of the video*
    arin: check this out. shaggy? More like, all right
    Shaggy: like, fuck you

  • Andrew Bodily
    Andrew Bodily Month ago

    there needs to be a part 2 of this

  • Charles M
    Charles M Month ago


  • Trecks
    Trecks Month ago

    5:00 That transition is beautiful.

  • Daniel Voltaire
    Daniel Voltaire Month ago

    This being made before the al yancovik episode is a travesty

  • Rithrius
    Rithrius 2 months ago

    Moral of the story: Arin sucks at every form of golf.

  • Ashley Elwood
    Ashley Elwood 2 months ago


  • Camilo Garcia Ylasaari
    Camilo Garcia Ylasaari 2 months ago

    23 is the ultimate underdog story

  • Undertaker330
    Undertaker330 2 months ago

    Taunt to get bodied. The truest of combos.

  • Jacqueline Trigo
    Jacqueline Trigo 2 months ago

    I had to pause it to drink my cereal milk, so I wouldn't spew it everywhere 🤣🤣 so funny I'll probably choke

  • Pheadra Remington
    Pheadra Remington 2 months ago

    We need someone to put 15:30 right before the mario 8 part where they have the balloons, and Dan wins by being a passive player.

  • Pheadra Remington
    Pheadra Remington 2 months ago

    I've watched this so many times by now... I love it so much. When there's more available, please make more! 💖

  • thelittlest .neko
    thelittlest .neko 2 months ago


  • Condoggs
    Condoggs 2 months ago +1

    When Arin says "Check this shit out" There's like an 80% chance he's gonna fuck it up

  • Kevin Dougherty
    Kevin Dougherty 2 months ago

    No 2 things go together better then “Watch this” and immediate failure

  • Per Jensen Jensen
    Per Jensen Jensen 2 months ago

    My favorite "Watch this moment" is in the dlc of breath of the wild with the hinox. "No, actually. He's pretty simple. *Dies in one shot* Are.. you.. fucking.. kidding.. me....?"

  • PoshMudkip
    PoshMudkip 2 months ago

    The infamous trilogy of "Check this out" "Ah shit" and " Shame".

  • Rovy
    Rovy 2 months ago


  • MissBuyNLarge
    MissBuyNLarge 2 months ago

    "Bitch is goin' to Alderan!"

  • katakuna95
    katakuna95 2 months ago

    i like lifeguards they are like sons of poseidon

  • Alainpbat
    Alainpbat 2 months ago

    I think the entirety of battle kid could qualify for this list

  • Jarjar Rodriguez
    Jarjar Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Isn't it why he's called EGOraptor?

  • Salmon Fish
    Salmon Fish 2 months ago +1

    5:04 That transition though

  • Michael Kokirin
    Michael Kokirin 2 months ago

    I love just how many of these are, "Check this out!" Moments.

  • Timothy Tzovolos
    Timothy Tzovolos 2 months ago


  • Naven6002
    Naven6002 2 months ago

    That intro always gets me, just Arin's defeat after he realized he totally screwed himself.

    I TRIGGER PEOPLE 2 months ago +1

    Dan is always so fucking ready to shit in Arin's litter box. 😂😂😂

  • Alexander Inoa
    Alexander Inoa 2 months ago

    5:04 was a surprisingly smooth transition, what the fuck?

  • SpaceBreakdown
    SpaceBreakdown 2 months ago

    why bother playing the shaggy one twice

  • The 8-Bit Ginger
    The 8-Bit Ginger 2 months ago +1

    5:03 perfect transition👌
    EDIT: I didn’t notice the other comment on this, didn’t mean to steal thunder

  • Emma Steven
    Emma Steven 2 months ago

    “Watch this”
    - famous last words of Arin Hanson.

  • Alkaris
    Alkaris 2 months ago

    You can't keep going 23 like that... you're like one of the WORST gamblers ever! xD

  • JacobK01
    JacobK01 2 months ago

    I sometimes wonder how this guy ties his shoes in the morning

  • イヤンックIyankku
    イヤンックIyankku 3 months ago

    All you gotta do is type in "wi" to get the rest of the quote u did it arin u won the winning

  • xpirate16
    xpirate16 3 months ago

    I don't know whose 「Crazy Talk」 is stronger: Arin's or Pat's?

  • Eduardo A. Mangueira
    Eduardo A. Mangueira 3 months ago

    There needs to be a part 2 of this

  • Thaumaturtle
    Thaumaturtle 3 months ago

    5:04 that transition tho

  • Nick Currie
    Nick Currie 3 months ago

    Yeah! *FIVE!*

  • temato flakes
    temato flakes 3 months ago

    See dan sometimes gets cocky but only if he knows it'll wlro or somewhat work arin....however is another case he sees an impossible shot or goal he's going for it until he loses his mind which is why dan and arin are the perfect team and it's awesome that jon was such a good sport about stepping down

  • Faith luvscats
    Faith luvscats 3 months ago +1

    This is just a comp of Arin saying "Yo, watch this" and then continues to miss everything he intends to hit in Dream Course

  • FoxxGames
    FoxxGames 3 months ago


  • Jenny Kirkland
    Jenny Kirkland 3 months ago

    I swear arin's last words on this earthly plane will be "check this shit out"

  • Jacob Applehoof
    Jacob Applehoof 3 months ago

    5:05 that transition was flawless

  • Toast
    Toast 3 months ago

    Check this out shaggy more like

  • _DankHowell_
    _DankHowell_ 3 months ago

    At 5:04 it looks like Mario jumps into the Super Metroid universe and just starts playing or something

  • Blue DummyFat
    Blue DummyFat 3 months ago


  • sarah bunny
    sarah bunny 3 months ago

    Whenever I need a pick me up, this or arins rage comps always pull through and make me smile.

  • kirb has a gun
    kirb has a gun 3 months ago

    whenever its golf games Arin is super confident then Dan beats him every time

  • InsaneTacoz
    InsaneTacoz 3 months ago

    Fuckin wonfidence

  • Hayden Blewett
    Hayden Blewett 3 months ago

    9:36 "This bitch is flyin' with a rocket on his back yo, feeling dizzy afterwards-

  • Ronyn Cato
    Ronyn Cato 3 months ago

    I though Pat was the only Stand user for [Crazy Talk]

  • YoCatDoc
    YoCatDoc 3 months ago

    Cinematographic match on action 5:03

  • jahmaicamecrazy
    jahmaicamecrazy 3 months ago

    5:03 beautiful transition

  • Isaac Ashley
    Isaac Ashley 3 months ago

    Whoa, did anyone see the transition at- OH MY GOD WE GET IT, THE TRANSITION WAS AWESOME

  • Coffie Raptor Studios
    Coffie Raptor Studios 3 months ago

    EVERY SPIKE IS ONE DEGREE OF ANGER SO that's like ᵗᵉⁿ ᵈᵉᵍʳᵉᵉˢ