• Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Well guys I thought that in 2019 we would be over all of this, Im so tired of not so great foundations being released, rather then focusing energy on the negative, lets get creative and swatch all that is good with it comes to foundation and make the perfect one.
    All foundations swatched BELOW!
    Brows - @benefitcosmeticsuk Benefit Ka brow ( Shade 5) - bit.ly/2p2PtXj
    Dior Forever (6.5W) - bit.ly/2VKtX9n
    Fenty Foundation (430/ 440) - rstyle.me/n/depewv2nbw
    Too Faced Born This Way (Spiced Rum) - rstyle.me/n/depexn2nbw
    Huda Beauty #Faux Filter (500/520) - rstyle.me/n/depey82nbw
    Nars - All day Luminous (New Orleans) - rstyle.me/~aLvAd
    Nars - Natural Radiant Longwear - rstyle.me/n/depe3p2nbw
    Kevyn Aucoin - rstyle.me/n/depe4i2nbw
    Lancome Tient Idol (12) - rstyle.me/n/depe442nbw
    Becca (Sienna) - rstyle.me/n/depe532nbw
    Clinique Even Better Glow - rstyle.me/n/depe6t2nbw
    Bobbi Brown Skin Longwear (Almond) - rstyle.me/n/depe732nbw
    Dior Back Stage (6.5N) - rstyle.me/n/depe9y2nbw
    YSL All Hours - rstyle.me/n/depfau2nbw
    L'orรฉal True Match - rstyle.me/n/depfhj2nbw
    Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - rstyle.me/n/depfkk2nbw
    Make-Up Revolution Full Camouflage Concealer (13/14) - rstyle.me/n/depfn32nbw
    Elf Foundation - bit.ly/2QPTqdG
    The Ordinary Foundation (4.2N) - rstyle.me/n/depfvf2nbw
    Covergirl TruBlend Matte Made (D50/D60) - bit.ly/2VMIpgY
    Make-Up Revolution Foundation Drops - rstyle.me/n/depfqd2nbw
    NYX Total Control Drop (Deep Rich/Cappuccino) - rstyle.me/n/depfxq2nbw

    A section of the video was sponsored by Olay, Thanks guys!
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    *Paid partnership with Benefit Cosmetics
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    Do you live in the U.K. or America?

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    NRSTYLE Day ago

    i love your energy ! xo

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    omg, did you breakout after all this was applied to your dace?

  • Audrey Vincent
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    I've be watching your videos for over 3 years now. Since befor you where pregnant
    I made you my role model
    I had no child when i started following you but now am a mom of 2 a boy alnd and a girl๐Ÿ˜˜ i got inspired into being a mom from how great you were treated by you husband. Beside you i also followed Adana and David& nicky and Jamie. Seeing howmuch love and attention you'll had from your husband i decided to go for a baby too every woman needs some great attention but girl it wasn't the same with me, i bearly suvived my pregnancies
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    Pat i pray you read my text .i seriously need helpwith myself and my kids
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  • Oogabooganibba A
    Oogabooganibba A 3 days ago

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