Rainbow Six Siege: Lesion Elite Set - New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • A special edition of New on the Six brings a new Elite set for Lesion, available in game with Operation Phantom Sight! The set will unlock the Nano-Tox 32 uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for his GU Mines and weapon skin for the SIX12 SD, T-5 SMG and Q-929 as well as the Elite Lesion Chibi charm.
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    Rainbow Six Siege: Lesion Elite Set - New on the Six | Ubisoft [NA]
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Comments • 2 893

  • kaMMakaZZi9
    kaMMakaZZi9 Day ago

    The animation and GU Mines could've been so much better...

  • BigFuckOffTurtle
    BigFuckOffTurtle 2 days ago

    This music is amazing!

  • Nikolas Shumaker
    Nikolas Shumaker 4 days ago

    Ubisoft! Y U no elite skin? Mira, echo, and jackal don't have elite skins but u give one to leison?

  • Varthix
    Varthix 4 days ago

    Lesion went from Dad shorts to "Your daughter calls me Daddy, too."

  • Connor
    Connor 4 days ago


  • IvanGames101
    IvanGames101 6 days ago +1

    Cargo shorts better

  • 軒
     7 days ago

    Operators:We are the most high tech counter terrorist
    Lesion:hold my cargo shorts

  • Dan Illahi
    Dan Illahi 10 days ago

    attack: Kilo Yamada: arm tasered
    Jack stone defender: Flash grenade mine just like kapcan.

  • Sentoriika
    Sentoriika Month ago

    Lesion just got upgraded from a "Dad" to "Daddy"

  • Joseph Stalin
    Joseph Stalin Month ago

    Has armor from the future.
    Takes three bullets to the chest , dies.

  • JOXx bliss
    JOXx bliss Month ago +1

    we don't need that give us the castle elite and fuze tachaka buff

  • Greetedfox
    Greetedfox Month ago

    Everybody gangsta
    Till lesion shows up with a nano tech suit

  • :Y Frank
    :Y Frank Month ago

    has very good armor set, still 1 armor

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage Month ago

    smoke elite when

  • Yosef Essa
    Yosef Essa Month ago

    do cav next please

  • Devastating Joke
    Devastating Joke Month ago +1

    Lesion can finally ditch his shorties.

  • Lynizie -
    Lynizie - Month ago

    From Jackie Chan to Jet Li
    Uncle Cargo Short after payday

  • carrotymanager5
    carrotymanager5 2 months ago

    Yo he looks like vanoss

  • James Karet
    James Karet 2 months ago

    i want some action elite skin, but nah....

  • dafid 25
    dafid 25 2 months ago

    so doctor Liu is new at black mesa!
    give him a crowbar

  • 侯垚辉
    侯垚辉 2 months ago


  • 陳泓銘
    陳泓銘 2 months ago


  • Their Teammate
    Their Teammate 2 months ago

    Anyone gonna mention the knife on his back?

  • Perdak Perdakov
    Perdak Perdakov 2 months ago

    Слава китайцу

  • C Houghton
    C Houghton 2 months ago

    Looks cool Animation sucks

  • Maxxzzz
    Maxxzzz 2 months ago

    What if this has something to do with R6 Quarantine?
    Ela said "Were going into Space" (or something along that lines) and Lesionlooks like a mf Space Soldier.

    • Jason Ngim
      Jason Ngim 2 months ago

      She said that he was going into stasis. I wish it was space 🗿

  • Techo _kidd11
    Techo _kidd11 2 months ago


  • Benbad
    Benbad 2 months ago +1

    bad animation

  • Jordan Baez
    Jordan Baez 2 months ago

    Pretty sure his foot is in the ground.

  • Guest
    Guest 2 months ago

    He looked way better here

  • nathaniel pantoja
    nathaniel pantoja 2 months ago

    When's he coming out????

  • Max Rayne
    Max Rayne 2 months ago

    RIP cargo shorts

  • Ya Boi KungPow FuckFinger

    No shorts no money, Ubisoft...

  • cryer3160
    cryer3160 2 months ago

    imo actual skin looks bad because of lighting in the shop

  • kaMMakaZZi9
    kaMMakaZZi9 2 months ago

    Release date?

  • M00F
    M00F 2 months ago

    The man in cargo shorts switch to a swat team uniform little does he know it’s made from China

  • Meleeing
    Meleeing 2 months ago

    so terrible

  • Kearz
    Kearz 2 months ago

    Jeez this music is fire

  • Big Mac
    Big Mac 2 months ago

    Tachanka elite plz

  • Madfrazzer
    Madfrazzer 2 months ago

    Can't see what's new about the gu mine skin.???

  • Morph
    Morph 2 months ago

    Honestly, gonna miss the cargo shorts

  • Kay Tee
    Kay Tee 2 months ago

    His in-game outfit looks nothing like this. Wtf did you guys do to it?

  • M
    M 2 months ago


  • Goron
    Goron 2 months ago

    Very nice, too bad we'll never see this skin in ranked since he's a perma pick rn

  • Anthony Rodriguez
    Anthony Rodriguez 2 months ago +2

    It’s June 18th where is the elite skin?!?!?!?

  • Shino Capushino
    Shino Capushino 2 months ago

    Ya salió la temporada y todavía no sale 😞
    The season has come out and still it has not come out.

  • Mia Joy
    Mia Joy 2 months ago

    When is his Elite Skin coming out?

  • Qeş EditZ
    Qeş EditZ 2 months ago

    Released ?

  • Finland Mapping
    Finland Mapping 2 months ago

    Please, no...

  • Crusher X gaming/vlogs
    Crusher X gaming/vlogs 2 months ago

    Looks like echo

  • Remaker27
    Remaker27 2 months ago

    I want to know the song

  • The Pig Network
    The Pig Network 2 months ago

    When Tho

    REHAB KID 2 months ago

    The man has just been looking for his super suit

  • He He
    He He 2 months ago

    High quality basic non existing weapon skin

  • ThE wOmAn AnD tHe ChIlDrEn ToO

    modern combat 5 called it wants it's eco suit design back

  • h o o v e r
    h o o v e r 2 months ago

    From Asian dad to UNSC trooper real quick

  • Zeka Kiri
    Zeka Kiri 2 months ago


  • Nope ._.
    Nope ._. 2 months ago

    Guys... we can't see his calves... I'm freaking out! 😱

  • RobiGhast381
    RobiGhast381 2 months ago

    How tf does his gadget get a new skin if it turns invisible?!

  • ZetmanAxel
    ZetmanAxel 2 months ago

    ...why the hell would you put your tactical knife right in the middle fo your back with the hilt pointed up? Thta's like the worst possible place to try to quickly draw a knife from.

  • Start Trevor
    Start Trevor 2 months ago +3

    Still no Elite for Castle, Capitiao, or Clash. Ubisoft definitely does not like its Bl........

  • Remington RDS
    Remington RDS 2 months ago +1

    So...is this the new anime where they fight off monsters with future tech?

  • Jon Bone
    Jon Bone 2 months ago +1

    When is it gonna be released???

  • andrew fil travilla
    andrew fil travilla 2 months ago

    Ok first of all who put knife on the back?

  • Tony Tscheuschler
    Tony Tscheuschler 2 months ago

    wait for the release of phantom to get him and get fucked by delay....

  • Ken Lenard Navarro
    Ken Lenard Navarro 2 months ago

    No more khaki shorts for Lesion

  • im the real fish !
    im the real fish ! 2 months ago

    Make his under shirt have a Hawaiian pattern

  • BronzeBobCat
    BronzeBobCat 2 months ago

    I misread the title and I thought Lion was an Asian guy

  • Tomasz Nabiałowy
    Tomasz Nabiałowy 2 months ago

    "Available with Operation Phantom Sight"
    Those bastards lied to me!

  • Dropp'n Mic's
    Dropp'n Mic's 2 months ago +1

    Where is it tho. Its not in the game even tho it said it releases with phantom sight?

  • Daniel NephiinitiV
    Daniel NephiinitiV 2 months ago


  • FMillers.
    FMillers. 2 months ago


  • Top Flame Gaming
    Top Flame Gaming 2 months ago

    Dude lesion looks lit

  • Tavon Nevins
    Tavon Nevins 2 months ago

    Where is it I hope I can get it today

  • Mike Montes
    Mike Montes 2 months ago

    The most hyped thing about this elite is my boy has fucking pants.