High School Musical The Musical The Series is hilariously dumb...

  • Published on Nov 21, 2019
  • High School Musical The Musical The Series
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    Lemonade Mouth is kinda dumb...
    My Babysitter's a Vampire doesn't make any sense...
    Tall Girl is kinda dumb...
    Descendants 3 doesn't make any sense...
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  • Sam
    Sam Hour ago


  • ShortSonic01
    ShortSonic01 2 hours ago

    "Triggered as a millennial"
    Something about her saying that makes me want to slap her face.

  • Victoria Zhuravleva
    Victoria Zhuravleva 3 hours ago


  • Cara Marais
    Cara Marais 5 hours ago +1

    As a teen i can say we do not have that much energy

  • TheBrokenScythe
    TheBrokenScythe 6 hours ago

    Petition for Alex to make a "That's my life now... I guess".

  • laila
    laila 7 hours ago

    you should react to chicken girls

  • teniel brandon
    teniel brandon 9 hours ago +1

    “The guy who looks like he only comes to life when Andy leaves the room.”😂☠️

  • je je
    je je 15 hours ago

    Even though the episodes hasn’t been release i know how this show is going to end up 🤡 back to you ex.

  • Udy Kumra
    Udy Kumra 16 hours ago

    I love this show also on episode 4 it's kinda getting really sad

  • Isabella Trevino
    Isabella Trevino 16 hours ago

    This show is low key good

  • Tiara The Shortiee
    Tiara The Shortiee 16 hours ago

    “When Disney movies were worth watching” I felt that!!😭

  • N.A.I 2005
    N.A.I 2005 18 hours ago


  • Isabella Milfont
    Isabella Milfont 19 hours ago +1

    I’m from Brazil and I love your videos 😍 I wanted to ask for you to make subtitles in english, it helps to understand better 😅

  • Granny Smith
    Granny Smith 19 hours ago

    its basically high school musical kids bob version.. when it was already meant for kids...

  • Sonali Sharma
    Sonali Sharma 20 hours ago

    Honestly as a 13 year old, the “teen slang” isn’t that bad. Sometimes it feels like it’s ironical. I like the show lol

  • Jayla Simone
    Jayla Simone 21 hour ago +1

    I honestly don't believe that this show is any cringier (I don't think that spelled right, so someone correct me) than Glee. It couldn't _possibly_ be. It CAN'T!

  • Debora soto
    Debora soto 23 hours ago

    “Designated sassy BLACK friend” i- okay

  • Jess-marina M_Martins
    Jess-marina M_Martins 23 hours ago

    I dont know if its because of you and this vid but I'm crying laughing... I'm gonna watch smh.. DONT TELL MY GROWN ASS FRIENDS. 😫😖

  • Jess-marina M_Martins
    Jess-marina M_Martins 23 hours ago

    Im getting Glee vibes? PG 11-

  • FattyFlapJack !
    FattyFlapJack ! Day ago

    omfg I thought her name was Panini 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • JMHWrites
    JMHWrites Day ago

    Please quit Riverdale and do a few more videos on Teen Wolf. The one video you did a while back was hilarious, and the show actually improves with each passing season, unlike this particular show. *Cough cough* Riverdale's an abombination *cough cough*

  • Brandon Dillon
    Brandon Dillon Day ago

    I love High School Musical and this new series but I also really enjoy your videos. Even though I enjoy some of the movies you roast I can always get a laugh out of your videos

  • Lea Lapersonne
    Lea Lapersonne Day ago

    Let it snow!!!

  • Kylee L
    Kylee L Day ago


  • cookie et broownie

    Yeah thats not how teenagers talk lmao who wrote that

  • Magdalena Lugaric

    Alex: ‘V-HuDgE’
    Also Alex: ‘upsetti spaghetti’

  • Loren S
    Loren S Day ago

    Bless Alex for guiding us through the cringefests

  • Isabel Nagler
    Isabel Nagler Day ago

    Absolutely Not A Soul:
    Ms Jenn: "triggered as a millenial"
    Me: Ok Boomer

  • memes are life
    memes are life Day ago

    I think they were trying to say “I’m dying lmao” without actually knowing what it means

  • A&J Tv
    A&J Tv Day ago


  • A&J Tv
    A&J Tv Day ago


  • Ziyanda Zwane
    Ziyanda Zwane Day ago

    I was watching HSM last weekend and wondering what happened to the rumoured sequel that was supposed to happen and now I know XD Seems... pretty cool, though...

  • Ziyanda Zwane
    Ziyanda Zwane Day ago

    I was watching HSM last weekend and wondering what happened to the rumoured sequel that was supposed to happen and now I know XD Seems... pretty cool, though...

  • Ziyanda Zwane
    Ziyanda Zwane Day ago

    It's been 40 seconds, why am I already laughing out loud??? XD

  • Renzoh’s Club
    Renzoh’s Club Day ago

    That name tho.

    The Name

  • T ZB
    T ZB Day ago +1

    "V Hudge" sounds like a disease or a new and diabological twist on the wedgie.

  • Lando Vendetta
    Lando Vendetta Day ago

    I know it's shit but I'm still loving it.

  • TJUC123
    TJUC123 Day ago

    Good God, this show sucks. I watched the first episode and part of the second, but I couldn't finish it. I quit.

  • Grace Nufer
    Grace Nufer Day ago

    Wait I'm sorry. You're 30????? What the frick

  • Marill Sweatshirt

    Came in expecting to be educated about HMTHTS. All I got was a bunch naked gender fluid people. 10/10

  • yeigh seph
    yeigh seph Day ago

    I will now only call her v-hudge from now on.

  • Jacob Donellan
    Jacob Donellan Day ago


  • watorbot
    watorbot Day ago

    it's so stupid yet so fun to watch. it's kind of sad tbh

  • Juan Estrada
    Juan Estrada Day ago

    To be honest there are some these that I find a bit cringe about the room, but other than that I actually enjoy the show

  • notanonymous
    notanonymous Day ago

    So come to find out, the High School where High School Musical was shot actually DID have a production of High School Musical the Musical and it was so popular they had to add another show time

  • Toyaa Ikem
    Toyaa Ikem 2 days ago

    Upsety spaghetty🤣🤣😂

  • Ngwato Nchabeleng
    Ngwato Nchabeleng 2 days ago

    Guys all I was thinking about is that Nini is Paige from bizaardvark 🤔🤔🤔

  • Bradley Bedsworth
    Bradley Bedsworth 2 days ago +2

    "And triggered as a millennial"
    I lasted this far but I'm out.

  • Jad Gil
    Jad Gil 2 days ago

    Tbh this show isn't as bad as he is making it. Of course he wouldn't like it, it's for children. And yeah an adult could like it too. But see why go so deep on a children's show? I can tell you why, to get views. No hate. (Maybe a little cause it makes me angry) but still I don't want to argue with anyone. I just hate when people pick on good shows.

  • Elena Fox
    Elena Fox 2 days ago

    Your Cats musical line had me in hysterics 😂

  • Sherena Fernando
    Sherena Fernando 2 days ago

    4:22 R.I.P to all the headphone users 💀

  • 4- EAST Entertainments

    *Why the fuck they gave it a mouthful title!?!😕😲*

    MAD BENDY 2 days ago

    Me in Real Life: My friends find it hilarious.
    My Soul and Brain: Impossible!!!

  • Diante Lowe
    Diante Lowe 2 days ago +1

    I started watching this show today but couldn’t get past the assembly so I’m here now

  • William Rozario
    William Rozario 2 days ago

    Glee, but make it Disney. It’s actually really fun though.

  • chill cloud
    chill cloud 2 days ago

    *an in depth description of my thoughts on the show as a 16 year old girl*
    First off I was never into hsm when I was younger. Did I watch all the movies?? Yeah. But Idk I just wasn’t phased or obsessed. If I’m being honest I liked sharpays movie much more. Anyways-
    I got Disney+ and was purely interested in watching the new sHoW.
    Ep. 1 was pretty idk.. eH?? Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. But I liked it enough to keep going.
    As for the characters themselves they’re alright.
    Pretty tired of the same “let’s add a black girl best friend because haha diVerSiTy” but I can look passed that for now
    As cringey as the writing is and cringey how they have them act, the story isn’t actually all that bad.
    I’m now on the fourth episode (as of writing this there are only 4 out so..)
    and there’s some pretty deep realistic stuff?
    Beside the actual “”point”” and focus which is Hsm, the characters personal lives and thinking is pretty interesting.
    Ricky is just another teen boy. Maybe Nini fell too fast and when she said she lOvEd him Ricky couldn’t take it. It’s easy for teens to lack communication in these ways because they haven’t experienced such a deep relationship yet. So instead of talking it out you could say Ricky ran away from the problem. He figured a “break” could fix things and give him time to see his feelings for nini (of course he wasn’t expecting her to find someone new)
    and now he’s experiencing his parents splitting apart which I’m sure most of us can see the pain that causes.
    Now on to Nini-
    To me it seems like she was pretty messed up over being “rejected” by Ricky. She figured he didn’t love her back and saw the break as a full breakup.
    In my eyes Nini went to that camp and saw things she felt she liked better in her new boyfriend. He likes acting and is your typical kind of fun jock??
    So it was easy for Nini to rebound with him.
    So once Ricky found out everything he figured maybe if he changed himself to do something Nini liked; hed like her again. Which seems pretty dumb in some ways but as of Ep4 I can say it’s already kind of working...
    As for Ninis current boyfriend he is way too worried and possessive. He wants everything to go his way which is pretty toxic. He stole her phone and everything just because he has trust issues. He obviously sees Ricky as a threat and doubts Ninis feelings for him
    Again.. lack of communication skills
    I may also be a teen but I can assure you it’s communication that is often a huge problem for any relationship at all. Just thought I’d add this in-
    So far, yes, there are MANY cringey moments. But I personally look past it and I can say the show really isn’t all that bad. There is some depth and it shows how real teens feel and act, Disney just conveys it badly.
    Anyways I’d personally rate the show so far a 7.5/10 or like 4 stars

  • Jaelynn Smith
    Jaelynn Smith 2 days ago

    Ur wrong

    SHAMELESS US 2 days ago

    Disney+ say they have 7 marvel shows coming I assume they will all be like this

  • isabella gomez guzman

    Just admit you are in love with ricky like everybody else, we wont judge you

  • EW Surf Soccer
    EW Surf Soccer 2 days ago

    I don't think you should be making fun of a show that some people actually like and watch. Sorry if you don't like it but keep it to yourself. Thank you