HACKED!: 6V Electric Generator UPGRADE to 12V!

  • Published on Jun 16, 2019
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    In this HACKED! episode we will have a closer look at the electric generator of an old Simson moped. I will tell you a bit about how such an electric generator creates energy and afterwards modify the Simson one. This way we will convert the 6V electrical system of the moped into a 12V one. Let's get started!
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  • gigi gigiotto
    gigi gigiotto 9 hours ago

    why not buying a led headlight?

  • nadepp
    nadepp 3 days ago

    hey scott, please explain why induction motor cannot use bldc motor controller please @GreatScott!

  • WaynesWorkVlog
    WaynesWorkVlog 12 days ago

    just add a 12v rectifier.

  • AliReza Sadeghi
    AliReza Sadeghi 21 day ago

    You can also simply use a relay in between battery and the charger's output and power it by charger's input voltage to connect battery to the charger only while its working and disconnect battery from the charger while its not working to avoid diode's small amounts of leakage.

  • Guido Berenstein
    Guido Berenstein 21 day ago

    Is it also possible to connect the battery charger coil and the light coil in series an run the light straight from the battery?

  • Viro Science
    Viro Science 22 days ago +1

    is sponsored by pcb manufacturer
    uses perfboard smh

  • rcbot original
    rcbot original 25 days ago

    Alte Scheiße ist dad Geil!!! Da spart man sich die Vape

  • ProjektHeld
    ProjektHeld 25 days ago

    Interessantes Video, bin auch Simson Fahrer und habe meine Simson auch schon genau so umgebaut!

  • Wesley Grenfell
    Wesley Grenfell 26 days ago

    Excellent idea. Great and readily available voltage regulator. Would have liked it if you calculated the total impedence of the two coils and made use of a filter circuit.

  • Nitish Isad
    Nitish Isad 26 days ago

    Why don't just rewire the light directly via DC supply, and voltage could be adjusted by buck boost converter. LEDs could be ideal then.

  • m kolkman
    m kolkman 27 days ago


  • Jang Kodera
    Jang Kodera 29 days ago

    Geil Simme fahren! :D

  • Bora Yurtoren
    Bora Yurtoren 29 days ago

    Nice project, but why not use a buck converter and waste less energy on heating up a heatsink?

  • Sachin ET
    Sachin ET 29 days ago

    Can you please do a video on charging lithium ion and Ni-Cad batteries, i actually have 2 or 3 lying around but can't use them in my simple projects because of not knowing how to charge it properly.

  • Black Widow
    Black Widow 29 days ago

    Make a video about a peltier.

  • Humayl Fayyaz
    Humayl Fayyaz 29 days ago +1

    Help me make a video on improving ps vita adding a small much better external Gpu and cpu that work in the place of internal ones and add a small air cooler, add more battery remove unwanted things make ps vita more fatty by adding a 3D printed piece between front case and back case add usb thou c port remove sim slot and add some useful thing there make use of external port on ps vita make it better and do it all on ps vita 1000 please reply to me yes or no this is a big challenge make and release every video with a part of doing every thing separate please do it accept the challenge the people who agree with me hit like there are many people out there who want this reply soon sorry for my bad English just wanna to upgrade ps vita to play PS3 games

  • Himanshu Kalra
    Himanshu Kalra 29 days ago


  • Ettienne Coetzee
    Ettienne Coetzee Month ago

    Dear GreatScott, your channel is really awesome! I am playing around with capacitive encoders, like the ones you can find on rotary encoders or digital vernier digital calipers, but I'm getting stuck. Is there any way to DIY such sensors (they seem to be made of specific PCB layouts that produce the variable capacitive effect. Thanks for the awesome content!

  • Cindy Williams
    Cindy Williams Month ago

    i like to drink coffee (a hot coffee) but it so fast to get cold, can you make a cup that can warm/hot that coffee ?

  • Peque Lay
    Peque Lay Month ago

    Awesome project. Good working prototype, probably needs measures to control vibration effects like weakened solder joints (heatsink mass) and waterproofing (silicone coating everything).

  • Ghulam Khadar
    Ghulam Khadar Month ago

    When I was in 2class I have done this experiment with a car Dc motor how they produce the current,35 years before

  • Shane Pudner
    Shane Pudner Month ago

    Really enjoyed this episode, you combined two of my favourite topics, bikes and electronics!

  • TechniSpace
    TechniSpace Month ago

    a great hack

  • TheRobb573
    TheRobb573 Month ago

    I've turned my 49cc TaoTao moped into a ridable 750 watt generator. The charging system charges around 15 volts, but everything works fine. Not to mention I have a nitrous kit installed, and soon a 12 volt "turbo" kit! I love this thing!

  • Dalli
    Dalli Month ago

    My Simson was stolen 2 Years agoi :-) had as well the 6V generator

  • Paul Adams
    Paul Adams Month ago

    Gday mate... I’d like to speak to you about a project I’d like to do.
    I want to know, if it’s possible to create 415v from an alternator type device?

  • Shubham Chavan
    Shubham Chavan Month ago

    Sir can you take the cources full details of 3d printings or similar something

  • daimonmt
    daimonmt Month ago

    Would it not be cheaper and quicker to fit a used larger 12v motorbike rectifier regulator? More compact too and less risky for any electrical mishaps. Just my 2 cents worth. Great work as usual Scott.

  • Neko Imouto
    Neko Imouto Month ago

    wonder what the TÜV's opinion on this mod is.

  • Zitrone250
    Zitrone250 Month ago

    des is voll lustig wie du so richtig deitsch englisch redest ;D

  • steve c
    steve c Month ago

    This solution is not going to work for very long with the headlight on since the LM317 can't provide enough current to keep the battery charged with the lights on. I would eliminate it altogether and connect the output straight to the battery. The headlight is basically running off the generator after a few minutes when the battery starts to get discharged so the generator has to provide enough current to handle the entire load of everything on the moped that will be using power including the all the lights and charging the battery as well or the battery will go dead in no time! Yamaha motorcycle models XS650, XS750 and XS100 used to have this problem because the generator didn't provide enough current at idle to charge the battery with the headlight on and after everyone started riding with their lights on all the time the battery would go dead if you were sitting very long in slow traffic.

  • francis hosey
    francis hosey Month ago

    Great info but I didn’t see your reasonintnall the way with most of the things you decided to do. Like why you chose sizes resistors and how much the system actually put out and why you chose the new coil. How man turns did the coil have . Stuff like thet

  • devesh rai
    devesh rai Month ago

    Absolutely brilliant😊😊

  • Abhi RAm
    Abhi RAm Month ago

    Why can't we use boost converters?

  • dan blankenship
    dan blankenship Month ago

    Awesome video, so happy I saw it. Even if USclip dropped the ball.
    Did anyone else realize that USclip failed to send a notification for this video?
    A strange thing happened a couple days ago, I was searching through the suggested sites and posts after watching the latest offering from my subscriptions, and then I see the latest posts from GreatScott!'s channel. It showed that I had watched them (Red bar beneath them), but it had the "Subscribe here" notification. I thought that was weird. I immediately looked through the list of those I had subscriptions to and his channel wasn't on my list anymore. I also saw that
    Julian Ilett's channel was also there (another of my previously subscribed channels). It too appeared as if I wasn't already subscribed. I immediately hit the subscribed icon and rang the notification bell.
    Then tonight after watching my favorites I saw that there was this video and another for
    Julian Ilett in my suggestion list. I searched through my notifications and neither were there. I clicked on them and sure enough, USclip still had me listed as a subscribed member. WTF USclip?

  • gareth ronaldo
    gareth ronaldo Month ago +1

    yeah here we go again a good project 👍 keep up the good work and dont kill this channel with cheap tools ... dont mean cheap solutions 🙂

  • Brandon Brand
    Brandon Brand Month ago

    Excellent conversation Scott!

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams Month ago

    More moped videos please!! :-D

  • Rayan Jahin
    Rayan Jahin Month ago

    FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Xanny
    Xanny Month ago

    this video is sponsored by....... I don’t think i need to finish we all know

  • hahaha no
    hahaha no Month ago

    >old fashioned
    >doesn't waste energy heating up resistors

  • Elektronik Atölyem
    Elektronik Atölyem Month ago +1

    Very good 👍

    HIMANSHU YADAV Month ago

    Can you please make a video on DIY solar MPPT charge controller.

  • YouTube YouTube
    YouTube YouTube Month ago


  • Justin G
    Justin G Month ago


  • This'n that
    This'n that Month ago

    Ok so I’d like to know if you could create over unity with a magneto setup from a motor like this possibly run by a 12v Motor pulley system. Just pull start and it runs?

  • Instantnudl
    Instantnudl Month ago +1

    Cool project. Can you make a video about getting a stable 5V power from a bike dynamo? Idealy to charge a phone. I tried some stuff myself but could not figure it out.

  • Tim Beste
    Tim Beste Month ago

    kannst du mal ein video zu dem 12v zündbaustein von der elektronik zündung machen , vielleicht nachbauen mit einem drehzahlbegrenzer ? 😎😎

  • Dominik Gołemberski

    Name of this 4:30 is ściągacz.

  • Sontapää11 Jokulainen

    Is this hack legal?

  • ATS
    ATS Month ago

    OMG Simson :-) Now not worthy and stinky moped. 30-40 years ago it was a good thing, but not know. Next time you should make an electro Simson

  • Rockrabbit Rehabilitation

    Interesting! Thank you 😊

  • Nico Prezio
    Nico Prezio Month ago

    Hi, where Do you get all of the electronic parts from? Are there any kits?

  • Edy Atmajaya Khedock

    Hi grreat scout,i'm from verry small village in indonesia,i have been watching from your youtube channel for about 2 year,i have a problem about electricity,i'm a wood working,and electricity always turn of when i turn on grinder or drill,and would u like to help how to solve it,is that i have to use soft start for that? If yes,would u like to explain me about soft start and how does we make it?,another i can continue to do my job without a problem.

  • HellRazer
    HellRazer Month ago

    Dude, a 55 watt headlight?!?! Get a 10 watt LED headlight, less current and more light!

  • mayonmi khang
    mayonmi khang Month ago

    I just used diode and it work till now

  • Ăsta cu de toate
    Ăsta cu de toate Month ago

    Why didn't you used the metal body of the moped as a heatsink for the IC?

    URANINITE81 Month ago

    Please do a DIY OR BUY Geiger counter!

  • Lorenzo Carelli apd

    #nextvideo : oscilloscope: DIY or buy?

  • Suraj Grewal
    Suraj Grewal Month ago

    If I wanna send you a jpeg, how should I?

  • Bernardo3477
    Bernardo3477 Month ago

    Full Bridge Rectifiah!!!!
    It is not a puny single diode rectifier!

  • Suraj Grewal
    Suraj Grewal Month ago

    Lucky you. My moped's design diagrams are kept like top secret.
    You'd have to bribe the services guys to get one.

  • Nick Lemon
    Nick Lemon Month ago

    my friends and i* the reason is* :) still impressed by your english, though.

  • Jack Patteeuw
    Jack Patteeuw Month ago

    You do realize a 55W headlamp will draw over 4A @ 12V !

  • DAT Blue Husky
    DAT Blue Husky Month ago

    i hope you marked the timing marks when you pulled that assy out

  • Derek Cartledge
    Derek Cartledge Month ago

    Put a micro expansion chamber exhaust on your bike and file approximately 2 mm off the back skirt of the piston and you will notice a considerable increase in power and a lot higher revving bike also your bike Will have a noticeable increase in speed I run one of these bikes for two or three years cheers Derek

  • fassenkugel
    fassenkugel Month ago

    btw those r not mopeds. mopeds have a pedals like bicycles.

  • AmazinChannel
    AmazinChannel Month ago

    Well, since it's such a basic motor bike i would sugest to just add one 125cc modern bike voltage regulator, it's really cool to make your own circuit but over the years i just found that in a bike it's never reliable enough

  • C T
    C T Month ago

    Why is it a triangular signal and not sinusoidal? 2:40

  • AltitudeVR
    AltitudeVR Month ago

    Please make a electronic bike conversion. Cheap 36v hub motor conversion to 72v !!!!!

  • Sören Meyer
    Sören Meyer Month ago

    Ich hab die Thumbnail gesehen und dachte mir, dass mir das doch bekannt vor kommt 😄 hab auch eine 6V Elektronik Zündung in meiner S51 Enduro :) Macht Spaß an den Moppeds zu schrauben, es ist noch so leicht, gerade für Anfänger.

  • Ryutaku Zaki
    Ryutaku Zaki Month ago

    Lm317 isn’t for power control :(

  • jose ryan latosa
    jose ryan latosa Month ago

    , hey greatscot i really like this new project of yours, i hope you make more videos of motorbikes electronic circuits... tnx

  • Quirin Sonnleiter
    Quirin Sonnleiter Month ago +1

    A video about how witricity works would be really interesting!

  • Sachin Solanki
    Sachin Solanki Month ago

    Du lehrst mir jeden Tag Physik.

  • Mohamad elrashidi
    Mohamad elrashidi Month ago

    Can you make arduino transmitter and reciever rc 7 channels

  • KillerXtreme
    KillerXtreme Month ago

    Aren't you afraid that your home-made solution will just vibrate itself to death?

  • Reagan Ronald
    Reagan Ronald Month ago

    hey GreatScott!
    What will happen if I connect a BMS onto a load that is not a Battery?
    Will it continue to function or will it not function or will it function for a very short period?

  • Effdottelles
    Effdottelles Month ago

    with only 11. something Volts you are killing your Battery. Lead Acid Batteries need a solid 14.4 V to be charged correctly. You should take that into account. It also helps to decrease your heatproblem.

  • Paddy Hickman
    Paddy Hickman Month ago

    Wow, you are teaching me! just before the end when you talked about the battery draining I though "I'd put a diode in there" and you did!!

  • maras9modder
    maras9modder Month ago

    Cheaper and better is buy coil 12v 42W ... Or buy complete ignition like Ducati Energia or LFK which is much cheaper then Vape for Simson.

  • Tomasz Szy
    Tomasz Szy Month ago

    Wow! I don't think that you are moped fan too! Greetings from Poland! I have had made an ignition module on MOSFET controlled by hall sensor. Dedicated for Jawa 223 engine, which was used in Romet Ogar 200. :)
    Why you don't think about rewinding the old coils from ignition base by new winding wire? I achieved a few Watts of power after this operation. I used the same wire guage, but I add a maximum amounts of windings.

  • Philip P
    Philip P Month ago

    You need a BAFANG so you can ride at 19.9999999999999999999MPH.

  • Buck Turgidson
    Buck Turgidson Month ago

    What was your measured charge voltage? Looked too low to me.

  • Tushar Kashyap
    Tushar Kashyap Month ago

    Lm 317t is one of my fav ic many confuse it to be a transistor 😉

  • Kelvinator
    Kelvinator Month ago

    Well Greatscott you are using lm317 but for year 2019 its very inefficient. You should have used a digital one.

  • Rohit Tiwari
    Rohit Tiwari Month ago +1

    usclip.net/video/3dp9QeEJFdI/video.html sir how its work plz explain

  • Mark XLII
    Mark XLII Month ago

    0:04 me and the boys riding our mopads

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    dimitri motor Month ago

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    Parth Agarwal Month ago

    You will make the arc reactor one day.

  • VK.4K
    VK.4K Month ago

    At 2:33 the coil you made for demonstration generates 'AC' voltage but the LED you connect to it uses 'DC' voltage...
    Can someone enlighten me ?

    SAI PHANEESH Month ago

    Please make a video on
    How to make an EV 2 Wheeler

  • Hole to another Universe

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  • Koton Bads
    Koton Bads Month ago +1

    I thought you will use a puny single diode rectifier lol

  • Albedo D. Overlord
    Albedo D. Overlord Month ago

    I did the same thing on my motorcycle!!! mine is HONDA CG125 after editing my motorcycle stator!!! in the end, I end up buying a replacement part because I ruined it!!! I am really mad at what I have done!!!

  • seasong
    seasong Month ago

    Couldn't your friend have switched to LED headlights? Then he would've saved a few W, and charged the battery faster.

  • Lucas Gabriel
    Lucas Gabriel Month ago

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  • bouhannache abdallah
    bouhannache abdallah Month ago +1

    Its would be very nice from you to make a tutorial on electronics basics in calculations and stuff like that