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  • Chill&Lhill
    Chill&Lhill  4 months ago +264

    Please watch the video before commenting based off of the title alone. NEW VIDEOS COMING SOON, Thanks for your love and support!

    • Joe Morales
      Joe Morales 6 days ago

      If you need to tell your viewers to watch the whole video and not leave a comment based on what YOU put as title of this video… then don't clickbait in order to gain more viewers. Don't be stupid! ;-)

    • Cool White Boy
      Cool White Boy 6 days ago

      I stay in Fayetteville too!!!! SO

    • New York Superbowl Football Giants
      New York Superbowl Football Giants 7 days ago

      Change the title then

    • Sarah Gilbert
      Sarah Gilbert 9 days ago

      The title may get you clicks, but then you lose people once they realise you have no integrity.

    • Zachary Key
      Zachary Key 15 days ago

      How you gonna say he ruined your life in the title? When he did the exact opposite of that.

  • Millicent Owens
    Millicent Owens 21 hour ago

    Great video

  • Debbie Reese
    Debbie Reese Day ago

    Awesome video! Keep up the good work!!!!!

  • Jason Williams
    Jason Williams Day ago

    This is hilarious lol

  • John Santiago
    John Santiago Day ago

    Hi, what is the title of the Dave Ramsey video included in this video? I want to watch it.

  • Parked America
    Parked America 2 days ago

    Very cool! Good to be weird!!!

  • SofaKingSustainable
    SofaKingSustainable 2 days ago

    Yall fooled me!!!! Good video

  • David Lacziko
    David Lacziko 2 days ago

    First I thought you want to say something bad about him.

    DIANE B 2 days ago

    THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO!!! You guys are the BEST!!!

  • Joe Ivo
    Joe Ivo 3 days ago

    Great vid weirdo !

  • Kong RC
    Kong RC 3 days ago

    Made my day

  • Michael Nickolaus
    Michael Nickolaus 3 days ago

    Hahaha. Nice title! Damn you Dave!

  • lo swag
    lo swag 3 days ago

    Just don’t get your self in that situation

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 4 days ago

    By making you stay in and save your money

  • Katherine Bonkowski
    Katherine Bonkowski 4 days ago


  • Nels Freeman
    Nels Freeman 4 days ago

    Lmao y’all has me going 😂

  • rain73ful
    rain73ful 4 days ago

    So the title "Dave Ramsey ruined our life" was just clickbait for us to get to his channel. Well, I've been a fan of his for about 2 years now because he gives very good advice. Having filed for bankruptcy myself, I know that it was a horrible experience, and I will NEVER let myself get into that situation again. I have some minor debt that I'm paying off slowly, but I will never again try to live beyond my means, because that's what gets a lot of people into trouble in the first place.

  • allnightkid
    allnightkid 5 days ago

    Great title for your video! I was hoping you had some "secret stuff" about Dave's advice that would make me question it. Instead you just confirmed it all. Turned out to be a great commercial for Dave. Good stuff.

  • Roelio Gutierrez II
    Roelio Gutierrez II 5 days ago

    Great video! My wife will probably read this comment later because I’m sending her this video! Babe let’s be weird together lol.

  • Lorelai Thorne
    Lorelai Thorne 5 days ago


  • Henry L
    Henry L 6 days ago

    Pretty good semi-clickbait title. Solid story :)

  • Michael Oduro
    Michael Oduro 6 days ago

    Horrible title

  • Jonathan Hansen
    Jonathan Hansen 6 days ago

    I don’t share Dave Ramsey’s religious perspectives, but his Fiscal ones are right on! He tells you the straight truth what monitory practices you must adopt to be solvent.

  • homer1075
    homer1075 6 days ago

    First time seeing your video, halfway through it and I LOVE it. I'm a fellow weirdo, discovered Dave Ramsey 3-4 years ago. Now sitting debt free, Emergency Fund, 401K, and even started investing. Great job guys! Be honest ya'll did the debt free scream.

  • tayvone burston
    tayvone burston 6 days ago


  • Erica Larshall
    Erica Larshall 6 days ago

    Ooo I love you guys already .. going to tell my friends I have new “USclip cousins” .. 😆

  • mrgeringer
    mrgeringer 6 days ago

    Great and fun video! Great couple!

  • Justice Lanham
    Justice Lanham 7 days ago

    CLICKBAIT!!! David Dobrik who?

  • Steve Selinsky
    Steve Selinsky 7 days ago

    "in celebration of ruined lives..."...awesome... (;

  • Craig Kinsey
    Craig Kinsey 7 days ago +1

    If anyone doubts this message, just look how his wife looks at him. ❤️ You guys are beautiful. Thank you for the video. :)

    • homer1075
      homer1075 6 days ago +1

      Saw the same thing, great observation.

  • Facepalm Mute
    Facepalm Mute 7 days ago

    You two....ARE WEIRD!!!! Haha. First video I'm seeing from ya'll.

  • Peter Chan Jr
    Peter Chan Jr 7 days ago


  • blizzard blizzard
    blizzard blizzard 7 days ago

    Why the title? Seems dishonest.

  • Ural Damasis
    Ural Damasis 8 days ago

    I disliked the video because every 5 words are spliced together

  • Billionaire Teresa Schnarr Turner

    Awesome so glad to hear it in not the only WEIRD one.

  • Christopher Geis
    Christopher Geis 8 days ago

    Love this! Brought a smile to my face.

  • Daniel West
    Daniel West 8 days ago


  • xAlphaWulfx
    xAlphaWulfx 8 days ago

    lol well played! Awesome to see yall doing well and what you mean by him ruining your lives. I enjoy Dave's stuff too. Take care

  • goutham p
    goutham p 8 days ago

    I hate clickbaits

  • Adam King
    Adam King 8 days ago

    How much debt are you in now?

  • Ingrid Holland
    Ingrid Holland 8 days ago

    LOL, i love this video. Thank God you didn't sell your wife.

  • Nimbus Frost
    Nimbus Frost 8 days ago


  • Jordan Butler
    Jordan Butler 9 days ago

    You people are unable to understand his reasoning for his evidence

  • STS Tech
    STS Tech 9 days ago

    Excellent work guys!

  • Chris Rațiu
    Chris Rațiu 9 days ago

    Dave Ramsey must be America’s largest distributor of “rice and beans”!!!😂

  • silverdoggg
    silverdoggg 10 days ago

    This has to be the biggest clickbait I've ever fell for, bravo guys

  • ReelMC
    ReelMC 10 days ago

    I like how you say "Dave Ramsey ruined your life" EVEN THO he gives you excellent financial advise which you say your grateful for but you still say he ruins you liife? wow

  • Bukbley
    Bukbley 10 days ago

    I hate the clickbait but the video is great

  • Laura Ellen
    Laura Ellen 10 days ago

    Great video! You two are adorable!!! And weird 😉

  • Joshua Richardson
    Joshua Richardson 10 days ago

    Isn't it illegal to remake his video and base yours off of his this way? Stupid

  • Orlando Bernard
    Orlando Bernard 10 days ago

    Don't care about what people think

  • John A
    John A 10 days ago

    G O L D ! ! !

  • Noel Negassi
    Noel Negassi 10 days ago

    They had us in the first half, i aint gonna lie

  • boyrecon
    boyrecon 10 days ago

    Dave Ramsey speaks to people that don’t believe that they can make more money. He’s got some of the worst advice. I stop listening to him and started listening to people that teaching me how to make money not save it. That’s looser talk

    • boyrecon
      boyrecon 9 days ago

      Rick Backous Don’t need it thanks. Luck is for people that depend on it. I believe in working hard and living hard

    • Rick Backous
      Rick Backous 9 days ago

      good luck with that

  • Kev Sims
    Kev Sims 11 days ago

    Nice video brotha

  • walrusjax
    walrusjax 11 days ago

    I have been teaching FPU for 9 years now and it is messages like this that encourage me to continue teaching. When I see young couples that are getting their act together (waaay younger than I was), it gives me great hope for the future of this country. Best to you both!!

  • TheMojo487
    TheMojo487 11 days ago

    I consider this clickbate at its finest

  • CJ Hunter
    CJ Hunter 11 days ago

    You guys are ADORABLE!!!!

  • Shalvin Pal
    Shalvin Pal 11 days ago

    And it's not about being weird you just can't be stupid and careless with your money, you have to be smart with your money. Student loans are the worst along with house payments. Know what your getting into before you do something like that, have a plan.

  • Shalvin Pal
    Shalvin Pal 11 days ago

    That's because you was spending money like a crazy person when you got debt you can't spend money at all, you got pay that debt off, you can't spend money on clothes and other things you have to work your butt of to pay your debt off

  • P.H. Resh
    P.H. Resh 12 days ago

    Thanks For this you two!!!

  • martha casillas
    martha casillas 12 days ago

    Funny love it !

  • Jen Allen
    Jen Allen 12 days ago

    Hes ruining my life to. Lol

  • vikkzx
    vikkzx 12 days ago

    Follow his advice to get debt free but follow better advice to become financially free because saving money is for dumb people... Investing is what you need.

  • funhole26
    funhole26 12 days ago

    Lol....watch what you name things. Besides that good video!

  • DuffousTurd 71
    DuffousTurd 71 13 days ago

    You guys are great Americans...releasing yourselves from your debt slavery is so important. Dave’s method is so simple...all it takes is some patience.

  • Empire Textbooks
    Empire Textbooks 13 days ago

    I agree with you guys, Dave Ramsey is a real idiot. He doesn’t know how to do math and doesn’t understand how you shouldn’t aim to pay off debt before investing without exception.
    If you have a loan at $100,000 at 3% but investing in the stock market gives you around 6-7% annual returns, you would make much more money by investing while slowly paying off the loan as opposed to paying off the debt first and missing the returns from investing.

  • tmtaylo4
    tmtaylo4 13 days ago

    Awe man! Had me fooled that you were gonna out rant Dave. Nothing like some financial peace!

  • Dahnica Lum
    Dahnica Lum 13 days ago

    Omg I love you two!

  • Rachelle Aquila
    Rachelle Aquila 13 days ago

    I LOVE THIS!!!!!

  • ariesbaby95
    ariesbaby95 13 days ago

    Ahhhhh! Skibo Rd! lol, I was at Bragg for a few months so I'm very familiar. Great video by the way!

  • Haley Bloom
    Haley Bloom 13 days ago +1

    Aye! Fayettville! lol

  • Dougie Barnard
    Dougie Barnard 13 days ago +1

    y'all are great at this! the message was awesome but the editing, style, and personality was awesome. hope you have more videos, and keep us updated on your journey!

    • Chill&Lhill
      Chill&Lhill  13 days ago

      Thank you so much and yes more videos and updates are in the making. Thanks for watching.

  • KeyChain Tv
    KeyChain Tv 13 days ago


  • Salko Hodzic
    Salko Hodzic 14 days ago

    Great title, keeping posting good edits

  • Christina Neily
    Christina Neily 14 days ago

  • Ed D
    Ed D 14 days ago

    Clickbait? 🤔

  • isaiah williams
    isaiah williams 14 days ago

    lol i see y yalll said wait. good 4 yall. i posted the 1st time after 5sec. but dave is dope. glad yall on board

  • isaiah williams
    isaiah williams 14 days ago

    about to watch. will post another comment after. But you start off pointing fingers at someones other then yourself. And im blk & i like dave Ramsey teachings. so lets see where yall went wrong

  • dmp3958
    dmp3958 14 days ago

    “Very Cool” ! ... as Dave would say

  • Aaliyah 422
    Aaliyah 422 14 days ago

    You guys are so blessed!!! I like when she said that "we did it together." I'm so happy that I watched the entire video. Weird title XOXO. Yes, I've subscribed.

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 14 days ago

    You probably should have put quotations in that title, otherwise it sounds like those are YOUR words.

  • Jimmy Garza
    Jimmy Garza 14 days ago

    Yeah when I was in San Francisco I was saving a lot of money living in my car. But that's not normal that's weird.

    ACE NIK 14 days ago

    Clickbait is real

  • Dirt Burglar
    Dirt Burglar 14 days ago

    So awesome. When I saw the title I thought humm but I get it now. Way to go. I'm on the same path bro. Feels good to know where you money is going hey.

  • Frederick Weeks Jr.
    Frederick Weeks Jr. 14 days ago

    Bruh.....DON'T sell your wife......the sofa is a boring place. Good job family. PEACE. 😊😊😊😊

  • Joseph Lim
    Joseph Lim 14 days ago

    I'm 31 y/o got $1000 dollars in debt, house paid off, got $200 dollars saving only

  • a64750
    a64750 15 days ago

    70% of big lottery winners go bankrupt in 7 years means 70% do not Love and can not manage Money

  • Dave Chappelle
    Dave Chappelle 15 days ago

    Curious how many black people disliked the video without watching the video.

  • Independent Center
    Independent Center 15 days ago

    Change this title haha

  • Julian B.
    Julian B. 15 days ago

    You ramble waaaay too much

  • Carmencita Vettori
    Carmencita Vettori 15 days ago

    Congratulations! You are a beautiful couple.

  • Scottymach32
    Scottymach32 15 days ago

    i'm just starting his baby steps program and im terrified lol. we got the $1000 saved and already the first 2 debts paid and gone! that snowball is already getting aggressive on the bills. its an amazing feeling. #GETWEIRD

  • tyler durden
    tyler durden 16 days ago

    i was normal til the age of 28 and then i became weird.

  • Marco and Eunice
    Marco and Eunice 16 days ago

    Yeah Dave ruined our lives too, fortunately, very early. He made us graduate debt free, buy a car with cash and a house at 24!!! With emergency fund in place. Life is good, thanks to Dave Ramsey!!!!!!!

  • Z Breaux
    Z Breaux 16 days ago

    I'm mean, yeah, it was click bait, but I liked it anyway 😆

  • Steele GT
    Steele GT 16 days ago

    Love it

  • moody krazy
    moody krazy 16 days ago

    Lol! Was saying that t/o nursing school ... didn't have time had to study. .. GOOD JOB!

  • Trevor Parks
    Trevor Parks 16 days ago

    Crap clickbait title.

  • Michael Bruce
    Michael Bruce 16 days ago

    Awesome!!!!! Nice job