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  • Chill&Lhill
    Chill&Lhill  2 months ago +85

    Please watch the video before commenting based off of the title alone. NEW VIDEOS COMING SOON, Thanks for your love and support!

    • Robert Cleaver
      Robert Cleaver 4 days ago

      Good luck!

    • Albert Bazinyan
      Albert Bazinyan 10 days ago

      Chill&Lhill well make your title less clickbait (::

    • drollette08
      drollette08 11 days ago

      I'm doing the baby steps and I am love it

    • tony roy
      tony roy 11 days ago

      +Charles Woodruff that'd be your job keyboard warrior, go back to mommys basement as I make millions following Dave Ramsey, broke little faggot, and I thought you said in another post that you were outta here, if that was true why are you back here???

    • drollette08
      drollette08 11 days ago

      Chill&Lhill don't blame other for your own mistakes. He gives advices and up to you to follow or not. He did not put a gun into your head to make you do what he saying it. He is right you're stupid

  • Giovanni Socci
    Giovanni Socci 7 minutes ago

    Great happy video. 👍👍

  • Alfonso Hall
    Alfonso Hall 4 hours ago

    I love to see someone my age on the road to financial freedom. Keep it up

  • Sonia Sia
    Sonia Sia 13 hours ago

    Lol you guys are so funny! 😂😂😂

  • OkayOstrich
    OkayOstrich Day ago

    click bait

  • cool hand souk
    cool hand souk Day ago +2

    On my third date with my wife I said to her, “I can’t enter a relationship that has the potential to put me in debt.” I introduced her to the Total Money Makeover and it turned out to be just what she was looking for. I’m so glad she wasn’t normal!

  • Mike King
    Mike King Day ago +1

    I feel your pain guys. It is a struggle explaining why "stupid" things aren't important to "normal" people while you're paying off debt. Everybody thinks you lost your income or something.

  • Boston Red Sox fan
    Boston Red Sox fan Day ago +1


  • Janice
    Janice Day ago +1

    What a beautiful couple! So much personality. Loved your video!

  • petmom ful
    petmom ful Day ago

    Good for you!! I am retired and no longer work, but I like DR, too.

  • orangedaddy1
    orangedaddy1 2 days ago +1

    What a handsome couple! You are inspiring!
    Just killing all credit card debt feels amazing FYI!!

  • Zane West
    Zane West 2 days ago

    he's honest and logic

  • neuregel
    neuregel 2 days ago +1

    took me 25 years to figure out and get rid of credit cards and live debt free. I even quit my high paying job because the more money I made I spent. so much happier now.

  • Priscilla Islas
    Priscilla Islas 2 days ago +1

    I needed this motivational video. We’re in baby step 2 and last night my husband and I were talking about my 30th bday and our 2nd wedding anniversary May 2019. For some reason I thought I deserved a trip to Mexico and lost sight of having gratitude 🙄 I’m a new subscriber!

  • Jenny Scranton
    Jenny Scranton 2 days ago

    Money is only one problem that occurs in life so many more problems you won't have control over and your money won't be able to fix it This guys job is getting u to focus on what he says and that's how he makes his living off sttupid people who made him rich why anyone needs this man to tell u not spend money u don't have is beyond me its called COMMON SENSE

  • Miguel retrospec
    Miguel retrospec 2 days ago

    What a fucken clitoris bait ... At least I saw the whole vid ...

  • Just Some Clown
    Just Some Clown 2 days ago +1

    click baity title but i'm glad you've confirmed for me that dave ramsey is that dude

  • Tehila Sh
    Tehila Sh 2 days ago

    Does Lill have anything to say other than her name and vacation? 😌

  • Scorpioking1987
    Scorpioking1987 2 days ago

    Outstanding reaction video and congratulations on your new debt free life!

  • Shivam Jindal
    Shivam Jindal 2 days ago

    Clickbait Alert!

  • Jazmin Elise
    Jazmin Elise 3 days ago

    Amazing video! I love Dave Ramsey!! I first heard of him 9 years ago in college, and back to listening to him last year.

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt 3 days ago +1

    I was hoping to watch this video and finally find legitimate proof that Dave Ramsey's schemes don't work....... back to baby step 2 and rice & beans....

  • David & Ashley Miller

    Proud of y’all.

  • matthew williams
    matthew williams 3 days ago +1

    you should go on his show

  • Nakia Rooks
    Nakia Rooks 3 days ago +1

    Shoutout to skibo road #teamfayetteville

    • Chill&Lhill
      Chill&Lhill  3 days ago

      Fayetteville Family thanks for showing love!!

  • gina cleveland
    gina cleveland 3 days ago

    Lol. I'm from the ville to, a many of deep conversations have taken place driving down skibo road lol

  • Edna Puckett
    Edna Puckett 4 days ago

    Yahoo! It's great seeing young black people being good stewards of their money

  • David
    David 4 days ago

    I disliked
    Your title is clickbait
    And Dave Ramsey is just a salesmen
    He doesn’t teach you how to be rich
    Just how to be out of debt
    His talks are for the low IQ

  • KillerNinja0911
    KillerNinja0911 4 days ago

    This made me so happy watching this! I have just started the same plan, and I’m ready to ruin my life and be weird too lol!!

  • Joseph Wohlfarth
    Joseph Wohlfarth 4 days ago

    Program worked super well for me. I don’t care what anyone else thinks of me cause everything I have i own and if that’s weird I don’t want to be normal

  • w tou
    w tou 4 days ago

    I love this! I congratulate you both for being weird! ❤️

  • Jessica Tripp
    Jessica Tripp 4 days ago

    This was so fun! Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Zulfiya Tkhen
    Zulfiya Tkhen 4 days ago

    Dave Ramsey, he is a cool guy, I personally was motivated by him, you actually start feeling that you strong and tough. You saying to yourself I CAN DO IT!!! I'm listening to him almost every day!! Good luck to all of you guys!!! God bless

  • Damien Hernandez
    Damien Hernandez 4 days ago

    So what did dave do for a living that allowed him to become a millionaire twice ?

  • J Christensen
    J Christensen 5 days ago

    He’s a one trick pony!

  • Lloyd Simmons
    Lloyd Simmons 5 days ago

    I’m so happy for you. Keep going.

  • Steven H Wang
    Steven H Wang 5 days ago


  • Teasha Adams
    Teasha Adams 5 days ago

    I live pay check to pay check right now and work 2 jobs, how do I find money for the debt snowball?

  • Love Bug
    Love Bug 5 days ago

    I've been weird since I was a kid. I learned how to manage money since I started getting birthday money as a kid. My parents never taught me anything about spending, bills, budgeting, ect. I'm actually surprised when I think about it :) I'm actually the one who teaches my parents how to manage money and my knowledge has lead to those near me learn how to manage money better :)

  • Josh Baez
    Josh Baez 5 days ago

    Click bait

  • Rodney Hunter
    Rodney Hunter 6 days ago


  • Maria Esther
    Maria Esther 6 days ago

    I loved this video! At first I was like wtf! Dave Ramsey is awesome!

  • britishav8tor75
    britishav8tor75 6 days ago

    What does the n on his hat stand for ..... oh wait I know ;)

  • DarkEmerald1990
    DarkEmerald1990 6 days ago

    Haha. This is hilarious. I love the parody of the Ramsey Ruined My Life call. Lmao. Great video. 😂

  • Raul Aguilar
    Raul Aguilar 7 days ago

    I just turned 20. And buying my first house so excited. Dave has helped alot. And I don't have a credit card. God is by my side. Came from nothing.

    • Raul Aguilar
      Raul Aguilar 7 days ago

      U just gotta know how to manage it money.dummy.

  • andreasavenue
    andreasavenue 7 days ago

    Dave is currently ruining my life rn 😂 thank God!

  • John Charlton
    John Charlton 7 days ago

    I ruined my own life. Although in the same way that Dave recommends

  • Monika Saves
    Monika Saves 7 days ago

    That was a pretty good clickbait title! Great vid you guys 👏🏻

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith 7 days ago

    The title scared me! I have been doing this for two months and have paid off two credit cards. This month I will pay off a third. I didn't know I made this much money until I budgeted and quit spending money. Thanks for the video and thanks Dave. ( Chris Raleigh NC)

  • Samantha J
    Samantha J 8 days ago


  • Lucciano Molaro
    Lucciano Molaro 8 days ago

    How is that ruining your life

  • MrMonsX
    MrMonsX 8 days ago

    Clickbait scam.

  • Ralpha Romeo
    Ralpha Romeo 8 days ago

    Good video guys!

  • Blake Shoemaker
    Blake Shoemaker 9 days ago

    Having a title slandering him and then five minutes of slander before 1 minute and 45 seconds maybe of then after all of that saying you're just kidding... maybe just re do this, and make the switch after the first sentence

    • Chill&Lhill
      Chill&Lhill  9 days ago

      We appreciate your feedback, we love DAVE!!

  • D S
    D S 9 days ago

    That is stuuppiid!!!

  • Brandy Collins
    Brandy Collins 9 days ago

    Click bait is insulting to the viewer's intelligence. No thanks.

  • Wxllxam. V
    Wxllxam. V 10 days ago

    I’m only 20 I only got $1k in the bank and I need it for college. No lie shits hard to make money. I’m just being str8 up.

  • Keenan Swope
    Keenan Swope 10 days ago

    ca ca ca ca clickbait

  • dannie curlett
    dannie curlett 11 days ago

    Lol you are from my neck of the woods

    OSK HUE 12 days ago

    I bought a 300k home cash in 3 years

  • Todd Mulbarger
    Todd Mulbarger 12 days ago


  • Keith LeDonne
    Keith LeDonne 13 days ago

    I love it Chill & Lhill, "'force to be recon with"... Thanks for sharing... I am also weird, paid off my student loan, paid off my house, now donating much of my salary to charity...

  • Roadking 2003
    Roadking 2003 14 days ago

    Great video...I'm weird too...thanks for explaining .

  • John Padilla
    John Padilla 14 days ago

    Check out @meetkevin

  • WorldPrestige - Stock Market Videos

    clickbait much???

  • Miguel Lamy
    Miguel Lamy 15 days ago

    well done guys

  • Five Cents Matter
    Five Cents Matter 15 days ago

    Be weird! You guys are rock stars and future millionaires. Way to go.

  • Aidan Wcisel
    Aidan Wcisel 15 days ago

    It's your discretion to follow him.

  • Robert Alvarez
    Robert Alvarez 15 days ago

    You’ll be on welfare soon enough like the rest of your breed

  • HalleluYah Homesteaders

    I came to watch this like whaaaaat...lol. I love it. Congratulations y'all 💖

  • vazke133
    vazke133 15 days ago

    I was about to unload on you guys!! I love Dave Ramsey and if most people would follow his advices, America would be great again. At least, we are going doing great! Hope y’all do the same!

  • Shareef Omer
    Shareef Omer 16 days ago

    Nice click bait

  • Gerald Peters
    Gerald Peters 16 days ago

    I borrow to buy houses all my life, own over 20 of them, 21 yrs later most paid for generating over $20k month. Doing Dave’s plan is own maybe 2 or 3 maybe....I buy simple homes, 20% down, find good renters. Not brain surgery. I agree most people are stupid.

  • Joe Lopez
    Joe Lopez 16 days ago

    Well done weirdos!

  • muscle hamster
    muscle hamster 16 days ago

    Started step 2 last night. We’re getting weird with y’all!!

  • Dra O
    Dra O 17 days ago

    Weird is in, you two. No cable, little eating out (if you do, you split the plate... you don’t need to feel FULL to have enough in your tummy)... buy used cars. It’s all about delayed gratification. Get and pay off 5-6 rentals - invest in dividend-paying stocks - fully or partially-fund ROTH IRAs as early as you can in life - and you’re set. It becomes more about financial security when you hit your 50s than anything else - and you’ll be in your 50s before you know it.

  • Tru Neilson
    Tru Neilson 17 days ago

    Congratulations! I too love being weird!

  • The Cook Family Homestead

    Good video! We love Dave Ramsey! Subbed.

  • Supergecko8
    Supergecko8 17 days ago

    It's crazy that you Americans think that normality is strange, this is normal for the rest of the world

  • Catt's Box
    Catt's Box 17 days ago

    And I see you have a strong wise women to support you. 🤗 Congrats guys!

  • Angel Ortiz
    Angel Ortiz 18 days ago

    Congratulations you guys

  • Mary Augustin
    Mary Augustin 18 days ago

    Great video! ! I just started reading the book and I am loving it! !

  • Bryochemical Intuition

    Dave Ramsey is truth, he is right

  • Jaime Robles
    Jaime Robles 18 days ago

    Be wierd. The log that goes with the flow can only go downhill. It will never reach the top of the mountain. Resist the flow.

  • LucinoAlma Martinez
    LucinoAlma Martinez 18 days ago

    Looove your video!!! I'm a new subscriber😎
    I am working on getting my hubby to crossover to the "weird dept"

  • Cyu Hen
    Cyu Hen 18 days ago

    I’m so sick of this fake expose culture .... and clickbait culture... hope your 20 cents to waste my time was worth it.

  • Nellie Flo
    Nellie Flo 18 days ago

    This is amazing!!!! I needed this.

  • Walter Mercado
    Walter Mercado 19 days ago

    You didn't become weird, you simply stopped being stupid.

  • puckfan07
    puckfan07 19 days ago

    fuck dave ramsey the dude is a moron

  • goapsyfreestepforlife
    goapsyfreestepforlife 19 days ago


  • Neo Geoz
    Neo Geoz 19 days ago

    "Skibo Road" What's up Faynam

  • King Prospect
    King Prospect 19 days ago

    Oh I thought they were just complainers! Thumbs down taken back.

  • Jordon Mcmullin
    Jordon Mcmullin 20 days ago

    I would think instead of selling everything and living poorly, wouldn't it be better to get to the root of the problem? Why don't we have money, why are we in debt. Get a better paying job? learn new skills, create other paths of income? It just seemed like for example you guys were taking a pain pill for pain, instead of having surgery to take pain away.

  • Mental Vacation
    Mental Vacation 20 days ago

    A debtor is a slave to the lender. Thankfully I myself learned that lesson over 20 years ago, didn't need Dave Ramsey. The information I found was in the book: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. This book has sold more copies than any other book in the entire world. They call it the Bible for short.

  • Angelo Cabrera
    Angelo Cabrera 20 days ago


  • harry Nichols
    harry Nichols 20 days ago

    What's stupid is earning a high income and not having anything to write off to offset the taxes Uncle Sam is getting ready to kick you in the butt with; because you paid your house off early!
    You can only put so much in your 401k!
    You can only put so much in a IRA!
    Please don't even think about a 529 plan because if your child get a full ride and you don't use that money and you try to get it back, they'll tax the hell out of you!😂😂😂
    So maybe you need to slow your roll on paying that house off early!
    Think about it would you rather give your money to Uncle Sam or enjoy your money yourself and not live like a peasant!🤔🤔🤔

  • Dustin Ducote
    Dustin Ducote 20 days ago

    Smokin' crack might have something to do with it.... just sayin'

  • lsnows
    lsnows 21 day ago

    Great job, you guys! I paid my mortgage two weeks ago. Keep it up, it's possible!!

  • dead pool
    dead pool 21 day ago

    I'm soooooo sick of all these clickbait titles... Thumbs down