Body cam footage shows what lead to indicted Newark cop fatally shooting driver during chase

  • Published on May 23, 2019
  • Police video shows the traffic stop and pursuit that lead to Newark Officer Jovanny Crespo fatally shooting the driver and injuring the passenger Jan. 28, 2019. Crespo was indicted for charges including aggravated manslaughter. (Video from Essex Co. Prosecutor)

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  • #notagrom
    #notagrom Hour ago

    I hope this cop is murdered the same way he murdered these people. This is what he deserves for simply being a cop.

  • Mishendrick Coffie
    Mishendrick Coffie 5 hours ago


  • Glenwood Jenkins
    Glenwood Jenkins 8 hours ago

    RIP my G

  • Tru BLUE
    Tru BLUE 9 hours ago +1

    Cops were acting shady of course he should of ran

  • Hemi gang
    Hemi gang 9 hours ago

    This shit going to stop a traffic stop worth shooting in public wrong person (child) get hit 1 Day going to change the gang

  • rexi adam
    rexi adam 13 hours ago

    Coba aja polisi Indonesia kaya gini, mungkin para penjahat berfikir 1000x buat ngelakuin kejahatan...

  • dennismaryanski
    dennismaryanski 15 hours ago +1

    They should have little handles and stepstools on the sides of police cars so that if a officer is outside of a vehicle they can hop onto a closer one and hitch a ride 💯💯

  • dennismaryanski
    dennismaryanski 15 hours ago

    Shawty should not have had to say turn off the car 17 times dude deserves to be shot for that alone

  • Piotr
    Piotr 18 hours ago +3

    Hey dudes, I have great tip how not get shot by police officer. Just lisen what they say to you and don't run, idiots...

  • 10Th Free YT Red Trial
    10Th Free YT Red Trial 23 hours ago +2

    4:03 is really their motto “ no officer is sh0t, (THATS ALL THAT MATTERS) 😷 so apparently a dead civilian doesn’t matter

    • re2fan123
      re2fan123 3 hours ago

      It is fucked up but then it's their job and the suspects did flee from the scene too

  • Ahmad Reshad
    Ahmad Reshad Day ago

    They over reacted

  • Its Kaylaa
    Its Kaylaa Day ago +4

    Lmfaoo y’all really comparing this to gta 😭😭

  • Knotty Buds
    Knotty Buds 2 days ago

    Hey serious question, who are the ununiformed people at 4:42 and 5:11? Detectives?

  • JMcraeAllDamnDay
    JMcraeAllDamnDay 2 days ago +1

    "The best part is no officers were hurt. No officers were shot."
    "Yeah, that's all that matters."
    Yall just MURDERED two people! Wtf are you talkin about that's all that matters?

    • ★ Froggie Animation ★
      ★ Froggie Animation ★ 49 minutes ago

      JMcraeAllDamnDay You mean they had probably cause and engaged in a justifiable homicide of two criminals that endangered life.

    • ayy yay yay
      ayy yay yay 11 hours ago


  • obbzerver
    obbzerver 2 days ago

    Another black man shot merely for driving while being a non-compliant criminal.

  • mr. noodle
    mr. noodle 2 days ago +2

    Did they ever say if they confirmed the ppl in the car DID have a gun?

  • GreyOzzy
    GreyOzzy 2 days ago

    mans said " the besr part is that no offiers got shot ' the bitch said "thats all that matters"

  • Silviu
    Silviu 2 days ago +2

    3:56 the female cop says that "he pull off the gun on me" , I didn`t see anything like this in the video and even if she saw a gun in the car it's forbidden? maybe it was for self defense

    • Ł K
      Ł K 14 hours ago

      Silviu Chase makes big danger for other driver's life. It is enough argument to shoot idiots.

    • Sub To gVn XD
      Sub To gVn XD 14 hours ago

      Silviu He was endangering the other people around

    • Silviu
      Silviu 14 hours ago

      police should only shoot someone when their life is in danger

    • Ł K
      Ł K 15 hours ago

      Silviu The escape and not listening the Cops was for self defense also?

    • Sub To gVn XD
      Sub To gVn XD 2 days ago

      Silviu she said “he pulled off on me” She was talking about when he fled from her.

  • missbehave
    missbehave 3 days ago

    Cop life matters ... scumbags had something to hide , why did the cop got trashed ? People in the US should know better then to screw with the cops

  • Vinicio Cioni
    Vinicio Cioni 3 days ago

    Donald Trump is right.

  • andy crossfit
    andy crossfit 3 days ago

    A woman cop can't keep calm

  • Larry Taylor
    Larry Taylor 4 days ago +2

    That's why it doesn't pay to be a Drug Dealer or a Thug

  • Derrick Martin
    Derrick Martin 4 days ago

    Dude was either drunk or had body in the trunk wtf.... Death wish 4 r33l

  • Paddy ret
    Paddy ret 5 days ago

    literally did nothing wrong

  • dennis stephenson
    dennis stephenson 5 days ago +2

    Clean shoot, you can't wait for the perp to run over a pedestrian while recklessly fleeing

  • man bearpig
    man bearpig 6 days ago +2

    He's black, they don't comply and laws don't apply to them

  • Monster
    Monster 6 days ago

    I hope that cop dies slowly of cancer. I hope it hurts and he rots in hell.

  • General Sarvida
    General Sarvida 6 days ago

    female police said igot 646 on radio that is why fatal shooting

  • maksim lukjan
    maksim lukjan 7 days ago

    They look high as hell, should have left them alone.

  • James Cline
    James Cline 7 days ago

    People like this deserve death stupid

  • 35carmi
    35carmi 7 days ago

    Seems justified to me -- the guy could have ran someone over.

    • Don Camillo
      Don Camillo 6 days ago

      listen if a cop starts to shoot at you repeatedly....wouln t you drive away... I why do you say it was justified to shoot the driver.. the cop shoot on 3 occasions on the car...

  • Henry Sandoval Siqueiros III

    She new she was wrong you can hear it in her voice. This looks more like a set up more than anything. Eaven more the have the cops looked in disbelief.

  • Thomas Morg
    Thomas Morg 9 days ago +1

    God dam thats how the police do chases in Newark? They pull in front of the car so they can use the "car tried to run me over" excuse then shoot to kill?

  • Dh Dh
    Dh Dh 9 days ago

    4:04 4:12

  • Michele Rossi
    Michele Rossi 10 days ago +1

    Usually I’m pro cop but I missed the part that says shoot the man dead because he didn’t stop. That one renegade cop is fucktard thank you to the rest of the police

  • Jeff and Krisie Barron

    People are nuts... Fun to watch the good guy win..

  • Common Tater
    Common Tater 10 days ago

    Now in contention for first place on the list of cities never to visit... Newark NJ.
    I support Law Enforcement, but I prefer more Andy Griffith and less Charles Bronson.

  • Pan Duszek
    Pan Duszek 10 days ago

    1:00 The moment he realise his life will end within next minutes

  • truth man carnegie
    truth man carnegie 11 days ago +2

    Some police shootings are completely unjustified. These 2 men are idiot's.

  • Grant Smith
    Grant Smith 11 days ago

    I don’t remember this being on cnn

  • Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower 11 days ago +2

    *Respawns at hospital
    *Proceeds to get vehicle out of impound

  • Sneaker Bay
    Sneaker Bay 11 days ago

    As soon as the suspects brakes were pressed you knew the bullet hit his head 💯

  • Sneaker Bay
    Sneaker Bay 11 days ago

    2:42 the killer cop was like
    “Time to kill “

  • DulceSuena
    DulceSuena 11 days ago +4

    "That's all that matters" ?????
    I bet the dead man's family would beg to differ. SMDH

  • Rashard Hollis
    Rashard Hollis 12 days ago

    Obey commands... you live to fight another day. Doing your own thing, you suffer the consequences. Come on man!!!!!!! DON'T GIVE THEM A REASON TO MESS WITH US!!!!

  • Jake Edwards
    Jake Edwards 12 days ago

    It's worse how they shot into the passenger window first he not driving or have a gun under his leg?

  • Zycie jest Piekne Bajlandoo

    hahahaha fck em

  • Sugar Sammy
    Sugar Sammy 13 days ago

    Those two in the car deserved to go to jail but this... Also I know the guy was trying to comfort Sanchez but holy shit... "At least no cops got hurt, that's all that matters"... This is a terrible and scary line of thinking from THE POLICE..

  • Peter Pen
    Peter Pen 13 days ago

    Police is on edge but shooting not justified. Anyway the guy did not follow orders. And he was armed, according to the officer. And at certain point the guy refused to show hands. Very dangerous situation

  • Vulcan
    Vulcan 13 days ago +2

    i dont get it! why in the hell dont they park there car in front of them so they cant take off? esp when thers 2 cop cars there

  • Jean-paul Ntm
    Jean-paul Ntm 13 days ago

    They kill them for nothing if they was dogs the whole world wanna do the justice and crying and .....

  • Jean-paul Ntm
    Jean-paul Ntm 13 days ago

    In all eeuu there no honest black police ?

  • sufferationist
    sufferationist 13 days ago +1

    1:41 "Hot Dog Lady" y'all really got my attention

  • Javier Duarte
    Javier Duarte 13 days ago

    Relax fucken police officer killer but you will Pay in this life is one god and he see everything OK and you will pay for this.....

  • Ultrasoulviver
    Ultrasoulviver 14 days ago

    I have reviewed the bodycam footage over 100 times now and there doesn’t appear to be any weapon where she said at the end

  • Best4rtNiteClips
    Best4rtNiteClips 14 days ago

    Lol maybe the police are playing too much gta?

  • Shawn Brown
    Shawn Brown 14 days ago +2

    They was scrambling ,trying to get the story straight

    R3D REAPER 14 days ago

    As long as the police are ok everythings fine!! 4:00 min

  • Michael Pitzer
    Michael Pitzer 15 days ago

    There in no way this guy was not high

  • WN MCK
    WN MCK 15 days ago

    This is nonsense

  • Frostvite112
    Frostvite112 15 days ago

    Cop : let me see your hands
    Man : 8^|

  • RIC0H
    RIC0H 15 days ago

    That cops voice sounds like Amelia Murphy (Natalie Martinez) from APB (TV series)

    • RIC0H
      RIC0H 15 days ago

  • Jason Woodward
    Jason Woodward 15 days ago +1

    Yeah shoot whoever you want but thank God no officers were shot. Lol joke.

  • Jon Howard
    Jon Howard 15 days ago

    Thus female cop should lose her job luitenit saysy who shot here after cop shot him she says no here not here lern english before you learn the law no wonder i bet her parents were illegals

    • Jon Howard
      Jon Howard 15 days ago

      Right the best part is no officers got shot but I only shot some black guy in the head man

  • Division Six
    Division Six 16 days ago +3

    Chicago Needs New Jersey Style Policing, Let's See How High The Crime Lasts.

  • Alex Schaeffer
    Alex Schaeffer 16 days ago

    confused. why is cop in the wrong? car chases endanger the public, the public who did NOTHING wrong. At a certain point you should probably stop the people clearly endangering the rest of society, right? Add in the fact that the driver had a gun...I just wonder if I would act of instinct too.

  • brazen
    brazen 16 days ago

    my boi jus wanted to see wassup

  • Brandon Smith
    Brandon Smith 16 days ago +5

    Somebody should give those police officers a reward for removing trash from the street. We don't need people like that in society.

  • Towni Cita
    Towni Cita 16 days ago

    Stupid police woman just caused the death of this two niggaz,you didn't see any weapons why are you tripping woman??you make them afraid by the tone of your stupid voice.

  • TerrySees 2019
    TerrySees 2019 16 days ago +1

    I don't care you point a gun at me your done right there.

  • Habibur Rahman
    Habibur Rahman 16 days ago

    why in the f**kin world was officer crespo indicted??? do they want to give criminals more reason to resist and play games? i feel sorry for cops, they get all the blame trying to protect our communities

    • woo hoo
      woo hoo 16 days ago

      He pulled a pretty nasty shot into a moving vehicle without hesitation WHILE running. I'm not a lawyer but the dude is guilty for not following any type of protocol, the retard just winged it

  • Br Bergin
    Br Bergin 17 days ago

    The officers did exactly as their training and the law instructed them to do.

    • woo hoo
      woo hoo 16 days ago

      Shooting at a car to kill someone that hasnt fired back is definitely not in training

  • Kat
    Kat 17 days ago +1

    She explained it well.

  • Damian Kendall
    Damian Kendall 17 days ago

    did yall see how calm he was lmaoo

  • JamesT. Kirk
    JamesT. Kirk 17 days ago +1

    Kids, don't grow up to be a police officer. Do something meaningful with your life.

    • Skeptik Jester
      Skeptik Jester 17 days ago

      JamesT. Kirk So your idea of meaningful is to let rapist and sociopaths loose on the street ok then you sound like a very intelligent person “kids don’t grow up to be such a dumbass like this person do something meaningful”

  • americanalltheway Redneck

    the look in the drivers eyes gives him away..

  • Ali Briscoe
    Ali Briscoe 17 days ago

    F*** the apps

  • GuitarManiac
    GuitarManiac 17 days ago

    Died for a ticket :/ both were wrong

  • Endymion
    Endymion 17 days ago +4

    cooool...the police officer girl have a voice like´s the one little girl from police acedemy hahaaa

  • Glo Zaddyz
    Glo Zaddyz 17 days ago +4

    How are you gonna drive off and not think something was going to happen 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Mitchel Rowe
    Mitchel Rowe 17 days ago

    Bottom line. Live by the gun. Die by the gun.

  • J D
    J D 18 days ago +1

    Guess they didn't get the BLM memo......LOL

  • booba535
    booba535 18 days ago

    In a perfect world she could have just shot those monkeys right then and there and saved all that gasoline used during the chase

  • Ed Strano
    Ed Strano 18 days ago

    He’s too stupid to follow orders oh now he took off smart guy

  • Jhooppa
    Jhooppa 18 days ago +1

    *trapping out the backstreet*
    *running from the cops like a track meet*

  • Kara D
    Kara D 18 days ago

    honestly should could have even shot when he did up the window. not telling what could have happened. and not matter what people say. they have to protect themselves. and he clearly was confronting from the start. does it end up being warranted all the time? not at all. people can judge all you want, but nothing is perfect. NOTHING. and that incudes the police. when people say "well they could have this and that" blah blah blah it get's old. like real old. fast

  • Virginia Fry
    Virginia Fry 18 days ago +1

    Officer Sanchez had obviously not witnessed a fatal shooting before this.

  • Allenwrench
    Allenwrench 19 days ago +11

    so they're resisting being served a speeding ticket, brandish a firearm, flee the scene, and then proceed to drive in a way that engagers the public and wonder why the police shoot them.......

    • Skeptik Jester
      Skeptik Jester 17 days ago +1

      Dhrumil Shah (Personal) he had a gun and was dangerous that was the safest way to deal with it

    • Dhrumil Shah (Personal)
      Dhrumil Shah (Personal) 17 days ago

      There are ways to stop police chases without shooting, js

  • charles davis livitus
    charles davis livitus 19 days ago +2

    Who shot, who shot, just saying for the court proceedings

    • Kat
      Kat 17 days ago

      I caught that too lol ! "Cap, Cap when... "shots fired".. Cap "who shot who shot". Lol

  • Alex Lakatos
    Alex Lakatos 19 days ago

    That white folks again. No, wait, that niggasa again? Not surprising. :)

  • LM I
    LM I 19 days ago

    She could have just shot the idiot a

  • Greg Brock
    Greg Brock 19 days ago

    How does this officer get indicted???? The fucker driving the car refused commands and fled the scene.

  • John Locke
    John Locke 19 days ago

    Shooting a fleeing, armed suspect is not justified? God, our laws are so pussyfied.

  • peter hawkins
    peter hawkins 20 days ago

    Perfect police work

  • Tommy Marble
    Tommy Marble 20 days ago

    Cop really wanted that kill 🤭

  • Michael Randall
    Michael Randall 20 days ago

    If dumb negro didn't run dumb negro would still be alive. Case and point. BLUE LIVES MATTER! Stop breaking the law a**holes.

  • CDXX
    CDXX 20 days ago

    Does the pit maneuver not work on black guys?

  • L0rd K3npachy
    L0rd K3npachy 20 days ago

    I swear people didnt hear the report at the end

  • Karl with a K
    Karl with a K 20 days ago

    Our police are nearly always justified in their actions from what I've seen, and those guys were asking for trouble from the beginning but that one officer really did take it it too far. There's bad or misguided people in every walk of life though, its to bad this will probably be used against the good cops now by people who are anti-police.

  • Beno Burgija
    Beno Burgija 20 days ago

    I really don't see where you think cops did wrong, I would shoot him way before they did.. They deserved it.. The driver would shoot the female cop if he had the chance ..