Banana Split CAKE!! | YO'S BIRTHDAY SPECIAL | How To Cake It

  • Published on Jul 17, 2018
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    Another special guest has joined us on Step by Step, bringing us a NEW CAKE! Jyoti Nanra made an amazing Sugar Rush cake stacked with all things sweet and delicious- you have to see it! Head over there now to watch the whole video and show Jyoti some love!
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    Hi, I'm Yolanda! Some people call me the Beyoncé of cakes. I post my drool-worthy, jaw-dropping caking creations every Tuesday at 11am EST! My novelty cakes come in all shapes and sizes - giant versions of foods, gross stuff like brains, movie characters and some of my favorite things! Basically, I love to build stuff out of cake, buttercream, fondant, candy, cookies and anything sweet!
    Every year for my birthday, I bake an ice cream inspired cake! This year, I decided to cake a GIANT BANANA SPLIT! I used my Ultimate Vanilla, Ultimate Chocolate, AND my personal favourite Banana Cake, stacked with Italian Meringue Buttercream. I then topped off my ice cream scoops with flavoured Italian Meringue Buttercream and fudge, caramel, and strawberry sauces! Check out the full recipe here:
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    Editor: Orhan Sumen
    Cinematographer: Jeremy Kohm
    Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi
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  • How To Cake It
    How To Cake It  6 months ago +984

    Hellooo #NotificationSquad!😎 It’s my birthday week🎉 and this year I’m caking a BANANA SPLIT! 🍨🙌
    What’s your favourite treat to eat on your birthday??🤔😋 Let me know in the comments below! 👇👇

    • Alayna Duckworth
      Alayna Duckworth 11 days ago

      If your birthday is July 17 like the day this was posted we have the same birthday. And my favorite treat is my moms cake pops that she makes they’ve always been my favorites

    • Amber Jordan
      Amber Jordan 15 days ago

      Wàter melod

    • paulfoxy97
      paulfoxy97 28 days ago

      Definitely ice cream

    • Amber Jordan
      Amber Jordan Month ago


    • Dream Big
      Dream Big 2 months ago

      Happy birthday Yolanda !!

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White 13 hours ago

    Happy birthday

  • Daniel White
    Daniel White 13 hours ago

    Can you make a horse cake

  • Amni Slime Channel

    banana Banana

  • Max Mathew
    Max Mathew Day ago

    It’s a watermelon!

  • Prestigious dance squad

    Chocolate chip watermelon cake

  • Baby Balooga
    Baby Balooga 2 days ago

    make an eleafint cake

  • Great Christian Music

    How old are Yo?

  • Marylove
    Marylove 3 days ago

    Rock on! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️AbFab girlfriend!

  • Night Owl
    Night Owl 4 days ago

    U should make a shirt that says game of cake ;)

  • Oliinek
    Oliinek 4 days ago

    Your show was better some time ago. Now its too noisy too much of an inside jokes what makes me wonder if i still wanna watch this. Back then i saw grace and that passion in the eyes mów its more a fame. Its how i feel bout that at least.

  • Chucky The Killer Doll
    Chucky The Killer Doll 4 days ago +1

    I dont know if her bday Is the day that she uploaded the video but if it is Jul. 17 then her sign Is cáncer,and also,its my grandmas bday and my cousins bday ,on jul.17 lol

  • Samie Paradise
    Samie Paradise 5 days ago

    ADHD over here I'm just thinking how is that septar not melting?!

  • Sydney Silverstein
    Sydney Silverstein 6 days ago

    WATERMELON! you showed us at the start of the video

  • StellarCat1468 Horse Love

    My bday

  • sophia lloyd
    sophia lloyd 7 days ago

    Happy birthday (in 7 days

  • Tara Murray
    Tara Murray 8 days ago

    Is it a square watermelon

  • Kermit The dank
    Kermit The dank 8 days ago

    This is halarious

  • Default Name
    Default Name 9 days ago

    I think it's a watermelon cake!

  • Tammy Murray
    Tammy Murray 9 days ago

    Nice cake happy birthday

  • Artist God
    Artist God 9 days ago

    Am I the only one who looked up maraschino 🍒🍒cherries?

  • Artist God
    Artist God 9 days ago

    That looks like a icecream cepter

  • Leila Andersen
    Leila Andersen 12 days ago

    i think its watermelon juicebox

  • Presley Rhyne
    Presley Rhyne 12 days ago

    My guess is you are making a square watermaolen which is in Japanne

  • carmel latte supreme 7

    What about the cherry stem

  • carmel latte supreme 7

    Square watermelon

  • Unicorn Plays
    Unicorn Plays 14 days ago +1

    Anyone 2019?

  • Memoria Abieanga
    Memoria Abieanga 15 days ago

    It's a water melon cake

  • Chantel W
    Chantel W 15 days ago

    Looking at it and I wish I was there to see it and it looks really nice and You make the best cakes

  • Elizabeth Furlong
    Elizabeth Furlong 15 days ago

    It's going to be a watermelon cake.

  • Yvonne Pratt
    Yvonne Pratt 17 days ago

    Watermelon cake

  • Renee Paralle
    Renee Paralle 18 days ago

    box water melon cake

  • Sophia torres Vlog
    Sophia torres Vlog 19 days ago

    Watermelon cake

  • Miracle Moody
    Miracle Moody 19 days ago

    Square watermelon cake

  • Sam Ryerson
    Sam Ryerson 20 days ago

    My favorite dessert or treat is chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles on them

  • Sam Ryerson
    Sam Ryerson 20 days ago

    Watermelon cake

  • bubble girl
    bubble girl 22 days ago

    Yay I think a square watermelon 😁

  • David Gaming
    David Gaming 22 days ago

    Watermelon juice box

  • Leeann Hall
    Leeann Hall 24 days ago

    Yes yes

  • Amelie L
    Amelie L 27 days ago cake

  • honey raz
    honey raz 29 days ago

    Japanese watermelon

  • Tloda Tloda
    Tloda Tloda Month ago

    Water melon

  • Yvonne Chaboya
    Yvonne Chaboya Month ago

    You need a crown and a robe with your scepter lol

  • Giselle Games
    Giselle Games Month ago

    Juice box (watermelon) flavor

  • Charizma Kireka-Russell

    It is the watermelon cake

  • Unopa Matibhe
    Unopa Matibhe Month ago

    Next weeks cake is a Japanese watermelon

  • Courtney Stahl
    Courtney Stahl Month ago


  • Kyrah Lee
    Kyrah Lee Month ago

    Those cherrys remind me of something............................ 🎐💄

  • Kyrah Lee
    Kyrah Lee Month ago

    Box Watermelon Cake 🎂(p.s. I didn't look at it yet.)

  • Jocelyn Nepute
    Jocelyn Nepute Month ago

    My name is Jocelyn

  • darkz sasuke
    darkz sasuke Month ago

    Hmmmmm looks like a watermelon

  • Halle Grace
    Halle Grace Month ago

    What does she do with all this cake afterwards? There’s no way she eats this all lol

  • Sniper_Taco
    Sniper_Taco Month ago

    On April 1st can you not make a cake but make something new??? 2019

  • Aminath Fainaz
    Aminath Fainaz Month ago

    I absolutely love her work but it’s kind of annoying to see a grown ass woman acting like a kid sometimes. 🤦‍♀️ I wanna watch her videos but her acting that way it’s just stupid, no hate but I really wish she wouldn’t do that. She’s trying to be funny but it really isn’t, again love all her work. Which is why I watch even.

  • danaria561
    danaria561 Month ago

    I wonder what you do with all of that cake

  • Giaidaber Tromp
    Giaidaber Tromp Month ago

    Happy Birthday❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • imari Williams
    imari Williams Month ago

    happy birthday love you you are my favorite USclip cake artists love you 🎂🎂💖💖💓💓

  • Joselyn av
    Joselyn av Month ago

    Make a septer cake

  • Natasha Cantave
    Natasha Cantave Month ago

    Juice box

  • Patricia Vassell
    Patricia Vassell Month ago

    Melon juice box duh

  • Banana OMG
    Banana OMG Month ago +1

    Juice box cake

  • Keke Kigng
    Keke Kigng Month ago


  • Raven Odums
    Raven Odums Month ago

    When is it my birthday is July 20th

  • Ra'Mya The Render Rampp SLASHH bleach drinker

    happy birthday to you,and I love your baking skills, and I wish you a happy birthday

  • bri s
    bri s Month ago

    Game of Thrones cake!

  • Woodalchi
    Woodalchi Month ago

    Look absolutely delicious ❤️

  • Ber Khan
    Ber Khan Month ago

    now I know why there’re so many dislikes, because I’ve just accidentally clicked dislike when I’m trying to replay the video..

  • the lizard did it
    the lizard did it Month ago +1

    What does she do with all those cakes! Shoutout to all the Canadian friends

  • Naomi Salgado
    Naomi Salgado Month ago

    Watermelon 🍉😝

  • MsQueen Shelle
    MsQueen Shelle Month ago

    If you and Dairy Queen had a baby.....this is It! Beautiful!!!!

  • Destiny Cook
    Destiny Cook Month ago

    I meant I get my key from you every year so thank you

  • Destiny Cook
    Destiny Cook Month ago

    I can’t my birthday cake from you every year

  • Samera Noel
    Samera Noel Month ago

    This cake almost send me mad ,I love cake and ice cream 😃😃😃😃

  • Magnolia Wallflower

    I legit thought they were bringing her her son when they were giving her a prop because she looked so happy

  • Shdjfhdh Jana
    Shdjfhdh Jana Month ago

    Watermelon juce box

  • inmydarkesthour 22
    inmydarkesthour 22 Month ago

    This is my favorite so far!!

  • Kangie
    Kangie Month ago

    i cant be the only one wondering if that sceptre was edible

  • banana milk
    banana milk Month ago

    I love Jocelyn's laugh 😂😂😂😂😍😍

  • Heba Rihan
    Heba Rihan Month ago

    I LOVE brownies ... and then cake.

  • Salone Reyes
    Salone Reyes Month ago

    Happy belated Birthday YOLANDA!!!!!!!😗😙😚😘😘🎈🎈🎉🎉

  • The Famgirls
    The Famgirls Month ago

    Juice box watermelon

  • Carmen Sandoval
    Carmen Sandoval Month ago

    Happy birthday

  • Anna Catherine Cryer
    Anna Catherine Cryer Month ago +1

    What do you do with all ur cakes after u make them there’s no way u can eat all of them and u would get tired of them

    • Lauren S
      Lauren S Month ago +1

      She has a family and her crew. That's probably plenty to eat a cake...

  • TheMinecraft Pack
    TheMinecraft Pack Month ago

    Does anyone notice she said sandwij not sandwich

  • Kyri Nicolaou
    Kyri Nicolaou Month ago

    Happy birthday Yolanda have a lovely birthday 🎂

  • Jaeden Dame
    Jaeden Dame Month ago

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  • Sushi
    Sushi Month ago

    I think it is a watermelon juice box cake

  • Avery Bernethy
    Avery Bernethy Month ago

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  • Luna BlueHope
    Luna BlueHope Month ago

    Is it just me or was it kinda rude how we never saw her say thank you for them getting her the septor (idk how to spell that)

  • XxFortnitewolfxX King

    Happy birthday

  • Anya Khemlani
    Anya Khemlani Month ago

    14:37 Square Watermelon?

  • Audris Williams
    Audris Williams Month ago

    Yolanda will you start a cake website

  • Joshua Betts
    Joshua Betts Month ago

    1:22, Yolanda is so HAPPY!!! She literally looks like she made eye contact with a god.

  • Miss B
    Miss B Month ago

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  • Cailyn Nava
    Cailyn Nava Month ago

    a juice box


    Happy birthday Yolanda 😀🙂😃🙃😅😂😄🙂😆😆🙂😀😃😄🙂😂😃😄😄😀😅😂😄🤣😀😄😅😃😄😁😁😄😀😅😂😄😄🤣😅😇🙂🙂🙂🙃😉😅😅😄🤣😄🎁🎊🎈

  • Nadia Jacobs
    Nadia Jacobs 2 months ago

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  • Topo Purrito
    Topo Purrito 2 months ago

    btw I have only watched this vid so don’t think I’m from the future

  • Topo Purrito
    Topo Purrito 2 months ago

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    Arny Osei 2 months ago

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