Smash Bros Ultimate characters as vines


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  • Holly
    Holly  18 days ago +2481

    Before anyone else asks, Wendy is one of the koopalings you can play as.

    • NOSRAC
      NOSRAC 4 days ago

      FacelessFigure he doesn't deserve to be in smash lmao

    • donutholebandit
      donutholebandit 5 days ago

      +Marlyn Cruz Simon not marth

    • donutholebandit
      donutholebandit 5 days ago

      +Gyfire _ who the hell are bowser jr Roy and Larry? Are those like, Wendy's echo fighters or something?

    • Egg Mcguffin
      Egg Mcguffin 6 days ago

      Thank you

    • Galactic Gaming
      Galactic Gaming 6 days ago +1

      Holly ZSS was absolutely hilarious! Along with Bayo!

  • I Hernandez
    I Hernandez Hour ago +1

    Ice Climbers had me *rolling* .

  • Dom-o Ram-o
    Dom-o Ram-o 2 hours ago

    That vine was fucking MADE for Pit

  • Haley Voss
    Haley Voss 2 hours ago


  • Christian Teunissen
    Christian Teunissen 5 hours ago

    So genieus

  • Babatunde Kolawole
    Babatunde Kolawole 6 hours ago


  • sandypickle
    sandypickle 6 hours ago

    Sonic should’ve been that vine of the hedgehog running along the curb. Still, funny vid

  • Maddy
    Maddy 19 hours ago

    These are so accurate

  • Captain of Doggos
    Captain of Doggos 21 hour ago

    0:21 as a kirby main, that’s actually pretty accurate

    MMB PRODUCTIONS 22 hours ago

    0:42 Fricking Died

  • sonichaven
    sonichaven 22 hours ago

    The Pit one couldn't be more accurate

  • Erik Campoverde
    Erik Campoverde 22 hours ago

    0:31 I laughed so hard

  • Sakuya Izayoi
    Sakuya Izayoi 22 hours ago

    Megaman was perfect. Good job

  • I like to make videos
    I like to make videos 23 hours ago

    2:53 :)

  • Lela Bartels
    Lela Bartels 23 hours ago

    The Pit one and Wendy ones were the best

  • Big Chungus 69
    Big Chungus 69 Day ago

    1:08 made me laugh so hard

  • sean Ballestero
    sean Ballestero Day ago

    the wolf one kill me

  • Mert Ergenç
    Mert Ergenç Day ago

    I haven't watched this yet but let me guess pit is jared, 19

  • ???
    ??? Day ago

    I have the power of God AND anime on my side! 😂

  • Ben Dubitsky
    Ben Dubitsky Day ago

    The video you used for Snake was pretty good, but I think it would have been even better if it had been "my main goal is to blow up"

  • small tiddy goth gf

    4:31 the best one

  • Bubble
    Bubble Day ago

    Press "F" to pay respect to our true lord and savior, Waluigi 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  • Alex Zee
    Alex Zee Day ago

    What is vine?

  • Raamiz Haider
    Raamiz Haider Day ago


  • Jordan Gonzalez
    Jordan Gonzalez Day ago

    these vines are actually good and match with the fighter’s.

  • Adeline_Lupean
    Adeline_Lupean Day ago

    why you gotta do my mans Waluigi like that

  • Wanda Y. Jackson
    Wanda Y. Jackson 2 days ago

    When I saw the Ridley fire breath I was actually using the move in the game

  • Trevor's Gaming Room

    I didnt get MegaMan someone tell me the joke pls

  • Trevor's Gaming Room

    The ice climbers and R.O.B is my favorite and my main i can say that both are so true and be like that

  • John Newman
    John Newman 2 days ago

    2:52 When ur upstairs on the XBox and ur brother says "Waluigi doesn't deserve to be in Smash 5"

  • LuigiDude
    LuigiDude 2 days ago

    The Ridley one lmao

  • Laura's Gaming Blog
    Laura's Gaming Blog 2 days ago

    the pit and palutena one in 4.38 got me sHoOk. (I was hoping for more Zelda, obv imma zelda main and more dark pit)

  • Christian Justice
    Christian Justice 2 days ago

    as a Lucario main I can... do nothing

  • ii_omq oyster
    ii_omq oyster 2 days ago

    0:28 *that's not right*

  • Harry Woodward
    Harry Woodward 2 days ago

    Little mac should've been mayweather vs nasukawa

  • Erin J
    Erin J 2 days ago +1

    "Is that a dog in a car? Oh, aye, aye, ar, where'd you learn to drive?"

  • N-Airon of SSB
    N-Airon of SSB 2 days ago +1

    2:45 Link, Toon Link, and Young Link

  • Opz_Spade
    Opz_Spade 2 days ago

    What meme is the Mii Fighter ???

  • low level otaku
    low level otaku 2 days ago

    Kind of wish there was one for joker but whatever

  • Javeria Jamal
    Javeria Jamal 3 days ago

    Not Kirby was so accurate as a Kirby main. Oh and btw if ANYONE says Kirby s weak
    Well then fight meeeee!!!! What do you mean brother??? He is the only survivor. He has a sword, a hammer, he can suck real good 😏😏😏 lol jkjk me and my dirt mind. He can float for a very long tims so he won't get pushed off the place cuz he can just float on back. And his special is... he is a mini link that slashes you with the power of rainbows. And the you tell me mymainman Kirby is weak. Oh child you have a lot to learn

  • Felly Also Fel
    Felly Also Fel 3 days ago

    I’ve seen this in discord

  • Woomy8 lath
    Woomy8 lath 3 days ago

    04:43 Ahahahaha!!

  • Viggo van Oort
    Viggo van Oort 3 days ago +1

    1:06 me when my dog is mad

  • tf j
    tf j 3 days ago

    Why is greninja not getting shot with a nerf gun?!?!?

  • Sir Strawberry
    Sir Strawberry 3 days ago

    3:24 yep

  • dayostical
    dayostical 3 days ago

    Thanks for reminding me why Vine needed to die.

  • The Hollow Geek
    The Hollow Geek 3 days ago

    As a Ridley Main, yes.
    Also as an Inling main still yes
    Mewtwo, yes

  • bad boy 2018 CDP
    bad boy 2018 CDP 3 days ago

    Me and my friends were talking about that meme 2:32

  • chaos dream
    chaos dream 3 days ago

    Pichu die and Sonic to speed and why Fox fly

  • Irene Goodlow
    Irene Goodlow 3 days ago

    Best video

  • Anxtic A
    Anxtic A 3 days ago

    Now I’m not a R.O.B main but I’m gonna just say that kinda looks like me trying to complete any task.

  • Lemlon
    Lemlon 3 days ago

    Some of these don't even make sense..

  • Bailey Rini
    Bailey Rini 3 days ago

    As a bayonetta main I approve 😂😂😂

  • burnt toast
    burnt toast 3 days ago

    *m o o d*

  • Gaming And Vlogging Movies

    Lol I Like How You Draw The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters. Good Job

  • ThatOneMemeGuy / Memes, Complations and more!

    I swear to g0d if smashDon add W A L A U I G I I will slit their Doritos

  • Nic Dorey
    Nic Dorey 3 days ago

    Waiuigi goes yeet

  • Chase Knight
    Chase Knight 4 days ago

    Waluigi had me in tears

  • Ednally XOXO
    Ednally XOXO 4 days ago

    1:41 wut da...

  • noptic
    noptic 4 days ago

    That fucking Fox part is amazing.

  • f s
    f s 4 days ago +1

    lmao why is this so accurate

  • Joshibo Zeph
    Joshibo Zeph 4 days ago +1

    What a shitty video

  • Not Te Moai XdXd
    Not Te Moai XdXd 4 days ago

    5:22 HOLY AXE GO

  • Wolfist Life
    Wolfist Life 4 days ago

    So true

  • Kihambo BM
    Kihambo BM 4 days ago

    Olimar is too accurate

  • C. Gramby
    C. Gramby 4 days ago

    That last one...
    too soon

  • Not Arleigh
    Not Arleigh 4 days ago

    4:39 would’ve been perfect for Roselina and Luma :o

  • Kevin Ivany
    Kevin Ivany 4 days ago

    dude I'm dying at R.O.B. xD

  • Evelyn Nava
    Evelyn Nava 4 days ago

    Don't fuck with me I am the power of God & anamae aaaaaaaaa

  • Stardust King
    Stardust King 4 days ago

    1:46 im a captain falcon main and how did you know i was from oklahoma?

  • Adamk Kampen
    Adamk Kampen 4 days ago

    That Incineror one is too true in both regards

  • Lootbox TV
    Lootbox TV 4 days ago

    One of the best videos while pooping.

  • A. Suarez
    A. Suarez 4 days ago

    The zero suit samus KILLED ME!! Lol

  • cafeschanie
    cafeschanie 4 days ago

    as a link main i can 100% confirm

  • Joseph Powell
    Joseph Powell 4 days ago

    As a Fox main I can confirm 0:42

  • Joseph Powell
    Joseph Powell 4 days ago

    Most of these are very accurate especially the snake one

  • robert kristiansen
    robert kristiansen 4 days ago

    The first Wii Fit Trainer and Bayonetta ones are complete opposites but both so accurate.

  • JJ The cat
    JJ The cat 4 days ago

    3:48 I did that in school

  • Travis Herman
    Travis Herman 4 days ago


  • Abnel Ávila
    Abnel Ávila 5 days ago

    4:02 that ain't Falco

  • Desire Robles
    Desire Robles 5 days ago


  • That Anime Kid
    That Anime Kid 5 days ago

    Where is my boi *IKE*

  • 100 hundred times in a row


  • BlinkBlack88 Animated

    You are at the uttermost welcome.

  • Ed Ah
    Ed Ah 5 days ago

    As a young link main, that's pretty accurate

  • wreaka
    wreaka 5 days ago

    how is this perfect??????

  • I’m still a boy
    I’m still a boy 5 days ago

    0:15 link please

  • Octoling Bry
    Octoling Bry 6 days ago

    I read the description, okie

  • Octoling Bry
    Octoling Bry 6 days ago


  • KraXon Kooper
    KraXon Kooper 6 days ago


  • Sexy Daddy34
    Sexy Daddy34 6 days ago

    Somebody deserves to get stoned

  • Matteo De Bartolo
    Matteo De Bartolo 6 days ago

    1:32 when you miss the bus from school

  • ShadowUchiha
    ShadowUchiha 6 days ago

    4:45 I can confirm as a Lucario main

  • Fucking Fuck
    Fucking Fuck 6 days ago


  • Dad
    Dad 6 days ago +1

    Lucario on point

  • Broken Mind
    Broken Mind 6 days ago

    I just came for bayonetta

  • Peridot
    Peridot 6 days ago

    Lucina: You're my dad *points to picture of Chrom*

  • COLE Shion
    COLE Shion 6 days ago

    Spot on great job

  • Hons TGM
    Hons TGM 6 days ago


  • Strawberry Milk
    Strawberry Milk 6 days ago

    Oh my gawd the Wii fit trainer made me laugh so much cause its so accurate! 😂