Everything Wrong With Black Panther In 17 Minutes Or Less


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  • Manewa Kouam
    Manewa Kouam 34 minutes ago

    Everything wrong with isn't good anymore like what is this

  • Manewa Kouam
    Manewa Kouam 39 minutes ago

    He literally have a sin for the african accent like wtf

  • John O'Leary
    John O'Leary Hour ago

    Am I the only one who finds it funny he sins "Bury me with my ancestors who jumped from the ships" but theres no way for the dead people to be his ancestors

  • Drew M
    Drew M 2 hours ago

    Because a MIRROR is for seeing things not hearing things... maybe you forgot that or maybe you're still giving pointless sins for your personal misunderstandings.

  • Joseph Lash
    Joseph Lash 3 hours ago

    Thank you for making this video this movie was hyped up soooooooo much and I watched it and it was the most average thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Jamel Smith
    Jamel Smith 3 hours ago

    Fuck you, Wakanda forever.

  • dat noob
    dat noob 5 hours ago

    justice league > black panther

  • dat noob
    dat noob 5 hours ago

    OK not sinings the thatched roofs? thats a sin

  • Cherice Samakande
    Cherice Samakande 6 hours ago


  • The Comparison Network

    CinemaWins is better. Like wayyyyy better. Y'all should kill yourself

  • Colin Doran
    Colin Doran 7 hours ago +1

    You can see an editing mistake if you look at the movie sin timer at 11:21.

  • Gabriel Divine
    Gabriel Divine 7 hours ago

    you forgot to mention that the trains in the final battle were suprisingly long .. very long .. like fast and furious runway ;)

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 7 hours ago

    30 seconds in and I can already tell he's stretching

  • madeniran is the Best
    madeniran is the Best 8 hours ago

    You should do, everything wrong with this channel

  • Frostmore
    Frostmore 8 hours ago

    Um, if T'Challa didn't die, doesn't that mean the challenge transferring the throne was at least invalid, and in need of AT LEAST a re-do if not void entirely? Why do the people of Wakanda continue obeying Killmonger after seeing T'Challa is clearly alive?

  • Matthew Fisher
    Matthew Fisher 9 hours ago

    I hate this channel. Sure it's played for laughs but it gets soooo annoying.

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker 9 hours ago

    This man said “purple drank” like it was necessary🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 9 hours ago

    7:57 - This is probably one of the most predictable and overused cliches in movies
    8:32 - viola

  • King Kebo
    King Kebo 10 hours ago

    none of the stuff u say makes no sense

  • ninjaman5j5
    ninjaman5j5 11 hours ago

    CinemaSins Sin: 10:20,0 "Wadanada Neck Pinch"

  • Rudy W. Philippo
    Rudy W. Philippo 11 hours ago

    ross not touching shit needs to be 1 off. not adding 1.

  • Sam G
    Sam G 12 hours ago

    Been waiting for this since it came out 😄

  • Laviette
    Laviette 12 hours ago

    Everything wrong with this movie in one word : nigger.

  • Eileen V
    Eileen V 12 hours ago

    Americans stand out in other countries lmaoooo

  • josh germain
    josh germain 12 hours ago

    Everything his wrong with you

  • ThaFreshmaker
    ThaFreshmaker 13 hours ago

    I'm staying to question cinemasins, I feel all they do is make long gebsturr monolog urs on a 5 second sentence that doesn't need a sin.

  • D WILL
    D WILL 14 hours ago

    One question........why did this come out late?

  • Leah
    Leah 14 hours ago

    Why did you delete everything right with Black Panther and other Marvel movies?

    • scarlet night
      scarlet night 8 hours ago

      Leah you mean everything great, from cinemawins? That's still up on USclip

  • Warren Jordon
    Warren Jordon 15 hours ago

    lol....Ghost Dog

  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore 16 hours ago

    Martin Freedom not touching anything after being told totally deserves a sin being removed.

  • John Basher
    John Basher 16 hours ago

    Did anybody else have a complaint with the lack of racial diversity in this movie? They’re practically all the same race just sayin.

  • Gamerboy 5454
    Gamerboy 5454 16 hours ago

    My top 3 favorite Marvel Super Heros
    1: Iron Man
    2: Hulk
    3: Black Panther
    Oh wait since Hulk was too scared to face Thanos again
    New Order
    1: Iron Man
    2: Black Panther
    3: Spider Man

  • Jake Lownds
    Jake Lownds 16 hours ago

    2:55 There's also a London, Canada

  • Linn Jansson
    Linn Jansson 16 hours ago

    11:22 I mean he also killed someone

  • Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt 17 hours ago +1

    The movie was not that good and was very kiddish, I think that 100 sins should've been added for the fact that it's WAY overrated.

  • JasperCash
    JasperCash 17 hours ago

    HANUMAN is a God from Indian mythology, you asshole!! he's half human and half ape!!...

  • guelle kanista
    guelle kanista 18 hours ago

    Without the whole CGI Bombardement,this Movie is on Skarknado Niveau.

  • Adam Shaker
    Adam Shaker 18 hours ago

    14k of dislikes are sheeps

  • Amreta Umraw
    Amreta Umraw 18 hours ago


  • XO Purified
    XO Purified 18 hours ago

    Millions of years ago... Continent of Africa ... What happened to Pangea tho?

  • Sam Lister
    Sam Lister 19 hours ago

    You can tell you are getting desperate to find sins

  • Hammy J
    Hammy J 20 hours ago +1

    Don't do infinity war, it was perfect

  • Marc Duncan
    Marc Duncan 21 hour ago

    I really didn't like black panther never like the character in the comics the best black superhero for me has to be blade.

  • aj Cassie
    aj Cassie 22 hours ago

    " Ah, f8cking Bucky" I dunno whether to laugh or be upset, bucky is my fav, but that was honestly hilarious.

  • Farmando Art
    Farmando Art 23 hours ago

    15:14 Calling the movie “otherwise excellent” after giving it 96 sins... DING!

  • Georgina Haler
    Georgina Haler Day ago

    Klaue’s terrible accent alone deserves 5 sins

  • The21stCenturyguy

    I find it easier to believe in the existance of Asgard, than a city like the one in Wakanda in the middle of Africa.

    JIMMY JIMMY SURS Day ago +1


  • Benjamin F.
    Benjamin F. Day ago

    Okay guys, yes she did a dead/normie meme, but at least she used it correctly unlike Nickeldon and not only that, but apparently the movie takes place in 2016. One year after the what are those meme went viral. So it was a dead meme at the time. But one year is a lot less than how ever old the Deal With it Glasses are that Nickeldon used in like 2017. Man, can't believe we live in the world were people takes memes way too seriously these days

  • bob mcbobbob
    bob mcbobbob Day ago

    One of the worst Marvel movie yet...and the first 2 Thor movies sucked, so that's saying a lot.

  • Ciaran Quinn
    Ciaran Quinn Day ago

    Im here to see people calling cinema sins racist for this

  • Shadow78961
    Shadow78961 Day ago

    I’m gonna be honest the what are those was the clingiest part of an otherwise amazing movie

  • Layla Galaxy
    Layla Galaxy Day ago

    They ruined him in infinity war... ;n; Bang goes my heart...

  • The_ Answer
    The_ Answer Day ago

    Yo at the start that was Killmongers dad

  • TheXDatabase
    TheXDatabase Day ago


  • Sebastian Koller

    recipient settlement heel tunnel curious smell nuclear moon show.

  • Wizgamer 213
    Wizgamer 213 Day ago

    This nigga saying random shit

  • Wizgamer 213
    Wizgamer 213 Day ago

    How is roll kitties sum wrong

  • Hannu Drew
    Hannu Drew Day ago

    5:12 thats my name omg lol i didnt even realize until now.

  • Lukas Jednacak
    Lukas Jednacak Day ago

    2:40- i died

  • A n o n
    A n o n Day ago

    I came here just to see the comments.

  • 73oik
    73oik Day ago

    0:14 T'challa isn't speaking in in the introduction, N'jobu is telling a young killmonger about Wakanda, you can hear them both talk at the VERY begininng
    0:22 the meteorite didn't affect ALL of Africa, just the area Wakanda was, otherwise all of Africa would have vibranium
    1:46 the muzzle flashes from the guns represent their perspective at how dark the area is, and what it's like to fight him
    2:36 even though your joke about your "dick in a nutshell" is irrelevant to the movie, you still "sin it" as if it were a movie flaw
    3:14 you show a clip at 4:10 that shows the jabari tribe coming from tunnel in the rock-faces, so yes they have a way to get to the crowning/fight
    4:12 the Jabari tribe aren't exactly part of Wakanda, they chose to "isolate themselves in the mountains" and separate, so they wouldn't be informed of the ceremony
    4:47 so you know that they are isolated in the mountains? Before, you asked why they weren't there with them
    6:48 what do you mean "only in this movie" ? You say it's in infinity war in that same sentence

  • nisher15
    nisher15 Day ago

    This movie was weak. 6/10 max.

  • Omer Aamir Shah
    Omer Aamir Shah Day ago

    this movie had the most BASIC/WEAKEST plot, worst MCU CGI ever it was a complete piece of crap it only had the black thing going for it other then that nothing idk why people were losing their shitt over it the people that say this was the best superhero movie ever are lying to themselves !!

  • JamesAnimated
    JamesAnimated Day ago

    Wait, is this the whole movie?! *ding*

  • robert Del Rosario

    If there was one scene I hated in this movie, it was the burning of the purple fruit part. Just imagine where T'Challa challenges Killmonger in a rematch for the throne if there was no plan to sell the vibranium. Killmonger has his power taken away and wins again, but because there isn't any more fruit to get his power back, he ends up saying, "Aww shit. I fucked up didn't I?"
    Great idea dude.

  • Lensman
    Lensman Day ago +1

    So the celebrated African state that is a model of progress to all the rest was the beneficiary of the technology of a superior culture ...
    Hold on ... that reminds me of something!

  • Rael Leurink
    Rael Leurink Day ago

    Everything wrong with Black Panther In 17 minutes and 27 seconds.

  • Macd 199
    Macd 199 Day ago

    What about the white panther
    Black panthers distant relative

  • Sarah Diri
    Sarah Diri Day ago

    Jabari tribe is actually not part of Wakanda. They didn't want to be involved. So they show up late because... they weren't really invited to begin with

  • Jo_ Winchester
    Jo_ Winchester Day ago

    Bucky is NOT a sin, not ever

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. Day ago

    Holycrap!!! I love this vids!!! I really don’t need to watch any more movies. Seems like everything is crap anyway. Oh!! & I hate CGI why not just film on location.

  • Angela Caldwell The Random

    The real question is, WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE

  • M.C.arrowtime
    M.C.arrowtime Day ago

    This dude doesn’t look into the lore AT ALL does he?

  • Indie Games
    Indie Games Day ago

    Everything wrong with Mrs doubt Fire

  • Austin Allen
    Austin Allen Day ago

    Well said

  • Rainbow Opal
    Rainbow Opal Day ago

    “panther goddess bast”
    ain’t she supposed to be a cat though

  • Knockout Animations

    It deserves 100 more sins for the entire plot and everything else making no sense. They have the best defence and medical in the world, and yet they prefer shooty spears and swords to rapid fire machine guns

  • Akwolf06
    Akwolf06 Day ago

    You: f*cking Bucky

  • Jordan Davis
    Jordan Davis Day ago

    this was a pretty bad cinemasins... why ask the movie why you keep having to add sins for stupidity then say "you're better than this movie"... it is obviously NOT better than that... it IS that

  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant Day ago

    This movie looks crap!

  • Sakhile Hlongwa
    Sakhile Hlongwa Day ago

    Of course there were assholes who discovered Wakanda. The reason why no one found out about it till later, is cause they didn't live to tell about it. Klaue even said in the trailer, He's the only one whose seen it and made it out alive.

  • epicgoldenfreddy stahn

    that is funny at 6:25 though 6:29. just funny

  • The JZA of Jiguzillionaire

    ayyyyyy ghost dog

  • RamiRulz
    RamiRulz Day ago

    12:44 GOP logic

  • TeamKhronicZer0
    TeamKhronicZer0 2 days ago

    Very happy to see that Jeremy learned how to pronounce Themycira! Love you cinemasins

  • KetchupPuppy 12
    KetchupPuppy 12 2 days ago

    Panther goddess Bast? Well, Bast is the name the Greeks adopted. Her Egyptian name is Bastet, I believe. And I’m not sure she’s actually a panther goddesses. I know she’s a goddess of felines and not just domesticated cats, so I guess that makes sense. But right now, Bast is living with Carter and Sadie Kane in Brooklyn House.

  • Michael McCreary
    Michael McCreary 2 days ago +1

    No "what are those" is cringey

  • William Roe
    William Roe 2 days ago

    Half your sins are because you don’t understand the flow of speech, all your killmonger sins are because you don’t understand cultural complexity and the fact that he’s psychotic and dogmatic of his views of the world. And most your other sins are because of a lack of cinematography

  • Jason Roberts
    Jason Roberts 2 days ago

    Movie sin 73 talks about how Ross is the first character not to touch anything when told not to touch anything shouldn’t that be a positive instead of a sin

  • sumit dalal
    sumit dalal 2 days ago +2

    Hanuman is hindu god.

  • Catsinabanana
    Catsinabanana 2 days ago

    Omg I love the Black Panther ❤️❤️

  • Jensi
    Jensi 2 days ago

    I hate it when actors try to do South African English accents , also South African actors trying to do SA English accents . I love Andy .

    • Jensi
      Jensi 4 hours ago

      Half the actors playing Wakandans are SA actors .

    • Mark Ant
      Mark Ant Day ago

      What has South Africa got to do with Wakanda?

  • ThJakotsu
    ThJakotsu 2 days ago

    The post-credits scene reaction: "F*cking Bucky."
    Was probably the most relatable thing I have witnessed in ages.

  • Wayne Johnson
    Wayne Johnson 2 days ago

    FUCK YOU and your video!!! WAKANDA FOREVER!!!!

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 days ago

      Wayne Johnson Dude it's a comedy channel, chill

  • Hernandez 3202
    Hernandez 3202 2 days ago +1

    This movies effects were so fucking bad it turned me off to it automatically. And this movie was “ehhh” at best🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Subhojit Sengupta
    Subhojit Sengupta 2 days ago

    0:16 Actually N'Jobu narrated this not T'challa

  • Daniel Geurin
    Daniel Geurin 2 days ago

    The only thing I didn’t really like about this movie, was the last line Killmonger says before he dies. It seemed a little forced. Had he just said, “Death is better than bondage,” it would have flown better and still gotten the point across. Other then that, one of the better Marvel movies.

  • Timothy Rodowicz
    Timothy Rodowicz 2 days ago +5

    Glad I didn't bother with this movie. Looks lame

  • Mr Robinson
    Mr Robinson 2 days ago

    Great review bro