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  • BiG bAnAnA bOi 58
    BiG bAnAnA bOi 58 21 minute ago

    There's two types of men in the world: men who tried to suck their own penis and liars

  • V
    V 10 hours ago

    okay but ruby can like,, get it

  • Julian Morales
    Julian Morales 17 hours ago

    Ruby is so wise

  • Than Waters
    Than Waters 19 hours ago

    Pineapples bitch

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack 21 hour ago


  • Fiona Brennan
    Fiona Brennan Day ago +1

    That girl in the green dress is so cute

  • Fiona Brennan
    Fiona Brennan Day ago +1

    Those gold shoes are a power move

  • jay 005
    jay 005 2 days ago

    People do crazy shit

  • specializationz !
    specializationz ! 2 days ago

    what the fuck was that guy doing at 10:00???? i started cackling when he starting like “shaking”

  • IcyKookie MinYoongi
    IcyKookie MinYoongi 2 days ago


  • Nick Mitchell
    Nick Mitchell 2 days ago

    The guy from Seattle is so adorable

  • Sheila Fitzgerald
    Sheila Fitzgerald 2 days ago

    what’s the dominatrix’s instagram?

  • Ded _Yaori
    Ded _Yaori 2 days ago

    Its sad....I knew what egg laying is...

  • Zor Berg Totally Not an Alien

    Damn I didn't know there was a whole kink involving my kind! Maybe I should invite her to our next Zimflarg Borgortat reunion... I mean huh? Nothing.

  • SwiftStar Games
    SwiftStar Games 2 days ago +1

    I knew the one at 7:45-7:55 right away

  • Banana in Pajamas
    Banana in Pajamas 3 days ago +1

    8:24 furry

  • Kamilia A
    Kamilia A 3 days ago

    .......what did i just watch

  • edgy Teen Boi
    edgy Teen Boi 3 days ago +1

    My kink is seeing my girlfriend kiss other dudes in front of me

  • Ashley Lawrence
    Ashley Lawrence 3 days ago

    sid is my mANZ

  • Jacquee Hebert
    Jacquee Hebert 3 days ago

    The guy who's kink is licking is so adorable.

  • Eric D
    Eric D 4 days ago

    Dude in the Moschino hoodie is constantly just stupefied at these people

  • Ree
    Ree 4 days ago

    Well now... Ruby's changed my whole outlook on life

  • AzurHvns
    AzurHvns 4 days ago

    All quite interesting! But, the girl in the green dress is frickin Adorable!

  • Andre Cara
    Andre Cara 5 days ago

    8:36 he looks like the dog of "Mr pickles" ahahahha

  • Holly Park
    Holly Park 5 days ago +1

    8:37 I would run for my life and sanity if I ever saw something remotely close to that.

  • Xhris
    Xhris 5 days ago

    what da hell is this

  • -Shut Up-
    -Shut Up- 5 days ago

    69k likes that's convenient

  • Skylah Holcomb
    Skylah Holcomb 5 days ago

    oof i didn't know licking was a "common" kink. yeet guess im not t h a t weird

  • high on infinity
    high on infinity 5 days ago

    these are all kinda freaky but the egg laying shit was a whole other level... my god...

  • high on infinity
    high on infinity 5 days ago

    "the curves... are like hor d'ourves"

  • Emree
    Emree 5 days ago

    that girl in the black looks so sickening

  • oi bruv
    oi bruv 5 days ago

    what would a blowie be like for lick guy

  • Riley Dietemann
    Riley Dietemann 6 days ago

    Omg that was adorable

  • Sheen Peen
    Sheen Peen 6 days ago

    Anybody gonna mention Ruby’s waist cuzzz that shit be lookin *snatched*

  • luv jongin
    luv jongin 6 days ago

    It always amazes me how Americans are so relaxed and confident while speaking about things like that XD but it is cool. There is really no reason for being unconfident

  • Skye
    Skye 6 days ago

    I squealed on the pup, he is so cute cx

  • Skye
    Skye 6 days ago

    Man, imagine Rayne in this episode too lmao

  • derringers
    derringers 7 days ago

    anyone find ruby’s instagram?

  • Delaney M.
    Delaney M. 7 days ago

    i mean oviposition isn’t that weird? i lowkey want a splorch (i saw zoë ligon review it and was like oh yeet). also the sub guy was so precious, it’s not every day that i see another submissive man. also the guy who’s into licking is such a mood, i love getting licked. i melt instantly when i get (my neck especially) licked.

  • Lil bit of Lia
    Lil bit of Lia 8 days ago

    "sucking farts out of butts" WHAT THE FUCKKK 😂

  • krispy kream
    krispy kream 8 days ago

    3:13 just image going to the er for getting stuck

  • UnholySermons
    UnholySermons 8 days ago

    Last dude was fake asf

  • Vittoria Maria
    Vittoria Maria 9 days ago

    6:15 ..

  • Dancer 1965
    Dancer 1965 9 days ago

    Humans are odd

  • Preston Britton
    Preston Britton 9 days ago

    Motherfuckers are wierd

  • Aiko Fukuhara
    Aiko Fukuhara 9 days ago +1

    69 thousand likes

  • Azzy Moore
    Azzy Moore 9 days ago

    holy hell i want a mistress

  • dabbing luigi
    dabbing luigi 10 days ago

    does the ovipostion chick get off to aliens like the ridley scott film

  • Dakotah Jane
    Dakotah Jane 10 days ago

    I’ve seen the self suck guy on pornhub LMAO

  • Francesco Cilisto
    Francesco Cilisto 10 days ago

    This is my favorite thing ever