Jemaine Clement Got Dissed by Moana Fans He Tried to Impress

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Jemaine Clement recalls his terrible first talk show experience on Jimmy's Late Night show, shares the disappointing reaction he got after revealing he voices Tamatoa to Moana fans and describes his FX mockumentary series, What We Do in the Shadows.
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    Jemaine Clement Got Dissed by Moana Fans He Tried to Impress
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 429

  • Joseph Gooding
    Joseph Gooding Day ago

    That is probably one of the least funny clips from the whole movie. What we do in the shadows is comedy genius

  • Shayne Hunter
    Shayne Hunter Day ago

    I went out with a kiwi girl once never again. And I'm from New Zealand.

  • j c
    j c 2 days ago

    The beast

  • AetherGamer
    AetherGamer 2 days ago

    S H I NY

  • Amadis Demitrius
    Amadis Demitrius 3 days ago

    How is Jimmy Fallon a thing? so cringy to watch that guy just sucking ass constantly.

  • sound light
    sound light 3 days ago

    Got got dissed, tonight show - You got this, keep it 100! Your mad crazy dope af, yeah sons keep it reel too.

  • GUFF
    GUFF 3 days ago

    Colbert: FAKE , Fallon: FAKE Kimmel: FAKE

  • MunkyNZ
    MunkyNZ 4 days ago

    "creepy multi pack.."

  • Gil Roitto
    Gil Roitto 4 days ago +1

    Foux De Fa Fa is one of the greatest skits ever created

  • guitarbrother
    guitarbrother 5 days ago

    Jimmy is a type of vampire that drains your energy through conversation and fake laughs.

  • Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak

    Jimmy Fallon interviewing Jimmy Fallon. Repent. the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand.

  • John Jones
    John Jones 11 days ago

    “Vampires don’t put down towels!”
    “Some do....”
    “Not serious ones.”

  • Alex Carroll
    Alex Carroll 11 days ago

    Anyone know what kind of jacket that is Jermaine is wearing?

  • Katelynne Huh
    Katelynne Huh 12 days ago

    Your “shiny” has always been my daughters favorite. And you’re one of my favorite humans, Jemaine!

  • Jocelyn Andras
    Jocelyn Andras 12 days ago

    I love him. Damn.

  • Gigglyardo Shwatz
    Gigglyardo Shwatz 13 days ago

    2:35 wtf is he writing lol

  • berner
    berner 15 days ago +2

    Gimmie a thumbs up if you think Jemaine Clement should play Dr. Frankenfurter in any future Rocky Horror Picture Show remake they make.

  • Bastarden
    Bastarden 17 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon method of interviewing guests: Making it all about his own reactions, his own jokes, his own ego.

    Graham Norton's method of interviewing guests: Make it ALL about the guest currently having the word on the sofa! Only contribute when it makes sense for the story being told and for a joke that all can laugh at.

  • Haxwell Eddison
    Haxwell Eddison 18 days ago

    If he were bald. David Cross.

  • Username
    Username 20 days ago

    I'm just commenting to turn the comment counter to 400

  • Deborah Patrick
    Deborah Patrick 21 day ago

    I loved his voice work in Moana. It was fabulous. Been a fan for so much longer than that, though. He’s a fearless comedic genius.

  • Janelle Gwaltney
    Janelle Gwaltney 22 days ago +1

    I would be laughing at every little thing that comes out of his mouth...just because..he is freakin Jemaine Clemente!!!!

  • SilverSeamstress
    SilverSeamstress 23 days ago

    The most boring audience ever

  • Justin Bailey
    Justin Bailey 23 days ago

    David Cross sounds different with hair

  • Vaibhav
    Vaibhav 26 days ago

    Kiwi royalty right here guys!

  • Jerome Mordido
    Jerome Mordido 26 days ago

    Oooh Jimmy is an energy vampire?

  • Sosayweall jpg
    Sosayweall jpg 27 days ago

    man.. how does Jimmy Fallon keep gettin' work?

  • R D
    R D 28 days ago +149

    God bless Jimmy Fallon, he’s such a bad interviewer.

    GUY VER 28 days ago

    How does jimmy falon make funny things not funny

  • lizzie vi
    lizzie vi 28 days ago

    goodbyyyeeee moooon man

  • Carbonated Beverage
    Carbonated Beverage 28 days ago

    Jimmy is so difficult to watch

  • Velathore
    Velathore 28 days ago

    This guy was was funny af in Dinner for Schmucks

  • Bite Moi
    Bite Moi 28 days ago

    He's "a bit of a pervert." /watch?v=lT3BbmGf9Ag

  • gogogadgetjake
    gogogadgetjake 28 days ago +1

    One of my favorite human beings of all time. And he's got a nice pair of Sugalumps as well.

    • H vA
      H vA 28 days ago

      Ah yeah... His cannonballs definitely cause a kerfuffle.

  • loodlebop
    loodlebop 29 days ago

    Pretty sure that scene isn't in the movie though lol

    BRACKMETAW 29 days ago

    I loathe this rat-faced prick Fallon so much. Are US audiences this dense he has to repeat everything the guest says even going so far as to paraphrase or downright explain the joke? Talentless hack.

  • loags22
    loags22 29 days ago

    The audience doesn't get the dry kiwi humor

  • OMAR
    OMAR 29 days ago

    Please tell me Vlad is coming back in this show too!!

  • Mrs Refrigerator
    Mrs Refrigerator 29 days ago


  • greenlizardballs
    greenlizardballs 29 days ago

    he looks like he came out of the 80s

  • barefoot pirate
    barefoot pirate 29 days ago

    Why was this promoted so late? I saw this movie like four years ago

  • cortesej2
    cortesej2 29 days ago +8

    We're Werewolves not Swearwolves!

  • Ashley N
    Ashley N 29 days ago

    I never thought I'd deserve a TV series sequel to such a glorious movie and from such amazing people like Taika and Jermaine 💖😭

  • Kira Lyn
    Kira Lyn 29 days ago

    I'm sad there are people who didn't know who he was before Moana. He's so fantastic.

  • Brian Schmitt
    Brian Schmitt 29 days ago

    Did Jimmy just call him "Jermaine"? How does this aggressively mediocre idiot have a show?

  • Bee Kay
    Bee Kay 29 days ago

    Jimmy eats irony

  • Dr. Doom
    Dr. Doom 29 days ago

    Staten Island is a trash hole.

  • Rapportus5
    Rapportus5 29 days ago +18

    Been a fan of his since ITS BUSINESS, ITS BUSINESS TIIIIIME!

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 29 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon used to be good at this right?

  • Zombie Revolverheld
    Zombie Revolverheld 29 days ago

    I can't believe Jimmy mispronounced his name right at the very end. Cringe worthy. 😔

  • HomesliceDrummer
    HomesliceDrummer 29 days ago


  • bigbossignition
    bigbossignition 29 days ago

    The crab bit was the worst part of Moana 👎🏼 it didn’t fit the tone of the rest of the movie which is really sad because I love Jemaine and was looking forward to his part.

  • Chris Castles
    Chris Castles 29 days ago +1

    "I don't know if you know much about talk shows" haha, Jimmy knows that's a thinly veiled jab

  • Garrison Bradford
    Garrison Bradford Month ago

    If I got photobombed by Jemaine Clement I would lose my shit

  • Balian Korvus
    Balian Korvus Month ago

    Loved the movie, can't wait. "Aww Peter got him"

  • BelieveInMatter
    BelieveInMatter Month ago

    I. Am. So. Excited. For. SHADOWS

  • Brian McNamara
    Brian McNamara Month ago

    *he laughed

  • phybelle
    phybelle Month ago

    Oh my gawwdddd.. tamatoaaaaaa!!!!!

  • mook5tar
    mook5tar Month ago +1

    I love his natural persona, and comic genius on the screen.

  • Neville Young
    Neville Young Month ago

    Is he Australian or British? Can’t pick the accent

    • Ariel_Grey29
      Ariel_Grey29 29 days ago

      Neville Young New Zealand, I think.

  • Sean Helton
    Sean Helton Month ago

    God, Jimmy Fallon is awful

  • Ray Bustos
    Ray Bustos Month ago

    Rick and morty

  • Eduardo Deleon
    Eduardo Deleon Month ago

    The audience can’t handle him

  • Tim
    Tim Month ago


    GYSTFORKICKZ Month ago +1

    Will the werewolves appear in the documentary as well.

  • Jillian Collins
    Jillian Collins Month ago

    Jermaine is so funny, watching Jimmy is so painful and boring.

  • Sam Sansalone
    Sam Sansalone Month ago


  • Afro formed
    Afro formed Month ago

    Cant believe they used a clip that isnt Jemaine. Thats poor effort

    • Afro formed
      Afro formed 28 days ago

      +H vA o, haha, fare enough then. I wish he was in it though as we could have seen what Vlad had been up to since the time we saw him in the movie. (It was Vlad wasnt it?)

    • H vA
      H vA 28 days ago

      I don't think he features in this show... they've set it up with other vampires in a different country. Jemaine made the show though...

  • Kamil Henri Music
    Kamil Henri Music Month ago +6

    What We Do in the Shadows (Short Film)
    What We Do in the Shadows (Feature Film)
    What We Do in the Shadows (TV Series)
    What a Franchise

    • H vA
      H vA 28 days ago +1

      And there is that Police Officer Show too, with the same two actors that featured in the feature film.
      And I'm hoping so much for "We're Wolves" or however they're gonna call it!

  • Gunman610
    Gunman610 Month ago

    Jemaine Clement is hilarious and was great in Moana, but Jimmy Fallon is the worst interviewer. I think I need an insulin shot after listening to him...

  • T Mox
    T Mox Month ago +3

    He was the best character in MIB III

  • Charlie Lucas
    Charlie Lucas Month ago +6

    I hear his voice and I immediately think of Nigel from “Rio”. 🤣

  • F Z
    F Z Month ago +1

    Energy vampire.. hahahahaha laughed my ass off when he was explaining what it was

  • dogtooth47
    dogtooth47 Month ago

    I love how he is just killing kimmel's humor at the same fine

  • Rosie Goldstein
    Rosie Goldstein Month ago

    I love him😂🥰

  • Andy Jurkiewicz
    Andy Jurkiewicz Month ago +1

    He stole it in men in black 3,sorry will.

  • Favorite Child
    Favorite Child Month ago

    wwdits is a MASTERPIECE
    Looking forward for the series :’>

  • Travis Baker
    Travis Baker Month ago

    I love Jermaine and Brent. Funniest Aussies ever

  • blizzardjesus
    blizzardjesus Month ago

    Worst character in the movie.

  • AdmiringObserverR
    AdmiringObserverR Month ago +4

    OMG I would be thrilled if Jemaine photobombed my photo! I was stoked to find out he was in Moana.

  • Kary J.
    Kary J. Month ago

    The crab from whaaaaa? I couldn’t hear what jimmy said, he didn’t annunciate well enough for me understand what show this crab was on.

  • Magic Jesus
    Magic Jesus Month ago

    gonna have to dislike just because a legend was interviewed by jimmy fallon. when are you going to sack the talent less hack?

  • Quick Dimwit
    Quick Dimwit Month ago

    Actor = hypocrite
    Your vanity is your greatest enemy.

  • MrBananaCheeks
    MrBananaCheeks Month ago +23

    Jimmy: "Crowd get hyped! Woo! Yeah!!"
    Jemaine: "'s uh.. actually a documentary..." Love Jemaine

  • MX TW
    MX TW Month ago

    Lol american audiences need jokes fed to them with funny voices, shouting, and antics. They cant grasp dry wit

  • 40 Plus Gaming
    40 Plus Gaming Month ago +4

    I could listen to Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi talk about paint drying and it would be amazing.

  • Konami
    Konami Month ago

    Who else thought he was black?

  • FMFvideos
    FMFvideos Month ago

    I miss Flight of the Concord

  • Max Doubt
    Max Doubt Month ago +1

    Again, the awkward contrast between a comedian and a Jimmy Fallon.

  • James Herr
    James Herr Month ago +2

    The way he says “because I don’t look like a crab” killed me for some reason

  • Grant Beban
    Grant Beban Month ago

    Sweet Nomads Bro. I had camel colour Nomads when I was at school chur cuz

  • ZeroKool7140
    ZeroKool7140 Month ago +9

    It really burns my toast that they didn’t mention his role in Legion on FX.

  • Moon Strider
    Moon Strider Month ago

    He was awesome in Legion on FX

  • mydogiscalledoscar
    mydogiscalledoscar Month ago +1

    That's quite clearly David Cross in a wig.
    Just me?

  • fugithegreat
    fugithegreat Month ago

    I would probably pee my pants if Jemaine photobombed my selfie! When I first watched Moana I had no idea that he was in the movie, but I immediately recognized his voice and squealed to myself.

  • Tyler Locke
    Tyler Locke Month ago

    I see Jemaine Clement, I click and enjoy. I listen to Jimmy Fallon, fake laugh and try to listen to his guests and I cringe

  • Megan Vinson
    Megan Vinson Month ago

    The movie they did is so funny!!!

  • thefilthelement
    thefilthelement Month ago

    Binary solo

    • Miranda Levy
      Miranda Levy 27 days ago

      00000001 0000000111 001001 000000111

  • Dieguismama
    Dieguismama Month ago

    I wish jimmy would take pointers from Jemaine and quit trying so hard!

  • Carlton Wilson
    Carlton Wilson Month ago +1

    I love this guy's voice. He did the voice over for a gaseous intelligent life form named 'Fart' on an episode of Rick And Morty where he sings 'Goodbye Moonmen'.
    "I've seen nerve gas, but that gas got some nerve!"