Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

  • Published on Sep 21, 2017
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    • mσchí víσlєttє
      mσchí víσlєttє 16 days ago

      +Tenly2009 dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

    • Tenly2009
      Tenly2009 16 days ago

      mσchí víσlєttє If you mean “brains in vats” or “bodies in pods” with our brains hooked up to a virtual reality - then no. Probably not. It’s far more likely that we are 100% artificial intelligences with no physical body to call our own in the “real” world. There’s a tiny possibility we’re brains in vats - but EXTREMELY unlikely.

    • mσchí víσlєttє
      mσchí víσlєttє 16 days ago

      +Tenly2009 oh noes the matrix is reallllll :|

  • Jerald Pagaran
    Jerald Pagaran 8 hours ago

    if we are simulated, are we allowed or did our creators allow us to figure out the we are only simulated?

  • SlashZ890
    SlashZ890 9 hours ago

    Sarcastic USclip comments makes me feel upset.

  • Novalium Company
    Novalium Company 10 hours ago

    The Matrix.

  • Debraj Rudra
    Debraj Rudra 15 hours ago

    This really sounds like the god argument with a different more believable skin.

  • K Huff
    K Huff 16 hours ago

    I bleed.

  • Dmar Tube
    Dmar Tube 16 hours ago

    It'd be nice if they would use some cheat codes

  • Isaacm0920_YT_TTV
    Isaacm0920_YT_TTV 16 hours ago

    What happens if this video is just trying to get to my head?

  • Master Exploder
    Master Exploder 16 hours ago


  • Maxii
    Maxii 17 hours ago

    Jesus Christ this makes me rethink my whole life...
    Actually wait. Kulve Taroth is leaving soon. Nevermind.

  • All The Action
    All The Action 17 hours ago

    You guys are soon going to become the next Shane Dawson stop making be question everything

  • Clarrie Dee
    Clarrie Dee 17 hours ago

    What makes something real tho? Like if we're all sims, sure we would all be living in a stimulation. But that stimulation is still real. So shouldn't we be considered real even if we are a stimulation?

  • That One Weird Channel
    That One Weird Channel 18 hours ago

    Man, being a simulation of such crappy alien sucks! i have found 3 bugs yesterday! One in my backyard, another in my keyboard and another in my bed.

  • That One Weird Channel
    That One Weird Channel 18 hours ago

    What if.. WHAT IF... let's imagine there IS a civilization simulating us right now, we are a simulation... Well, what if that civilization that is simulating us IS ALSO A SIMULATION of another civilization? ._.

  • Claíre Croft
    Claíre Croft 19 hours ago

    I think we are in a simulation, i accidentally opened what i think is console commands, typed in 'Increase_Luck-Skill 10' and i found £20 in my pocket~
    Also there's alot of strange men with suits outside my house, brb answering the door.

  • GoldSrc Or Source
    GoldSrc Or Source 19 hours ago

    does anyone else just not care enough to have an existential crisis?

  • DaSpoonyBard
    DaSpoonyBard 20 hours ago

    I'm sure the aliens simulating us are asking the same questions, and that they too are also being simulated, and so on and so on into infinity.

  • Steven Graham
    Steven Graham 23 hours ago

    Is water wet?

  • L. F
    L. F Day ago

    What if the simulation we're in is to find a way to overcome the great barrier, and once we can overcome it the "end of the world" occurs

  • aeo
    aeo Day ago +2

    This theory doesn't make any sense.

  • Jer Ber
    Jer Ber Day ago

    Scientists: Christians are dumb for believing a god created the world.
    Also scientists: somebody created our world in a simulation.

  • Katherine V
    Katherine V Day ago

    1:17 *flat earthers game intensifies*

  • Czajska
    Czajska Day ago

    Guys? What if I'm the only existing person of earth with awarness and all of you are bots?

    Prove me wrong 😂

  • Czajska
    Czajska Day ago +2

    So many glitches in this work! Mental ilnesses, being sick etc etc

  • MelodicNostalgic

    Why I believe our Universe is not a Simulation :

    My Reasoning #1
    An Ideal simulator would want more interaction between his Sims to arrive at maximum possible possibilities (The point behind running any simulation is to achieve maximum possible results).

    The unbelievable distances that we see in our Universe means - Civilizations can barely know each other let alone interact and meet each other. Even if Civilizations achieve Light Speed Travel (Which I highly doubt), I see our Universe is an awful lot of wasted real estate for any Simulation.

    My Reasoning #2
    Any Simulator would make sure every Simulation starts out decent, Even if its fate is destined to die out. Would you play a game of Sims by leaving the Sims to fend off in a Hostile environment where he has no chance of survival in the first 15 seconds ? Of course not, You make sure the Sim starts at a safe place. Now you might argue that the Earth is a safe planet but History suggests otherwise. Earth had a lot of co-incidences to even become Hospitable. Add on top of that, Ancient Humans who survived lots of Horrors like Super Volcanoes and Ice Age.

    At one point in history, Scientists say Archaeological evidence shows that Population of Humanity got reduced to as little as 5000, Which means Humanity was destined to be doomed to extinction but got very very lucky. What kind of a Simulator tries to kill off a Sim before they are even born and have a chance to manifest ? This is another reason why I think Simulation Theory is bullshit !!!

  • All things All Fun

    What if the humans which simulate us are also in a simulation.

  • Evolutioner Deamon

    I think I'll just continue watching cat videos.

  • Cheeseburger Monkey

    1:20 Jake Roper, Vsauce3

  • The.Mika
    The.Mika Day ago

    But then people call the idea of God absurd...

  • TheAnxoiusHero 21

    Doesn't change the fact that my Dad still isn't back from the store

  • Warhamer 40k
    Warhamer 40k Day ago

    This is some Jayden's level shit

  • Laser Guy
    Laser Guy Day ago

    what about irrational numbers? those are beasts which destroy simulation idea.
    u cant simulate a programm with an infinite information. irrational numbers couldnt exsist in finite data holders.
    and if simulators have infinite disk space its beyond this already bizzare idea.

  • jamie keys
    jamie keys Day ago

    cooking with ur bitch she a thot, thot thot

  • Alessandro Gulì
    Alessandro Gulì Day ago +4

    this is what i was thinking when i was like 4 or 5

  • Alexander Arnold

    Many of the people stylistically and superficially talking about "Reality Being Real" aren't mentally stable and are aware some about the negative purpose of many who are aware of more in/of this movement, and all are mentally insane. This movement likes to make people "experience" things that "are not known" andor "not easy to comprehend", and call this "reality". Many are motivated by money and use this "movement" merely as a tool to achieve some objectives that truly are limiting, harmful, and completely suboptimal to individual freedom and true choice. Things like Insurance, "Offered Financial Planning and Oversight", "Job critiques" of service workers (by those not working), Telecommunication Companies (all, currently), Credit Companies, Many Academic (yet not DoE approved) Schools, "Social Empathy", "Collective Decision-Making", and more such Theft and violation of Contract and Freedom of Expression. Many "styles" of writing and art that glorify ugliness, incompleteness, harm, conflict, drugs, "counter-culture", illness, death, sadness, agony, disease, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, psychosis, hysteria, paranoia, public shaming, punishment, torture, sexual dominance (some "scientists" believed "sexual" to mean "gender" but this is false), Public Storytelling of other people's lives, "Political Parties", Public Intoxication, Binge Drinking, "Connections", glorification of mental insanity, impulses to speak for other people, "Epicness", and any belief of fame (all fame is is doing something perceived to be "different". Even if a person has done the same "famous" action, they always will be different people). Many "coworkers" who perceive themselves as "family" aren't, never will be, and are very mentally disturbed, yet use small social "fame" to "attain" labels that make up for "facts" that are truly physically occurring. Many people try to find/spot the least wanted situation for another person and try to have this situation happen to the another person, andor them about this "situation" after they have said certain words andor phrases to "condition" andor "prime" the another person to this "situation" to be true.

  • Alexander Arnold

    No. Much of Reality is not. Many thoughts, and many feelings are not truly occurring.

  • JUneu
    JUneu Day ago

    So weird seeing an actual human in this video

  • Francis Srečko Fabian

    If I am a simulation can I request a better body (and much less pain), a better life and nice things. As Cypher said, "I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss." Red pill please!

  • Irish Baruah
    Irish Baruah Day ago

    “What if we are creations?”
    I’m 21 and was looking for this answer since 15

  • Zay Thoveen
    Zay Thoveen Day ago +1

    The fact that we can doubt that we are real is proof that we are. If we were in a simulation self awareness wouldn't be implemented into it.


    Who would want to play my boring life

  • Leo Munoz
    Leo Munoz Day ago

    Quick, everyone take your pants off and keep your hands off your ding dongs, these simulation runners are really uncomfortable with nudity

  • 스테파니 조셉Stephanie

    How about if black holes/ dark matter are portals to other universes with other beings? And we just can't reach them?

  • Death Bone
    Death Bone Day ago

    Warning: simulating humans might cause lagg

  • Andreas Flores Fok

    Bro thank you this helped me on my debate question

  • Sahand
    Sahand Day ago +2

    Damn it, i always knew barbie girl was right.... imagination, world is your creation 🤔

    CEDER Day ago

    is the kurgesagt team dealing with depersenalitation I have gotten this it comes with anxiety and makes you qeustion reality. This video is about reality not being real one video is about weed the last video is about consciousness so I wanna know if this true.

  • Master Pieces
    Master Pieces Day ago

    Stop feeding people this kind of bullshit

  • The Not-So Lively Fan

    I remember the Holographic Universe theory because of this... Damn that's one good read...

  • friskylime
    friskylime Day ago

    I'm not sure if I can agree with the simulation idea merely because of our assumed consciousness and perception of time, all of that would have to be simulated too, which would either mean we are moving much MUCH faster in the computer relative to our "god" or they would of had to of built a computer that can run and last for an unspeakable amount of time, with them moving at the same speed as us over an eternity. If we are moving faster than our god though, it would make sense as to why we could conceptualize and perceive god, but never actually be able to find or hear from them except in the small instantaneous moments between millions of years when they decided to touch the computer. This could all easily be debunked too though if by perhaps say, I'm all alone here and this is a simulation for just me, the one person writing this all right now, or two, their computer accounts for our senses, consciousness, ideas, and perceptions of time and space, and are all just completely controlled robotic like computer scripts that don't actually mean anything and might not even run by the same laws of thermodynamics on the outside. There's so many possibilities!

  • Tatiana Ryan
    Tatiana Ryan 2 days ago

    I think im in the truman show

  • Sławek Piniuzk
    Sławek Piniuzk 2 days ago

    We are real skin and bones

  • Denver Loves You
    Denver Loves You 2 days ago

    If we may be stimulated then.. Fuck you stimulator guy, play nice to me

  • Arkady lol
    Arkady lol 2 days ago +1

    Damn Matrix

  • Cwayne2 v
    Cwayne2 v 2 days ago +1

    My simulation could be better 😂

  • Azulado
    Azulado 2 days ago

    Is this the real life
    or it is just fantasy?
    only Queen fans will understand

  • Piss Demon
    Piss Demon 2 days ago

    Thanks for the penis

  • 2scarzes月と水
    2scarzes月と水 2 days ago

    Eventually we are all going to die. That they faith we all have in common

  • Yusuf
    Yusuf 2 days ago +1

    Tek Yaratan *Allah (C.C) DIR !* Ve Ahiret Hayatı vardır.

  • Adarsh Bhardwaj
    Adarsh Bhardwaj 2 days ago +2

    I love simulation.
    And live there most of the time.
    Name : PubG

  • RGBushido X
    RGBushido X 2 days ago

    Learn to lucid dream and simulate whatever you want.

  • Desolations102
    Desolations102 2 days ago +10

    PC gamers be like, my computer can run that on the side.

  • RussRedCloud
    RussRedCloud 2 days ago +9

    If I'm a character in a simulation then my player has made some pretty poor choices

  • ishika patel
    ishika patel 2 days ago

    Com'on everybody here has bleeded sometime.

  • LaToyce Lindsey
    LaToyce Lindsey 2 days ago


  • Buccaneer Toothless Andy

    If we were simulated then we would be deleted if some of us brought this up most likely

  • Lychee Myusic
    Lychee Myusic 2 days ago

    "why are you still here?"

    im shoving food in my mouth leave me alone

  • snake-neter the takedown

    "Best channel everrr"

  • Abhirama Hamby
    Abhirama Hamby 2 days ago

    COGITO ERGO SUM. Seriously? You mean you never thought about this when making this video?? What is wrong with you people???

  • I like potatoes
    I like potatoes 2 days ago

    *sleep has left the chat*

  • Nick Frutos
    Nick Frutos 2 days ago

    If reality was a simulation then it would be an advanced windows 98 running it.

  • Ë̸̼́d̷͙͛e̸͓͘n̸̈͜

    No, nothing is real. We are all little flecks of artificial snow in a snow globe that an imaginative autistic alien child owns.

  • clove
    clove 2 days ago

    the real question is.. can you play Minecraft on that computer?

  • Spartan War118
    Spartan War118 2 days ago

    Okay woah there, i suggest you *_DON'T_* encourage the dissecting of ones self

    Also as for tripping on the power cable
    get a quick save feature on it, so it quickly captures the current data of the simulation before it fully runs out of power
    So when it boots up, it will seem as if nothing happened

  • Waki 21
    Waki 21 2 days ago

    *FBI wants to know your location.*

  • Lemonade Is Gay
    Lemonade Is Gay 2 days ago

    *the sims 29904^2 has come out*

  • bloodcorer
    bloodcorer 3 days ago

    That Skirmish has taken some billions of years on that RTS game.

  • Franco Peña Campos
    Franco Peña Campos 3 days ago


  • MetallicaLife4
    MetallicaLife4 3 days ago

    3:28 this reference is perfect

  • Josna Meena
    Josna Meena 3 days ago

    If we are in a simulation then i am sorry for all the people who think they are unexpected in nature

  • Random Rick
    Random Rick 3 days ago

    If only I could figure out where to enter the code KLAPAUCIUS..

  • Tec Ngen
    Tec Ngen 3 days ago


  • ThatOneGuy _02
    ThatOneGuy _02 3 days ago

    What difference would it really make?

  • MenuBar Memorial
    MenuBar Memorial 3 days ago +1

    Autonomous systems don't require a single giant processor to do all the work.

  • delup2008
    delup2008 3 days ago

    This guy sucks i prefer birds.

  • Mayu Jog
    Mayu Jog 3 days ago

    We need a patch released....this simulation sucks

  • mutant mfe
    mutant mfe 3 days ago

    7:03 no animals are harmed so dont worry

  • Sam De Smedt
    Sam De Smedt 3 days ago +14

    to the person controlling me in my simulation: please delete me and create a better version

  • Tom Voke
    Tom Voke 3 days ago +1

    Simulating "What If tRump had Won?"

  • Hodor Reed
    Hodor Reed 3 days ago

    We are God's creation
    We are stimulation created by a computer
    Computer is God.

    I realize this is a stupid but there is no need to torture me by filling my notification bar with hatred😅😅

  • Aaron Cedric Choy
    Aaron Cedric Choy 3 days ago

    What is our creators just wanted us to think that but there are actually other possibilities?

  • الكلب البيت

    Who cares tho?

  • Smol Meow
    Smol Meow 3 days ago

    if im a simulation, whoever is controlling me and my choices is an asshole
    edit: also whoever designed me is an asshole

  • Lauren Howard
    Lauren Howard 3 days ago +2

    This is what I think every day.

  • Vince Anthony
    Vince Anthony 3 days ago +1

    Time for another existential crisis...

  • Breithe Nua
    Breithe Nua 3 days ago

    Not really sure that I buy the logic that if we are simulations, that means we're not real. "Cogito Ergo sum" means that if we can think, then we exist. What we are made out of is irrelevant. We have thoughts, desires, needs, beliefs, etc etc. Us being made out of pieces of code doesn't really change that we are beings with our own agency, individuality and personalities. And just like those that created us, we cannot escape *our reality* to confirm or deny the simulation hypothesis.

  • Jyothi Sargur
    Jyothi Sargur 3 days ago

    This guy is playing a lot of Sims lol

    Jokes aside this is rly good . I love this

  • smirkovs
    smirkovs 3 days ago +2


    • Techno-mage
      Techno-mage Day ago

      Considering that the energy we are composed of doesn't disappear, reincarnation in some form (depending how you specifically define it) is supported by science.

  • Maria Alvarez
    Maria Alvarez 3 days ago

    Lol i don't think the matrix exists

  • ItzSensei
    ItzSensei 3 days ago

    What if our simulators are in a simulation who’s simulators are also in a simulation 😲

    • Tomáš Vyčítal
      Tomáš Vyčítal 2 days ago

      class Simulation {
      constructor() {
      new Simulation()

      new Simulation()