Is Reality Real? The Simulation Argument

  • Published on Sep 21, 2017
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

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    • I Am sHeEp productions
      I Am sHeEp productions 2 days ago

      Hey Vsauce, Michele here, Where are your fingers?

      btw Kurzgesagt, if you're reading this, what if your channel is a simulation and this is just a way for the god-like beings controlling us to communicate with us?

    • It's me
      It's me 6 days ago

      Blutooth Golly gee giraffe 🦒

    • It's me
      It's me 6 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell You subscribed to him or WHAT?


    1:19 who feel frightened?

  • Retronix
    Retronix 4 hours ago

    Was Martin Luther King an antivirus?

  • SloanKetter44
    SloanKetter44 6 hours ago +1

    3 reasons we live in a simulation:
    1. What are the odds the universe started with a Big Bang if cosmic dust and 14.8 Billion years later there’s floating rocks with they’re own gravity, atmosphere, eco system, weather, climate, day and night cycle, force field (magnetic shield that’s protects us from radiation) oceans, seasons etc (basic the perfect possible environment imaginable to host organic life.
    2. What are the odds conscious life exists in a universe that’s started with a Big Bang of cosmic dust and 14.8 billions years you have animals, insects, plants to a large extent and even cells to a extent that our sentient. Not only that but those beings have love, hate, anger, greed, fear, sadness, personality’s etc.
    3. The “Grand Finale” is a combination of the first two and that is that these meat A.I.’s have the ability to in 300,000 years manipulate there environment to a level so absurd that we’re flying around the world, landing on the moon, quantum mechanics, the atom bomb, CRISPR, computers, internet, and the ability to destroy the entire planet it less then a week. Here the big give away. Of humanity survives 1000 more years we’ll almost for surely have the ability to teleport, harness stars, mine planets, create super intelligent A.I, live forever through medicine and undoubtedly merging with machine,
    4. Actually evolution is probably on the biggest pieces of evidence as well given that it’s literally “intelligent design”
    5. And actually another reason would be our tiny time frame to innovate in between the the changes of the universe and planets.
    By the way the simulation is also a hologram made out of waves of light
    By the way I also believe I’ve relatively recently found a glitch in the Matrix
    There’s actually a number 6 too and that would be the math, symmetry and geometry of the universe

  • Juan Paolo Diputado
    Juan Paolo Diputado 10 hours ago

    I think were controlled by the future of humanity think about it they might of already built the computer maybe they transported their own existence to a simulation maybe to relive their lives again and again?

  • H D
    H D 11 hours ago

    do you guys even have phones?

  • Everest Dream
    Everest Dream 11 hours ago

    You can simulate outside form of human in this world, or even the whole "world", but you cannot simulate life being which is not in form. Life being is not brain.

  • Selix Relix
    Selix Relix 13 hours ago

    He ayo my clipasaurusoctopus wanna play some of The Big Bang story campaign?

  • Freddy Pulido
    Freddy Pulido 18 hours ago

    I live two simulations one when I’m awake and one when I’m asleep I could be who where be where ever and own anything I want when asleep

  • Infinite Planes
    Infinite Planes 19 hours ago

    A bit scary, but l want to point out we aII ready have this: Dwarf Fortress. It's a primitive reality, but it shows we can do this soon.

    RANDOM BETA Day ago

    What if this is a simulation that is loading if this is true than it explains why the universe is expanding . What if there are so many Glitchs and we think that they are just regular things like black holes. To know about it then we have to think like a character in game.Or w*ca*be*****************

  • Chloe Sigma
    Chloe Sigma Day ago +1

    it’s 3 am and i have a history essay tomorrow
    *why am i here*

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer Day ago


  • The Titans League

    lets face it they just got this from the matrix

  • Mr. Aztec
    Mr. Aztec Day ago

    im commenting this on a DS

  • Ahmad Luthfi
    Ahmad Luthfi Day ago

    There was a super creator behind us.. He is God.. Believe or not up to you!

    • Sol Fentress
      Sol Fentress 2 hours ago

      I dont, God is a construct developed by religion to control and comfort all who follow, the truth is you are to ignorant to reasearch this and stuff.

  • dreamer 0404
    dreamer 0404 Day ago

    Please go and make research and come here it isn't joke

  • Sparkle Cat
    Sparkle Cat Day ago

    Who cares about what's possible for us? When we're in a simulation then our possibilities are probably just very limited compared to those in the real world. When we were to simulate a world, no matter what I bet we couldn't simulate a universe as complex as ours. It needs to be very limited and the inhabitants of the simulated world wouldn't notice because they are limited themselves. Am I doing something wrong? The 'real' world could be even a lot more detailed than ours and the inhabitants there might be a lot more capable of persieving reality in a wider range of scale and string theory might be impossible in our world? Maybe not in the world that created us. Maybe that world has more spacial dimensions or more time dimensions? Maybe they didn't implement it in our world because it'd overcomplicate things.
    Whatever, I got no idea of string theory. Are there any errors in my assumptions? I don't have an opinion in whether or not do believe that the world is simulated but what I definitely don't believe in is that my chair isn't solid unless I open it. To think this way is selfish. That would imply that the world is made solely for conscious life.

  • Jason Voorhees
    Jason Voorhees 2 days ago

    I liked the reference hitchhiker’s guide to the universe there

  • John Butt
    John Butt 2 days ago

    Really, a don't hug me I'm scared reference?

  • Brian Harvey Garcia
    Brian Harvey Garcia 2 days ago

    *when you are too woke*

  • Gustav Fredenhardt
    Gustav Fredenhardt 2 days ago

    Bruh........... that's deep

    SAM ZAM 2 days ago

    I think the computer can run minecraft in 99999999999999999 fps

    SAM ZAM 2 days ago

    If your channel's name was something else ....then it would be the competitor to PewDiePie and t series

  • Jake'scomputerhacks
    Jake'scomputerhacks 2 days ago


  • vrery
    vrery 2 days ago

    We could be playing a game right now, like that one episode from Rick and Morty

  • I Am sHeEp productions

    Wait, does that mean that there can be a Minecraft creative mode irl?

  • Emma is Weird
    Emma is Weird 2 days ago

    I ask that question about 10.87777777 times per millisecond

  • Rusty Shackelford
    Rusty Shackelford 2 days ago

    Read the holographic favorite book...j.s.

  • zoopnoop
    zoopnoop 2 days ago

    Simution theory is NOT REAL

  • M.A. R
    M.A. R 2 days ago

    The death of the universe=
    A higher being tripping over our simulated universes power cord.

  • S S
    S S 2 days ago

    The only thing I'm certain of here is sarcasm would be dangerous.

  • MyJoJoVa
    MyJoJoVa 2 days ago


  • Tha Real
    Tha Real 2 days ago

    Sao Acilization

  • Andrew Soon
    Andrew Soon 2 days ago

    You are talking about a simulation that we could be living in, while assuming that the simulation some sort of computer program. That's absurd. Why does something that is running the simulation have to be just like something in the simulation?

  • Nexus Studios
    Nexus Studios 3 days ago

    Let make a glitch in our matrix, how about we escape the simulation.

  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire 3 days ago

    Dont forget that Computers in *our* physics we cant but what if they crated our physics. That means that maybe in their universe they can do this

  • N1ck kkk
    N1ck kkk 3 days ago

    God is a maniac ; a very bad one ; u will see , Soon !

  • Hridhita Anjal
    Hridhita Anjal 3 days ago

    The biggest joke on mankind :
    " A machine asking human to prove that they are not robot "

  • Every day is Halloween

    Hope I hate myself😃

  • Liz Miller
    Liz Miller 4 days ago

    How long did it take to make that video?

  • Captain Ray Playinvier

    Vanilla sky anyone ?

  • Nearly Anonymous Grace

    Love me an existential crisis first thing in the morning

  • Manuj Madan
    Manuj Madan 4 days ago

    Anyone gets really weird and unexplained feeling while theyre lying in bed and thinking "I am in real world" like all flashbacks and you. The relation that youre in a REAL world you are SOMEONE it just gives me a really really weird feeling.

  • I Hate Google
    I Hate Google 4 days ago

    Have you ever stood and stared at it, Marveled at it's beauty, it's genius. Billions of people just living out their lives. Oblivious.

  • XboXeXplorer125
    XboXeXplorer125 4 days ago


  • zHqqrdz
    zHqqrdz 4 days ago

    Funny how everyone seem to think that in the case of a simulation, we're "controlled". You should look into AIs a bit more, you'll find that the most exciting stuff happens especially because we do not control AIs, their choices "emerge". And that could totally be the case with us.
    We could simply be a population fitting a genetic algorithm, in a very complex (from our POV) context, trying to solve one problem for those who created the simulation.

  • Imré Simon
    Imré Simon 4 days ago

    If you use only your mental to sense reality, you are dreaming.
    If you use your feelings, your soul and your senses, to sense reality, then, you are connected to the reality. So to what is really beautiful. So to the meaning of life.
    And so you are happy just by the simple things. So, sense, feel, don't think. Thinking use concepts. Feeling use emotions. Emotions are connected to more than just concepts, what mean, they are open to "more", through the soul. That's the way to sense reality. ;-)

  • Straußi HD
    Straußi HD 4 days ago

    The good old windows xp sound 😂

  • Roofy!
    Roofy! 4 days ago

    3:30 not another reference..

  • ApelKoy
    ApelKoy 4 days ago

    I got a question,
    If we are simulated
    Are our simulators also simulated?
    My words may sound nonsence but go little deeper and imagine that

  • Major Killboy
    Major Killboy 4 days ago

    The only thing i understud it im dumb as shit

  • Tai Long
    Tai Long 4 days ago

    Just Monika

  • Mikołaj Kaim
    Mikołaj Kaim 4 days ago

    1:48 that would be a blessing

  • Julian
    Julian 5 days ago

    What a toxic, neurotical, imaginary and unnecessary video.

  • Ranesh Krishnan
    Ranesh Krishnan 5 days ago

    MOOOOM!!!!!! I need a bigger star in order to run my simulation. Im running on all low settings rn.

  • Fire Fox
    Fire Fox 5 days ago

    Sounds like The Matrix.

  • AJ Lucky007
    AJ Lucky007 5 days ago

    The thing is, There is no proof that we're living in a simulation, but there is also no proof that we're not.

  • The SteelRayz
    The SteelRayz 5 days ago

    Wait so a new tech device is like a update to our simulation?

  • QTee
    QTee 5 days ago

    yes.. it always has... so i dont understand why you got all gungho over that sycophant .. aka leech

  • Rishi Thakre
    Rishi Thakre 5 days ago

    which software do you use to edit your videos???

  • Vishalika Sharma
    Vishalika Sharma 5 days ago +4

    Do we cause a bug if we question reality 🙄

  • raphael Stein
    raphael Stein 5 days ago

    If we are simulated then wouldn't we just be automated video thingys

  • om patel
    om patel 5 days ago

    Based on: Rick And Morty

  • Soviet Sandwich
    Soviet Sandwich 5 days ago +2

    simulated or not, I think; therefore I am

  • Timmedietom Fonteyneuu


  • affu Q
    affu Q 6 days ago +3

    Me at 3am questioning life and watching these videos

    • Sol Fentress
      Sol Fentress 2 hours ago

      Dont play (minecraft) at (3 am)(Devils hour)NOT CLICKBAIT?

  • PRA JA
    PRA JA 6 days ago

    What is a handkerchief?
    It’s a square type cloth nicely saw boarders. It not so big and its fit to your pocket. It is not small that you can cover your face. This can be the general definition for the handkerchief.
    Actually, it’s a piece of cotton cloth! Then cotton cloth made of what? Its made with cotton strings.
    Then there is no handkerchief, its only cotton stings!
    Then cotton strings made with what? Its made with cotton wool.
    Then there is no handkerchief, its only cotton wool.
    Likewise, according to modern science, you can think of “there is no handkerchief, its made with only neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla ……
    As far as we go deep we can only experience hardiness, heat, liquidness and space.
    to understanding purpose, we will stop in modern science discovery as above
    if you expand the world or if you can see the smallest thing you can would see this world as collection of neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla ……
    That’s the ultimate truth experience.
    Assume we want to buy a handkerchief.
    Since handkerchief ultimate truth is neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla …… , we ask show owner neutrons, protons, electrons, bla bla bla …… !
    Are we going to get a handkerchief? Not at all. We need to ask for a handkerchief.
    Then you need to define the handkerchief by saying “handkerchief”, then shop owner understand what is handkerchief and give it to you.
    How? because you and shop owner both define the handkerchief in a same way.
    That is Conventional truth experience (agreed on some conditions or define by someone)
    Ultimate truth is something else but after born to this world we are learning to define what we experience by using our tools (eyes - vision, nose-smell, ear- hear sound, tongue-taste, skin- feel) human body sensory
    We create our world! It’s an illusion since it’s Conventional but not the Ultimate truth of existence.

  • Gauranshu Rathee
    Gauranshu Rathee 6 days ago

    So that means we are 'solatire' of advanced computers.
    I always knew my life is a pack of cards

  • Young Kim
    Young Kim 6 days ago

    So were simulations creating simulations thus the fractal universe spirals further down the white rabbit hole...

  • Christy Hardy
    Christy Hardy 6 days ago

    This whole thing is so stupid...
    No... No we're not in a simulation. The hundreds of thousands of children enslaved in child sex trafficking rings here in the U.S., the millions more around the world, the millions of sweatshop & human trafficking slaves currently making all of your stuff...
    The 2 year old version of me that was subjected to some very uninvited man going down on her, the 5 year old version of me who thought my dad was "peeing" on me when I woke up sweaty & naked (next to my thankfully sleeping sister) in his bed shortly before he abandoned us, & the 12 year old me who woke up to my best friend's dad fondling my bum & crotch...
    We would all *strongly* argue that this is not a fucking simulation. 😠👿😢 If so... This is one fucked up simulation bro 😔
    This theory is yet another product of the minds of the charmed & privileged who have too much time on their hands & haven't endured any *real* suffering & haven't seen how very *real* this shit gets.
    This video had a loooot of "ifs" to it. What could there possibly be to gain from creating a simultion at all? Let alone one in which children get raped & molested everyday & generations of people are enslaved & made to suffer?!
    You people are ridiculous. You're bored & shallow & your brains are rotting & wasting away, while you're enjoying the fruits of other people's labor & completely ignoring their suffering. They're too busy working & surviving to exist in your dreamland where you just get to be some ignorant, charmed, little consumer douchebag who gets to snobbishly boast "well, theoretically, nobody knows what reality is, so neither you or I can say." That's bullshit! I'm all for free thought... But talk about needing to come back down to Earth.
    You're wasting your time & energy that could be used for more noble causes & spreading more useful information & actually caring enough to offer help to those who need it, because you're charmed enough to question the concept of "reality." To some extent we all exist in our own reality... But there is a line drawn by a little thing called the collective consciousness... The pool of thought that we all make up together... Where things ARE REAL, for all of us, TOGETHER... unfortunately for some of us, they get too real.
    I get that perception leaves a lot of breathing room... Thus the various schools of thought. But there IS a line.
    If you guys wanna get all sci-fi on everyone... You'd be better off looking into ESP {mindreading, foresight, retro cognition, remote viewing... (sensitivity to synchronicites is the easiest to tap into) for a few obvious examples}. I know everyone has watched a little too much t.v. & has a very "sci-fi-action-movie" view of these concepts... But the Buddhists (not modern pseudo-intellectual hippies... Real buddhists) & other ancient societies have been talking about these abilities (sensitivities) for thousands of years.
    The afformentioned incident above... When I was 2... That was the first time something (or someone) took me out of my body (I presume to protect me).
    To some extent... I can see where you guys might be assuming we live in a computer. I exist in a perpetual state of witnessing synchronicities now, as of about 2 years ago, because I finally decided to stop ignoring them & now they just don't stop. It's too perfect how everything syncs up. The past, the future, repeating phrases, sounds, patterns, numbers, thoughts... too many examples to name... But I know any one of you would know what I'm talking about. It's almost like it is pre-programmed. Like a computer program. But, I just know that's not the case.
    I've always been great at math, I love science... But if you think about it... It's only very recently in the grand scheme of our history... That we've been able to "prove" information. This chapter in our history (the information age) is a *blink* in a grand timeline where instinct, trial & error & collective learning were to thank for our success as a species. Humans are being controlled... By other living, breathing humans who are aware if how easy mass manipularion & control is. If everyone were to tap into their ESP... the system as it is would collapse & the powers that be wouldn't have control over us. We're easily manipulated. No chip or chemicals in the food required... Despite how evolved we all fancy ourselves to be... We are all quite responsive to good ol' fashioned sights & sounds & they know how to use that to keep us weak, mindless, selfish, & generally distrusting of ourselves & others so that we don't think for ourselves or communicate well with eachother. They keep us feeling inferior or deficient (fat, ugly, stupid, poor etc.) so we keep buying their shit that they enslaved a bunch if Chinese people & children to make for pennies... So they can live high on the hog & we'll get by well enough to not care or notice. There's too much to tell you all at once but... extra sensory perceptions are a feature of the exceptionally evolved beings that we are.. that has been washed out of us. If you want to look into it... Go for it. If not... Fuckin fine dude. But... Can you not mock or dillute the impossible suffering of other's to being part of a goddamn computer program? It's bad enough that you guys hand the corporate evil doers your money everyday (while crying "down with man, they can't control us, waaah" ironically) but it'd be really fuckin sicc if you could visit the Thorn website & maybe do a thing or 2 about the children that are being raped & photographed in our country everyday...
    Look into fast fashion.. Maybe think about boycotting it? Maybe be more mindful in general about who *really* harvested your food, sewed your clothes, assembled your gadgets, processed the materials to build your house, your bed...
    This *stupid* theory is just another poorly thought through distraction to keep people talking about anything but the shit that really matters. You euthanize all meaning out of our existence with your "perception is reality, nobody is wrong or right, nothing is real, nothing matters" bullcrap! Wake the fuck up! Children... Babies (the demand is getting younger & younger)... Raped everyday... & you pricks are too busy arguing about "wah don't assume my gender, waaah I wanna take my tits out *&* get paid more but everyone needs to stop treating me like a stripper"... Feeding your narcissism & vanity with your social media bullcrap... Having the same conversation with your fake ass friends at starbucks for the umpteenth time... & usually complaining about how life "never gives you a break." It's called karma asshole... You don't deserve to be too comfortable right now.
    FUCK I hate living with you people. My ESP isn't anything extraordinary... But I've got friends who can do some pretty cool shit. So far my future is unfolding just as they said it would. But they know other stuff... Like... It's a very interesting time to be alive & shit is about to get VERY REAL for everybody soon... So now would be a good time to give a shit... Or suffer the consequences in the very near future.
    The books & organized doctrines are full of shit... But...
    Do you believe in God?
    Because God... Is absolutely, defintiely, without a doubt... Not happy with most of you right now... & those Christian's are gonna get a good woopin for lying to you & you'll see for yourself that God is very much, in NO WAY... as forgiving as you've been told... (But of course you'd need to think that to continue to sell out & hand evil men your money... Wouldn't you?... Almost like someone, set that up?) YAFUCKEDUP BITCHES...
    PEACE! 😈😈😈

  • NPC SJW #69420666
    NPC SJW #69420666 6 days ago

    I might be the only one with a conscience and y’all are npcs.Idk just being stupid.

  • Bagus Giri
    Bagus Giri 6 days ago

    Came here again after watching SAO latest episode "Project Alicization"

  • - FishDoesMC -
    - FishDoesMC - 6 days ago

    Watch part 2 on another guy's video
    Watch part 2 on this guy's video

  • - FishDoesMC -
    - FishDoesMC - 6 days ago

    But, zombies drops rotten flesh when died in Minecraft!

  • - FishDoesMC -
    - FishDoesMC - 6 days ago

    5:54 'because ant life don't understand'
    Me: Then those birds don't understand too?

  • - FishDoesMC -
    - FishDoesMC - 6 days ago

    *10 to the power of 20*

  • Jaiden Animations
    Jaiden Animations 6 days ago

    *starts video*
    *expects him to say where are your fingers*

  • Lolo Baumann
    Lolo Baumann 6 days ago

    Have watched matrix?

  • dark souls iv
    dark souls iv 6 days ago

    how dumb is this video

  • Phi Oanh Vo
    Phi Oanh Vo 6 days ago


  • LogicalFallacyinMyPants and such

    Or what if it is all exactly how we perceive it and all these nonsense theories are bs?

  • HYDR A
    HYDR A 6 days ago

    Matrix rip off

  • MishalEnYusefTV
    MishalEnYusefTV 6 days ago

    the aliens: The humans from simulation C-137 know too much, initiate false vacuum shutdown procedure!

  • ale14zoppi
    ale14zoppi 6 days ago

    And what if a civilization living in a simulation reaches the ability to run another simulation? Will the original computer blow up? 🤔

  • Puresavage 345
    Puresavage 345 7 days ago +1

    I have the same theorie

  • The Exotic
    The Exotic 7 days ago +2

    i am 13 and i am still wondering if i'm stuck inside a dream


    I believe this is what all religions call God and his creation, a simulation of the universe controlled by a higher being, which we are placed in and must try to figure out. That’s what God and religion is.

  • Tauney Elysia
    Tauney Elysia 7 days ago

    I Am No One's Puppet. Screw that. This is Easy. Except! We aren't just in a "simulation" controlled. WE create this. Simulate our own Reality. In essesce. We are The Simulation, We are The Simulator. And The Sim.

  • Dee Ramirez
    Dee Ramirez 7 days ago

    I just got mind fucked.

  • Michael Clerkin
    Michael Clerkin 7 days ago

    I didn't like the new guy :( its just not Kurzgesagt

  • Scp-069
    Scp-069 7 days ago

    I’m a real skull

  • Top Turtle
    Top Turtle 7 days ago

    This fucked me up

  • Mocha
    Mocha 7 days ago +1


  • Felipe Betancur
    Felipe Betancur 7 days ago

    i need to get a better roy score

  • jamie bond
    jamie bond 7 days ago

    it would just be a game with 1 player and the rest npcs how do i know you are all real huh?

  • Mahesh Arora
    Mahesh Arora 7 days ago +1

    Maybe i am not a simulation but the people around me are ?!

  • Supreme Rogue: BLACK_GHOS1

    I am just depressed of life...
    I want to die...
    And if you really sad for me...

  • Micha Grill
    Micha Grill 8 days ago

    JAAAKE o/

  • SuperHothead14
    SuperHothead14 8 days ago

    In that case can I start over? I would not be against save scumming