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  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
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  • Salory 2
    Salory 2 Month ago

    lol, did that person really not know how emails work?

  • Krishnamurthy H
    Krishnamurthy H 4 months ago

    I am watching this video on a Wednesday 😱

  • Friesnslime
    Friesnslime 5 months ago

    Megan’s first story was posted and animated

  • S V
    S V 7 months ago

    Didn’t you chose this story for another episode? You animated it

  • E Girl
    E Girl 9 months ago +1

    my mom is a medium. Shes been able to see ghosts her whole life and when i was about 4-5 i woke up one day(in the middle of the night) and i woke my mom up screaming at her and i said "Mom?" "Mom:Yes hunny?" Me:"There are ghosts screaming at you to wake up." and thats when she knew i had her ability and she went to a reading right before this and was exhausted and this is when i didn't know she did reading then

    • E Girl
      E Girl 9 months ago

      We would love to know you, my moms name is Lisa. If you'd be so kind to email us or we will email you to help with the channel

    • E Girl
      E Girl 9 months ago

      My mom does readings and we want to make a reading USclip Channel so others can be helped, can you, if you would be so kind & help us set up a intuitive counselor page. She does it and goes to their houses but would like to show others what it's like and how helpful it is.She communicates with there loved ones for them and to help with their grief. My mom gives so many people peace, and it is really funny that ya'll are both stones and loves your glasses btw!

  • Noor 19
    Noor 19 10 months ago +1

    i like elliot. he is a friendly spirit

  • Katelyn Gibbs
    Katelyn Gibbs 10 months ago

    I was wondering, I always have a Dream, the ones I forget when I wake up always somehow show up in the future like a vision, and I always see a dark shadow in the vision, like a guy with a cloak and dark eyes with a white fuzzy line around them, I zone out for five minutes and see five minutes of that scene and something else, it's always a white house, like a 50's home from a TV show, and I see me waving in the window, just my face and hand, I look happy, and scared... Like nervous anxiety... What's your opinion, I tried to email this, but for some reason, it won't let me send it, the visions have grown from something happening yearly to monthly, almost weekly, it's a weird deja vu... But I swear I've seen them! Just somewhere... Long ago...

  • Glen Martin
    Glen Martin 10 months ago

    I have a gost friend named abigail

  • dragonhanyu
    dragonhanyu 11 months ago

    7:06 I've seen a black mass on my ceiling as a child, it didn't bother me but my little sister won't sleep in my room because of it.

  • ChiyanGamer
    ChiyanGamer 11 months ago

    I think I had an encounter with a shadow person when I was younger. We were driving home late evening from the central hospital with mom during the beginning of winter, I had a normal check up on my chronic illness, we decided to stop at one of those restaurants with gas stations on them. We ate junk food, when we finished mom wanted coffee, so while she was drinking I had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was quite large, with a lot of stalls on both sides of a thin hallway. Only one person was in with me there, but while I was walking to the sink, she left. So I was washing my hands when from the corner of my eye I saw one of the stall doors slide open very slowly, I stopped, but couldn't find myself turning to look there, so I kept watching from the corner of my eye. The door stopped, then a dark shape of a person peeked from behind the door, only the head, hands and shoulders were visible. But I couldn't see the shapes legs under the now open stall door... the thing was just fucking floating, but it was slightly tilted, like it was looking from behind a corner while playing tag or hide&seek. My heart kinda jump when I noticed it didn't have feet, then it just slid back to the stall and the stall door slowly closed again, not completely, but to the same stage it was when it slid open. I only then looked there and finished washing my hands, I wanted to leave, but curiosity got the better of me. I went to the stall that had opened, opened it and saw nothing, I checked if anyone was in the other stalls, but nothing. That was the moment when I NOPED the freak out of the bathroom and said nothing to mom, I felt weirder out all day...

  • Swati Dey dey
    Swati Dey dey Year ago

    Wanna hear something scary?

    My lifr

  • Susana Tovar
    Susana Tovar Year ago


  • ABit OfAGhost
    ABit OfAGhost Year ago

    I’ve seen many black masses.

  • Jesus Thoth
    Jesus Thoth Year ago

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiii sunffire sandalo

  • That one kid Standing in the corner

    When I was younger I would look at certain objects and they would move......

  • Zac Boys
    Zac Boys Year ago

    I’ve seen a. Lack mass too and I’m only a teen l have been seeing ghosts for years now

  • Paris Kay
    Paris Kay Year ago

    When my grandma died my mother and father lived in her house. And my mom did an automatic writing without knowing wat she was actually doing, and a few days later wat appeared to my mom as her dead mother was actually a demon pretending to be. To make a long story short. When the evil entity noticed that my mom wasn’t falling for its games. It appeared to her in its normal form which was a “black mass”. And my mom and my grandmothers eyes are opened to the unseen world as well, my grandmother only seen evil entities. My mom sees evil entities and angles. But it was never passed down to me or my siblings. The only advice I can give to Hana is Pray.

  • Randi Gressler
    Randi Gressler Year ago

    Can you tell my story

  • Randi Gressler
    Randi Gressler Year ago

    You can not make me go away

  • Randi Gressler
    Randi Gressler Year ago

    I'm coming for you

  • Randi Gressler
    Randi Gressler Year ago

    The banshee

  • Randi Gressler
    Randi Gressler Year ago

    You for got me

  • Nugget
    Nugget Year ago

    To day í black friday

  • thegamingpredator

    I see black firgures that won't move but mine are just fully black and when I look at them there gone I forgot about cause it stopped when I was about 5 but listening to this reminded me of it and it's starting to happen again but my family doesn't have any doesn't know of this not do I know that they have that they mostly are farmers.

    EDIT: it stopped

  • Bella Li
    Bella Li Year ago

    Omg 😲 I don't know why I all ways get the creeps on the last story

  • Bella Li
    Bella Li Year ago

    I think 💭 they're call shadow person

  • Kitten White
    Kitten White Year ago


  • Ravin Cook
    Ravin Cook Year ago

    Love all

  • Lovbx
    Lovbx Year ago

    All the stories were great!

  • Lemon Kitty
    Lemon Kitty Year ago

    a long time ago in creepy kids these days live stream... I had a shout out. I changed my name tho I used to be OOF DAWG. shout out of me in an old live stream 24:50

  • Nyla Vlogs123
    Nyla Vlogs123 Year ago

    \_•_•_/ \_•(•_/ hELlo

  • hannah armeys
    hannah armeys Year ago

    Hannah is my name i can see spirits too

  • The Names Brooks
    The Names Brooks Year ago


  • Caca verde
    Caca verde Year ago

    That was on my brithday

  • Jay •pan•
    Jay •pan• Year ago

    I have a scary story

    Read more

  • Giselle Morales
    Giselle Morales Year ago

    I used to see a dead woman wen i was 1 and naw i don't

  • moonlight Archer
    moonlight Archer Year ago


  • Vermillion Queen
    Vermillion Queen Year ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that she keeps making weird and funny noises after every story?😂

  • iiPeachy_ Boi
    iiPeachy_ Boi Year ago

    I am never ever gonna eat at mc Donaldson ever 😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨😨

  • iiPeachy_ Boi
    iiPeachy_ Boi Year ago

    Ok so this did not happen to me but happened to someone in real life so he was a little boy he was with his parents that were asleep he was still awake alone at least that is what he thought until he heard tapping on the window he thought it was his dog but his dog was to little the thing at the window had yellow eyes he seen nothing but the eyes he got scared and he remembered that his dad had a gun it was right beside the door he got the gun but he did not see the figure in the window he felt so relived but it was at the back door he then heard someone trying to open the door just then the figure said "let me in" the voice got louder and louder everytime so he went in his moms room but seen the same figure in the hallway he woke up his mom and dad but just then he dialed 911 and the voice said "you have been cured you will never ever forget this day you will hear me say this very day" and he was cursed the family went to church and got rid of the curse but that day he could never forget. Hoped you liked the sorry like this comment if you did.

  • Combatmebro
    Combatmebro Year ago +1

    the first story is about the babadook XD

  • dragon AMC
    dragon AMC Year ago

    I can see spirits

  • Snowball Love
    Snowball Love Year ago

    Can you plz add meh story
    So one night I was with my grandma me,my sis and my brother don’t like my grandma room we never sleep my brother went in there and he said I saw something in there so I went in there is saw nothing when I was walking to my room my brother said th-there something aback of you!!! When he said that I cannot move....I just stand there doing nothing later my grandma said we got go somewhere there we had a red light we stop but...I saw something it was looking at me it had black eyes and a white dress we had green light

  • marblephh
    marblephh Year ago

    Choose mine all of the doors and theres a blakck image im gonna add you on messanger

  • Alyssa Odom
    Alyssa Odom Year ago


  • Mountain Wolf 14
    Mountain Wolf 14 Year ago

    Me and my sister can see things

  • Azizullah Shaghel

    When I was 4 years old I had a imaginary friend and her name was Sally and she she had blond hair and she always wore a long beautiful dress.
    My imaginary friend Sally had lasted for 6 months and my parents got worried that I had no real friends.Soon my dad asked me who I was talking to because he didn’t find out until the 3rd month of the 6 months along with my mom.
    When my dad found out he found it rather really creepy but my mom didn’t care.Then one day when we were eating lunch at the table.My dad and mom were both talking with each other and I was talking with sally I barely ate my food.My dad soon told me to eat my food then I looked my dad and giggled and said sally wants you to say hi.Then my parents took a quick worried glance then I got angry and banged on the table and said DADDY SAY HI but right when I said that my dad didn’t see his little girl anymore.
    My parents took me to a medium and the medium said this “friend” is a demon and I am surprised that she didn’t possess her.My parents asked how do we get rid of her the medium replied you need to move away NOW she didn’t get attach to your family yet.
    My parents were relieved but scared.The next couple of days I wasn’t myself my parents were scared to go in my room or even to be alone with me.
    Finally the medium called and said she is coming over and she got rid of the ghost but as I wright this I see her over my shoulder watching me.

    NO MY MOM Year ago

    That mexican urban legend is fake its just a ghost trust me im mexican american and i know all of their stories some of my aunt sisters did weird stuff but I'm not allowed to tell any one

  • Larry Shrekker
    Larry Shrekker Year ago +2

    I want her to sit on my face

  • Tintin 2015
    Tintin 2015 Year ago


  • Tonesha Clark
    Tonesha Clark Year ago

    I watch all your videos every day of my life

  • Kai
    Kai Year ago

    I love her xD

  • Katsuki Bakugone
    Katsuki Bakugone Year ago

    The Maria story I heard but, it was call johnny I want my liver back

  • Nina lee Rosekook

    is sapphire half filipina?

  • gaming world
    gaming world Year ago


  • videos could be made poeple

    I love your videos 😄😀☺😋😐😑😍😜👻👽😈

    CRAZY 4 GACHA Year ago

    hi I love your channel

    CRAZY 4 GACHA Year ago


  • tamarace teamer
    tamarace teamer Year ago


  • My weird Life
    My weird Life Year ago

    I have a good store AND ITS TRUE “So I’m an eleven year old girl an I have a weird doll and so I had. A sleepover at my house with some of my friends and we took the Doll out of my closet and set it down then we left we talk About scary stores five minutes later the doll moved and it crept in moving and after we feel asleep and I woke up to see the Doll choking one of my friend she past out she woke up now it has Been 2 years since then and I still see the Doll choking me friend “ It was scary