The Truth About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9: One Month Later

  • Published on Sep 9, 2018
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review after one month. Covering Display, Design, Cameras, S Pen, Performance, Battery & Price.
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    The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features a 6.4" Super AMOLED Infinty Display, S Pen with Remote Bluetooth, 8GB RAM upto 512GB Storage with MicroSD, IP68 Water & Dust Resistantance, 12MP dual rear camera with dual-aperture, 8MP Selfie Camera with AF, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/Exynos 9810, 4000mAh battery, Iris Scanner, Facial recognition, Fingerprint scanner and Intelligent Scan.
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Comments • 1 990

  • SuperSaf
    SuperSaf  8 months ago +291

    Hope you enjoyed the video #SuperSafStyle 😎 What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

    • Argentina Guapa Justin Bieber Oreo Snickers
      Argentina Guapa Justin Bieber Oreo Snickers 2 months ago

      Why my note 9 is written in spanish on the back?

    • L c
      L c 3 months ago

      ja man

    • heywood1980
      heywood1980 5 months ago

      I just upgraded from a Note 5 that I LOVED. This one actually somehow feels too big and heavy for me compared t the 5. I can't even believe I'm saying that but that's how it seems so far - did anybody else feel this way at first but got used to it? I'm really wondering if I should go exchange for the S9+ or S9

    • LastKnight 1213
      LastKnight 1213 6 months ago

      Plz someone respond!!!!! so I have a note 9 and it's a great phone but can you help me, how do you clean the top speaker cause mine has a lot of dirt and dust in it and It really aggravates me, plz respond

    • youngsta Young
      youngsta Young 6 months ago +1

      Best phone yet from Samsung. Love my notes anyways

  • IM christeraxe
    IM christeraxe 6 hours ago

    Flagship phone with 8 Ram and 512 gig SIM card. - So yea, it's cool, thank you very much..

  • air max
    air max 19 hours ago

    apple dongle just to use headphones is a scam

  • Got Ammo?
    Got Ammo? 10 days ago

    Does it have to be blue?

  • I wish You well
    I wish You well 11 days ago

    Does this phone become a problem for fingerprints on the front when using it to make calls, etc...? Where can i buy a case that has a belt clip on it for it? Thanks ahead of time.

  • Paul Nunya
    Paul Nunya 21 day ago

    No IR blaster for remote control use. I was a bit bummed about the loss when I upgraded from a Note 3 to a Note 9.

  • Joshua M
    Joshua M 21 day ago

    Thinking about getting this after paying off iPhone X

  • cocoabiscuits
    cocoabiscuits Month ago

    looks cool but the pen is a huge gimmick.

    • dtox
      dtox Month ago

      Not for artists or engineers doing quick sketches

    • cocoabiscuits
      cocoabiscuits Month ago +1

      +Tony P very cool.😎

    • Tony P
      Tony P Month ago

      No, it is not, maybe to you but I use it everyday. No other phone compares to it. It's not just a phone is what you fail to realize, it's a god damn masterpiece, and don't you forget it!

  • Barb Heller
    Barb Heller Month ago

    The Samsung galaxy note 9 is a good cellphone I'm getting ready to upgrade in November 1st of this year to the Samsung galaxy note 9

  • Youssef Abdallah
    Youssef Abdallah 2 months ago

    The truth about the note 9 7 months later lol😋

  • aguilar69
    aguilar69 2 months ago

    I might switch my s9 plus to this if I don't like the note 10.

  • kmhuis
    kmhuis 2 months ago

    3.5m mm headphones will ALWAYS be relevant. Nobody wants to have to use battery powered headphones that 90% of the time are left somewhere and forgotten to charge up. Ill never buy a phone without headphone jack.

  • The custom Knight
    The custom Knight 2 months ago

    I understand the features saf but you didn’t outline exactly what it was like for the month you used it for was it good did it heat up batt is it up to what they say it is lagging please mention exactly what’s in the thumbnail this is pretty much how the phone works not a personal opinion review like you said we know specs already

  • The custom Knight
    The custom Knight 2 months ago

    Just bought a XR regrettably should of got a note 9 suits my job better regret it day by day selling it soon

  • xlxcrossxlx
    xlxcrossxlx 2 months ago

    I hate how the icons are so cartoon looking and you have to download third party software for new ones or a new theme, but other than that i'm loving this phone.

  • Isaac Lwanga
    Isaac Lwanga 3 months ago

    Nice review ,please make a review on s10e

  • John jones
    John jones 3 months ago

    And it cracks me up how people act like it's such a travesty to not always have maximum screen resolution on, I love having the option for all the battery saving applications. You can run USclip all day on maximum power saving mode

  • Fine School
    Fine School 3 months ago

    Hi, what do you think which phone is of a better choice: note 9, Mi9? I mean in an overall terms.

  • samu1508
    samu1508 3 months ago

    thanks Saf.. love your reviews! da best!!

  • Speedsk8r
    Speedsk8r 3 months ago

    Got mine last week and its a beast freaking love it👈🏾😎🤘🏾👌🏾

  • Ben deManincor
    Ben deManincor 3 months ago

    Is it weird that I clicked on the video because I thought he had a giant note9???

  • john leto
    john leto 3 months ago

    Hmmmm maybe, with the pending release of the S10 there are a lot of great bargains for this phone at the moment.

  • thapa sari
    thapa sari 3 months ago

    Beast is here note9

  • Damarri Blockson
    Damarri Blockson 3 months ago

    Can someone please tell me how Snapchat works on the Note 9??? Is it bad??? Is it good???

  • DeshiRyze
    DeshiRyze 3 months ago

    The Dolby atmos is pretty damn amazing just tried it on this video and its trippy how much it improve the audio

  • orpy31
    orpy31 3 months ago

    Is the Note 9 still worth it today?

    • dtox
      dtox Month ago

      110%, it's fantastic

    • Nebula of stars
      Nebula of stars 3 months ago

      Idk but I want one and hope so

  • Uvaish Alam
    Uvaish Alam 3 months ago

    Give me note 9 please

  • Fabiola Zamora
    Fabiola Zamora 3 months ago

    Is the spen waterproof too? Is the whole phone waterproof?

  • MrTreblue
    MrTreblue 3 months ago

    I'm very tempted after watching this... I've been promising myself a Note since the Note 4 but have always stuck with the 'S' series. It would be a huge help with things I do like photography and gaming etc. The S-Pen would also be very useful. It may just be time to switch over...

  • I'm stupid but,
    I'm stupid but, 3 months ago

    17 VIEWS away from leaving 666k views

  • t4neem
    t4neem 3 months ago

    Would you recommend Galaxy Note 9 still in Feb. 2019?

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 4 months ago

    A month later and this is all you discuss. You haven’t even touched its capabilities what can do and fails at.

  • Boris Daley
    Boris Daley 4 months ago

    Conclusions conclusions conclusions 2019 best sexiest phone of the year.

  • Munther G-mail
    Munther G-mail 4 months ago

    Terrible phone.

  • Miss_Ivy
    Miss_Ivy 4 months ago +1

    I love my note 9💕

  • Christian
    Christian 4 months ago

    5 minutes in and you are still shilling you street shitter!

  • Owain Dark
    Owain Dark 4 months ago

    Getting my Note 9 today, coming from a Galaxy S5, can't wait for this ultra major upgrade!

  • uzmakmalik
    uzmakmalik 4 months ago +1

    Great thumbnail

  • Hugo Núñez
    Hugo Núñez 4 months ago

    There's an issue with the 2x rear camera, when you activate it the image starts blurring really bad, and a weird sound comes out for a few seconds. It started on my note 9 recently, and I have seen several USclip videos of users reporting the same problem. It might be in all note 9 devices. So sad that now I have to send it to the Samsung's customer service that really sucks here in Mexico! 😔😭

  • Bernice Curtis
    Bernice Curtis 4 months ago

    What's a notch?

  • LJS
    LJS 4 months ago

    Cut ya beard, you look like a goat

  • A. J. M.
    A. J. M. 4 months ago +1

    One of the best reviews I have seen 👍🏻

  • kuneek mathur
    kuneek mathur 4 months ago

    Hey super saaf is note 9 exynos battery life is lower than sandragon version

  • Tomas P
    Tomas P 4 months ago

    may be a have a exemption, but my samsung Note 9 is total garbage, face recognition is useless, is slow, and extremely fragile.

  • Kieran Vids
    Kieran Vids 4 months ago

    Just got mine off go digital warehouse

  • Wrya
    Wrya 4 months ago

    I bought it for 720 dollars just 2 days ago, nice steal

  • Opre Tibi
    Opre Tibi 4 months ago

    Just bought one today ☺️

  • Gio Cobatsa
    Gio Cobatsa 4 months ago +1

    Watching on my note 9 and I am loving this beast!!!!!!!!!

  • sjuaree685
    sjuaree685 4 months ago

    Watching this on my new Galaxy Note 9! Glade I made the switch!

  • protectorofillinois3
    protectorofillinois3 4 months ago

    I love the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 so much. I have the 512GB version and the cost is $1,249.99 (more expensive than the 128GB version), but it's well worth it. It also came with the Fortnite skin (which I will get around to playing, eventually lol). In addition, I also love the option of adding an additional 512GB microsd card for a total of 1TB of storage (WOW!). That's big enough to store all of my graphic design projects. And of course, I love the S-Pen, fingerprint scanner, face recognition, 4000mAh battery, headphone jack, and the bangin' stereo sound. I'm a full-time Graphic Designer with a busy lifestyle, always on the go, and this phone is perfect for me. Goodbye iPhone!

  • 김동현
    김동현 4 months ago

    Great phone

  • achwal
    achwal 4 months ago

    I just bought note 9 but i keep coming back to my old pixel xl,for me the pure android os is much much better experience ,and in most times even the camera on my pixel xl capture a better pic then my note 9 and i dont know why is that beacuse the reviews on that camera are great

  • Mike Gray
    Mike Gray 4 months ago

    right after launch.....scamsung....they go for $400 brandnew now. I bought one to play steamlink on seriously.

  • MeqanichHD
    MeqanichHD 5 months ago

    Using the Bixby-button as a shortcut to get into an app real quick without unlocking the phone and find the app, would be awesome. Really hopes Samsung doing an update that allows us to do that. I mainly use USclip and Netflix on my phone, so a quick shortcut using the Bixby button would be so great.

  • Christopher Weaver
    Christopher Weaver 5 months ago

    512 give me my 8gb Haha I adore care about storage.

  • Coctozi Santos
    Coctozi Santos 5 months ago +1

    Idk why peolple say androids lag and iphones dont lag my best friend as an iphone 7 and it lags like crazy and my s7 edge lags very rarely and are minor lags not something that bothers me

  • Rafael Empreendedor
    Rafael Empreendedor 5 months ago

    You forgot to mention the Dex straight from the type C to HDMI cable

  • dennis 212
    dennis 212 5 months ago

    Should i buy this or s9+ ??

  • Erika Nettles
    Erika Nettles 5 months ago

    When I call someone my numbers are not like I programmed them?

  • عبد عبد
    عبد عبد 5 months ago


  • Michelle Pace
    Michelle Pace 5 months ago

    Sound quality not good when you on a call

  • slosh11111420
    slosh11111420 5 months ago

    I actually use the s pen every day for work. I can't wait to see what other uses are coming for the pen in the future.

  • XHRF
    XHRF 5 months ago

    Mine is sucks because my note 9 using the sucks exynos 9810 ( lag + slow) . Poor asia like me zz

  • Too Def
    Too Def 5 months ago

    I have a galaxy note 9 with face scan lock, and my girlfriend wanted to creep in my phone and scanned my face while asleep. I woke up later to her using it. Smh

  • randall mccrea
    randall mccrea 5 months ago

    6gb of ram remember back when our laptops topped out at 2gb lol

  • randall mccrea
    randall mccrea 5 months ago

    why the hell do these phone reviews have people speaking 1,000,000 miles a minute I just want someone to walk me through my new phone purchase long time iPhone user just made the switch to my very fist galaxy device and I just want to know how to get the most out of it. Not about its competitors or weather it has a camera bump in my opinion if you're thinking about buying the phone youve already been in your wireless carriers store looked at it and went home to think about it. anyway I would love a in depth step by step how to video so I can learn how to get the most out of my phone anyway. Back to my in store comment you will see with in seconds of looking at the phone weather it has a notch or not why is that such a huge deal. The headphone jack should have been on the top over the notch or the camera bump

  • Ivan Sakantsau
    Ivan Sakantsau 5 months ago

    hahaha Man .. i just got Notes 9 ... listen ... you should take a picture with Pro function ..... total game changer ....

  • KHIZAR Mohammed
    KHIZAR Mohammed 5 months ago

    Perfect @supersaf

  • Snehasish Das
    Snehasish Das 5 months ago

    Yes I have bought it and it is performing very well

  • Breyon Hopkins
    Breyon Hopkins 5 months ago

    My s7 used to last me from 5am to 5pm abd still be above 50

  • David C.
    David C. 5 months ago +2

    Note 9 has the worst camera out there, if anything slightly moves in the picture you will get a horrible motion blur, the textures are just not there, everything looks like an oil painting , very disappointing

  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 5 months ago +1

    Great Detailed video!

  • russell perez
    russell perez 5 months ago

    Who else gets Sakitech and SuperSaf mixed up?Just me?I'll see myself out...

  • Russell Jennings
    Russell Jennings 5 months ago

    I think the note 8 looks better then note 9

  • Rick Garcia
    Rick Garcia 5 months ago

    Watching this on my note 9 no other phone compares. Fuck Iphone

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee 5 months ago

    I've been an iPhone and apple device user for the last 6 years... I picked up a note9 close to 3 days ago. Wow! I am beyond impressed with this phone thus far! One of the best and most interactive phones I've had in years!

  • Mehwish Shah
    Mehwish Shah 5 months ago

    Great phone 🥰

  • Be Positive
    Be Positive 5 months ago

    Bixby button is re mappable

  • Ney Su
    Ney Su 5 months ago

    If a $999 phone is not premium, I don't know what it will be

  • Gabriel Marcelino
    Gabriel Marcelino 5 months ago

    This is the only phone out there that is actually worth how much it costs and even so it still costs less than the XS max. Apple just has no idea about pricing in relation to what the device offers.

  • H C
    H C 5 months ago

    I have officially left the apple ecosystem with changing my last device from the iphone to samsung galaxy. The new iphone prices are what was the final straw. I'm no artist but I thought I'd give the S Pen a whirl. Sometimes you need to USE the new technology to really appreciate the benefits and determine if you find it useful. Excited to switch over =)

  • LastKnight 1213
    LastKnight 1213 6 months ago

    Guys help!!!!! How do you get dust out of the top speaker on the note 9 it's so disgusting and there's dust and dirt in it, plz help

  • MCalder8
    MCalder8 6 months ago

    Just got this phone today. It seems like I made the right choice moving on from Apple

  • Karim Sumar
    Karim Sumar 6 months ago

    Own the Note 8, so awaiting Note 10 with the magic of:
    Front Fingerprint scanner 📱👈
    Quad speakers 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊
    Triple camera 📸 📸 📸 📸
    5G Snapdragon Chip 855+
    8Gb RAM 🏃🏽‍♂️ standard!
    256 Gb internal memory
    SD still there
    4K Display 💎
    5,000mAh battery 🔋 🔋 🔋 🔋
    Headphone 🎧 jack present
    More SPen 🖋 feature! 👌
    IR blaster returns 😀 📺
    Better Bluetooth connection
    Bezeless display 👍

  • emarskineel
    emarskineel 6 months ago

    Everything looks great to me...except the exterior. It just looks cheap and not at all “premium”

  • George Kaume
    George Kaume 6 months ago

    Note 9 is the phone to have. I dont think I have any con against it. all pros haha

  • Darryl Woodbury
    Darryl Woodbury 6 months ago

    Just bought a Note 9 and I'm really liking it so far. It's perfect for the things I need to do at work, such as jotting a phone number down when I don't have a pen nearby. I can just pop out the S-Pen, write the number down on the screen and save it. I was going back and forth between an LG V40 or the Note 9 and I made the right decision going with the Note 9. It's a beast of a phone.

  • milda denis
    milda denis 6 months ago

    Omg just got my note9 loveeeee it

  • David Myhr
    David Myhr 6 months ago +1

    There is a deal breaking problem for a small segment of Note 9 users that film using an external monitor connected with a type C to HDMI cable dongle. When the camera is enabled in the landscape mode the monitor is switched to portrait mode and a message is displayed to the effect that landscape mode is not available when Smart View is enabled OR a HDMI connection is used. This essentially renders an external monitor useless and only occurs when in the camera mode. Why Samsung designed implemented this function is a mystery as no other app exhibits it. I have tried different cables and different camera apps and nothing tried will display landscape in a camera app. As I said this is a deal breaker and I wish I had known prior to my purchase.

  • mohair
    mohair 6 months ago

    How the fuck is the finger print scanner a stretch

    Move your hand up buddy

  • kasun udaraka
    kasun udaraka 6 months ago

    hello,i think this a great video..good job..
    so in the video u said its the Exynos version of note 9,so i would like to know are exynos and snapdragon battery life same..? which one has the best battery life..? Im confused with that..can u give me a proper answer please +SuperSaf TV #SuperSaf
    thank you..

  • george cushing
    george cushing 6 months ago

    Don't buy Chinese phones unless you support tech theft & social credit score that goolag scores citizens worth &limits freedom by how patriotic China's people are..low score= no banking/travel /internet..lower score= labor death camps&selling price is expensive communism

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young 6 months ago

    The sound on the note 9 is amazing the atmos works great feels like you've got headphones in . Really surround soundy . Specially on movies. It's a good it of kit for movies etc. I got the 500gb one it's not much more money really.

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young 6 months ago

    Personally I thing the s and the note should come with a case as standard

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young 6 months ago

    Put a case on, why would you have a 1100 phone unprotected anyway

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young 6 months ago

    Everyone is ripping off the galaxy design

  • Yunika Winarni
    Yunika Winarni 6 months ago

    But instagram stories quality from galaxy note 9 is very low than iphone even than iphon 6 :(

  • Kenneth Davies
    Kenneth Davies 6 months ago

    glass back is stupid -- let's get away from slippery fish phones...

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar 6 months ago

    Note 9 is osm phone ....mai use kar rha hun...

  • Sowse Bowse
    Sowse Bowse 6 months ago

    There is a really good sale for a 128GB micro SD card on best buy, which it is only 20 dollars, which is at: