The Truth About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9: One Month Later


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  • SuperSaf
    SuperSaf  3 months ago +276

    Hope you enjoyed the video #SuperSafStyle 😎 What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9?

    • heywood1980
      heywood1980 5 days ago

      I just upgraded from a Note 5 that I LOVED. This one actually somehow feels too big and heavy for me compared t the 5. I can't even believe I'm saying that but that's how it seems so far - did anybody else feel this way at first but got used to it? I'm really wondering if I should go exchange for the S9+ or S9

    • Peyton Johnson
      Peyton Johnson 17 days ago

      Plz someone respond!!!!! so I have a note 9 and it's a great phone but can you help me, how do you clean the top speaker cause mine has a lot of dirt and dust in it and It really aggravates me, plz respond

    • youngsta Young
      youngsta Young Month ago +1

      Best phone yet from Samsung. Love my notes anyways

    • Tamim Abulhassan
      Tamim Abulhassan Month ago

      How are you getting such great SOT

    • Tamim Abulhassan
      Tamim Abulhassan Month ago

      I've only had mine for 3 days and stand by time is pretty bad...2 hours sot 12 hours off the charger isn't impressive

  • Aryan Zynn
    Aryan Zynn Day ago

    Mine is sucks because my note 9 using the sucks exynos 9810 ( lag + slow) . Poor asia like me zz

  • Too Def
    Too Def Day ago

    I have a galaxy note 9 with face scan lock, and my girlfriend wanted to creep in my phone and scanned my face while asleep. I woke up later to her using it. Smh

  • randall mccrea
    randall mccrea Day ago

    6gb of ram remember back when our laptops topped out at 2gb lol

  • randall mccrea
    randall mccrea Day ago

    why the hell do these phone reviews have people speaking 1,000,000 miles a minute I just want someone to walk me through my new phone purchase long time iPhone user just made the switch to my very fist galaxy device and I just want to know how to get the most out of it. Not about its competitors or weather it has a camera bump in my opinion if you're thinking about buying the phone youve already been in your wireless carriers store looked at it and went home to think about it. anyway I would love a in depth step by step how to video so I can learn how to get the most out of my phone anyway. Back to my in store comment you will see with in seconds of looking at the phone weather it has a notch or not why is that such a huge deal. The headphone jack should have been on the top over the notch or the camera bump

  • Ivan Sakantsau
    Ivan Sakantsau 3 days ago

    hahaha Man .. i just got Notes 9 ... listen ... you should take a picture with Pro function ..... total game changer ....

  • KHIZAR Mohammed
    KHIZAR Mohammed 4 days ago

    Perfect @supersaf

  • Snehasish Das
    Snehasish Das 5 days ago

    Yes I have bought it and it is performing very well

  • Breyon Hopkins
    Breyon Hopkins 5 days ago

    My s7 used to last me from 5am to 5pm abd still be above 50

  • David C.
    David C. 5 days ago

    Note 9 has the worst camera out there, if anything slightly moves in the picture you will get a horrible motion blur, the textures are just not there, everything looks like an oil painting , very disappointing

  • Rishabh Chatterjee
    Rishabh Chatterjee 6 days ago +1

    Great Detailed video!

  • russell perez
    russell perez 7 days ago

    Who else gets Sakitech and SuperSaf mixed up?Just me?I'll see myself out...

  • Russell Jennings
    Russell Jennings 10 days ago

    I think the note 8 looks better then note 9

  • Rick Garcia
    Rick Garcia 11 days ago

    Watching this on my note 9 no other phone compares. Fuck Iphone

  • Jonathan Lee
    Jonathan Lee 12 days ago

    I've been an iPhone and apple device user for the last 6 years... I picked up a note9 close to 3 days ago. Wow! I am beyond impressed with this phone thus far! One of the best and most interactive phones I've had in years!

  • Mehwish Shah
    Mehwish Shah 14 days ago

    Great phone 🥰

  • Be Positive
    Be Positive 14 days ago

    Bixby button is re mappable

  • Ney Su
    Ney Su 14 days ago

    If a $999 phone is not premium, I don't know what it will be

  • Gabriel Marcelino
    Gabriel Marcelino 16 days ago

    This is the only phone out there that is actually worth how much it costs and even so it still costs less than the XS max. Apple just has no idea about pricing in relation to what the device offers.

  • H C
    H C 17 days ago

    I have officially left the apple ecosystem with changing my last device from the iphone to samsung galaxy. The new iphone prices are what was the final straw. I'm no artist but I thought I'd give the S Pen a whirl. Sometimes you need to USE the new technology to really appreciate the benefits and determine if you find it useful. Excited to switch over =)

  • Peyton Johnson
    Peyton Johnson 17 days ago

    Guys help!!!!! How do you get dust out of the top speaker on the note 9 it's so disgusting and there's dust and dirt in it, plz help

  • MCalder8
    MCalder8 19 days ago

    Just got this phone today. It seems like I made the right choice moving on from Apple

  • Karim Sumar
    Karim Sumar 21 day ago

    Own the Note 8, so awaiting Note 10 with the magic of:
    Front Fingerprint scanner 📱👈
    Quad speakers 🔊 🔊 🔊 🔊
    Triple camera 📸 📸 📸 📸
    5G Snapdragon Chip 855+
    8Gb RAM 🏃🏽‍♂️ standard!
    256 Gb internal memory
    SD still there
    4K Display 💎
    5,000mAh battery 🔋 🔋 🔋 🔋
    Headphone 🎧 jack present
    More SPen 🖋 feature! 👌
    IR blaster returns 😀 📺
    Better Bluetooth connection
    Bezeless display 👍

  • emarskineel
    emarskineel 24 days ago

    Everything looks great to me...except the exterior. It just looks cheap and not at all “premium”

  • George Kaume
    George Kaume 24 days ago

    Note 9 is the phone to have. I dont think I have any con against it. all pros haha

  • Darryl Mouzone
    Darryl Mouzone 25 days ago

    Just bought a Note 9 and I'm really liking it so far. It's perfect for the things I need to do at work, such as jotting a phone number down when I don't have a pen nearby. I can just pop out the S-Pen, write the number down on the screen and save it. I was going back and forth between an LG V40 or the Note 9 and I made the right decision going with the Note 9. It's a beast of a phone.

  • milda denis
    milda denis 25 days ago

    Omg just got my note9 loveeeee it

  • David Myhr
    David Myhr 25 days ago

    There is a deal breaking problem for a small segment of Note 9 users that film using an external monitor connected with a type C to HDMI cable dongle. When the camera is enabled in the landscape mode the monitor is switched to portrait mode and a message is displayed to the effect that landscape mode is not available when Smart View is enabled OR a HDMI connection is used. This essentially renders an external monitor useless and only occurs when in the camera mode. Why Samsung designed implemented this function is a mystery as no other app exhibits it. I have tried different cables and different camera apps and nothing tried will display landscape in a camera app. As I said this is a deal breaker and I wish I had known prior to my purchase.

  • mohair
    mohair Month ago

    How the fuck is the finger print scanner a stretch

    Move your hand up buddy

  • kasun udaraka
    kasun udaraka Month ago

    hello,i think this a great video..good job..
    so in the video u said its the Exynos version of note 9,so i would like to know are exynos and snapdragon battery life same..? which one has the best battery life..? Im confused with that..can u give me a proper answer please +SuperSaf TV #SuperSaf
    thank you..

  • george cushing
    george cushing Month ago

    Don't buy Chinese phones unless you support tech theft & social credit score that goolag scores citizens worth &limits freedom by how patriotic China's people are..low score= no banking/travel /internet..lower score= labor death camps&selling price is expensive communism

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young Month ago

    The sound on the note 9 is amazing the atmos works great feels like you've got headphones in . Really surround soundy . Specially on movies. It's a good it of kit for movies etc. I got the 500gb one it's not much more money really.

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young Month ago

    Personally I thing the s and the note should come with a case as standard

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young Month ago

    Put a case on, why would you have a 1100 phone unprotected anyway

  • youngsta Young
    youngsta Young Month ago

    Everyone is ripping off the galaxy design

  • Yunika Winarni
    Yunika Winarni Month ago

    But instagram stories quality from galaxy note 9 is very low than iphone even than iphon 6 :(

  • Kenneth Davies
    Kenneth Davies Month ago

    glass back is stupid -- let's get away from slippery fish phones...

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar Month ago

    Note 9 is osm phone ....mai use kar rha hun...

  • Sowse Bowse
    Sowse Bowse Month ago

    There is a really good sale for a 128GB micro SD card on best buy, which it is only 20 dollars, which is at:

  • Myo Myat Aung
    Myo Myat Aung Month ago

    Would you mind doing a review on Xiaomi mi 8 pro?

  • Saurabh Medade
    Saurabh Medade Month ago

    @1:50 Not OnePlus 6t midnight black

  • justinl458
    justinl458 Month ago

    Why is linus not in the photo?

  • MorningBear E
    MorningBear E Month ago

    Looking too sell both note 9, ( I have the blue and purple N9 ) I'm also selling my note 8 . ( grey)

  • M Jamal
    M Jamal Month ago

    i rarely use my note 9, it's at about 70% charge before i go to bed. but i still leave it on the wireless charger overnight.
    will this effect my battery ?
    and if so how long until i notice a difference ?
    i'd just like to know if it would last me 2 years, because i change my phone every 2 years

  • xbritish rocksx
    xbritish rocksx Month ago

    hi, I wonder comparison to note 8 & note 9 is there like a big difference? due to my budget, I wonder if note 8 is worth to buy due to the new note 9 updates..

  • D'Valjon101
    D'Valjon101 Month ago

    You are one Handsome fellow.
    Great video!!

  • Lissney Gonzalez
    Lissney Gonzalez Month ago

    I got my note 9 about 2 weeks ago and I love it ,love it. Best phone out there :-)

  • Alex Kapolakaki
    Alex Kapolakaki Month ago

    "I will not go thru specs" and you do exactly that. Its frustrating.

  • Jeremiah Pragas
    Jeremiah Pragas Month ago

    The Galaxy Note 9 is being sold at a cheaper price than the S9+ at my country lmao

  • G Parker
    G Parker Month ago

    Have anyone been having issues with recieving calls while on different apps? I've noticed if I'm on fb or even you tube my calls dont come through

  • Debra Dukes
    Debra Dukes Month ago

    Awesome Video as always really enjoyed Deb ✌👍

  • Black
    Black Month ago

    1:30 I agree, but you still need a slightly raised module to prevent scratching the camera glass while lying flat.

  • Like Phone Boss.
    Like Phone Boss. Month ago

    This video was uploaded since Cirno Day.
    Cirno would be happy, With the Note9

  • yusni viona
    yusni viona Month ago

    The price....😐😶

  • Saffron Valour
    Saffron Valour Month ago

    which one is better iPhone 8 Plus or Note 9

  • Chance Adams
    Chance Adams Month ago

    how do you charge the Pen

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 16 days ago

      Chance Adams you put it inside the phone

  • Chance Adams
    Chance Adams Month ago

    How the Fuck does a phone have liquid cooling

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 16 days ago

      Chance Adams what kind of fucking question is that

  • Roberto Bernardez
    Roberto Bernardez Month ago

    Worth the money.😉👌

  • Javian Brown
    Javian Brown Month ago

    How did you make that thumbnail? Looks awesome

  • Vikrant Thakur
    Vikrant Thakur Month ago

    Best display in the market to watch movies and series. A great camera. More storage than you can use to store all your music, shows and games. Enough power to game properly and even edit photos and videos. Full ability to edit documenrs and read books. All in a beautiful package. Of course it's worth it damnit.

  • Alice VR
    Alice VR Month ago

    The sad thing is that if the 3.5mm jack WASN'T still relevant, it would probably still be on iPhones. It's only removed because dongles make Apple more boatloads of cash.

  • &Not2Yield
    &Not2Yield Month ago

    The best selling product for Apple last year has been the dangle.That my friend tells you everything you need to know about Apple...

  • Shubham Agarwal
    Shubham Agarwal Month ago

    You must have talked abound by DeX mode!!

  • Tamsir Ba
    Tamsir Ba Month ago

    I personally prefer my s9plus 👍🏾

  • Wes P’s World
    Wes P’s World Month ago

    Even though I do like both phones When you took the dark pic with the iPhone X you should’ve had on the HDR that way it would’ve took a
    better pic. My iPhone 7plus takes better dark pics then what you had on here. Don’t adjust just one phone so it looks better.

  • Jason blodgett
    Jason blodgett Month ago

    Can we stop using the phrase “ daily driver”? It makes no sense

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 16 days ago

      A google search......

      A simple google search could have stopped from commenting something stupid...

      Yet you still did it.

  • skelki Galatasaray
    skelki Galatasaray Month ago

    All in all: Buy it!
    Its awesome!

  • roderick johnson
    roderick johnson Month ago

    Watching on my note 9 and note 8 great vid

  • Charles Davis
    Charles Davis Month ago

    This thing is great. I've never been anywhere near 10 hours of screen on time before. Optimized 4000 mah battery kicking ass.

  • Joshua Peter
    Joshua Peter Month ago

    Moto E 5 Plus+
    72% same as Sam note9
    But for only $225.
    Or spend $1,000.
    for that extra 28%
    You could get 2 Moto E 5 Plus
    and still have money left over in your pocket
    It's up to you

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis Month ago

      +Joshua Peter I think you said it better that time.

    • Joshua Peter
      Joshua Peter Month ago

      People are not understanding , of course the note 9 is better, I didn't say it wasn't. That's why it cost so much more.
      Just saying that the Moto E 5 Plus, is a decent smartphone for the amount of money and will work fine for the average person

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis Month ago

      +Joshua Peter And I really don't know if you're trying to convince yourself that you saved some money, that's fine, but don't try to justify your purchase by saying it's on par with a Flagship.

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis Month ago

      +Joshua Peter You said a Moto E5 plus does 72% of what a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can do. And I'm telling you that's a lie. I don't care if its E5, E5+, or a damn E10. That cheap pos cant do anything like a Note.

    • Joshua Peter
      Joshua Peter Month ago

      Yes, the Sam note9 is better
      I already said that, that's not the point , you need to understand what was said

  • Joshua Peter
    Joshua Peter Month ago

    I, have Moto E 5 Plus +
    6 inch screen
    With Great battery
    on screen time 9 hours
    Or all day battery
    and Turbo charger for a much better price

    • Joshua Peter
      Joshua Peter Month ago

      Yes, Sam note9 is better, that's not the point, what I was saying,

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis Month ago

      +Joshua Peter Boy if you don't get outta here with that. Get a Samsung. Even my old Note 5 will blast that POS outta the water.

    • Joshua Peter
      Joshua Peter Month ago

      Read lower comment as well

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis Month ago

      You got QuadHD screen?
      You got Iris Scanner security?
      You got the Spen?
      You got 512 GB storage?
      You got best display on market?
      You got best night time camera on market?
      You got Spen?
      You got Bixby Vision?
      You got Dolby Stereo Speakers?
      You got Spen?
      You got SuperAMOLED?
      You got Snapdragon 845?
      Last but not least
      You got a Bluetooth Camera controlling, video controlling, music player controlling, phone unlocking Spen?

  • chameleocat1
    chameleocat1 Month ago

    Ha ha #1 item sold for Apple was the dongle and once that was realized they took it out of the box so they can once more rip their customers off. Then on top of that they charged you more for the newer iPhone. So let's see dongle included hundreds less.....iPhones without the dongle hundreds more.....🤔

  • Z
    Z Month ago

    Download an app, delete all that shit you don't want even bixby. Go into "about phone" click on "software information" click "build number" 7 times (until it enables developer option.. Back out click on it. Scroll down to window animation scale change it to 0.5 do the same for transition animation scale, animator duration scale. Now you have a perfect phone. If im missing anything look it up there's ways to fix or remove it.

  • Thechainlard
    Thechainlard Month ago

    If you compare this to the iPhone XS then it’s definitely not so overpriced considering the features

  • Darling Stuff
    Darling Stuff Month ago

    youtube is infested with negroids appropriating European inventions.......utterly disgusting

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis Month ago +1

      So is your mother's cunt, but I digress.

  • Andrew Samuel
    Andrew Samuel Month ago

    Watching on my note 9

  • hothefa ali
    hothefa ali Month ago

    I really do not like Samsung at all.

  • mohd saeed
    mohd saeed Month ago

    This channel gives me the missing part of all reviews.

  • Ambitious Aleshia
    Ambitious Aleshia Month ago +1

    I have it in lilac purple and I love it so far. I'm still learning how to work it.

  • Shaggy2286
    Shaggy2286 Month ago

    3.5 will be relevant for a while yet. Wireless still has issues and isn't cheap.
    If you use the Gear VR, the extra space and ram is much needed. I've easily filled my S8+ and nearly filled the SD card to.
    Oh and you try the Dex?

  • vetb882
    vetb882 Month ago

    Welp, I just decided my new cell phone. Thx Bud.

  • Vincent Laterreur
    Vincent Laterreur Month ago +2

    You know what this is my first phone and im a real baller at school

  • Cheryl Sawka
    Cheryl Sawka Month ago

    I am buying it.

  • Dhary Al Rasheed
    Dhary Al Rasheed Month ago

    Considering the Note 9 however, I'm not sure which to get, the Exynos or the Snapdragon. I'm in the US. Any insight would be highly appreciated.

    • Charles Davis
      Charles Davis Month ago

      Exynos is more optimized being its Samsung's inhouse chip.

  • Richie Sun
    Richie Sun Month ago

    I've had a note 9 for a few weeks now. Perfect phone. Very happy with it. I was upgrading from a note 5.

  • Angel Torres
    Angel Torres Month ago

    Which one you think is better note 9 o iPhone max please be honest

  • Fran M7MAD
    Fran M7MAD Month ago

    great video, thank you :)

  • Doc X
    Doc X Month ago

    Thanks for the info, I'm getting one here soon

  • Anthony Richards
    Anthony Richards Month ago

    I love the note 9 I love my 512 gigs

  • Soumen Mondol
    Soumen Mondol Month ago

    Can one not 9 donet me

  • handymancam1
    handymancam1 Month ago

    Samsung makes the most out of the android version it’s got. I don’t think the Note 9 will do well with pie. So many things in pie that’s so redundant in this phone. I’ve got a note 9 and I like it just the way it is. The only update I will need is for security reasons. This is a good review, just don’t dwell so much on what it doesn’t have but concentrate more on what it has that makes it an experience. If all phones were the same I’d stick to a 3310.

  • MaH3R J3DDAH
    MaH3R J3DDAH Month ago +1

    Sorry I phone bye bye ...note 9 is my birthday gift for me.

  • Silent Watcher
    Silent Watcher Month ago

    I have them all you name it I own it . I love the note 9 but I use my iPhone xs max everyday . Just something about the simplicity, and constant fluent nature of ios on this wonderful phone.

  • Myka TV
    Myka TV Month ago

    Watching from my note 9

  • Tom Speller
    Tom Speller Month ago

    No phone worth 1k.. Fuck them all...

  • uknowmyname007
    uknowmyname007 Month ago

    Is the S pen supposed to be yellow? Mine is Black

  • Glass is Half full
    Glass is Half full Month ago

    I just have to say I'm completely blown away and impressed by my Samsung Galaxy note 9 from Verizon. This phone is truly above and beyond any other phone I've ever owned in my entire life. But holy shit this phone was expensive. I have the LG V10 and the LG V20 which I thought were high end phones. They were not this phone completely blows them out of the water it even blows out of the water the LG V30 and the new V40. I was a huge LG fan for many many years but I think I'm going to say that I'm going to become more ever Samsung guy

  • daniel slagter
    daniel slagter Month ago

    don't forget about the DEX option, another great advantage!!

  • Granit Sinani
    Granit Sinani Month ago

    watching on the Note 9 😍

  • Kumar Shubham
    Kumar Shubham Month ago +1

    note 9 is king

    • Kumar Shubham
      Kumar Shubham Month ago

      +Daniel P You are just stupid. Its the best phone in the market.

    • Daniel P
      Daniel P Month ago

      Kumar Shubham king of the worst smartphones to be specific 😂