Binging with Babish: Spaghetti Tacos from iCarly

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
  • BwB turns 3 this weekend, so it seemed only fitting to take a crack at one of longest and most hotly-requested dishes in the show's history: spaghetti tacos. I was always hesitant to try, as double-carbing gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I think we've got a satisfying conclusion to man's lifelong journey of incorporating pasta in tacos.
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  • Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas 19 hours ago

    I really appreciate the condensed pace of your videos. The tight editing really keeps you paying close attention!

  • Makai
    Makai 20 hours ago

    1950: I bet you there’s gonna be flying cars in the future
    2019: How to make spaghetti tacos

  • amelia J
    amelia J 21 hour ago

    Can you please do The Soup from Ratatouille?

  • Yasmine Adr
    Yasmine Adr 23 hours ago

    Omg I thought about Spaghetti tacos last week and started craving them so bad!! Your recipe looks amazing!!

  • Christie b
    Christie b Day ago

    Babish, my spaghetti sauce came out light reddish brown. It never looks deep red like yours. What am I doing wrong?

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott Day ago

    God that show is so cringey in hindsight

  • Juliet Mosby
    Juliet Mosby Day ago

    Carbs on top of carbs...... yum my favorite, give me all the carbs

  • eaterofgrayons
    eaterofgrayons Day ago

    Do Liver with Fava beans and Chianti from silence of the lambs

  • Burhan Qerimi
    Burhan Qerimi Day ago

    Meat is costly though

  • Johnathan miller

    Please make foods from the anime food wars!

  • malevolentmoron
    malevolentmoron Day ago

    Turn it into a Schneider special by throwing in some *underage girls*

  • Panzer
    Panzer Day ago

    make pickle bread

  • Hamza Zahurullah

    As soon as I saw him break out the grater, I knew what was coming. I’m away for college right now, but as soon as I’m home, I’m making the improved spaghetti tacos. Never have I agreed with one of Andrew’s ideas so quickly.

  • Kath Ish
    Kath Ish Day ago

    I didn’t think you were going to improve upon it, but youre an absolute visionary babe oh my god

  • Casey Snell
    Casey Snell Day ago

    The breakfast from "My Cousin Vinny", an excuse to make grits

  • Sully
    Sully Day ago

    About a month after that episode aired, my sisters and I begged my dad to make these. He did make them with us, only with spaghetti and a taco shell. they were really good, and it’s been a really wholesome memory from when i was 6. good times :)

  • RL Brown
    RL Brown Day ago

    Throw some Fritos into your next plate of spaghetti tell me you don't like it

  • Vortex Studios
    Vortex Studios Day ago

    I KNOW

  • Shea Martin
    Shea Martin Day ago

    Exactly what we’ve been waiting for

  • Em Boy
    Em Boy 2 days ago +1

    You funky white honkies eat anything

  • Brandon Drew
    Brandon Drew 2 days ago

    Idiotic unhealthy and ridicules, perfect for Americans!

  • Ashlynn Ricciardi
    Ashlynn Ricciardi 2 days ago

    Make Krabby patties

  • julia i
    julia i 2 days ago

    please do coconut cream pie from icarly!!

  • Waheed Abdullah
    Waheed Abdullah 2 days ago

    Make Lisa's Gazpacho from The Simpsons episode, Lisa the Vegetarian

  • Tanya's Food Affairs

    I love it! looks reeealllyyy good!!!! you too by the way :)

  • Dino Jai
    Dino Jai 2 days ago


  • Jordan Davies
    Jordan Davies 2 days ago

    What kinda of watch is that🤔

  • Ethan Slater
    Ethan Slater 2 days ago

    How about making Fraisers signature sauce?

  • artistichocochipcookie

    Babish what did you do with my Spaghetti Tacos?

  • Yo
    Yo 2 days ago

    Needs more _F E E T_

  • Paolo Calapatia
    Paolo Calapatia 2 days ago

    If you can: Tarte Aux Fruits from Kingdom Hearts 3 that has Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Blood Orange, Banana, Grapes, Melon, and Watermelon

  • Goskp
    Goskp 2 days ago


  • AvenRox
    AvenRox 2 days ago

    Oh my God I'm so hungry

  • Kristin Higgins
    Kristin Higgins 2 days ago


  • evyoz
    evyoz 2 days ago

    whoever is his gf or wife is fucking lucky y’all seeing this??? Cooking skills & hot voice🥵damn

  • Mollie
    Mollie 2 days ago

    I never imagined I could want a spaghetti taco before the moment that cheese became the shell

  • Kushal Lakhan
    Kushal Lakhan 2 days ago

    That final bite made me recoil in jealousy

  • tf ?
    tf ? 2 days ago

    this really reminds me of carlys brother making spaghetti tacos

  • I’m new
    I’m new 2 days ago

    I just wanna fuck Demi Lovato 🤷‍♂️

  • i am a disappointment

    why do you sound like the king of random

  • Dan Lannister
    Dan Lannister 2 days ago

    I have to admit your use of the Parmesan crisp as a taco shell wasn’t something I really expected. I’ll definitely pitch that idea to my friend from college who’s trying to cut carbs.

  • anon nico
    anon nico 3 days ago

    you stand like a danganronpa character man

  • Prime Ordi
    Prime Ordi 3 days ago

    *screeches in taco*

  • Yanai Weiss
    Yanai Weiss 3 days ago


  • Thornberry770
    Thornberry770 3 days ago

    I had a spaghetti taco a long time ago

  • game84cube
    game84cube 3 days ago

    There! He made the damn tacos. Ask for something else now

  • Orio Cohen
    Orio Cohen 3 days ago

    This was long overdue

  • David Disbrow
    David Disbrow 3 days ago

    I have been making spaghetti tacos 4 years I fry leftover spaghetti with spicy sausage fried corn tortilla shells some cheese some hot sauce yummy. It's a great crossover food italiano meats mexicano

  • darkySp
    darkySp 3 days ago

    Is it gluten-free ?

  • HawkinsGaming H20
    HawkinsGaming H20 3 days ago

    I wanted to eat this shit

  • What is this
    What is this 3 days ago


  • Hentercenter
    Hentercenter 3 days ago

    So iCarly gets their own custom shells, but you couldn't even bother to make meat for Ron's naco from Kim Possible?

  • Harry Hall
    Harry Hall 3 days ago

    eggplant burger with chocolate sauce scooby doo movie

  • Liam Matthews
    Liam Matthews 3 days ago

    You should do the Sadistic Parfait from Blend-S

  • TaPe BaPe
    TaPe BaPe 3 days ago

    *Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location*

  • Square Root Of Tree
    Square Root Of Tree 3 days ago

    The best burger in NY from How i met your mother pleaseeee

  • Loke Ryan
    Loke Ryan 3 days ago

    do captain holt's croque madame from brooklyn 99

  • Zen Luff
    Zen Luff 3 days ago

    Try making the trippa snippa from the big lez show

  • marylandlax3
    marylandlax3 3 days ago

    Please just find some medium that makes Reuben’s, would love to see your take on that

  • darkim1777
    darkim1777 3 days ago

    Still waiting for you to use an anime reference food like cooking master boy, yakitate japan or shokugeki no souma!

  • ZeroHour
    ZeroHour 3 days ago

    I know it's a bit late for this but can you try out figgy pudding at some point?

  • Kyler Hearn
    Kyler Hearn 3 days ago

    Have you thought about making the Sweet Potato Pie from IRobot? Something about that grandma style cooking had me craving it

  • Joseph Garcia
    Joseph Garcia 3 days ago

    0:22 "mom said its my turn to use the xbox"😂

  • Kristy Hopkins
    Kristy Hopkins 3 days ago

    Sea salt ice cream from kingdom hearts! :o

  • XXX Despacito
    XXX Despacito 3 days ago +1

    Please make the eyeball Martini from Shrek

  • whau
    whau 3 days ago


  • The RGA001
    The RGA001 3 days ago

    Can you make Misato's curry with ramen noodles from Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 5. Also, make sure to put the curry *IN* the noodles like Misato does.

  • Sierra Rogan
    Sierra Rogan 3 days ago

    Okay but Mystic Pizza from the movie, Mystic Pizza.

  • Sadia M
    Sadia M 3 days ago

    The Sauce from New Girl!

  • Ciana Malchione
    Ciana Malchione 3 days ago

    Not sure if you do drinks but you should do Beyoncé’s Lemonade recipe (from the beginning of “All Night”).

  • Ayesha C
    Ayesha C 3 days ago


  • Ian Welborn
    Ian Welborn 3 days ago

    yo do a trailer park boys themed episode‼️

  • BecomingFlawless
    BecomingFlawless 3 days ago

    Its Mardi Gras time down here in New Orleans and you should make a king cake please! Traditional Cinnamon with plastic baby and all

  • [Usernotdeleted]
    [Usernotdeleted] 3 days ago

    It looks disgusting

  • Toaster Bath
    Toaster Bath 3 days ago

    can you do the beaver tails from stoked?

  • Jason M
    Jason M 3 days ago +3

    How about a parks and rec episode with either: the meat tornado burrito, the swanson, a paunch burger, bens calzone, or toms snake?

  • June Reed
    June Reed 4 days ago

    PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING FROM KAKURIYO- BED AND BREAKFAST FOR SPIRITS 💖💖💖💖 if you did, I like the shaved ice from episode 12, the fruit cream and bean paste one. You've never done shaved ice and it seems complicated yet simple.

  • Avery Jolliffe
    Avery Jolliffe 4 days ago

    Soft shell spaghetti tacos are the best

  • X X
    X X 4 days ago

    Hey, how about some Klingon food from ST:TNG, like Gagh and pipius claw and Racht?

  • Eric Robertson
    Eric Robertson 4 days ago

    Make the everything burrito from Adventure Time

  • Mystogan9615
    Mystogan9615 4 days ago

    Make the soup that Po made in king fu panda

  • charronfilms
    charronfilms 4 days ago

    Please make Mac and Dennis from It's Always Sunny (mac and cheese with dog meat).

  • Elijah Beyer
    Elijah Beyer 4 days ago

    A couple of things, can you do a video on green curry, and what is the meaning of the tattoo on your right forearm.

  • Stone Snodgrass
    Stone Snodgrass 4 days ago

    Please do Harold’s deep fried burger on a stick from Sponge Bob!

  • Alex Talluto
    Alex Talluto 4 days ago

    A great alternative (and gluten free but you can’t tell) to making breadcrumbs is crush up some Rice Krispies. My mom does it and it is GREAT

  • Chingon Carrillo
    Chingon Carrillo 4 days ago

    Dumplings from Kung Fu Panda should be next

  • god is here
    god is here 4 days ago

    4:20 I remember you making this on your first video

  • SenorRu
    SenorRu 4 days ago

    Would you consider 'Alibert's Gobball Stew' from the first episode of Wakfu? It's been done before by Fiction-Food but maybe there's something you can explore on.

  • QuarterOaSeel
    QuarterOaSeel 4 days ago

    Anything from Phineas & Ferb? All the food is good, but I would like to see the doofenshmirtz family meatloaf recipe.

  • kat Marie
    kat Marie 4 days ago

    @grovatbu mentioned Muriel's happy plums for courage the cowardly dog, and I think thats a great idea.

  • Alex Minto
    Alex Minto 4 days ago

    Make the trippa snippa from big lez show

  • Clattering Swords
    Clattering Swords 4 days ago


  • random potato
    random potato 4 days ago

    Do any recepie from the walking dead game

  • cameron morgan
    cameron morgan 4 days ago

    I think you should make lobster thermidor from LEGO Batman

  • huggyprincess
    huggyprincess 4 days ago

    What about Mondo Burger's massive burgers as well as a Good Burger with Ed's Sauce from Good Burger? Or Pretty Patties from Spongebob? Arthur's dad's Honey Tower of Pisa cake from Arthur:)

  • lorvincent
    lorvincent 4 days ago

    Man, I would kill for a steak episode collab with Guga Food! (movie: The Great Outdoors. Food: Ol' 96er Blue Ox Steak)

  • mst3kanita
    mst3kanita 4 days ago

    Damn that clip was cringy as hell.

  • kyle hall
    kyle hall 4 days ago

    Pokemon the first movie Brock's lazy boys no chew stew please do this

  • RoboticTea
    RoboticTea 4 days ago

    Can you do a recipe from food wars ?

  • Theo Lattanzio
    Theo Lattanzio 4 days ago

    @Binging with Babish PLEASE make Wild boar from Asterix and Obelix comics and films!!!!!