The Truth About CloeCouture Losing her Mom

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • Ep5: The Truth About CloeCouture Losing her Mom
    In this show we visit youtubers' places, we sit down with them, get real, and have a super raw candid conversation about things they’re dealing with behind the camera. This show is bringing that wall down, bringing you closer to your favorite youtubers, and spreading awareness to important topics not discussed enough.
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  • Lashawnda Jordan
    Lashawnda Jordan 10 hours ago

    I will pray for you and ur mom at least she saw u born and u saw her die.

  • Alice and Mia the patotos

    I have a eating disorder. I am very underweight and I can get very I'll. I know how it feels

  • Pasteel gatcha Girl
    Pasteel gatcha Girl 12 hours ago

    At least her mom is in a better place now

  • Dora Lam
    Dora Lam 14 hours ago

    Ce back cloe😢😭

  • Dora Lam
    Dora Lam 14 hours ago

    Are the best

  • Dora Lam
    Dora Lam 14 hours ago

    Cloe you

  • Emily Craddock
    Emily Craddock 15 hours ago

    i know i am late but i love Nikis hair

  • Marie jhem Paulo
    Marie jhem Paulo Day ago +1

    This is just sad and
    To all the person who said this maybe if you understand what's happening this would not happen
    And maybe by watching this video
    U will not be mad and be relief
    1like = 1prayer and understanding

  • unicorinlover rayray

    niki tell cole to come back her ass has been gone for to long

  • Jessica Thomas
    Jessica Thomas 2 days ago

    I love this series 😍😍 xx

  • Anna Banana
    Anna Banana 3 days ago +1

    Sadly I lost my moms best friend and now I’m tearing up sooo...

  • Avery Haley
    Avery Haley 3 days ago


  • Avery Haley
    Avery Haley 3 days ago +2


  • It’s Mako M star
    It’s Mako M star 4 days ago

    I missed cloe

  • Emma Diogo
    Emma Diogo 4 days ago

    Cloe is so brave, when I was 5 my grandma died but I didn't know much but I cry almost every day now because of my grandma's death. Now I am so grateful for everything. I am So blessed with everything but Cloe is so brave

  • Skyler Giguere
    Skyler Giguere 5 days ago +1

    I lost my dad when I was 4 so I understand how she’s feeling and the pain that death brings you.

  • Katie unicorn cat
    Katie unicorn cat 6 days ago

    She pretty and strong

  • Katie unicorn cat
    Katie unicorn cat 6 days ago

    My grandpa past I was 5

  • what ever
    what ever 6 days ago


  • Hadiya Zehra Shah
    Hadiya Zehra Shah 9 days ago

    my small sister is your biggest fan😍

  • Hadiya Zehra Shah
    Hadiya Zehra Shah 9 days ago

    i feel sorry for you and i support you no matter what 😢

  • Adrian Goytia
    Adrian Goytia 9 days ago


  • Savanna Kirby
    Savanna Kirby 10 days ago

    I know how she feels because I lost my dad when I was 7 and now I'm 11

  • Georgia Gaynor
    Georgia Gaynor 10 days ago

    Hey Chloe I know this happened to me with my nanny it happened last year the day off my school the day before my school tomorrow I'm very sorry I never want anything to happen like that to me and my best friend lost her dad by Chloe

  • Reshvanth Yeddla
    Reshvanth Yeddla 11 days ago

    Cloe I am very sorry for u but u and ur mom both if u look very gorgeous

  • cad and lily
    cad and lily 12 days ago

    a year today i lost my 3rd gread teacher i am 11 right now she died of cancer she. she was very close to my family.R.I.P Miss. Branse

  • SARA'S Family
    SARA'S Family 12 days ago

    I have a 70 year old dad and i have 30 years out of him i want him to live to 100 years so he passed a when i am 40 but i know i will still enjpy it

  • Blue Walker
    Blue Walker 13 days ago

    I’ve gone through death because my great grandma died due to cancer and Alzheimers🥺

  • XxitzmehRósëxX
    XxitzmehRósëxX 13 days ago

    I lost my favorite grandma a month ago and I am 11...Rip her..

  • L_G P_C
    L_G P_C 14 days ago


  • Eleanna G.Unicorn
    Eleanna G.Unicorn 14 days ago

    OMG this is why she stop ????😨😱😱

  • Rebecca Dominguez
    Rebecca Dominguez 15 days ago

    that's sad😔

  • Sam's daily Vlogs
    Sam's daily Vlogs 15 days ago

    Can you please tell this story of me.Thx so here it goes:I had a friebd wich has a crush on me and after 2 months we broke up.At the we came back at school was really horrible we didnt even talk as if one hello.Then my friend told me she wanted to say sorry but i didnt accept it so now i regret it.Why?bc if i would accept her sorry then everything would be ok but it wasent.So now everytime i go near some of her friebds they would say"eww yuck EEEEEwwwwww" and it hurts but im trying to hold the pain.Now I miss her😔

  • Cece Ordonez
    Cece Ordonez 16 days ago +1

    I cried when she was talking about her mom and how she talks to her in the car 😭😢

  • Kaitlin Stanworth
    Kaitlin Stanworth 16 days ago

    I’ve lost my best friend when I was 8. He was only 9 and he had cancer on and of for his whole life. He got cancer one time and it was in his brain to. I’m now almost 11 and I still think about it. This video has just made me think that I had my best friend ( also my auntie died with cancer). I love your videos.

  • Edwin Oyola
    Edwin Oyola 17 days ago

    You are so brave OMGGG i can never do this!! LOve ya

  • Mackenzie Frecloud Fan Girl


  • Emma Perron
    Emma Perron 18 days ago


  • Suzette Arellano
    Suzette Arellano 19 days ago

    I’m sorry

  • liv carlisle
    liv carlisle 22 days ago

    i lost my great grandmother a year and a half ago and i still haven't gotten over it

  • Robyn Hoglan
    Robyn Hoglan 23 days ago

    I’m so sorry that your mom past away. My mom and dad are in a devours right now😞😞😞

  • francis viloria
    francis viloria 23 days ago

    i cried

  • Tropical Teuane
    Tropical Teuane 23 days ago

    Loved this

  • Janitza Espinoza-Chavez

    Cloe you have the support of the people that care!💗💕💘💖💞🙏

  • Allen Misao
    Allen Misao 25 days ago +1

    I think without mom we are nothing.

  • Jitzel Martinez Rios
    Jitzel Martinez Rios 27 days ago

    I lost my sister and i never got to met her

  • Maha Abed ali
    Maha Abed ali 28 days ago +1

    I LOVE my mom without a mom it will be hard to do stuff or learn stuff mothers day is special because your mom will get more happier and she will think she is special to you and i am sorry for cloe 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Sophia Gearhart
    Sophia Gearhart 28 days ago

    cloe i know how you feel i lost my mom and my 2 dads so i have no parents and i am only sharing this because you are inspiring cloe i love you alot

  • Kristina Sullivan
    Kristina Sullivan 29 days ago

    My mom passed away at the beginning of spring break of my freshman year in high school (I'm now a freshman in college) and this has helped me so much. She passed of a brain aneurism and we never knew about it.

  • Jenay M
    Jenay M 29 days ago

    I don't think anyone needs to past mean caments! Everybody going through stuff differently. I know what it's like to lose someone you love💔 just treat others like you would want to be treated.

  • Hanna Ali
    Hanna Ali Month ago

    My dad died when I was five I am now 11. Still hurts.

  • E Girls ark
    E Girls ark Month ago

    This just touched my hart xx

  • Zephicorn Productions

    my mom hasn't told ever since someone close to me died that I had a sister that died......

  • Leaning Studios!!
    Leaning Studios!! Month ago +1

    Poor girl, I know how hard it is to lose someone it’s hard

  • Fatimah 3773
    Fatimah 3773 Month ago

    I lost my mum on my 11th birthday from cancer and I miss her so much

  • Leah's world
    Leah's world Month ago

    And the person
    Who said they lost there dad😭

  • Leah's world
    Leah's world Month ago

    Awww I'm crying right now for Chloe and the girl that said her mam passed away from cancer

  • hollylea maddocks
    hollylea maddocks Month ago

    cloe your not going through this alone i have been through that i had cancer but now im better my mom and my nan had cancer but my nan pasted away about 1 year ago and it has scared me for life it was my first funeral but i loved her so much

  • Danielle Emouna
    Danielle Emouna Month ago


  • Danielle Emouna
    Danielle Emouna Month ago


  • Danielle Emouna
    Danielle Emouna Month ago


  • My Turtle Diary !
    My Turtle Diary ! Month ago

    I love CloeCouture.. she’s great!

    MC FATTY Month ago +1

    And I’m here for you cloe😘😘

    MC FATTY Month ago +1

    I’m here for you Nicky 😘

  • Seraphene Arena
    Seraphene Arena Month ago

    I lost my mum when I was 6. She lost her battle to breast cancer. I watched her decay from the chemo. I’m 15 and I still have trouble accepting that my mum is gone. I used to feel alone but after watching this video I know that things will get better and I’m not the only one who’s lost a parent. Thank you for making this video 😭

  • Hilal Rather
    Hilal Rather Month ago

    Do you miss her if yes can you convince her to come back
    If you agree like this comment

  • Nariah Lutterodt
    Nariah Lutterodt Month ago

    your mom is till with you and she loves you,you know that

  • Ashley M
    Ashley M Month ago

    I lost my mom when I was 3

  • Sarune Berberiausaite

    she is such a inspiration im so happy i have my mum and my family xx

  • Extra Dramatic videos

    My mom passed away when I was 5 now I am 13. I've gone through a lot too. It is hard not living with the one who gave birth to you and fed you bought you the stuff you needed to survive. This video is really helpful.

  • Sofia F
    Sofia F Month ago

    My aunt passed away on my birthday december 24th when I was 7. It hurts and it was only after she died that I hate my self for not appreciating her enough. I only realized the connection I had with her once she was gone and I miss her man I miss her.

  • Sofia F
    Sofia F Month ago

    Coming back to this video cuz I'm missing her so much❤

  • kim_jaskook
    kim_jaskook Month ago

    my aunt passed away on september 27, 2017..
    the cause? it was cancer....

  • kim_jaskook
    kim_jaskook Month ago

    my aunt passed away from cancer on the 27th of september...

  • Rosiana Lou
    Rosiana Lou Month ago

    My ex crush’s dad passed away 2 weeks ago from multiple organ failure

  • Khizza Tenizo
    Khizza Tenizo Month ago

    Niki your such as inspiring for all the youtubers and your fans and subscribers

  • Adilene Mendez
    Adilene Mendez Month ago

    Cloe I'm sorry for your lost

  • Karen_LizAnn
    Karen_LizAnn Month ago

    One of my close friends has cancer at the moment and has only months to live so this really touched me.

  • Xx_Łùñàr Łàžÿ

    My aunt died on thanksgiving of last year

  • Cookie & Bird
    Cookie & Bird Month ago

    Please do Gabbie Hanna ❤️

  • Lps beautiful seasons

    My grandpa.... Died....About maybe 2 years ago...The way I reacted at that point I said I was OK and..... I was but. I.... After 2 years i have been crying soooo much
    ..... I loved him so much:(

  • Masti ki Pathshala
    Masti ki Pathshala Month ago +1

    My mom passed away when I was 9 and it has been almost 4 years since that day and I had suffered to.... After seeing this I remembered my situation 😢😢

  • Jocelyn Sanchez
    Jocelyn Sanchez Month ago +2

    I lost my grandpa from getting cancer and it was hard dis is his 4th year since the day he past away. I love u Niki.

  • Cheeky Chops
    Cheeky Chops Month ago

    I just lost my grandad almost a month ago and anytime I hear either grandad or his name (Andrew) all I do is cry. I’m crying while writing this but I can’t say that I’m worse then Cloe because that was a parent...I honestly can’t stop thinking about this

  • Y 72
    Y 72 Month ago


  • Celia Kenyon
    Celia Kenyon Month ago

    She has so much faith and is super confident

  • Gacha Blue Wolf Gacha Blue Wolf

    I lost my grandpa wen i was 4 and it made my really sad when in the beginning you were talking about lost😭😭

  • Anna xox
    Anna xox Month ago

    This video made me think a lot more about life and what I'm thankful for and to always be grateful this video really helped me realize that

  • Matraca Marshall
    Matraca Marshall Month ago

    I feel sooo bad i just lost my gramps but Chloe I can lose my mom I am soooo sry Chloe

  • Coco Puff
    Coco Puff Month ago


  • Coco Puff
    Coco Puff Month ago

    Stay strong 💪! ❤️💕❤️

  • Kaylana Jordan
    Kaylana Jordan Month ago


  • Emma Danielson
    Emma Danielson Month ago +1

    cloe is stronger than i thought

  • Emma Danielson
    Emma Danielson Month ago +1

    niki tell cloe to post youtube videos, i miss her,she hasnt posted in a long time

  • Peachgirl 21
    Peachgirl 21 Month ago +2

    I lost my grandad on Halloween 2016, my nana in July 2017 and great aunt in 2017

  • Lupita Pimentel
    Lupita Pimentel Month ago

    You should do more like this

  • Hollie Rigley
    Hollie Rigley Month ago

    You made talk about when my nanny died just thank you niki


    *Many Kids disrespect their Parents and picks to hang out with their friends More often than Parents...For me, i would just rather hang out with my parents more often i wanna enjoy spending time with them Until it lasts, Honeslty i have always been wondering am i alone? Cause i have no siblings and when i grow up and When the time Mom and Dad will pass away, and no siblings to confort me, i would really feel sad and feel alone, Im just 12 years Old, i still need an advice though😔*

  • Rebecca Bailey
    Rebecca Bailey Month ago

    how did your mum pass away sorry for your loss hope you feel better😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

  • Lan Chung
    Lan Chung Month ago