The Truth About CloeCouture Losing her Mom

  • Published on Sep 5, 2018
  • Ep5: The Truth About CloeCouture Losing her Mom
    In this show we visit youtubers' places, we sit down with them, get real, and have a super raw candid conversation about things they’re dealing with behind the camera. This show is bringing that wall down, bringing you closer to your favorite youtubers, and spreading awareness to important topics not discussed enough.
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Comments • 3 963

  • purplepaws
    purplepaws 4 hours ago

    Niki your so lucky to not have experienced someone who's close to you die...I have,a grandmother who I was very close to died because of old age she was 93 and I miss her. A lot though I know she's in a better place now

  • Jenn Hooper
    Jenn Hooper 19 hours ago

    I lost my mom when i was 14 I'm 26 now and it gets a bit easier but always stays with you. in all honesty this was hard for me to watch

  • Loki Barks
    Loki Barks Day ago

    This has never happened to me but I still cried

  • Lujain Mohamed
    Lujain Mohamed Day ago

    TheTruth About Niki De Mar Copying Shane Dawson

  • Keira Forrest
    Keira Forrest Day ago

    Omg this video hit me so hard & I almost started crying😓 I couldn’t imagine my life without my mom x

  • morteza nasiri
    morteza nasiri Day ago

    Cloe your strong really strong
    I feel really bad for her

  • nicole raven
    nicole raven 2 days ago

    I lost my dad when I was 9 . I am almost 13 now. I went through some really hard stuff I even considered killing myslef

  • Sabeer Al-Jannat
    Sabeer Al-Jannat 2 days ago

    I lost my aunt a few months ago but I got through I know she is in heaven 😇😇😇😊😊

  • Tesnim Sedki
    Tesnim Sedki 3 days ago

    If I already think about that my parents are dead I already cry a lot

  • Kat Lopez
    Kat Lopez 3 days ago

    You both are both amazing and so strong

  • pandaxprodz 99
    pandaxprodz 99 4 days ago

    My grandma passed away and i know it isn't easy to get through it
    I love you nikki😘💓keep doing this series

  • Isis Molina
    Isis Molina 6 days ago

    Why am I crying😔😭😢

  • brittany perkins
    brittany perkins 6 days ago

    My grandma passed away 3 months ago today( a week after my 17th birthday 😢). I miss her so much everyday, she was the only grandparent I got to meet and be able to get that special grandparent love from. I watched her for almost 2 weeks lay in a hospital bed, unable to speak and just deteriorate. I felt like I wasn’t even looking at my grandma. Since she passed I have an emptiness in my heart, that I feel like won’t ever go away. I know losing her isn’t the same as losing your mom but I understand the pain.

    • A :D
      A :D 6 days ago

      Stay strong 💓 she’s in a better place now

  • Momina Imi
    Momina Imi 6 days ago +1

    This reminds me of Shane Dawson

  • rodigo rodigo
    rodigo rodigo 7 days ago


  • Kryssa Sturgess
    Kryssa Sturgess 7 days ago

    Chloe is so strong and i cant conpletley relate but my grandmother has cancer for the 2nd time and as a overthink obviosly i will think of everything that could happen

  • Kathleen Mauro
    Kathleen Mauro 7 days ago

    I lost my mom when I was 9 and I'm still 9 I do miss her😢😟

    • A :D
      A :D 6 days ago

      Kathleen Mauro aw stay strong she’s still with you 💓💓💓

  • YoBoy kids
    YoBoy kids 9 days ago

    No matter what you are strong!

  • onjieYOUnicorn - The Gaming YOUnicaorn

    Now that’s sad :(

  • Maryclaire MCCarthy
    Maryclaire MCCarthy 9 days ago

    Two years ago I lost my dad and so I kind of know how she feels, i know that it’s still different but I do understand. What she’s saying about how when it first happened it was different from what your feeling about a year or two later. When it first happened it was heartbreaking but later on it really hit me. People thought I was being over dramatic for attention and they would get jealous and be mean to me. People thought because my dad was gone that I had more opportunities and excuses but that’s not true. And I’m always so strong and I’ve cried probably twice at school in the past two years and I act so tough and like I’m not sad. But I get so sad all the time. One thing that really gets to me is that he won’t be there to walk me down the isle when I get married. I always try to think about it in a way that he will ALWAYS be there right next to me. Also that when he was alive he couldn’t always be there but now he can be!! 💘🙏 Stay strong Chloe!! 😘😘 we r here for u!

  • Brooke Harwood
    Brooke Harwood 9 days ago

    I love you cloe your amazing spontaneous inspiring good-hearted I love you I subscribe and turn on my Bell I love you you're so fun I can't imagine how hard it must be for you but you got through it even though it's not over you pick yourself back up and be fun be amazing and it still isn't good to contain it all up and don't mind the people who bullied that a lot of people didn't go through it and they don't want to nobody does because it's hard so just talk about it and thank you Nicky for making this video because I think it will help a lot of people and Cloe don't be ashamed to cry to scream to be mad to be sad to be anything because you can do anything if you believe love you

  • Brooke the best D
    Brooke the best D 9 days ago

    I lost my mom ,when i was 4

  • Art Original
    Art Original 10 days ago


  • Irene Tapia
    Irene Tapia 10 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for cloe😢 another sad thing is that my birthday is the day her mom passesd away
    Why would people say she used her mothers death😠 i cant imagine my mom dying and people saying i esed my moms death and that i was fake crying😢😭

  • Lois & Izzie
    Lois & Izzie 10 days ago

    My rlly good family friend lost her dad in the past 3 months, it was my parents best friend. It was the most heartbreaking thing I’ve been through. The funeral was unbearable, their family is really struggling. But I went to their house the other week and they seemed happy and that makes me so grateful that their going to be ok :)🙂

  • blazer kitty
    blazer kitty 11 days ago

    Tell cloe I said I'm really sorry for her loss OMG she's making me cry

  • Annabelle Charters
    Annabelle Charters 11 days ago

    I lost my mom when I was three and I have no real memories of her I also lost her to cancer so I really feel for Cloe 💜

  • Aleen Khoshaim
    Aleen Khoshaim 12 days ago

    I’m so sad 😭 you are the mess

  • Zenscape Design
    Zenscape Design 13 days ago

    you should do shayne!!

  • gaige kirk
    gaige kirk 13 days ago

    I know how you feel it happened to me

  • The bffs for ever ever
    The bffs for ever ever 13 days ago +1

    My French ball dog might pass away because he has problems and I like crying like he my best friend and my baby brother die in my mom's belly because she was to sick to eat so the baby die so I up set I cry every day and my mom was in hospital for 9 days and I am 8 and I missed her I cry every day

  • Ema Zaharieva
    Ema Zaharieva 14 days ago +2

    Who else is reading the comments so you won't cry while watching the video😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • miah foley
    miah foley 14 days ago +1

    Sorry Chloe

  • Lovely Elli
    Lovely Elli 14 days ago +1

    My mom died 6 years ago when I was 6 and I still can’t get over it it’s ok to hurt all the time you can take all the time you want Chole

  • ThatSpaceMonkey
    ThatSpaceMonkey 15 days ago

    This is one of the hardest "The Truth About..." videos to watch.. I started sobbing cuz I´m afraid of losing the people closest to me. My mom is sick too and she had been for many year but they can´t find out what it is. So Idk when I´m gonna lose her or anyone in my family, but this helped me realize that I need to worry less and spend more time with her and actually make good memories when she´s still here an when all my closest people are still here.

  • Marely Chauca
    Marely Chauca 15 days ago

    My dad passed away the same age I'm now I'm 10 and I was really sad I could not stop crying but I still have my whole family

  • Cookie dough
    Cookie dough 15 days ago

    I lost my mom four months ago it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone
    through .

  • wolf mercer
    wolf mercer 16 days ago

    I lost my puppy

  • Ariadna Bustamante
    Ariadna Bustamante 16 days ago


  • Kebe Kass
    Kebe Kass 16 days ago +1

    i'm very sorry for Cloe, i lost my grandpa and great grandma (my mom's mom's mom and my mom's dad) when i wasn't born yet (my mom wasn't pregnant with me either) so i never got to meet them, i see pictures of my great grandma sometimes but i never see what my grandpa looks like so on Christmas Eve, i'll be going to Ethiopia to meet family members i've never met before (so i can meet them before they pass away), like my older sis who's 22(she got one of her kidneys removed because the other one got beat up by her boss but it's in a far away country and she's back in Ethiopia) (i'm 8 and i see pics of her and facetime but i haven't seen her irl before so technically i haven't met her irl for 8 years+i haven't met my other family members in 8 years and my brother hasn't met them in 5 years) my grandma, my cousins, my uncles, my aunties and people like that but i'll have to get 2 shots. A flu shot at school and a vaccination shot at the doctor (my 5 year old brother is getting both the shots with me too, idk if my mom is getting them and my dad isn't coming because he has work and we also paid £600 just for the three of us, idk how but my mom applied for a job and got the job so she made money) Wishing Cloe and everyone else who's lost loved family members the best of luck and to stay smiling and happy. Always remember you'll go up to them in Heaven one day and meet them and stay with them forever. I bet it was hard for Cloe to talk about this in front of 1.8M people and it was hard for me to write this comment talking about my family. Love you Cloe.

  • Brittany Salinas
    Brittany Salinas 17 days ago

    Cloe I know that you aren't fake crying . I loved your mom and I love you both.#both are aswsom

  • Metta Soe-Htwe
    Metta Soe-Htwe 17 days ago

    Ughhh, why do people act so silly in such an unkind way? She’s lost a loved one who meant so much to her, like, let her grieve!! Leave her alone as she deals with this life changing time!!

  • Randy Accilien
    Randy Accilien 18 days ago

    i am so sorry for your lost:(god will help you with yr strugal i am also strugaling my dad and mom are not together and me and my mom and people who lives in my house are stugeling with money but we pray nad it gets better and better each time we pray

  • Zameer Jamil
    Zameer Jamil 18 days ago

    I love cloeclouter Chanel cloe I hope you feel better

  • xxx for life Lopez
    xxx for life Lopez 19 days ago

    I wanted to vry becuse my dad died when i was 4..😞😞😞😭😥

  • Adrian Diaz
    Adrian Diaz 19 days ago

    You go girl :) keep Strong

  • Its Me Arfa
    Its Me Arfa 20 days ago

    sorry close but peoples moms die when they are only baby's. Your lucky she only past away when you were 17

  • Laila Vieira Martins
    Laila Vieira Martins 20 days ago

    I paused the video at 6:18 just to say this... It's been 18 years since my father passed away.
    You NEVER get over it. It gets easier as years go by, the pain diminishes, the memories that once made you cry eventually make you smile and laugh but the feeling of loss is always there. You just have to learn to live with it. Like I said, it gets easier.
    Pressing play now...

  • Makenzie Cable
    Makenzie Cable 20 days ago

    Poor Chloe☹️☹️🙏

  • Jëffreÿ - kun
    Jëffreÿ - kun 21 day ago

    How does anorexia work again because if you don’t eat you get thicker because the poop will get stuck in your stomach tho America ExPoSeD

  • Ciara Marquez
    Ciara Marquez 21 day ago

    can i just bring up the fact tht...MY FAV COLOR IS PURPLE TOO LIKE CLOE :D

  • Yusuf Moola
    Yusuf Moola 22 days ago

    I lost my dad when I was 5... I love him and miss him so,so much. Cloe,I would have never thought you were going through so much...

  • Emily Clewley
    Emily Clewley 22 days ago +2

    Honestly I just think it is so mean and rude to hate on someone’s video especially the kind that Cloe made, it just honestly makes me feel so bad for those people 🙁😔

  • cassandra David
    cassandra David 22 days ago

    When anyone passes away it’s sad and cloe is trying so hard cloe you are so inspiring always and forever cloe your best person you can be .your so amazing .dont change yourself for others if u need to cry don’t fell embarrassed

  • Unicorn Puppies
    Unicorn Puppies 22 days ago

    i am still young and i have gone threw two deaths

  • Shem Birgen
    Shem Birgen 23 days ago

    Am so sorry Cloe

  • Ethanstacey Shamikasamsung

    A cuple mouths ago my nan pust away from cancer in her throat and her left long it was aspesherly hard on me and my siblings because we lived with her for nily my hole lifeand the last few months was hard because my mum told me that she was not going to get better leave a like ifyou support cancer 😔🦄

  • Shazia Rasoli
    Shazia Rasoli 23 days ago

    I had someone close to me that I lost 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Isabella Cabrera
    Isabella Cabrera 23 days ago

    you know you can do this cloe you ate the best you to niki

  • uzma zahid
    uzma zahid 23 days ago

    I never got to see my grandpa

  • Abdullah Algharaballi
    Abdullah Algharaballi 24 days ago

    I feel so bad for cloe

  • Monse Mania
    Monse Mania 24 days ago +1

    Did cloe drop out of college?

  • XxDaddy TaexX
    XxDaddy TaexX 24 days ago

    I need ur Starbucks

  • jian qin huang
    jian qin huang 24 days ago +1

    So sad😭😢☹️😭😖😕

  • Kis W.
    Kis W. 24 days ago

    cloe is a boss

  • Samantha unboxes Toys
    Samantha unboxes Toys 24 days ago

    My mom died when I was 2 I don’t really remember how but I know she died in her sleep, luckily she didn’t have to go through any pain.

  • Analith Alfaro
    Analith Alfaro 25 days ago

    i lost my great great grampa when i was not EVEN born 🙁😖🙁☹️🙁☹️😞😢😭😢😭😢😭😟😢😭😟😢😟😢😢😭😭😢😭😟

  • Noor Chouaib
    Noor Chouaib 25 days ago

    I dont have any idea what your going through... i kind of do cuz I’m 9 and my grand ma past away last year but losing your parents is wayyyyyy more

  • Tanya van Eeden
    Tanya van Eeden 25 days ago

    I mus you Cloe 😢😟❤

  • Funtime faith Cutie
    Funtime faith Cutie 25 days ago

    I lost my grandpa

  • bridget chanell
    bridget chanell 26 days ago

    proud of you cloe!

  • Unicorn productions
    Unicorn productions 26 days ago

    I lost my mom when I was 3 now I'm 11 she died of a kidney problem she had an alkahal problem and her skin tearned yellow and I had my half sister I love her to death so I lived with my gramma and when I was six she died so I lived with my dad and I got separated from her I'm 11 she is 13 about to be 14 and then when she tearns 14 I missed 6 years of her life

  • DC nerd for life
    DC nerd for life 26 days ago

    I've been sad and dispersed for a about for years now

  • xXLucyXx
    xXLucyXx 28 days ago +1

    I'm so sorry.... I would never be able to handle something like this. I have had friends who lost their parents and I have gone through it with them. One of them was just so strong and I cried for her and I couldn't handle it honestly. Two of my friends lost there dad's and one lost her mom 2 months ago and it affects me so much just seeing my friends go through this.. you are a huge inspiration thank you so much.

  • Alan Hackett
    Alan Hackett 29 days ago

    My grandad and great grandad and great nan are dead this is so inspirational and inspiring

  • gwenjolin chai
    gwenjolin chai 29 days ago

    Aww Cloe 😭 don't be sad we will be supporting you we understand how u feel ♥️ ur such an heartwarming person we love you ! ♥️

  • Emma Plays
    Emma Plays 29 days ago

    I understand Cloe’s pain. My mum hasn’t died but I watched my mum fall and almost die. I blame myself. For half a year, she’s been ill. She can’t come home and I barely see her. My goal in life is to become a USclipr so now I know Cloe goes through something similar, I feel stronger.
    Stay strong.

  • Ilona Savreska
    Ilona Savreska Month ago

    Ive never lost someone important to me, and I've been so thankful for that.
    Not many days ago, I lost my mom, just like cloe.
    It went from losing nobody- to the closest person to me.
    I can't... process it. I want the time back. I want her back. I want my old life back.

  • noor waris
    noor waris Month ago

    My mom deid when i was 11 months and now i am 11. Please like

  • Cherie Desreaux
    Cherie Desreaux Month ago

    My mum had Brest cancer

  • kpoplifestyle
    kpoplifestyle Month ago

    love this video and how inspirational it is!

  • Marcos Moreno
    Marcos Moreno Month ago

    #cloe I Know how you feel I lost my grandpa /mom's dad and know my mom's grandpa is sick and my other grandpa/dad's dad gotten Heart surgery I really feel bad I know how you feel #love your person-allity

  • Marcos Moreno
    Marcos Moreno Month ago

    Stay strong because I love your videos and persontally

  • Ella's life
    Ella's life Month ago +1

    \TAKE this for consideration i lost my dad when i was 9 then i lost my uncle when i was 10 year after year i hated it I HAVE EXPERICED IT i understand it Im like Cloe my dad had cancer and sepsis shes not the only one SO STOP acting like your the only one

  • Manjeet Singh
    Manjeet Singh Month ago


  • Evie-Ru Trout
    Evie-Ru Trout Month ago

    My mom goes to D.C. to lead the school trip every other year, I get terrible anxiety and deep depression, so bad that I shut everyone and everything out, and I can't bring myself to do anything, I'm so scared of losing her. I was adopted, and I already lost one mom, I feel like I can't bare to lose her. I can't imagine how I would do if my mom died.
    If I feel this way when she goes on a trip, I can't imagine how you CHLOE feel now.
    I can't believe you got backlash, that is so mean. People need to think, how other people feel instead of what they think is right, and think about how they would feel if they were in the same position.

  • Maria Yolanda Barrios De Gutierrez

    Thx to you cloe is.not.on youtube

  • Isabelle nelson
    Isabelle nelson Month ago

    I love that shade of blue!

  • Kiddos DeFabio
    Kiddos DeFabio Month ago

    Sorry for your loss cloe! Your an amazing soul! Your a beautiful,amazing, and inspiring girl! Love you cloe!

  • Kiddos DeFabio
    Kiddos DeFabio Month ago

    Depression. So my mom has depression, I had a dream or a nightmare about my mom killing herself. I wined and cried at 4:59Am. She did not actually killed herself.

  • Mikayla Higgins
    Mikayla Higgins Month ago


  • Lillian Burrows
    Lillian Burrows Month ago

    i am 7 and my aunt just died

  • Angela Guzman
    Angela Guzman Month ago

    I lost my dog 2 weeks ago but I still see him ghost I my room he died in my room but 5 thumps up will help


    Oh Cloe…it’s never to late to talk about it not just with us maybe with your dad or close friends ignore people I know I know what your thinking I can’t ignore it…heart the comments and tell them thanks! If you need to talk or are feeling bad…a lot of people are here to talk to stay strong 💪 💕

  • Ansie Botes
    Ansie Botes Month ago

    This inspired me alot to be gratefull
    Cloe: I just want to say when I was littel I lost someone very very special and I used to cry alot and very long then my mom told me that I never lost him I only can't see him eany more...joure mom is in heaven and whenever jou feel lonely or jou miss her remember she is in heaven and she looks down to jou so when jou get married she will be there looking down and I think she are ganne be very proud of you. love you and remember jou never lost her... ; )

  • Bella Shopkins
    Bella Shopkins Month ago

    sorry cloe i fell that way too

  • Elizabeth Cardoso
    Elizabeth Cardoso Month ago

    😢😭 this is so sad i feel so sorry

  • Monkey Q
    Monkey Q Month ago

    I love this series!

  • ShandyTurtle Turtle

    Did she find her mom

  • Chery Blossom
    Chery Blossom Month ago

    I don’t wanna lose my mom are dad 😢my dad can’t move his fingers are neck I need to help him and my mom can’t kinda walk I’m crying ;(