A Galaxy Note 9 Has Allegedly Exploded...


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  5 months ago +6926

    I have reached out to the person who filed the lawsuit in New York. Let's see where this goes...

    • denver shelton
      denver shelton 2 months ago

      My girlfriend, mother, and I all have Note Nines and they work fine

    • Zack Seifert
      Zack Seifert 2 months ago

      Iove my note 9 but want a razer 2

    • happening
      happening 2 months ago

      2 months later…

    • Apex 2947
      Apex 2947 2 months ago

      The picture of the phone shows a note 7 not note 9 its fake news didnt you notice

    • Bryan Go
      Bryan Go 3 months ago

      I was planning to buy note 9 until i know that its not safe no more

  • Martin Ivanov
    Martin Ivanov 5 hours ago

    4 months into using the Note 9, this is the coolest Samsung I've ever used. Even with Dex it doesn't heat up like any my old phones (which heated up by just playing 10 min). I think they nailed it this time :)

  • Mini Dal
    Mini Dal 8 hours ago


  • Gabeen
    Gabeen 10 hours ago +1


  • Santigo Stalin
    Santigo Stalin 15 hours ago +1

    1:58 it's note 7 because it has a home button not note 9 bro..

  • Preetam Pandit
    Preetam Pandit 15 hours ago

    HAVE u ever heard bout
    6.44" SCREEN
    3050mah battery
    Slimmer than YOUR NOTE

    Back in 2013..

  • Foodpr0n
    Foodpr0n 23 hours ago

    J.C., Apple money much?

  • Siddharth Rout
    Siddharth Rout Day ago

    Why wait for 10 more explosions.

  • C Smarty
    C Smarty Day ago

    Hey so I was wondering I'm getting a Samsung Galaxy S9, would I have to worry about if the S9 might EXPLODE?

  • Tom F
    Tom F Day ago

    Morons want a slender phone.

  • Minecraft User Usera

    Is This Real?

  • DJ Gazer
    DJ Gazer 2 days ago


  • DJ Gazer
    DJ Gazer 2 days ago


  • Sundayz Sunset
    Sundayz Sunset 2 days ago

    switch to Apple now ; )

  • Aloyce Lyimo
    Aloyce Lyimo 2 days ago

    When note 7 came into the market and had explosion problems.. samsung under went huge losses and so decided to create a greater phone with no problems and thus when note 8 and note 9 where born.. super phones that took days and days of research to make sure the explosion problems do not happen again... think twice before being deceived 🤓

  • Rams Hacks
    Rams Hacks 2 days ago

    Then why did the Galaxy S7 edge have a big battery but never exploded

  • Amit Minz
    Amit Minz 2 days ago

    i thought its fake.. its 2019 if temp rises phone will shutdown automatically

  • M.a.k M.a.k
    M.a.k M.a.k 3 days ago

    One more thing bro you forgot to tell us Samsung s7 edge pink line on the right side of your phone why shit happen only for Samsung phones.

  • M.a.k M.a.k
    M.a.k M.a.k 3 days ago

    You forgot to tell us one thing whenever new Samsung will came out your currently samsung device will be slow. Thank you bro but I will go with iphone more secure more reliable more true feature and camera.

  • Bladedwarrior 17
    Bladedwarrior 17 3 days ago

    I own one and it has never overheated

  • Exilary GAiM3Z
    Exilary GAiM3Z 3 days ago

    Huh hum... Listen the is a button on the front so it isn't the Galaxy note 9. The note 9 head it's button on the back of the phone

  • Gaming Studios
    Gaming Studios 4 days ago

    Cool feature they have destruction mode

    VORTEX YT 4 days ago

    And I have a note 9

    VORTEX YT 4 days ago

    Is not the phone is the environment the phones now says are not used to this strange kind weather you know this heat that is going on earth cuz' of what we r doing to it and yeah the phone shuts down when its heating

    DXRK GHXST 4 days ago

    I find it scary as I'm watching this with one

  • some bad youtube channle

    I'm watching on a note 9

  • Fie Joa
    Fie Joa 6 days ago

    I love clickbait comments.

  • dariusdareme
    dariusdareme 6 days ago

    I'd be shocked if Samsung would not have learned from it's $ dollar mistake, a mistake that nearly took the company bankrupt.

  • sama kami
    sama kami 7 days ago

    Another Samsung phone exploding, why am I not surprised?

  • Nicolo Don Diego
    Nicolo Don Diego 7 days ago

    Watching on s8 plus still worth it... i must say

  • Rakib Iqbal
    Rakib Iqbal 9 days ago

    wow . looks like someone is making better bombs that USA and Korea .

  • Karisma Mac
    Karisma Mac 9 days ago

    I've had Note 9 for a couple of months now and, while that's probably not enough time to comment on its safety, the only issue I've had with overheating was when I placed my bare phone (no case) in my car dashboard holder in direct sunlight on a 40°C day (in Australia). Stupid I know. At a certain point when it was almost too hot to touch, there was a notification that it was overheating and it shut all running apps (NOT the actual phone) down. Lesson being: unless you're planning to leave your $1000+ phone in direct sunlight on a super hot day, exploding phones shouldn't really be a concern. The Note 9 is a powerful phone, so it will heat up from time to time (haven't really noticed excessive heat playing Fortnite though).

  • Wesley Casdorph
    Wesley Casdorph 9 days ago

    I got one

  • NeoJenshi
    NeoJenshi 9 days ago

    I want the 7

  • Pinguinașul Dani
    Pinguinașul Dani 10 days ago +1

    Thats not a note 9(in The imagines)

  • WaaZo_
    WaaZo_ 11 days ago +1

    its just apple making propaganda smh

  • Sam Pomare
    Sam Pomare 11 days ago +1

    I’ve never trusted Samsung after that Note 7. That’s why I will only buy the Pixel or the iPhone. 👑 of Android and iOS

  • Calvin Abad
    Calvin Abad 13 days ago

    That woman is delusional.

    ANDROID GAMER 14 days ago

    Oh yay

  • Jonathan Rupert
    Jonathan Rupert 14 days ago

    I'm just saying. I have a note 9. Got it about a week ago. I'm on my second phone already. I had my phone plugged in a few nights ago. And I heard a notification. Looked at it. It had a CPU and battery overheating warning on it. Then it re started. After that I had it unplugged for a bit. Then plugged it back in. Shortly after heard the notification again. Went to pick it up. This time it was hot as fuck. So hot I ended up throwing it back down. The screen was flashing on and off. Then it shut off and restarted again. I took it back to the store and got it replaced. They said they haven't had any issues like that yet. So idk.

  • sitiNur Aini
    sitiNur Aini 14 days ago

    Warning!! porn detected , self destruct in 3 seconds

  • Furvie Jerby
    Furvie Jerby 14 days ago

    Thumb nail and title is misleading as hell

  • Furvie Jerby
    Furvie Jerby 14 days ago

    Frickin womans man

  • Met Product33061
    Met Product33061 15 days ago

    Do not buy the galaxy note 7

    MAHENDRAN .M 15 days ago

    Bro, I m in a great confusion that to buy a Samsung galaxy note 9 or not.... But u r telling like this

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 15 days ago


  • t4neem
    t4neem 15 days ago

    Has anymore Note 9 exploded after the rumor? Was it Note 9 that exploded?

  • Hammer To The The technology lol

    That was a Note 7 not N9

  • mohamed alhaj
    mohamed alhaj 16 days ago

    Watching from note 9 ☻

  • TheGuitarFreak TGF
    TheGuitarFreak TGF 16 days ago

    When u watching on a note 9😨

  • Peter Debeer
    Peter Debeer 17 days ago

    She is a Samsung troll from Huawei

  • RMP. !Attacker fake
    RMP. !Attacker fake 17 days ago

    The thumbnail tho.

  • Maia Berishvili
    Maia Berishvili 17 days ago

    You think I am dumb? That's not even a ducking note 9

  • King Gtective
    King Gtective 18 days ago

    I have had my note 9 since September 9th 2018. and haven't had any active heat up. nor have it raised my eyebrow towards this phone. I don't think it the same issue as note 7 case. ill keep checking in on this since I own 2 of the note 9 from sprint

  • frozenrohan
    frozenrohan 20 days ago

    Seems to not be a problem and this was a one off case.

  • leo junior
    leo junior 21 day ago

    I own a note 9 for 6 months.I have no exploded issues as of yet.

  • Nicely .R. Oliveira
    Nicely .R. Oliveira 21 day ago


    WOLF BLADE 21 day ago

    This why I get apple iPhone I won’t explode

  • Torch 123 // // The Gacha Tuber

    Samsung is making exploding phones. While Apple is just selling the iPhone SE over and over for a higher price.

  • Amir Arab
    Amir Arab 22 days ago

    I donno its fake or not but but when ever my note 9 gets too hot I put it in refrigerator (it really works fine)😀

  • Izzy and Sadie
    Izzy and Sadie 24 days ago

    Again with this DICKHEAD

  • Becir Tahiri
    Becir Tahiri 24 days ago

    That's not even a note 9 that's a 7 if you look at the pic in the part were they show the lady

  • Roohan Khan
    Roohan Khan 24 days ago

    An iPhone xs max exploded too

  • John Nath
    John Nath 26 days ago

    note 9 is the best phone of 2018 I am using it play lots of game fortnite and pubg it's working awesome no heating problem it's fake news

  • PufferClaw
    PufferClaw 26 days ago

    Actually I was a Samsung user but after the incident of note 7, I started to doubt that should I still buy Samsung after.....?...now I’m using an iPhone it’s pretty good , performances are great but I’m just scared of buying Samsung again

  • GamingWith Raz64
    GamingWith Raz64 27 days ago

    I already have the Note 9

  • Trevor GV
    Trevor GV 28 days ago

    So there are videos of note 7 blowing up but only images of note 9 so called "blowing up" if that were true show me real videos like they did on the note 7. I plan to get a note 9 for gaming and drawing plus youtube videos as well so far as my eye sees note 9 is the top 🐕 what i have as of now is LG Tribute HD and i want a faster bigger screened phone also to play pubG with my friends. I think sense note 7 blew up in the past they burned the note 9 just to bring up the past. If all was true that note9 blew up then i like to see as many videos as you uploaded on your video.

  • Anonymous Troll
    Anonymous Troll 28 days ago +1

    Hey Lew a iphone xs max has allegedly caught fire. And that's legit. What about it?

  • NiGHTS Hero
    NiGHTS Hero 28 days ago

    I JUST got the note 9 and I have to say after watching this...I'd still rather go with the note 9 than using an iPhone ever again

  • Be Gone THOT
    Be Gone THOT 28 days ago

    when you try to show your cool to apple


  • seekNdestroy10 WOTB
    seekNdestroy10 WOTB 29 days ago

    Did apple paid you?

  • seekNdestroy10 WOTB
    seekNdestroy10 WOTB 29 days ago

    Did you activated that 4× MSAA

  • HuRrY •
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  • Vossi Mapping
    Vossi Mapping Month ago

    OMG THE NOTE 9 HAS FORTNITE BUYS get fortnite V bucks Throws away phone UR USELESS NOW

  • Daniel Beavers
    Daniel Beavers Month ago

    I bet it was fake or another company doing it to slow sales down. Or just a person trying to get a fast buck

  • Zombie Kakuzu
    Zombie Kakuzu Month ago

    Smh, these jihad Samsungs 🙄

  • Kaveman Saltsman
    Kaveman Saltsman Month ago

    Hope it dont happen to mine I'm in love with my note 9

  • Sauce
    Sauce Month ago

    I have a note 9 right now, and was watching this video on one

  • Ian R
    Ian R Month ago

    This actually happened to a person with an iPhone Xs and the phone was off, and the Google Pixel 3. So it’s not just Samsung now.

  • Creamy peanut butter jelly guy

    samsung note 7 exploded because all the processors inside rubbed against each other and the device is too thin for the time so it overheated and KABOOM

    • Darren Alexander
      Darren Alexander 27 days ago

      +Jed Landman No kid. For one, they are soldered to the board and aren't loose. Second, it was the circuit IN the battery.

    • Darren Alexander
      Darren Alexander 27 days ago

      +Jed Landman Agreed, but you're dumber.

    • Jed Landman
      Jed Landman Month ago

      Creamy peanut butter jelly guy wow your actually so dumb

  • Ashif Ashif
    Ashif Ashif Month ago

    This is so shame to samsung

  • LtuKuGt
    LtuKuGt Month ago

    Mine aint exploded

  • Syn Apze
    Syn Apze Month ago

    Typing on a Note 9 three months later like a G. No heat or overheating issues 👍

  • john boe
    john boe Month ago

    An iPhone xs max exploded too

  • Old Random Computing


    Edit: I don't want a slender device. I honestly don't care how thin it is.

  • Kyle Pham
    Kyle Pham Month ago

    I know where the 1% that weren’t returned went, .5 to mkbhd and .5 to lew

  • Martha Rios
    Martha Rios Month ago

    Your just jealous that our phones make good campfires when they blow up

  • Smashing Random Things

    Note 7 almost surpass nokia 3310

  • Nicholas Branch
    Nicholas Branch Month ago

    I got a s9

  • Mr JP
    Mr JP Month ago

    A little smoke and fire, everyone flips out. But we're all good with the overdosing radiation going through our heads ¿§%@&#

  • Kidany Cabral
    Kidany Cabral Month ago

    I have the note 9 I dont let the battery run out or let it charging over night. Plus one charge last me at least 10 hours playing pokemon go and fortnite.

  • dynamic blaze
    dynamic blaze Month ago

    Plot twist: lady was working for apple the whole time.

  • Zander Loriaux
    Zander Loriaux Month ago

    That want even a note 9 in the picture it had a home button

  • strikeblade 666
    strikeblade 666 Month ago

    99$ note 9 Vs 999$ note 9

  • Kaloyan Ivanov
    Kaloyan Ivanov Month ago

    I heard about that one, an iPhone XS max that exploded, I think in Ohio, I read it in the site of phonearena I think. But as you said, it is a single time.

  • MyDoggoBestDoggo
    MyDoggoBestDoggo Month ago

    Everything with a battery can technically explode.

  • annoying troll
    annoying troll Month ago

    The note 7 was the former cs:go bomb

  • Pheonix King
    Pheonix King Month ago

    It was a fake the actual galexy has never ever gotten heat for me as I have a note 9 and it has never gotten so hot only slightly warm which is normal even for an iPhone.

  • SuperSlimshady1
    SuperSlimshady1 Month ago

    Fuck i jus got one 3 days ago on the 5th! FUCK!!!

  • Beyond Universal
    Beyond Universal Month ago

    My daughter just bought this phone hopefully everything will be good haha