A Galaxy Note 9 Has Allegedly Exploded...

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
  • The first case of an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has been reported. Should you be concerned?
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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  8 months ago +7093

    I have reached out to the person who filed the lawsuit in New York. Let's see where this goes...

    • Brawl stars -boiii
      Brawl stars -boiii Month ago

      Had it for months and it’s fine

    • anti virus
      anti virus Month ago


    • 몽둥이fjjd
      몽둥이fjjd 2 months ago

      Believe that Koreans are better off believing that shit is the best thing to eat.

    • denver shelton
      denver shelton 5 months ago

      My girlfriend, mother, and I all have Note Nines and they work fine

    • Zack Seifert
      Zack Seifert 5 months ago

      Iove my note 9 but want a razer 2

  • Chang Chang
    Chang Chang 12 hours ago

    Isis Phone

  • Mr. Comment
    Mr. Comment Day ago

    2018 exploded Note 7
    2019 Broke Galaxy Fold
    *Rip Samsung*

  • Nila Rusnani
    Nila Rusnani 2 days ago

    0:13 $IAL! APA ITU

  • StickBros Gaming
    StickBros Gaming 3 days ago

    Srsly again...

  • carlos02966
    carlos02966 4 days ago

    Watching this on my note 9 😋

  • Tz Fanny
    Tz Fanny 5 days ago

    Dumb people : "fake news"

  • Mcquang Nguyen
    Mcquang Nguyen 8 days ago


  • Shai Diann
    Shai Diann 8 days ago

    No don't be concerned, just shut up and die

  • Pranav Nk
    Pranav Nk 9 days ago

    Unbox therapy plz suggested me between note 9 and honor view20

  • Brayden Hauke
    Brayden Hauke 13 days ago

    On the note 9

  • Harpreet Khalsa
    Harpreet Khalsa 13 days ago

    My cousine has a note9 and hes completly fine with it
    So its safe and the best

  • Roshainperera fffghjkklouyPerera

    Lesson of the day dont carry a smartphone without military grade armor

  • Joseph Jackson
    Joseph Jackson 15 days ago

    People have been badly burned when it's in there pockets

  • Cuezeey Cuezeey
    Cuezeey Cuezeey 16 days ago +1

    My note 9 IS heating up during heavy gaming but never exploded, it did throttle my gaming quite a bit though. Because of this i switched to the nokia 7 plus

  • Alton Boo
    Alton Boo 17 days ago

    It definitely not note 9

  • Angelina Houssein
    Angelina Houssein 19 days ago

    İm watching this video with my note 9...

  • Aseen
    Aseen 20 days ago

    I repair electronic devices and i felt like people should know this. Any phone can explode from either one of this three reasons. There could be a miss release of an update for the phone that had a bug and was making a component of the device work harder and heat up causing the explosion. There could be a bad battery or bad designing for the phone but because i have seen something like this before i am positive that the explosion happened because the owner of the device didn't care enough to keep it somewhere that won't get really hot and most likely charged the phone on the car (because the car doesn't output power smoothly power) the phone can't handle the power spikes from the car and so on the battery or the chip that stops the battery from over charging gets damaged and causes the device to explode.

  • Jamie E
    Jamie E 21 day ago

    If those are the pictures she sent of her Note9 after it blew up at 1:45, shes lieing. First of all, the Note9 has 2 rear facing cameras, not 1 and secondly, it doesn't have an external home button. This looks like a note 7 or an S7 Edge.

  • Daniel B.
    Daniel B. 21 day ago

    Literally shut up

  • Princess Omadto
    Princess Omadto 22 days ago

    Hey guys everyone see note 7 exploded

  • Boom Blue
    Boom Blue 22 days ago +2

    The Galaxy Fold
    a.k.a Fold and Exploding

  • Yair Arroyo123
    Yair Arroyo123 22 days ago

    I have the note 9 but I love it

  • Echo Fooman
    Echo Fooman 22 days ago

    haha i have a 2013 tablet from samsung

  • Jelp Playz
    Jelp Playz 24 days ago +1

    Note 7 will be the new terrorist weapon

  • eri na
    eri na 24 days ago

    heats up really fast when playing Mobille legends :(

  • Eric Park
    Eric Park 24 days ago

    Pretty much that is Chinese fake phone LOL

  • iRandom
    iRandom 24 days ago

    im watching this on a note9 lol

  • Sakujo tendô
    Sakujo tendô 25 days ago

    I have the note 8 and so far nothing his's doing great

  • 유준형
    유준형 26 days ago

    samsung: s....shut up!

  • Labib Alwasi
    Labib Alwasi 26 days ago

    A new portable gernade? 🤔🤔🤔

  • depunkt
    depunkt 28 days ago

    but.. that is not a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. WTF this woman is such a piece of shit

  • K2
    K2 29 days ago +1

    When the new iPhone exploded, Samsung fans will said Apple copy that feature from Samsung.

  • Parker Wilkins
    Parker Wilkins 29 days ago +5

    Its probably fake cuz they don't even have pics of the s9 soooooo.

  • Will Doug
    Will Doug 29 days ago

    why would you put a hot device into your purse XD

  • Fernando Jose Espinola Basualdo

    Sexy hairy arms

  • Pakistan News
    Pakistan News Month ago

    Thumbnail is very funny 😂

  • nivedh s
    nivedh s Month ago

    Its galaxy note 7 r u guys blind

  • eromeroツ
    eromeroツ Month ago

    My dad have a note 7 ;-;

  • P sekar
    P sekar Month ago +2

    Yeah,In 1:57 The Mobile is a FAKE ,Just See The Cameras,It has only 1 camera.The Original SamSung Galaxy Note 9 Has Three Cameras,....."SAMSUNG FOREVER".😁😁

  • Sebastian Nieves Cruz

    Can I have that note 7

  • David Mills
    David Mills Month ago

    What do u mean it exploded

  • JustDavidEGS
    JustDavidEGS Month ago

    Still have my note 9 no problems shower 2 hour a day With that phone

  • Cody Bourland
    Cody Bourland Month ago +1

    I'm loving my note 9, I have had it since September and I haven't had any problems with the phone at all. It's a really good phone 👍🏼

  • M J
    M J Month ago +27

    _Teacher: Give me your phone._
    Me: *Gladly gives the phone**

  • Dopeman
    Dopeman Month ago

    Bro u made this a horror film 😂. Tbh today's phones are russiam roulette. U dont know when ur phone breaks until u pull the trigger....

  • Vihang Kavishan
    Vihang Kavishan Month ago

    this guy was crazy I have note 9. And those all have you can see this video clips they explode but its was note 7 not note9

  • rabi giri
    rabi giri Month ago

    Note 9 exploded? Seriously???

  • T.J. boy
    T.J. boy Month ago +2

    Sounds like u like Samsung more than apple..?

  • Jaya Kumar
    Jaya Kumar Month ago

    Iam samsung fan daa

  • Crystina Waits
    Crystina Waits Month ago +1

    Does anyone else think it was stupid that she put the hot phone in her purse so it can get hotter

  • deya safira
    deya safira Month ago

    Note 9 beast

  • kaneshima kumaroho
    kaneshima kumaroho Month ago +1

    Hallo my note 9 have vibrating issue when use live focus camera....plz do something for us on this issue...

      VEMBERIE Month ago

      kaneshima kumaroho maybe its something you can disable.. Not really sure what you saying

  • Nicholas Wojton
    Nicholas Wojton Month ago

    I wish my galaxy s9+ would blow up so I could get some of that Samsung money

  • Zahir Baksh
    Zahir Baksh Month ago

    Samsung hater.

  • david hili
    david hili Month ago

    Wait I have an note 9. its 3 months old still working fine but now you said it I think I might switch back to my iPhone again cause now I'm scared to use my note 9.

  • Hell Yeah
    Hell Yeah Month ago

    This only makes headlines because it's Samsung. Go do some digging on the internet and see how many times apple has covered it up when their phones explode. I will assure you that you will find many, many cases that you have never heard of.

  • SamAlert
    SamAlert Month ago +1

    I am whatching it on a note 9.....

  • yorkish irish
    yorkish irish Month ago

    "iPhone toture chamber"
    *owns an iPhone
    me: oh shit

  • Satyaranjan Rout
    Satyaranjan Rout Month ago

    Your channel became shit so unsubscribing

  • DX Srabon
    DX Srabon Month ago

    lol lol lol f@ck offf

  • The Worrior Xd
    The Worrior Xd Month ago +1

    Wait what....😨😥😰 omg.... whatttt *I OWN A NOTE 9* ahhhh

    • IceHot 900
      IceHot 900 Month ago

      Lol note 9 doesnt have physical home button which you can click. On the picture you can easily ser its obviously a note 7.

  • punisa2001
    punisa2001 Month ago

    I have note 9 it's totally OK for now. I think there was some kind of physical damage on battery, maybe after dropping down on the floor or something.

  • Partha Shetty
    Partha Shetty Month ago

    Lui:*turns on note 7*
    Everyone:what have you brought upon this cursed land?

  • KoChJii
    KoChJii Month ago

    This is why iphones die when it's cold too not brake. And if the iphone gets too warm it will shut down instead of blowing up. But samsung didnt feature this back then, but now they make phones that can handle those temperatures.

  • []Squ4wk[] D3x[]
    []Squ4wk[] D3x[] Month ago

    Idiot! That's a Note 7!!

    Look at the details bro! Go to a doctor!

    • Munio
      Munio Month ago


  • DeGamer 126
    DeGamer 126 Month ago

    The woman bought a fake note 9

  • Non-cutting edge gaming

    Terrorists 2001: Crashes plane is building.
    Terrorists after this video: Throws Samsung into building

  • Jordan 13old man does not care

    You got to be careful to be very not cool.

  • Eavesdrop Version
    Eavesdrop Version Month ago

    As i experienced,note 9 is the best battery life,maybe she buy a fake one...

  • Aditya Kulkarni
    Aditya Kulkarni Month ago

    Dude it's completely fake....

    FLICKPASS Month ago +1

    WHo saw the photos on the Xs Max exploded after ios 12.2 update

    FLICKPASS Month ago

    absolute bs I see no photos to prove

  • Alduin 12345
    Alduin 12345 Month ago

    The reason why the batteries exploded is because two pins were touching in the battery and this was the same for all batteries which cause a short circuit which caused the explosion.

  • Sumith Sd
    Sumith Sd Month ago

    He tried so much to pull back Samsung but couldn't cause its the best

  • Mimoza Berisha
    Mimoza Berisha Month ago

    ill just wait for the note.10

  • Startingbark 035
    Startingbark 035 Month ago

    Apple fans trying to sabotage samsung

  • Fazal Mengal
    Fazal Mengal Month ago

    She is doing this only for TRP. Note 9 is a perfect smartphone

  • Ihsan ChN
    Ihsan ChN Month ago

    Stop using Clickbait thumbnails

  • Echo Fooman
    Echo Fooman Month ago +1

    i have a 4000 mah hour batt when my tablet is from 2013

  • William Boyer
    William Boyer Month ago

    Bruh I'm using the note 9

  • Elham Alsebai
    Elham Alsebai Month ago

    They should call the galaxy note 7 galaxy note explode

  • XDark RaiderXD
    XDark RaiderXD Month ago

    Nah freak it bro idc

  • Sabri Hafdallah
    Sabri Hafdallah Month ago

    I'm starting to feel that Samsung is a behind the scenes weapon producer..grenade specialist..

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago


  • Pontiac Bandit
    Pontiac Bandit Month ago

    4000mAh battery seems to be the limit and Samsung should have learnt from the Note 7 being a 4000mAh battery.

  • mukul mohitul
    mukul mohitul Month ago

    Mum has more 9

  • Lil Reaper
    Lil Reaper Month ago

    I use too love Samsung till it exploded my Aunty had had one until the battery start expanding and could no long fit inside the phone so it definitely put me off that brand sorry Samsung I've had 5 years good times with yous time too move on iPhone perhaps?

  • Iam Rain
    Iam Rain Month ago

    Im scared beacause im having a note 9......


    What happened

  • Gabriel Delos Reyes
    Gabriel Delos Reyes Month ago +7

    I wish in the future they can make phones up to 200% battery

    • M Striker
      M Striker 4 days ago +1

      This guy doesn't know how percentages work.

    • B0b Meh
      B0b Meh Month ago +1

      Gabriel Delos Reyes It wouldn’t make a fudging difference. All you need is a bigger f**king battery

    • West Battaglia
      West Battaglia Month ago

      +Munio I assume you have reddit

    • Munio
      Munio Month ago +1


  • SomeWeirdGuy
    SomeWeirdGuy Month ago

    Thats an off branded phone that exploded in the beggining of the video. It happejed in my country. Everyone keeps mistaking it. But that clip happened before note 7 was released

  • Jesse Walsh
    Jesse Walsh Month ago

    Phones should have a self detonation option for assholes who want to steal other people's phones.

  • Brian Luther
    Brian Luther 2 months ago

    Something fishy with that story

  • Super Destroyer
    Super Destroyer 2 months ago

    I'm pretty sure that the Moto g6 play is 4000 mha or wtv it is and my phone is like as thick as a iPhone 7

    NVPJOSHT 2 months ago

    Well I can’t play Fortnite sh*t

  • Traner Tom
    Traner Tom 2 months ago

    That's not a note 9

  • Scrap Tech Tips
    Scrap Tech Tips 2 months ago

    I continue to use my note 7 as it is slick and a great testimony to Koreas development of personal weapons

  • Emperor Palpatine
    Emperor Palpatine 2 months ago

    Watching this on my note 9.

  • Cosmin Margarit
    Cosmin Margarit 2 months ago

    2019 update: no more explosions