A Galaxy Note 9 Has Allegedly Exploded...


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy  2 months ago +6661

    I have reached out to the person who filed the lawsuit in New York. Let's see where this goes...

    • denver shelton
      denver shelton Day ago

      My girlfriend, mother, and I all have Note Nines and they work fine

    • Zack Seifert
      Zack Seifert Day ago

      Iove my note 9 but want a razer 2

    • happening
      happening 6 days ago

      2 months later…

    • Apex 2947
      Apex 2947 23 days ago

      The picture of the phone shows a note 7 not note 9 its fake news didnt you notice

    • Bryan Go
      Bryan Go Month ago

      I was planning to buy note 9 until i know that its not safe no more

  • Troll Brothers
    Troll Brothers 2 hours ago

    Oh my phone is about to explode let me put it in my purse😂😂

  • Satini Sai Keerthan
    Satini Sai Keerthan 6 hours ago

    Even Apple phones blew up after installing iOS 12

  • vintermussen
    vintermussen 7 hours ago

    as off 15-12-2018 has explodet by now ????

  • GhostRecon
    GhostRecon 16 hours ago

    I like iOS and android

  • Cohen Gordon's second channel

    Ummm, I'm watching this on my note 9

    WARRIOR Day ago +1

    That wasn't a note 9 because the burnt phone in the picture had a button and the note 9 don't have a button.

  • Gentleman Deni
    Gentleman Deni Day ago

    I ordered one so i hope that this is just lie

  • Boi
    Boi Day ago

    They should stop making it thinner, theyre already pretty thin

  • HaviboX 11793
    HaviboX 11793 2 days ago

    Hahaha wtf. This isnt a note 9. Look at the camera on the back. This is fake news or shes putting up fake photos to try and get some cash out of this. If anyone thinks its real they are naive.
    1:55 see for yourselves and loom at an actuall Note 9. Unbox therapy gotta up his investigative game. Getting sloppy there.

  • Maganambal Nadeson
    Maganambal Nadeson 2 days ago

    Is this real

  • Shadmaan Kamal
    Shadmaan Kamal 2 days ago

    This is fucking fake.

  • Reverzx
    Reverzx 2 days ago


  • Seba Irarrazabal
    Seba Irarrazabal 2 days ago

    I would expect my -glass broken- S9 to explode after the intense apps I put running on it or intense gaming but it just overheat a little after half an hour or so. For me that I always have used Samsung is very hard to believe this claim.
    BTW what a gorgeous device the Note 7 was. What a shame :(

  • Michael Cosme
    Michael Cosme 3 days ago

    This lady lying hard lmao. This is what happens to people buying these 4 dollar charger blocks and wire smdh.. USE YOUR ORIGINAL CHARGER AND WIRE.

  • anu bishowkarma
    anu bishowkarma 3 days ago

    Watching from my new note 9 😂

  • Day Wallace
    Day Wallace 3 days ago

    I just purchased the note 9 and I freaking love this phone. If it did happen to explode I'd be very sad. Lol. This is a little intimidating but not enough so to make me regret my purchasing choice. As of now, the phone is absolutely amazing.

  • Rebaz Mohammed
    Rebaz Mohammed 4 days ago

    make sure you still keep the google phones and tell the people Samsung explodes. lol

  • menace _is
    menace _is 4 days ago

    "There is a story about note9"
    Then shows a note 5

  • mike Bordeaux
    mike Bordeaux 5 days ago

    Not a note 9.

  • NeonClaws
    NeonClaws 6 days ago

    Still prefer it over I-Prison.

  • happening
    happening 6 days ago

    No update on this incident?

  • Lisa A69
    Lisa A69 6 days ago

    My note 9 has been heating up too, I'm scared it will explode at my face or something

  • Joel Osteen
    Joel Osteen 7 days ago

    If mine explodes, burns me or my property.. CHACHING I'm fucking rich..

  • Xtremegamer 54
    Xtremegamer 54 7 days ago

    The note 7 was fire back then 🔥🔥🔥💯💯✌🏻

  • Xtremegamer 54
    Xtremegamer 54 7 days ago

    Samsung is gay apple is retarded. Oneplus all the way.

  • Raj Raj
    Raj Raj 8 days ago

    i think iphone are making their product to become as an luxury things just like Lv prada gucci..yes i can say this is their motive..they wont care if people afford to buy one of his products..afterall their target is only one,,and their aim is only sell their phones to rich people..and makes their products become luxury item and only for rich one uses it..see how they are playing the market and making low useless phones and see how the people dont care about the manufacture of iphone and purchase it just for remain be a high standard or rich for letting others see it...this was happening and apple really wanted this will happen all around the world..

    ECンVENOM 9 days ago

    Samsung is trash pain in the ass bullshit waste of money

  • John Juxi
    John Juxi 9 days ago

    Fuckking youtuber payed by samesung

  • John Juxi
    John Juxi 9 days ago

    Yea yea moron galaxo is the best fuck that

  • amrita guha
    amrita guha 9 days ago

    you motherfucker clickbate

  • Ahmed Amr
    Ahmed Amr 9 days ago

    I have a note 9

  • EagDesert
    EagDesert 9 days ago

    I know there are a lot of fanboys out there, but Samsung as a company are so hit and miss. When they miss, it's a big miss. Doesn't matter if it's a refrigerator, or a TV. Never owned a product by them that didn't have a significant build quality issue, or that function 100% as it should. It doesn't surprise me at all that their phones explode. As they say, a jack of all trades is the king of none.

  • William M. Cross, 3rd

    Loving my note 9 :)

  • a2isha
    a2isha 10 days ago

    The scariest thing is that if my phone caught on fire I wouldn't have any phone to call the fire department 😑

  • Aadi Shaj
    Aadi Shaj 11 days ago

    This is fake everyone

  • MOTAZE alr
    MOTAZE alr 12 days ago +1

    You lier the note 9 never explode

  • MyNameIsGhost
    MyNameIsGhost 12 days ago

    Isis got Note 7s in bulk

  • MyNameIsGhost
    MyNameIsGhost 12 days ago

    Fuck....i loooveeee my note 9 :((

  • Shoaib and Shahrukh ahmed VINES

    I have 5000 mah battery Samsung mobile

  • echo engineer
    echo engineer 12 days ago

    Samsung is best

  • Go Raid
    Go Raid 12 days ago

    I got a note 5

  • mnl48 finisher
    mnl48 finisher 12 days ago

    Battery of the samsung is not the problem there. Its the chipset exynos

  • it's zach
    it's zach 12 days ago

    Apple: Note 9 allegedly exploded Huhahahahah YOU DEAD BOI.
    Samsung: iphone XS allegedly exploded WHO DEAR BOI.

  • Amit Sapre
    Amit Sapre 13 days ago

    u must be i ph su.....

  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 13 days ago

    It’s a note could’ve exploded

  • kurt barlongo
    kurt barlongo 13 days ago

    Apple paid you

  • Poop Emoji
    Poop Emoji 13 days ago

    Its not even a note 9.MAYBE HE WAS PAID BY APPLE😂😂😂JK

  • damian campoz
    damian campoz 14 days ago

    I have note 9, not scary

  • Splash
    Splash 14 days ago

    The note 9 does not have a home button... Lmao

  • Peace //Anis
    Peace //Anis 14 days ago

    The story is fake.

  • Sita Pant
    Sita Pant 14 days ago

    That's not even note nine in 1:56
    Note 9 has two rear cameras

  • Bradley Pumba
    Bradley Pumba 14 days ago

    Crap who else is watching this on a note 9

  • Horrorfav
    Horrorfav 14 days ago

    If the thin iphone 6 can bend then the thin note 7 explodes

  • treemarble
    treemarble 15 days ago


  • Alexandros Ktistis
    Alexandros Ktistis 15 days ago

    This is bad I have a note 9 and I spended a lot of money for this thing

  • Fabian Muller
    Fabian Muller 16 days ago

    You talk so much

  • SHADE_Supergulp
    SHADE_Supergulp 16 days ago +1

    Why I just buy apple

  • Jasmine love
    Jasmine love 16 days ago

    0:14 he just left the poor guy..

  • Frederick Banks
    Frederick Banks 17 days ago

    Unbox the lg stylo 4

  • Rabie Ferro
    Rabie Ferro 17 days ago

    Where is the note 9?

  • tayshaun schmidt
    tayshaun schmidt 17 days ago

    Fake Samsung is still the best she can go pop her self probally had an apple and said it was a Samsung cause shes a hore like my x

  • Cosmickiller 109
    Cosmickiller 109 17 days ago

    Yeah im choosing the s6

  • Big Qaz
    Big Qaz 18 days ago

    He inboxes these devices and yet he has a pokiphone

  • Chase Garza
    Chase Garza 18 days ago

    I'm still buying the note 9 and the phone was clearly a note 7

  • JERRY tm
    JERRY tm 19 days ago

    I think its a fake note 9

  • Kanthimathi Magesh
    Kanthimathi Magesh 19 days ago

    Omg I ordered a note 9 today

  • Peppa Piglet
    Peppa Piglet 19 days ago

    this what happens when your battery is claustrophobic

  • LateNite
    LateNite 19 days ago

    I've heard of the new iPhone X doing the same thing. Not sure if it's true.

  • alex madhi
    alex madhi 19 days ago

    I had a galaxy j5 2015 it got hotter and hotter but luckily you can take the back off so I had to take the battery out

  • Aljaradi National
    Aljaradi National 20 days ago

    AFTER GET NEXT MONTH SALARY I WILL BUY NOTE 9 .........................

  • Aljaradi National
    Aljaradi National 20 days ago


  • alord3757
    alord3757 21 day ago

    no it wont stop me i've already bought it and i think it's amazing upgraded from an iphone 6s plus and couldn't be happier

  • J_8x
    J_8x 21 day ago

    and its waterproof

  • Butleybadboy
    Butleybadboy 21 day ago

    Another iPhone freak scaremonger

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne 21 day ago

    People still sticking up for android. If apple even had the smallest glitch that isn’t a big deal. They get major backlash. Androids explode by the millions, eh it’ll be alright, only happens to some of them. Lmfao! I’ll gladly pay $1000 for my iPhone to not have to worry about carrying an actual bomb at all times, and also because it’s smooth and doesn’t operate like windows 98. You get what you pay for people.

  • Arifur Rahman
    Arifur Rahman 22 days ago

    Thank you very much for letting us know about new note 9 story😮
    I was going to buy this note 9 very soon🏃‍♂️
    but now🤔🤯...!!??!?
    thank you🧙‍♂️

  • Po Pou
    Po Pou 22 days ago +1

    yea they do that...

  • SuperBear ytofficial
    SuperBear ytofficial 22 days ago

    Very nice thumbnail. Looks 100percent real.

  • Mabel Moon
    Mabel Moon 22 days ago

    It's unsettling, but I'd still buy it--

  • Peace //Anis
    Peace //Anis 23 days ago +3

    Bro does she have any prof that the note 9 exploded or a vide a photo not a photoshoped photo a acuall photo cose i dont belive that that note 9 exploded.

  • Sumit Kolekar
    Sumit Kolekar 24 days ago

    Who will buy this shit, I actually prefer Sony.

  • Daniel Gime
    Daniel Gime 26 days ago

    Bruhh.. my s8+ overheated all of a sudden last week.. i turned it off and its still hot as hell.. now its not turning on and samsung said its already dead.. replacement of the board costs half the price of the device.. im switching to huawei

  • Malachi Black
    Malachi Black 26 days ago

    But no one is talking about exploding apple watches? Like wtf?

  • adam goring
    adam goring 27 days ago

    Settled I'm getting a note 9

  • Jaski
    Jaski 27 days ago

    I wouldn't buy it. I dont mind losing my hands, but I think they're important.

  • A zapfido
    A zapfido 28 days ago

    Those photos weren’t of a note 9. Hmmm

  • unamed LTU
    unamed LTU 28 days ago

    I have a Leagoo m8 and mine dint blow up

  • Philip Mumford
    Philip Mumford 28 days ago

    I miss the physical home button on the front 😂

  • used bots
    used bots 28 days ago

    Yasss I don't wanna buy it no more I'm not gonna spend a ton of money just so my hands and face gets blown up or my ears damn thats something u can't undo and as if Samsung will cover ur medical bills plus u have to spent more money to sue

  • Ligma
    Ligma 29 days ago

    Damn Samsung keeps making these dope bombs

  • Yorri Moni
    Yorri Moni 29 days ago

    I have it right now and im fricking scared

  • Joe
    Joe 29 days ago

    That's a Note 7 though. Both pictures of the rear and front are identical to the Note 7. Note 5, 6, 8, and 9 are clearly different.

  • Supergaming101
    Supergaming101 Month ago +1

    People may think this is a fake news but the picture was an example of an exploded phone but i dont think its confirmed that note 9 explodes
    I think Unbox Therapy should do what the women did
    She just lost at fortnite

  • Yanglem Telheiba Singh

    iPhone x explode too both these devices are most expensive crackers ever ha ha oneplus and google user are safer got shut down if got over heat


    Samsung is making the battery for iphone how are they not exploding 🤔

  • Jaxson Dempsey
    Jaxson Dempsey Month ago


  • Toreldoc
    Toreldoc Month ago

    69k likes and 9.6 dislikes

  • Arts and Crafters
    Arts and Crafters Month ago

    2 months later:
    Nothing happened.

  • Martin Rios
    Martin Rios Month ago

    Why is everyone blaming this on apple?