Jack Black Is Incredible


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  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat 6 hours ago

    Still feels like Jack Black is seriously underrated...one of the funniest comedic actors of his generation, for sure.

  • Acid Samuraï
    Acid Samuraï 7 hours ago

    Americans are so easily impressed

  • Isabella -
    Isabella - 9 hours ago

    Yo, Jack Black looks exactly like that USclipr Jablinski Games.

  • Thomas Bags
    Thomas Bags 10 hours ago

    This is a man who as achieved every one of his dreams.

  • Logan Didcock
    Logan Didcock 10 hours ago

    What a guy

  • Nathan Bertram
    Nathan Bertram 11 hours ago

    All that is missing. It’s a comedy film with him and Jim Carrey! 😬

  • Antatchi
    Antatchi 18 hours ago +1


  • Zlatan Ozver
    Zlatan Ozver 22 hours ago

    Ellen show is shit

  • Riley Adams
    Riley Adams Day ago

    0:49 Yeah furries scare me too

  • Hawkeye Pierce
    Hawkeye Pierce Day ago

    His impression of The Rock

  • KMasterworks
    KMasterworks Day ago

    2:44 this is me in the shower

  • KMasterworks
    KMasterworks Day ago

    2:44 this is me in the shower

  • AlexWhybrow
    AlexWhybrow Day ago

    Jablinscki will save us all

  • delivrex
    delivrex Day ago

    shiggles lol that was genius

  • Ork
    Ork 2 days ago

    What the hell.... Is that jablinski games?

  • derpy duck
    derpy duck 3 days ago

    Wow this guy is just copying jablinski games

  • balls White
    balls White 3 days ago

    You are a dickless loser.

  • EYE
    EYE 4 days ago

    This channel is the proof that anyone can make it in USclip.

  • John Gotter
    John Gotter 4 days ago +1

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug

  • D G
    D G 4 days ago

    He is sooooo underrated.

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson 4 days ago

    I feel like jack and myself would be good friends that get along just fine

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson 4 days ago

    I love jizack blizack

  • Michael Robins
    Michael Robins 4 days ago

    A bit like Leonardo di caprio face

  • VoB
    VoB 4 days ago

    What`s Jabeling Jabels?

  • John Drennan
    John Drennan 5 days ago

    i dont get how not knowing jablinski and jack black are the same person is a joke. your all fucking stupid.

  • SirBallBag
    SirBallBag 5 days ago

    Always loved JB and his art style pick of D needs a sequel

  • Ami
    Ami 5 days ago

    rock'n roll incarnate

  • James M
    James M 5 days ago

    He is my favorite celebrity.

  • Laucir Esteves
    Laucir Esteves 6 days ago

    The man who made my personality

  • El brayan yeyson qebin Tercero

    This guy looks like jablinski games

  • V.V
    V.V 6 days ago

    Do you think Jack Black is a reincarnation of Dionysus? The literal party god of Ancient Greece?

  • Orrelion
    Orrelion 6 days ago

    JACK BLACK!!!!

  • Hanzo Main
    Hanzo Main 7 days ago +2

    This guy's funny he should make a USclip channel

  • Müller Krisztián
    Müller Krisztián 7 days ago


  • DeJo jiMMy
    DeJo jiMMy 7 days ago

    5:53...Marlon Brando

  • ChristianVS
    ChristianVS 8 days ago

    that jumanji song tho

  • K.Z. VLOGZ
    K.Z. VLOGZ 8 days ago

    I know that he can sing but I don't know that he can sing like that

  • Michael Tozzi
    Michael Tozzi 8 days ago

    The D rules!!

  • Efilon X
    Efilon X 8 days ago

    I'm impressed that you've put all the links in the discription. Props to you

  • Raziel De Melo
    Raziel De Melo 8 days ago +2

    "I never forget a face, I never forget a name. Mind's like a steel trap. Euuhh...I wake up at 5 in the morning and do 27,000 rip curls"

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore 8 days ago

    He is a talented dude.

  • Hannah Battle
    Hannah Battle 8 days ago

    He was AMAZING in Bernie.

    FURKAN USLUKUŞ 9 days ago

    TÜRK yok mu?

  • The Nyan Robot
    The Nyan Robot 9 days ago

    He's the next Robin Williams but cooler.

  • ThiSGuyYouDK
    ThiSGuyYouDK 9 days ago


  • Nick MaGrick
    Nick MaGrick 10 days ago

    if definitely done the same stuff, and people don't think im "incredible"

  • Sam Chamas
    Sam Chamas 10 days ago

    i love jackass black and my vkogs are kinda like him im kinda jackassblack

  • W a d u H e k
    W a d u H e k 10 days ago


  • Random Palmtop Gaming
    Random Palmtop Gaming 10 days ago

    An incredible performance no one knows about is that of Dr T from Boom Beach

  • Michael Kos
    Michael Kos 11 days ago

    The way hi singing Jumanji is like a full pro opera singer

  • Desmond
    Desmond 11 days ago


  • Jorge Castillo
    Jorge Castillo 11 days ago

    This guy's best acting was in mars attack.

  • White kid from polar express

    Korvac, I think we know already.

  • Skarn Vy
    Skarn Vy 12 days ago

    This guy looks like Jablinski

  • AstroPhysicsGuy
    AstroPhysicsGuy 12 days ago

    It is JABLINSKI!

  • Captain Stag
    Captain Stag 12 days ago

    Nacho Libre

  • Sarah Yost
    Sarah Yost 12 days ago

    Look up “Jack Black national anthem.” 😌🎶

  • Shaun Kahler
    Shaun Kahler 12 days ago

    2:25 *shivers*

  • Jack Black
    Jack Black 12 days ago +1

    Yes, I am incredible.

  • Manoj N
    Manoj N 12 days ago

    This guy is just a USclipr why is he on TV?

  • StrayPaws
    StrayPaws 12 days ago

    Jack black is my hero

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial 12 days ago

    jumanji was aight

  • Lakela Wong
    Lakela Wong 12 days ago

    Airborne was the first movie I saw him in. I was 7 years old and still love that film. He played a goalie named Augie. I can't wait for my kids to see it someday.

  • AM P
    AM P 13 days ago

    He’s so sexy

  • Polarity
    Polarity 13 days ago

    Jack was in the service?

  • WeirdosQ
    WeirdosQ 13 days ago

    Bruh, you did not just cut his fucking jumanji song. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  • 10,000 subscribers with No videos

    Who’s jack black
    I only know jabbingski games

  • canned bread
    canned bread 13 days ago +1

    You could say hes a JACK of all trades

  • sheep -
    sheep - 13 days ago

    Jack is honestly one of my favorite actors/comedians. He’s honestly just naturally funny.

  • Gatherer Thompson
    Gatherer Thompson 13 days ago

    He looks like that Jabronski Gamez channel guy. Freaky.

  • The Fancy Squid
    The Fancy Squid 13 days ago

    I feel like Jack Black is a real life Mary Sue

  • Swimcrafters
    Swimcrafters 13 days ago

    A man of many talents and an epic USclip channel.

  • Ross // Rossilaz58
    Ross // Rossilaz58 13 days ago +1

    I think you had a typo. I think its *Jablinski*

  • leilan.y
    leilan.y 13 days ago

    hes my favorite person

  • Luniszz
    Luniszz 14 days ago

    This guy is such a legend!

  • broms316
    broms316 14 days ago

    Bro I look exactly like jack Black but about 20 kilos lighter. I get told all the time.

  • xP pURE
    xP pURE 14 days ago

    We need to protect jack black at all costs

  • RobberT S
    RobberT S 14 days ago

    Where is the Sax-A-Boom one?

  • Rheba
    Rheba 14 days ago

    people didnt know jack black sang? wtf??

  • Gfrgg
    Gfrgg 14 days ago

    Jack black should get an nword pass

  • DarkAge Sage
    DarkAge Sage 14 days ago

    Can we copy strike jablinski cuz his copying Jack Black

  • drac Balo
    drac Balo 14 days ago

    You should better respect the D

  • Bindass Khabray
    Bindass Khabray 14 days ago

    and he is amazing

  • Bindass Khabray
    Bindass Khabray 14 days ago

    came here after watching his youtube latest video

  • Taco Clan
    Taco Clan 14 days ago

    Why did jimmy Fallon have to run it

  • Beetil Gaming
    Beetil Gaming 14 days ago

    Subscribe to Jablinski

  • Michael Castelpoggi
    Michael Castelpoggi 14 days ago +38

    Who is Jack Black this is Jablinski Games

  • Piyush Bhatia
    Piyush Bhatia 14 days ago +1

    1,2,3,4,1,2,3 motherfu****

  • Wil Hovater
    Wil Hovater 14 days ago

    Before he looked like a cave fan

  • Akira Rin
    Akira Rin 14 days ago

    Is he jablinski ? He looks different

  • Dashandfuzz 453
    Dashandfuzz 453 14 days ago

    I recognize this guy a lot...

  • Baker Fox
    Baker Fox 14 days ago +65

    Y’all should go sub to Jablinski Games.

  • OmegaPirate
    OmegaPirate 14 days ago

    I'll always remember him from Airborne, and then I saw him in an episode of the X-Files.

  • KrispyDips
    KrispyDips 15 days ago

    He ain't awesome, he's a legend

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 16 days ago

    here its 2019 and Jablinski is take over

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 16 days ago

    Jablinski Jablinski

  • Christian Stoleski
    Christian Stoleski 16 days ago

    Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski Jablinski

  • Eric Carrington
    Eric Carrington 16 days ago

    I fuckin love when JB sings

  • TitaniumSplitter
    TitaniumSplitter 16 days ago

    That's facts

  • DT TV
    DT TV 16 days ago