Kanye West: "Slavery Was a Choice"

  • Published on May 3, 2018
  • Kanye West went on another rant, this time on TV for nearly an hour. He said 400 years of slavery was a choice for black people, and the backlash was swift.
    Then, Ashley Judd is suing Harvey Weinstein for ruining her career and Nas reportedly owes the government over $300K in back taxes.
    Plus, Lisa Vanderpump was called out for her shady behavior towards Dorit in part 2 of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" reunion.
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  • Nico Las
    Nico Las 5 days ago

    late to this BUT here for the tea anyways ☕️☕️🔥

  • vivian mamboleo
    vivian mamboleo 7 days ago

    Susan sikes up Wendy so much😂

  • mintoreoshake
    mintoreoshake 7 days ago

    My fav wig!!

  • Omari Milano
    Omari Milano 13 days ago

    she had work done on her face..looks like cheek implants

  • S. Ford
    S. Ford Month ago

    How come she makes fun of kanye fr weight when she doesnt look to much better

  • Nalia Shanon
    Nalia Shanon Month ago

    body shaming someone yet u look like a transgender yet u aint

  • HowItDrew
    HowItDrew 2 months ago

    400 years of slavery means, to him, that black people had opportunity of time, motive, reason & environmental education for way more than a generation. But History simply dictates the inevitable truth that slavery was a choice, a life chosen by found-comfort. Like every Civilization, slavery is a tool to build a better tomorrow. Europeans came to America with the plan to build New-England, but they had endless blood shed, dealing with the Amerindians. After a few decades they had to find more men, they had already dealt with Africa referring them as savages. Due to unclear evidence of altercations that Africans felt towards seeing a white race for the first time, conflict was built. Word got out that the African race were characterized as animals or of close but different species. They planned to find a way to have a better relation and soon ship them to Europe and then to America. Black people didn’t start as slaves. When sent to Europe, after rehabilitation and a few decades, they fought all types of wars, their are records of black soldiers becoming captains of such. Slavery came when England and France needed to send their 100 associates/ private companies. Black people would be used as help(rocking boats, dealing with the ‘savages’(Amerindians). America was the most important piece in human History, and everybody knew of how hard they’d have to struggle with the cold, savages & having to build a society someway fast, so future generations don’t struggle as much. Everyone who was sent to America was sent by push White-Europeans, African-Europeans. And no, slavery didn’t happen like in Django. Slavery in Europe, at the time, was viewed as: a second-class citizen who’s lost or unguided, will be given held by a master. He’ll be given commands for the exchange of essentials at ease. Slaves always had opportunity to build their own America, but Europeans were the one of very few with an educational system. Most African-Europeans are of little education, since they were under second class. White people in general were well educated, thanks to greek knowledge, learned of how unpure blood can turn on a civilization. Those who are not of a higher cannot have freedom out of fear for rebellion, classing some as slaves for control against potential rebellion. Slavery was a necessary class for those most scared of. Racism developed out of fear being taken over.

  • yolanda dang
    yolanda dang 2 months ago

    I miss Wendy...come back soon!

  • queenstixxzz
    queenstixxzz 2 months ago +1

    Is anyone else here because they want to see Wendy....but she still hasn't returned to her purple chair??? 1/29/19.

  • charlita25
    charlita25 3 months ago

    Kanye , Kanye , Kanye

  • Marie Green
    Marie Green 3 months ago

    Kanye lost his mind the day he decided to scarifice his mom. The guilt is literally going to his head.

  • Kit Hobson
    Kit Hobson 3 months ago

    he ain't no icon to me.

    BRANDIE SCHUTTE 3 months ago

    Did she just say "go easy on him bc hes your baby's father?"..they dont have kids together

  • LeaSchmea
    LeaSchmea 3 months ago

    Ashley Judd looks 100,000 better than Wendy even on a bad day. smh Does Wendy even own a mirror?

  • Fatima Abdullahi
    Fatima Abdullahi 3 months ago

    Rob wasn’t invited to the wedding. Kim made Kanye get a liposuction 😂😂😂

  • Fatima Abdullahi
    Fatima Abdullahi 3 months ago

    I can’t believe Will I am said that.

  • Taneleer Tivan
    Taneleer Tivan 3 months ago

    Kanye didnt saw the irony of his statement about choice and slavery.

  • cilibekd
    cilibekd 3 months ago

    I do believe Ashley Judd had puffy cheeks from prescribed steriods to help her overcome an infection. I say this because she might be keeping quiet about an immune disease, like lupus, which means that she is suffering and really cant help this side effect. I believe the same is true for Selena Gomez, who tends to get the "moon face" side effect after leaving treatment. I think people should be a little more sensitive on the subject becauseit must be hurtful to those that go through it.

  • Sebastian Amaral
    Sebastian Amaral 4 months ago +1

    It’s so fucking annoying when people say “Old Kanye”. He’s the same fucking person. People change as time goes on there is no “old Kanye” or “new Kanye”

  • Tumama Tiumalu
    Tumama Tiumalu 4 months ago

    Kanye looks like a big kid walking lol

  • Kat
    Kat 4 months ago

    the whole outfit and the hair are absolutely gorg here! personally my favorite look on her

  • G
    G 4 months ago

    Good for you Ashley. You valued your self worth more than a career

  • Kuchi Kopi
    Kuchi Kopi 4 months ago

    What in the zumba is she wearing???

  • Mama Niecy
    Mama Niecy 5 months ago

    My favorite look on Wendy

    LEGIT SAM6 5 months ago

    wendy is all about the bullshit sometimes n her barking monkeys lol kanye will NEVER be collectible. We will remember him as a krazy kartrashian koon & NOTHING MORE.

  • Stancy Heddens
    Stancy Heddens 5 months ago

    I miss the Kanye that rapped his first album with his jaw wired shut! I want that Kanye back!

  • plofert sneek
    plofert sneek 5 months ago

    Kayne west says, sounds like a choice its always to good to speculate. I bet kayne agrees with me that slavery is stil going on and we should focus on modern days. I don't mean by normal jobs but in criminal circle. Remember how he says mental imprisoned if you thinking to do something iligaal or legal and it seems to good to be true think twice that's my only advice.

  • Mark Lanzarotta
    Mark Lanzarotta 6 months ago +1

    I somehow don’t think that Kanye’s presidential bid will be a success.

  • Mark Lanzarotta
    Mark Lanzarotta 6 months ago +1

    Excuse me, slavery was .... a choice?

  • Kara Kaur
    Kara Kaur 6 months ago

    If woman have to worry about it Wendy then men should too!!!!!

  • boo blam
    boo blam 6 months ago

    Never say or do anything to get attention...it will only ruin u in time...be simple like the birds in the trees and this will take u higher places.

  • bigjule jules
    bigjule jules 6 months ago

    Bob Marley said "emancipate yourself from mental slavery " so is that a choice or not? Hmmmm.....before it wasn't a choice but today it is !

  • Amélie Lahtinen
    Amélie Lahtinen 6 months ago

    i love how people don’t really check the full interview... lmao just like liberals don’t really research when they talk ab politics

  • Tanvi Atawane
    Tanvi Atawane 6 months ago

    Wendy and Van have some real sense

  • Let me sleep in peace
    Let me sleep in peace 6 months ago +1

    Ugh wendy is so brain dead she's just there to be there. This is way out of her league to give it a proper evaluation.

  • Anuncia D
    Anuncia D 6 months ago

    She has an awesome case ...

  • Anuncia D
    Anuncia D 6 months ago

    Weinstein is such a pig and women need to stand up to such pigs and put them in their places, they need to know they can't take advantage of us .

  • Anuncia D
    Anuncia D 6 months ago

    Amber got out just in time.... Hahaha

  • Anuncia D
    Anuncia D 6 months ago

    OMG.. moist for a man who got plastic surgery... OMG

  • Anuncia D
    Anuncia D 6 months ago

    Kanye said slavery was a choice... Maybe he meant that the ancestors could have easily overthrow the power and overcome slavery.. He probably put it in the wrong way...

  • Kitty Crazy
    Kitty Crazy 6 months ago

    I don’t think it’s sexy for women to get lipo either. Just like a lot of men don’t like massive balloons on a women’s chest they like it soft and natural not hard bricks. I don’t see an issue with men getting lipo. What’s the difference? The sex doesn’t chg it they’re still sucking your lard through a tube.

  • jennifer curtis
    jennifer curtis 6 months ago

    Too big egos !!all need mental health help.. Slavery existed and we should all be ashamed by those who validate it...Wendy kanye kim stop bleeding the system .

  • Phoenix Eden
    Phoenix Eden 6 months ago

    We've always modeled our chains really well, from thick herringbones, and gold crucifixes of porcelain skin deities draping the necks of our comfortable and wealthy, to the bulkly bland links that bound the necks and ankles of our aesthetically superior ancestors who bodies had not been exposed to GMO foods, nearly dead water, nor trauma for working long hours in the sun. Melanin is and has always been a prized and marketable entity. Unfortunately
    with out the "white face" approval, many of our own people want approve of us, in this reality, until we've earned the "White Face approval!" And this is often measured by how my "white faces" did your clothes cost, how many "white faces" are in your account, how many "white faces" you earn annually? how many "white faces" did your car and house cost? How many "white faces" was your education? How many "white faces" were your hair and shoes?
    If you ask me in a lot of cases it is we who are selling Slavery to ourselves. A system might work but it can not thrive if the people don't buy into it !

  • Eric Northmen
    Eric Northmen 7 months ago

    News flash ladies. Majority of men are turned off hearing and knowing about your procedures too!!! Lipo, nose jobs etc

    Sorry but its true

  • ElderPinkerton
    ElderPinkerton 7 months ago

    I can't believe Wendy didn't go in on Kanye and this ridiculous comment! His shoes are "special" and should be handed down as heirlooms. Hmmmm...

  • Hanna & Beaudine Hepi
    Hanna & Beaudine Hepi 7 months ago

    Why is it ok for a woman to get plastic surgery but not a man? We need to be better than this..

  • Yuki Sakura
    Yuki Sakura 7 months ago

    Kanye is a moron

  • It is me Tee
    It is me Tee 7 months ago

    And people call Kanye West a Genius! Genius alright!!! Genius of the dumb asses!!!

  • PoutyPineapples
    PoutyPineapples 7 months ago

    I didn’t know that Wendy was so sexist against men. Let them live their best life girlll

  • Diama sparkles
    Diama sparkles 7 months ago +1

    west is already a slave to trump. so yeah he know slave is his choice..love u wendy

  • Eyeswideopen Truth
    Eyeswideopen Truth 7 months ago

    Kanye is a Retard
    Who cares

  • em D
    em D 7 months ago +1

    You all misunderstood him. He is saying people have not lived in slavery for a very long time but yet still live with the racist feelings in their heart towards white people for it.
    Just like some people still have racist, out of date thoughts about black people.
    It is a choice! Move forward with history you can't change it. Stop living in it.
    I hate Kanya but I get what he meant. You all are blind to just being offended over everything or over dramtizing it for the fun of it.

  • nadine nona
    nadine nona 8 months ago

    Kanye is craving this fame and publicity he is getting from all these talk

  • spiralstarekase
    spiralstarekase 8 months ago

    Wtf! I can't believe you would tell Amber Rose not to speak! You are a woman with a talk show, every woman should be allowed to speak!

  • Do.Not.Subscribe.
    Do.Not.Subscribe. 8 months ago

    Beware, show gives cancer.

  • Becky
    Becky 8 months ago

    I love the wig she has on! She should always wear that one. The colors and the parting is perfect for her

  • sllella gtlel
    sllella gtlel 8 months ago

    Oh wow Kanye I'm going to be praying for you so you can get better because you saying asleep he's a choice just sounds like it's going to rain is he on cocaine I need to know cocaine is the hell of a drug

  • Beauty on a Barn Budget

    Wendell ain't gettin moist 4 no one!!!😂😂😂

  • max's interlude
    max's interlude 8 months ago

    a masterclass in toxic masculinity

  • theChosen Sokina
    theChosen Sokina 9 months ago

    Her expression when she said hell no😂

  • Valencia Jones
    Valencia Jones 9 months ago

    Just be beautiful and mysterious?? Wendy you're too much of all the wrong things.

  • Deer Heart
    Deer Heart 9 months ago

    She was hooked on crack though if not opiods, so Im not sure why shes judging and dismissing his issues

  • Elisa Savo
    Elisa Savo 9 months ago

    The African kings actually agreed for the european explorers to take the Africans for slavery in exchange for gold.

  • Alicia Thomas
    Alicia Thomas 9 months ago

    Kanye is a House nigg@!!😂😂

  • nfvy
    nfvy 9 months ago +1

    If slavery was a choice, your opioid addiction was a choice too.

    • em D
      em D 7 months ago

      One Voice
      He meant slavery has been a choice for a very long time but people still be living with racism in their heart towards white people for it. Just like some white people still hold out dated thoughts about black people.
      These things are a choice.
      We need to leave the past history in the past and stop choosing to live a certain way because you are a certain colour.

    • One Voice
      One Voice 8 months ago

      VII Slavery WAS a choice.

  • LeVeh Santino
    LeVeh Santino 9 months ago

    Body shaming kanyes fatass is a no no Wendy hehe

  • Jacob Rubio
    Jacob Rubio 9 months ago

    How can you sit on that stage and claim to be a feminist? You want women to be treated equal to men but don’t want men to be equal to women?? It’s ok for Wendy Williams to fat shame Kanye and say men shouldn’t be able to get plastic or lipo when you’ve had both! It’s appalling. I’m not a Kanye fan but I’ll defend him on his decision for lipo. Men want to look good and feel confident too. But you’re a feminist so you think only women can do it. A TRUE feminist treats all equally and show empathy for both sides. They exhibit humility e.g. Judge Judy. They are for true equality not putting women on a higher pedestal. You’ll never get a view from me again!! 🤔

  • trint k
    trint k 9 months ago

    Omg did Wendy just say that we need to take a double look at women speaking up against Harvey Weinstein. Shame Wendy. Shame.

  • trint k
    trint k 9 months ago

    I bet that's what she says about get man stepping out on her

  • Will Zimmermann
    Will Zimmermann 9 months ago

    The nypd might as well start wearing rainbow uniforms

  • Will Zimmermann
    Will Zimmermann 9 months ago

    It sounds like they don't know how to communicate and rather stomp a flaming rapist fool in the dark corner before the popo arive

  • R. R.
    R. R. 9 months ago

    Her eyes look like there going to pop out of her head

  • MrMcsia
    MrMcsia 9 months ago +1

    Wendy is - once again - such an idiot. She goes on and on about Kanye gaining weight. That's body-shaming, my dear, and if she talked like that about some female celebrity, the internet would be on fire. Then she says men shouldn't get plastic surgery. Oh sure, Wendy, and women shouldn't have short hair. Her sexistic, small-minded views on life are disgusting.

  • Quin M
    Quin M 10 months ago

    “Is this your choice” 1:53 lmfaoooo

  • Will Zimmermann
    Will Zimmermann 10 months ago

    It was a choice to not revolt and fight back but when can you do when you get threatened with a gun

    • Ryan
      Ryan 9 months ago

      He means Mental Slavery, such as blacks continuing to shoot each other if they leave 'the hood'.

  • Mike Adcock
    Mike Adcock 10 months ago

    What a fat stupid worthless hooker.

  • CayaD
    CayaD 10 months ago

    the thing about the housewives is not exactly the way she said it. if you're spilling the tea you have to have the details straight.

  • F00T HoMage
    F00T HoMage 10 months ago

    Damn Wendy looks extra beautiful with this hair

  • April Gosa
    April Gosa 10 months ago

    it was a choice for the slave owners not the slaves they had no choices SHUT UP KANYE

  • Amy Brown
    Amy Brown 10 months ago

    I don’t even no y anyone still talking about Kanye 🙄🙄💤💤 any y is Wendy fat shaming? Wendy is fat and has a very manly face don’t shame others when ur plus size ur self 😂

  • Nhot Avaylable
    Nhot Avaylable 10 months ago

    Well it's like I've always said Kanye is just like his music TRASH!

  • imtheburnbook
    imtheburnbook 10 months ago


  • missy6361
    missy6361 10 months ago

    Hope this guy's life doesn't end up in suicide

  • BreeBrii
    BreeBrii 10 months ago

    So it's completely fine for a woman to get work done, but if a man does it, It's unattractive? I can't stand behind that stupid double standard.

  • Boitumelo Lamola
    Boitumelo Lamola 10 months ago

    let Kanye be the pioneer to men getting plastic surgery, its only fair that men are also given an equal opportunity without being judged

  • Demon Hybrid
    Demon Hybrid 10 months ago

    She looks so damn young and healthy. She's got a nice glow on her, good for you Wendy.

  • i love memes
    i love memes 10 months ago

    “let’s talk about the plastic surgery...honey..honey” sweetie don’t bring up plastic surgery when yours clearly didn’t end up well.

  • Aloha Aina
    Aloha Aina 10 months ago +1

    hmmmm Death.. or slavery?... i see the choices. Some would say that death is not a choice.. but then maybe.. ppl would say that slavery is not a choice. In the end.. who would choose either of these? No one. But then again..i am a slave to love and i would die for love. Kanye need some new friends. Friends who are real. Friends with the background, mentality and style he wants to share or represent. Get up man. God is good.

  • chris georgallis
    chris georgallis 10 months ago +2

    Love Kanye for Speaking Truth, And waking up the Sheeple

  • mram3610
    mram3610 10 months ago

    Lol meek Mill is irrelevant. His music sucks and he doesn't seem like a good person either. Also Ashley Judd is a brilliant actress. I love her movies and so do many others. I like watching her movies because she just is awesome especially in drama. Also she should keep the money. It would've been hers anyways and no one can judge her for that. But of course some jealous hateful people would judge her for taking money that should've been rightfully hers through the roles.

  • Yvonne Randall
    Yvonne Randall 10 months ago

    Right about the albums though

  • Christopher Large
    Christopher Large 10 months ago

    clapping for his shoes dumb fucking yanks

  • JKING tv
    JKING tv 10 months ago

    Wendy you are glowing!

  • Get IT J
    Get IT J 10 months ago

    Kanye is only an icon to u, Wendy...u and whites, I guess

  • Nicole Smith
    Nicole Smith 10 months ago


  • MEvox
    MEvox 10 months ago

    9:34 that shady cameraman I can’t 😂

  • Tasha Matt
    Tasha Matt 10 months ago

    Kanye words are so disrespectful I can’t even support or like anything he does anymore.

  • Alexander York
    Alexander York 10 months ago +2

    Them kardisan put a root on him

  • Gabrielle Regina
    Gabrielle Regina 10 months ago

    Listen where do I get ticket please someone I cry everytime I watch the beginning cause I want to be in the audience so bad

  • Ernest Luera
    Ernest Luera 10 months ago

    Is it true that Wendy farts on stage all the time