NBA 2K18 - All-Time Teams Trailer

  • Published on Aug 24, 2017
  • NBA 2K18 will bring the greatest players of all-time, from every franchise, to compete on the virtual hardwood for the very first time. Which franchise’s All-Time Team reigns supreme? It’s time to find out, only in NBA 2K18!
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    ESRB: E10+
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  • Adam Garcia
    Adam Garcia 9 months ago

    Lit.all I have to say

  • TEKGaming235
    TEKGaming235 11 months ago

    One of the only good things about 2k

  • Dave Honcho
    Dave Honcho Year ago


  • Adriell R
    Adriell R Year ago

    Honestly, since 2k16 I don’t see any graphical advances

    • C ZY
      C ZY Year ago

      Adriell Ramos man you tripping, it actually went backwards

  • Joshua Story
    Joshua Story Year ago

    My boy Malone 0:06

  • Jericho Galido
    Jericho Galido Year ago


  • Oscar Rogers
    Oscar Rogers Year ago +1

    I have it my Celtics our OP

  • Luka
    Luka Year ago

    funny no KK Crvena Zvezda

  • The Holy Meme King

    The only scene with Mark Price is of him getting dunked on

  • Lit Boy Troy
    Lit Boy Troy Year ago

    the only good thing bout y'all broke ass game

  • Kathleen Vetter
    Kathleen Vetter Year ago +2

    this is amazing!!! my grandson has it and he laves it!A+

    • Shrek Awareness
      Shrek Awareness Year ago

      Kathleen Vetter First time I've seen a elder on USclip, Respect

  • Harlem Boy
    Harlem Boy Year ago

    the game is wack👎👎👎👎👎😠 and dont buy a bag of ruffles chips trying to get double vc coins because that's a gimmick😢😢😢😢😠😠😠

    CANCER Year ago

    They should make all time west and east too..

  • Chris Robinson
    Chris Robinson Year ago

    Only one problem wheres brandon roy

  • VK Modding
    VK Modding Year ago

    Where is Shaq?

  • YouuToobe
    YouuToobe Year ago

    61-62 Wilt Chamberlain?

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones Year ago

    How many all time teams are in the game?

  • Fonzy Colarina
    Fonzy Colarina Year ago

    Umm does the ps vita have 2k17 or 18??

  • Kron Zilla
    Kron Zilla Year ago

    what all you older gamers should do is pick the classic Knicks and give Ewing the ring he always deserved.

  • DCDirtBag
    DCDirtBag Year ago

    Damn mannn, everybody talkin about missing Reggie Miller (which sucks), but where the fuck is Charles Barkley on the 76ers & Suns? Fuck his opinions on life shit, wouldve been dope to seen him on here.....

  • Joe Wiki
    Joe Wiki Year ago

    I feel like All time teams, players should wear the uniforms from their eras, that'd be cool, like make that a feature in the game, you can have them all wear the modern day Nike equipment, or change it so that every player wears their eras uniform

  • Jalen Goode
    Jalen Goode Year ago

    I've been making GOAT teams for a while and I'm glad I don't have to this year

  • yhc _zay007
    yhc _zay007 Year ago


  • RaiXVortex
    RaiXVortex Year ago

    Young Wilt 💯

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry Year ago

    I know we got Nike Jerseys now, but it feels weird that the old teams had Adidas jerseys but 2k put nike

  • TerrorLSRP
    TerrorLSRP Year ago

    -Dr J
    God Damn

  • 孙时敏
    孙时敏 Year ago

    Am I the only one notice that Jason Kidd 0:29 still has his purple-ish face ?

  • Pa P
    Pa P Year ago +1

    Good Job with 2K17, can't wait to see whats in store with 2K19 good luck.

  • TNL Spider Gang
    TNL Spider Gang Year ago

    Where's Barkley and Rasheed?

  • Cristian Cavazos
    Cristian Cavazos Year ago

    David Robinson seems a bit skinny. He should have the same body type as Dwight Howard

  • Tilisha B
    Tilisha B Year ago

    Y'all did a good job making 2K

  • Tilisha B
    Tilisha B Year ago

    Make more hairstyles

  • Jayway 21 YT
    Jayway 21 YT Year ago

    I love those graphics tho! They're on POINT!


  • Kevinny Shines
    Kevinny Shines Year ago

    Vancouver grizzlies?

  • nbobralla16
    nbobralla16 Year ago

    2k better be adding to the legends their signature kicks. It's like they are incomplete without them like Penny without the Air Penny, T-Mac without his T-Macs, AI without The Answer, etc.

  • kristhefighter1
    kristhefighter1 Year ago

    I pre ordered 2k18 any I'm so happy I'm getting it early

  • Tauseef Kazi
    Tauseef Kazi Year ago

    So Brandon Roy isn't even in the Trail Blazers all time roster? Did 2k even try to get him? Danny Granger and Ben Gordon are also missing from the all time Pacers and Bulls respectively.

  • Air Pollution
    Air Pollution Year ago

    666 videos tell me something I don't duckin know 😈?

  • Harshvir Bhinder
    Harshvir Bhinder Year ago

    Nba2k has 666 videos out

    BRICKS Year ago

    Live is way better

  • Im Dave
    Im Dave Year ago


  • R
    R Year ago

    Warriors will be.. Curry, Mullin, Durant, Barry and goddamn Wilt? Well, this team can beat the alltime Lakers, lol Other than that, the biggest joke is Stockton at 97, Mullin over Durant in the warriors starting line-up, Magic 99 over Kobe and Bird, LeBron at 99, Olajuwon at 98, etc

  • GameOverMarky
    GameOverMarky Year ago

    will barkley, reggie miller, rasheed wallace be on here??

    • Tauseef Kazi
      Tauseef Kazi Year ago

      GameOverMarky sadly no they won't be in the game

  • Dante Duffy
    Dante Duffy Year ago

    Still haven't seen bird

  • Gary Turbo
    Gary Turbo Year ago

    You left out the mid 1990s Hawks again you dumbasses, that's why I'm getting NBA Live instead

  • Blixy ツ
    Blixy ツ Year ago

    Nba live got bodied💀

  • ARI 23
    ARI 23 Year ago

    Imagine if 2k adds all time West and East all stars

  • Ty_Franklin
    Ty_Franklin Year ago


  • MrJames07111
    MrJames07111 Year ago

    LIVE been dead...but this rite here looks cool...this time i don't have to make so many trades...i been doing this for yrs.

  • C Sanders
    C Sanders Year ago

    mane how y'all aint got charles barkley & Moses Malone
    on the sixers?!

  • ruben balderama
    ruben balderama Year ago

    dallas mavericks! 2011/2012 champion!👍 the prime of dirk nowitzki 🏀🏀

  • Joseph Karohl
    Joseph Karohl Year ago

    why don't they ever have Reggie miller :(

  • DP TheProducer
    DP TheProducer Year ago

    If reggie miller is not on the pacers i will not buy this shit

  • Looter
    Looter Year ago

    So why exactly are the legendary teams wearing Nike uniforms? Why'd they even change the legendary uniforms that's so dumb

    • Looter
      Looter Year ago

      Spoke too soon

  • Valdir Pascoal
    Valdir Pascoal Year ago

    2k add a way where you create your handshake with your teammate to have custom handshake
    Please do it

  • Luciano Daher
    Luciano Daher Year ago

    It's amazing how after all this year's they couldn't figure out to draw a perfect player body. Scott Pippen is an example. Jordan as well... Not to mention Kobe isn't Kobe, is someone else...

  • ironjerm
    ironjerm Year ago

    Why the guys from the 80's and 2010's guy wearing Nike jerseys. It should be Champion and Adidas

  • xx_UchihaKid_xx
    xx_UchihaKid_xx Year ago

    they got grant hill and Jason kidd!

  • Vontae star woods

    Rick Barry (96 overall), George Gervin (96 overall), Jason Kidd (94 overall), & Steve Nash (96 overall) i'm looking forward to playing with on this game with the all time team game. 99 overall LeBron & Kareem also 98 Shaq,Bill Russell , Wilt & Hakeem

    ULTRA HD GAMING Year ago

    @NBA2K Things that need to "Get Shook" in 2K18 that were problematic in 2K17.
    The Myplayer story was weak and boring. Actually make more than a day's worth of content for a game that comes out yearly.
    No effort put into singleplayer/offline gameplay. For those of us that play more offline or are casual players this game was clearly not made for us.
    Horrible AI | Here's some things observed over the past year from the AI that were never fixed or even attempted to be fixed.
    .During a game refs will take 45 seconds to inbound the ball.
    .Many players don't play their positions or play styles. I play with the Bucks, why is Giannis posted outside the line shooting 3s?
    .Players don't rotate on defence leaving the three wide open. The computer shot 50 3s in one game.
    .The horrible contact system, You can literally brush the back of a player and get a charging foul? Or while moving on defence you will randomly pick up speed if to close to an opponent and stupidly crash into them and get called for blocking lol.
    Lack of control in myplayer mode. Yeah its supposed to simulate the NBA lifestyle but it's not doing so in such a interesting way that you have no control over the gameplay.
    The story and content are non existent so at least give us the freedom the control our story after the rookie season.
    I am sick and tired of playing with the random trash players picked up on my team every season. And why is Quincy Acy getting 20+ minutes? WHY. Let us choose who we want to get starter minutes based off their individual stats. I don't want a guy putting up 4 ppg getting starter minutes and killing our team.
    Try updating some of the dialogue throughout the year to make the game seem relevant and fresh. You REALLY LET US LISTEN TO THE SAME DAMN LINES FOR A YEAR. I know every line my myplayer and the commentators will say before they even say it.
    Give us the ability to customize the scoreboard. Since u guys wont update that eye sore let the players have a few customization options.
    More use of my myplayer. Like many have stated it was useless to have a blacktop mode and not be able to use my myplayer on it. How hard would that have been for you.
    Towards the end of each season with like 18 games or so remaining my stats will stop being recorded game to game and by the end of the season I will go from 28. 5. 12 to 24. 4. 9 | Please fix it for the love of god.
    The ability to control my teams fouling frequency, I swear my teammates will commit 4 hard fouls for no reason in the first 2 minutes of the game.
    When you pick the ball and jump for it on the floor and land near center court your teammates will stand just behind the backcourt line and won't come any further so you have no choice but to get tied up for a jump ball. This is clearly a easy AI bug that you never bothered to fix.
    Once again the ridiculous contact system. Any brush or bump on a fastbreak is charging or blocking. FIX IT.
    My teammates will throw the ball out to a player on the outside when they're standing right under the basket uncontended. And this has been done by players like Giannis and Towns who would simply dunk the ball. PLEASE FIX THIS.
    Sometimes the AI player will go into a superman mode where they are unstoppable just so they can get a pass off to an open teammate to score. The AI begins to move in super slow motion and for a player like mines with a high steal/defensive rating I can't slow them down or steal/pick the ball at all. Its as if i'm not even standing in front of the player. FIX IT.
    My teammates will not defend the three point line AT ALL. They won't even put a hand up. This is the same for in the paint, they just stand there and watch the opponent score or they commit a dumbass HARD FOUL. FIX IT.
    Those weird ass photos I take with other players in my phone can go. The all star weekend was lame as hell. 0.00 effort was put into it and I don't care to even make all star.
    The very anoying update message that pops up on the screen during a game was very pointless and needs to go.
    Please try and put some effort into your copy and paste games. You are charging people $60 - $150 for this plus all the microtransactions after purchase. At least pretend to try a little.

  • JCotsonika
    JCotsonika Year ago

    It's weird seeing wilt in the new Warriors jersey

  • n0m4d o
    n0m4d o Year ago

    never liked iverson's face. 2k have no respect for ai fuck you

  • Guy  Prieto
    Guy Prieto Year ago

    The only thing uglier than the timberwolves new jerseys is a Marion shooting form

  • highlight review
    highlight review Year ago

    can we get signature celebrations

  • Lot ofgamebrother

    2k carmelo Anthony is my favorite player please give him at least a 90 ovr

  • YKDV Jayy
    YKDV Jayy Year ago

    So beautiful

  • Danny Desrosiers
    Danny Desrosiers Year ago

    cool game

  • Tim Wilson
    Tim Wilson Year ago

    So looks like we can't use their throwback jerseys?? Wtf

  • Vaughn Brenda
    Vaughn Brenda Year ago

    Bibby, Christie, Peja, Webber, Divac

  • SPPSports
    SPPSports Year ago +2

    The Nets getting a classic team? Can't wait to finally play as an authentic Jason Kidd instead of having to download a bootleg one.

  • Marwell Music
    Marwell Music Year ago

    Where is Gilbert Arenas?

  • brian montoya
    brian montoya Year ago

    Where's Lavar and Hoodie melo???

  • Blake Unrein
    Blake Unrein Year ago


  • Vishal
    Vishal Year ago

    sonics not there???

  • Weesie
    Weesie Year ago

    If they let you use these teams online, Houston is gonna be the biggest cheese team ever, Hakeem and Yao plus Tmac, James Harden and Stevie Franchise!? Totally unfair

  • Retro King23
    Retro King23 Year ago

    2k Brushed KD'S hair

  • wims YT
    wims YT Year ago

    kyrie is the cover athlete in a cavs uni, im dead

  • frankmoolah
    frankmoolah Year ago

    Old school vs. new school... They're really trying to tug at my nerves of nostalgia

  • m10Grizzly
    m10Grizzly Year ago

    I hope y'all don't make us pull up stupid just because a defender is standing near us

  • Nikko Lachance
    Nikko Lachance Year ago

    Can madden open their eyes and do this.

  • Karter Dutton
    Karter Dutton Year ago

    already looking 99% better than live 18🤔

  • ZEN G
    ZEN G Year ago

    Where is the hido turkoglu

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones Year ago

    Seattle Supersonic fans TRigGerED!

  • Modern Dicksword
    Modern Dicksword Year ago

    Players Missing (BTW I am aware some of these guys are not there because of licensing reasons, or something else)
    Charles Barkley
    Reggie Miller
    Danny Granger
    Rasheed Wallace
    Gilbert Arenas
    Kenyon Martin

  • Måns Olsson
    Måns Olsson Year ago

    0:25 is that supposed to be Wilt Chamberlain?

  • CJMacN1990
    CJMacN1990 Year ago


  • Matthew Goodwin
    Matthew Goodwin Year ago

    The game looks great , but the same if that makes sense.

  • J R
    J R Year ago

    This the 360 version? The players starting to look like shit. Make 2k great again!

  • Ashton Cole
    Ashton Cole Year ago

    Bosh on the raptors look like a terodactol and snoop dogg combined



  • Soviet Mapper
    Soviet Mapper Year ago

    why rated E10

  • Fran Revello
    Fran Revello Year ago

    Para que consolas esta

  • BroKeNHandles
    BroKeNHandles Year ago

    No park? Well say goodbye 2k

  • sukajoe79
    sukajoe79 Year ago

    I didn't see Sir Charles

  • Ph.D. Prost
    Ph.D. Prost Year ago

    A Basketball Videogame is new for me. Since 2 months play i NBA 2k17. NBA is a very great game and i love it.
    I hope we have in the future a better translation support for the german community.
    It would be very nice when the translation from the commentary, gametalk etc. is in german.

  • SplashGod30
    SplashGod30 Year ago +2

    2k not playing they serous

  • SplashGod30
    SplashGod30 Year ago +2

    2k know what there doing this year

  • SplashGod30
    SplashGod30 Year ago

    Background Music even sexier

  • SplashGod30
    SplashGod30 Year ago +1

    Graphics are sexy af bruh