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  • Watermelon Loard
    Watermelon Loard 3 minutes ago

    Idk man they didn’t work

  • Pootis Man
    Pootis Man 7 minutes ago

    Yes I hear my mom say you need to do your homework! NO I DONT WANT DAT

  • Dyl
    Dyl 12 minutes ago +1

    Dont hear a shēt m8

  • Quality MEMES
    Quality MEMES 19 minutes ago

    I hear nothing

  • ShadowAnimeVA
    ShadowAnimeVA 34 minutes ago

    I didn’t hear any except at 2:25 😐😐

  • Emmet Lego movie
    Emmet Lego movie 41 minute ago

    The thumbnail was copied from a show

  • Syron GAMER
    Syron GAMER Hour ago

    I hear it

  • ZuLT
    ZuLT Hour ago

    The i hear a rumbling sounds on the first one slightly..

  • vLinh dh
    vLinh dh 2 hours ago


  • Thao Nguyen
    Thao Nguyen 2 hours ago

    I didn't hear anything.

  • eee äz jonnedsz
    eee äz jonnedsz 2 hours ago


  • Sweet Tooth
    Sweet Tooth 2 hours ago

    I canylt hear anything

  • u 6
    u 6 2 hours ago

    I didn’t hear anything

  • carl serdoncillo
    carl serdoncillo 2 hours ago

    What the oh my bacon why did i hear it yo em i stupid if i hear it tell me tell me!!!!!!!

  • Sally The Umbrella
    Sally The Umbrella 3 hours ago

    I couldn’t hear anything...

  • karl herrera
    karl herrera 3 hours ago

    I can hear a really soft voice of singing ala lalalalalala in the pokemon GIF

  • Galaxy wolfie
    Galaxy wolfie 4 hours ago

    Wtf i fell something when the gift moves i fell something 😨

  • emily gacha
    emily gacha 4 hours ago

    I realy fteak out i HEAR A SOUND!!!! I SWEAR

  • P1_ stark
    P1_ stark 5 hours ago

    That harry potter part killed me

  • The Growl
    The Growl 5 hours ago


    The camera moves not you

  • Megatross Gaming
    Megatross Gaming 6 hours ago

    Pokemon golurk why

  • Mys Tery
    Mys Tery 7 hours ago

    I hear a sound....and feel something

  • Dannyboyblue
    Dannyboyblue 7 hours ago

    Its do weird its like I feel the gifs and want to hear them but cant

  • C4josh pid
    C4josh pid 7 hours ago

    i’m 1 of the 20%

    Manu GOPARAPU 7 hours ago

    I am normal.... Can't hear a thing

  • Bad Ape
    Bad Ape 7 hours ago

    I heared it

  • Saki
    Saki 8 hours ago

    I feel it.
    The sound I only hear is a beep (without looking)
    if I look I feel it because of the motion of the camera

  • khadijah shami
    khadijah shami 8 hours ago

    I hear a "dughh"

  • Atik Shahriyar
    Atik Shahriyar 8 hours ago

    I felt it.

  • Unbelievable Yello
    Unbelievable Yello 8 hours ago +1

    And now everyone thinks that I wrote this when he showed what it says GOOD JOB VIDEO ;-;

  • Unbelievable Yello
    Unbelievable Yello 8 hours ago +1

    4:14 I'm not from island and my city still have it

  • gokartbuilder
    gokartbuilder 8 hours ago

    I hear a thud but nothing is coming from the video

  • Do Ty
    Do Ty 9 hours ago

    I cant hear anything!

  • Raisener Oro
    Raisener Oro 9 hours ago

    I can't hear anything does it mean im not smart,I just feel it ,nothing else

  • ProHack OP
    ProHack OP 9 hours ago

    I did not hear anything cuz i look away

  • Vlam Vlam
    Vlam Vlam 9 hours ago

    Gif or G.I.F?

  • Alodie rhianna Villareiz dumogho

    i hear the broken lamp

  • BlueSkullDonkey
    BlueSkullDonkey 10 hours ago

    I can’t hear anything!?

  • Phoenix julio
    Phoenix julio 10 hours ago

    I felt it. I heard nothing though...

  • Vqlle
    Vqlle 10 hours ago

    I heard NOTHING so im an idiot

  • MysteryChicken
    MysteryChicken 10 hours ago

    I don't hear the sound

  • Vqlle
    Vqlle 10 hours ago


  • Walrus on life support
    Walrus on life support 10 hours ago

    At 1:56 I hear the sound of paint splashing

  • D4rkne22
    D4rkne22 11 hours ago

    On the first one I felt the vibrations on my ears. They were a low vibrotion.

  • KaesRyanGamer
    KaesRyanGamer 11 hours ago

    i FEEL the ground rumbling

  • Amy Pauline
    Amy Pauline 11 hours ago

    I hear all of them

  • Jennise Miller
    Jennise Miller 11 hours ago

    No sound i felt it tho

  • XxAzomNexX YT
    XxAzomNexX YT 11 hours ago

    *when you dont hear anything in the gif*

    Boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi boi *gif* boi boi boi boi


  • Saralynn McDaniel
    Saralynn McDaniel 12 hours ago

    I felt things but I didn't hear anything

  • Tonia shuman
    Tonia shuman 12 hours ago


  • Gacha ガチャNightmare 悪夢

    I did not hear anything

  • im a bean 265
    im a bean 265 12 hours ago

    I heard some neeeeeeee in the firat one

    DARKBOI98 13 hours ago

    I can hear it

  • EKJ
    EKJ 13 hours ago +1

    I don’t hear it but I feel it in my neck!
    On the second one I felt a big booming sound in my head

  • tacmfd
    tacmfd 13 hours ago

    I heard the bulb

  • Jack McHugh
    Jack McHugh 13 hours ago

    Nah I hear nothin

  • Ashten Wilson vids
    Ashten Wilson vids 13 hours ago

    I heard nothing

  • The GamingAxolotl
    The GamingAxolotl 14 hours ago

    Who ever didn't hear the banging you have young ears cuz older people have older ears and old ears can hear low frequency and young ears can hear higher frequencies so yea do you get it??

  • Alex Derp_13
    Alex Derp_13 14 hours ago

    I could only feel the sound

  • discount coconut
    discount coconut 14 hours ago

    I can't hear it no more but feel it now

  • Avengers Assemble please

    I could feel it and hear it

  • Paula Margaret's World
    Paula Margaret's World 15 hours ago

    I wore headphones in a full volume :)

  • Superbro Productions HD

    Who else felt the sound

  • Conntencandy
    Conntencandy 15 hours ago

    No... I feel it..


    All these comments keep saying “ I feel the sound” and me too but only the thud ones

  • Makay Miller
    Makay Miller 15 hours ago

    Well.. i felt vibrations in my brain, and with the ‘heavy ones’ it gave me a headache

  • Stary Night
    Stary Night 15 hours ago

    Yes I heard something
    Thats My Cousin Screaming

  • Purple- Cat1234
    Purple- Cat1234 16 hours ago

    Anyone feel the sound????

    Just me? Okay

  • Can We get to 100 subs without vids?

    I DIDINT hear it but instead of a headache I have a stomachache

  • Yaoi On Ice
    Yaoi On Ice 17 hours ago

    2:27 so.......that hurt...when I heard the sound I got a jolt of shock and pain go through my body

  • N2Obrownies
    N2Obrownies 18 hours ago

    I don't hear anything during the gifs

  • aryan games
    aryan games 18 hours ago

    Can't hear anything sadly

  • Rose Smith
    Rose Smith 18 hours ago

    Thus the meaning of let me put on my glasses so I can hear you better😶

  • Speedbun
    Speedbun 20 hours ago

    No, my head wants to thump, but I can't hear anything.

  • Maria Loves Roblox
    Maria Loves Roblox 20 hours ago

    I didnt hear anything

  • jasparjack tonybala
    jasparjack tonybala 22 hours ago

    My Brien ask my ear: is there any sound!
    Ear say:what did u see!
    Brein:..........................aaaaaaa don't ask.

  • 1967core
    1967core 22 hours ago

    I didn't hear a single sound, how does 80% of people hear a sound?!?!?

  • Edwin Pawzle
    Edwin Pawzle 22 hours ago

    Heard nothing

  • Edwin Pawzle
    Edwin Pawzle 22 hours ago


  • Kritten Cat
    Kritten Cat 23 hours ago

    I turned up the volume while trying to hear the gifs
    Then I heard you voice and I was so scared XD

  • Morgan Drake
    Morgan Drake 23 hours ago

    I could feel it and hear it :/

  • Explosive Cobra703

    Am I lucky if I am in the 20% that can’t hear it.

  • Frost Walker456
    Frost Walker456 Day ago +1

    2:27 can you hear it? I can hear it is this example too?

  • Frost Walker456
    Frost Walker456 Day ago +1

    Omg i hear it

  • Superboymgl Roblox Gaming HD

    I heard like something like big PAN PAN PAN noises big knockes are something

  • TheNameless Channel

    I feel it, but how? I mean i tried everything not to feel it but... wow

  • TLTDT Azarcon
    TLTDT Azarcon Day ago

    My ears feel the sound but cannot hear it

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 Day ago

    and I hear something

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 Day ago

    I feel...weird

  • Audriena Games
    Audriena Games Day ago

    I felt like banging but not hearing it

  • Sofija Krnjak
    Sofija Krnjak Day ago

    I can't hear it, but I can imagine the sound. That's most probably normal.

  • neko vicky akane wendy malaysia

    Dude i watch it my cousin make sound like the gif and im hear it on the vid my phone mumble too!

  • JoYugyeom Kim
    JoYugyeom Kim Day ago

    i can't hear any of the other gifs

  • Teresa gacha
    Teresa gacha Day ago +2

    I didnt hear anything in any of them!!! Does this mean i am not smart or something like that?

    • Jennifer Taylor
      Jennifer Taylor 8 hours ago

      Teresa gacha no the same thing happened to me to where not dumb we are the special ones we shall rule the world

  • Jestoni De leon
    Jestoni De leon Day ago

    Only my mind can heard this

  • Cambri Mooney
    Cambri Mooney Day ago


  • Glenz Neilsen
    Glenz Neilsen Day ago

    2:29 im frickin hear it

  • Glenz Neilsen
    Glenz Neilsen Day ago

    1:53 kinda fell rumbling

  • MrRobloxDude
    MrRobloxDude Day ago

    Ig hurts my eyes