How well do you know your Black History? Street Quiz. Ep.3 | Link Up TV


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  • ygo900
    ygo900 Day ago

    White people being knowing the answers more than black people, we should all be ashamed.

  • L'Z
    L'Z 5 months ago

    Londoners Are Done Out Here

  • Boa123
    Boa123 Year ago +1

    That presenter is penggg😍

  • Secular Humanist
    Secular Humanist Year ago +1

    This really shows that knowledge is power, fucking hell bare people looking LOST in this...

  • nikz
    nikz Year ago +1

    lol how ep 2 has twice as many views as this

  • Z Holland
    Z Holland Year ago +3

    Them black yatts are too busy skinning out batty rather than learning their history

  • Black Vitriol
    Black Vitriol Year ago

    Wait a minute she asks "who invented the traffic signal". (A Black History question -- supposedly).
    The man answers correctly "Garrett Morgan" who is a Black man. She then corrects him by saying J.P. Knight who is a White man. What the Fuck does J.P. Knight, a White man, have to do with Black History?
    This was nasty sabotage, which proves this young Black woman was used and she doesn't know anything about the subject matter.

  • Black Vitriol
    Black Vitriol Year ago +1

    Older Black gentleman did just as well. Older people score better on general knowledge questions.

  • CapiTen10
    CapiTen10 Year ago +1

    The question was wrong as slavery was never abolished in the uk sińce its never been legal in the uk. Shouldve asked what year was it abolished in the empire. If youre going to mąkę a video testing ppls knowledge at least have the correct questions.

  • Kmama Pretty
    Kmama Pretty Year ago

    Dumb people

  • Or Nah
    Or Nah Year ago +2

    6:27 ohh shit aint dat Berna on the right

  • snoop dogg
    snoop dogg Year ago

    Her pum pum wud get rektttt. One time 😂😂😂😂👀👀💥💥💥💥💥

  • Tom Wray
    Tom Wray Year ago

    My g rocky nti

  • Malik Deen
    Malik Deen Year ago

    I have no faith in the millennials

  • Bethany Francis
    Bethany Francis Year ago

    He said shaggy 😂😂

  • MrFreebieJeebs
    MrFreebieJeebs Year ago

    this girl actually thinks she's a fucking G! fucking Monica lee

  • S5
    S5 Year ago

    the one time I'm not in Brixton is when she comes down kmt I would've aced these

  • Nahome Adu
    Nahome Adu Year ago

    2:15 I am done 😒😩

  • Go home and get your shine box

    2000s uno jheeez

  • DmizzMOB
    DmizzMOB Year ago

    Host is fire

  • JayoJay
    JayoJay Year ago

    why does the white girl from up north know more than black people

  • fekkle potter
    fekkle potter Year ago +4

    But I bet they know about "skengz in the 4door truck" kmft pathetic

    • Aizen Kazama
      Aizen Kazama Year ago

      fekkle potter This is a pointless comment. Considering it's a recent phrase used in music, I don't understand what your point is? Plus can't know everything about your history.

  • toocharged
    toocharged Year ago

    why are british white gyal so stupid for real man damn

    SVENGALI Year ago +7

    Bitch said "Marfin Luther King" 😑

  • RicardoLayneXx
    RicardoLayneXx Year ago

    I died, When man said Shaggy...😂😂😂

  • James Brown
    James Brown Year ago +1


  • Iziah Thomas
    Iziah Thomas Year ago

    Come my ends I would get my girls numbers easzzzy

  • Truth ag
    Truth ag Year ago

    She said slavery was abolished in the 2000s my goodness what is life 😐😓😭

  • Ham Ridd92
    Ham Ridd92 Year ago +6

    That bruda dat wanted the number gave upp after he failed the question. Nigga like if i ain't hitting i aint answering shitt

  • S.shanny Tink
    S.shanny Tink Year ago +4

    The presenter is so peng 😩😍😍😍

  • Manny Ribera
    Manny Ribera Year ago +1

    Man said didier drogba

  • Tinie Jay
    Tinie Jay Year ago +1

    There was no way she was giving him her number.

  • Monkey Hanger TS2

    Sad as fuck

  • J Bry
    J Bry Year ago +5

    2:52 Looooool how can she say 2000's fam, dumb bitch

  • Omar quaresma
    Omar quaresma Year ago

    Man said I know that one what's her name again 😂😂😂😂

  • bauzrs
    bauzrs Year ago +9

    looool did that girl say 2000's ? 😂😂😂😂

  • MrNigeriaboy
    MrNigeriaboy Year ago +2

    Why she asking white ppl about black history?

    • jaspjody
      jaspjody 21 day ago

      MrNigeriaboy the million dollar question. What did black and brown ever invent nothing. Correct congrats you won.☻🍾🥂🍹🍸🎉🎉🏆🏆🎵🎶💰💰💴💵💶💷🙈

    • Die Snitches
      Die Snitches Year ago

      +GRINDxHUSTLE there is only one race which is the human race.. Even rosa parks knew that. Lol smh

    • SEB
      SEB Year ago +1

      MrNigeriaboy because london is multicultural

      GRINDxHUSTLE Year ago +2

      MrNigeriaboy it's a quiz in London? No one place is just one race in London.

  • Beerus
    Beerus Year ago

    The older generation is fucked

  • AII HUNNiTS No 1s

    YOU BLACK SHITS DONT KNOW YOUR HISTORY, but you know how to get shanks and shit.

  • Ayeee x
    Ayeee x Year ago +6

    2:51 mans face in the background had me dying

  • RTC 10
    RTC 10 Year ago

    The rasta man wasn't wrong. How can she say J.P knight he's a white man lol (she don't know her black history) the correct answer is Garrett Morgan

  • R3D
    R3D Year ago

    Is that the most important invention black people invented... Traffic lights?

  • debx tommy
    debx tommy Year ago


  • Ayoo Speaks TV
    Ayoo Speaks TV Year ago +1

    She probably never knew the answers to all of those questions herself

  • Moses Ssebandeke
    Moses Ssebandeke Year ago

    does the presenter know the answers to these questions?

  • Angus0494
    Angus0494 Year ago +2

    need more uk history. Uk education system is a joke.

  • Naimur Rashid
    Naimur Rashid Year ago +11

    3:07 "I know that one... whats her name again"😂

    • Passion Life
      Passion Life Year ago

      Naimur Rashid 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Womanmad1
    Womanmad1 Year ago

    Yes Billie.

  • Afroking
    Afroking Year ago +8

    It's a shame that these guys don't even know their own history, and there is no excuse with the internet and libraries. Remember that in school they don't have enough time show all history but you should take it upon yourselves.

  • Coolie Prinny
    Coolie Prinny Year ago

    Omg I look bummy😂😂❤️

    • Coolie Prinny
      Coolie Prinny Year ago

      +Reyzhified who are you?

    • M1
      M1 Year ago

      Unique Billie u are 🤕

  • Sd capo
    Sd capo Year ago +21

    She's propa 😍😍

  • Da D
    Da D Year ago +10

    When the white guy knows more black history

  • Star9ineBBG
    Star9ineBBG Year ago

    Shows how uneducated the black youth are on there own history but at the same time wanna gwarn like they know everything and are so opinionated on the subject Smfh

    • Urban Factory 13
      Urban Factory 13 Year ago

      You say Gwarn in your sentence but then proceed to diss blacks smh. How about you find the nearest cliff and do a back flip!, My sisters are young blacks and they are both in medical school (one of them already has another degree where she graduated with a 2:1 Hons from UCL). Summarising a whole race based on a few eeidiats that you have watched on a Grime channel is a clear indicator of the level of intelligence that you possess in your minuscule brain,,,, so maybe you will understand this; SSSSSSSSHHHHHHUUUHHH URR MOOOUUUTT PUSSYHOLE

  • Money Wise
    Money Wise Year ago

    The presenter is 24 years old

    • Money Wise
      Money Wise Year ago

      Reyzhified I want to receive a footjob from her

    • M1
      M1 Year ago

      Kyle Daway she's sexy

  • BAK
    BAK Year ago

    I know dat 1
    What's her name again?

  • Stefan
    Stefan Year ago


  • F Boy
    F Boy Year ago


  • F Boy
    F Boy Year ago +5

    about he spoke to you when you was 14 years old, musta been your blick uncle who looked like him

    • F Boy
      F Boy Year ago


    • nayem ali
      nayem ali Year ago

      Hahahaaaa!!!! Nahhh fammm this needs to be on the top still.

    • RamanSB100
      RamanSB100 Year ago +1

      looooooool these comments r ruthless

  • M14
    M14 Year ago

    Let this host come Manny, get the train back with some nut dripping from her jeans💦💦

  • Zip it up
    Zip it up Year ago +3

    This generation ffs

  • Ace D Shakur
    Ace D Shakur Year ago +3

    Man said Malcolm x you know I'm done...

  • tay x
    tay x Year ago

    I love monikah

  • Marleyj Sweet
    Marleyj Sweet Year ago +4

    I was just looking at her for the whole video

  • Rekter roar
    Rekter roar Year ago +2

    I'm a simple man when I see women I click on videos :)

  • Jahmile Smith
    Jahmile Smith Year ago +5

    Black history DID NOT just start with slavery. OUR HISTORY IS IN THE BIBLE! Black, Hispanics and Native americans are the CHILDREN OF ISRAEL! Read DEUTERONOMY 28:48, 28:68 SONG OF SOLOMON 1:5 DANIEL 10:6, 7:9 REVELATION 1:14-15 JESUS WAS BLACK! WAKE UP

    • moody405
      moody405 Year ago

      +Brikky Boy Rinze
      You can build flying pyramids with the power of your mind

    • Jahmile Smith
      Jahmile Smith Year ago

      I know. My mum thinks im mad but it makes me realise im on right track. Not many know this, so for you to know mean Gods chosen you. You special bro. The more this word gets spread, the more the elect will wake up and the more we'll get the hell up outta ere.

    • Jahmile Smith
      Jahmile Smith Year ago

      So why aren't you telling no1 then?

  • Laurence Boulcher

    There's so many dumb youts out there smh...

  • Outere
    Outere Year ago +7

    2:13 ur actually African aswell u don't even know lol I bet she knows a young thug song doe this generation is fucked lol

  • LiL Haz
    LiL Haz Year ago +2

    Caribbean blacks are the same Hebrew people from Israel that were taken as slaves by the Egyptians and then Romans, the Greeks and a lot of the African kings who were rich at the time that then sent them over to the Caribbean and America. African Americans are actually the same people as the Jamaicans so deep down all the Caribbean and black Americans on Earth are originally Israelites. do your research in the st James bible and then you'll learn the truth.

    • moody405
      moody405 Year ago

      I am going to send you something :)

    • Jahmile Smith
      Jahmile Smith Year ago

      Yh send that email ur number brudda but my fam from benjamin but as i looked into it i believe i was from Gilead which was inhabited by Gad and Joseph.

    • K
      K Year ago

      +The Lion I didn't say they weren't black. I'm stating the reason the current occupants are different. I would far quicker believe that Egyptians were closer to Ethiopians, Eritreans, or a kingdom which previously existed with natives that looked like a mixture of East and West African people. That's purely because of the proximity to Eritrea though.

    • moody405
      moody405 Year ago

      True. Idiots on both sides like to claim the Egyptians but unbiased research has shown that they were indigenous to the Nile area

    • K
      K Year ago

      moody405 actually they were black, but you are seemingly analysing through a colour rather than what the label "black" actually is - an inadequate word used as a racial category. Egyptians were Africans, the people in modern day Egypt are a direct result of the ottomans besieging the region, conquering it and we all know what happens once a nation takes over. The native population disappears as more and more come from the original conquerors land.

  • Yasin Chowdhury24
    Yasin Chowdhury24 Year ago +4

    Omdz srsly she is so peng

  • Brixton Frog
    Brixton Frog Year ago +5


  • Michael Makinwa
    Michael Makinwa Year ago +5

    garrett morgan was correct for the traffic light

  • Ishon O'Connor
    Ishon O'Connor Year ago +2

    The host gets answers wrong in every episode.. They should be looked into before asking people lol

  • The Kingpin
    The Kingpin Year ago +63

    A white fella knows more about black history than black people #YouShouldBeAshamed #MLKwouldBePissedInHisGrave

    • Tweetstar1 1
      Tweetstar1 1 Month ago

      He’s my uncle............

    • Milene Priscila
      Milene Priscila Year ago

      Jaguar The 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • M14
      M14 Year ago +3

      Jaguar The assumptions, it's not good to generalise off of a few individuals you know.

  • John wall best PG Ever

    Girl In the white hair seems like she don't care about black people

    • Biskit's Dad
      Biskit's Dad Year ago

      moody405 😤😤😤 Shut uo bludddd before you catch some bullets

    • moody405
      moody405 Year ago +16

      Why should she?

  • H.T JR
    H.T JR Year ago +2

    Shout to the presenter she's buff

  • Mark O'shea
    Mark O'shea Year ago +4

    Top comment is "albino walrus"
    Then blacks turn around and ask why whites don't care about the Black Lives Matter movement. The hypocrisy is absurd

    • Mark O'shea
      Mark O'shea Year ago

      Using that chain of logic: You have a white fetish for using white technology, talking English, wearing European style clothing and living in Europe itself.
      I come here because blacks are the most hypocritical racist people on Earth and it's hilarious watching them backtrack and pretend to be victims once they get what they dish out
      How about you do some research into Europe's right wing? I bet you were one of those idiots who were smugly saying Brexit wouldn't happen. Look around the internet, especially the comment sections on immigration videos. Five years ago they would have been flooded with naive indoctrinated liberal whites..not anymore.

    • cb king
      cb king Year ago +1

      Mark O'shea Its the truth I think you have a fetish for blacks because if you were a real racist you would not be trolling on every black video. "white lives matter march" was a bunch of inbred white who don't mix with blacks they only mix with whites lol they are one of you. EDL BNP Britian First UKIP all the white movements group are all filled with inbreds hence why they keep flopping. The Right Wing is rising lol been hearing that since 2007 and white people are still crying about everything

    • Mark O'shea
      Mark O'shea Year ago

      +Anti Gmg
      People who go on "white lives matter" marches are inbreds and exactly the type of people who mix with blacks. The right wing is rising all over Europe on an unprecedented scale. Do your own research
      Do you know what an ad hominem attack is? It makes you look silly to someone with an I.Q over 85

    • nayem ali
      nayem ali Year ago

      Anti Gmg allie fam loool

    • cb king
      cb king Year ago +2

      Mark O'shea Lool type in white lives matter on USclip and look at the comments look how many white people are calling them inbreds dumb chavs no gsce etc etc and look how many white people in the video saying they are idiots. Whites like to beg blacks the same way you beg blacks by going on their music channels and trolling again and again. I think you have a werid fetish for blacks tbh. if you were a real racist you would not be watching these videos. I think you need to sort out your fetish problem

  • Hey Hi
    Hey Hi Year ago

    Black people L smh

  • Dillian Whyte
    Dillian Whyte Year ago +24

    U guys made that old white man happy

  • bigmaxcc
    bigmaxcc Year ago +2

    lool desperate niggas if i get it right can i get your number

  • Al Kamil
    Al Kamil Year ago +2

    is that england? look like south africa to me.

    • Mark O'shea
      Mark O'shea Year ago +1

      You're straw manning. The point is not only do blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime they take out more then they contribute to the economy. The UK would be far better off without blacks.

    • Royalti
      Royalti Year ago

      Mark O'shea and what have u done to be valued as a true british what have YOU contributed to society how do i know your not a jobless benefits bum all youve shown me is that u like to point fingers at races

    • Royalti
      Royalti Year ago

      Mark O'shea what if i told you i weren't black

    • Mark O'shea
      Mark O'shea Year ago +1

      +skrskr .net
      You being here changes the dynamics of neighbourhoods and communities who DID NOT ASK FOR YOU TO BE THERE. The statistics show that immigrant communities (with maybe east Asians/Jews as the only exception) are represented in crime, poverty (and thus need government assistance - i.e. money), and have no interest in being a part of the country they live in. They just want to carve out a closed off criminal community for themselves.
      In the end, migration of Africans/ Pakistanis (and all other ME groups) has led to eroded native communities, increased crime, and increased government spending. In all, the result is negative.?
      It is easy to advocate multiracial society when your country/people has created nothing in its their existence

    • Al Kamil
      Al Kamil Year ago

      +skrskr .net You asking the right questions, but if some native english cant make a contribution to their country, how do you expect foreigners will make? Those guys dont give a shit as long as they get their social benefits. If you are not for my country, then you are against it and should be called a parasyte! and the data speaks for itself. Asians and indians do well better than blacks or mexicans. Why the fuck would someone take the worser ones instead of the better? You are an idiot or just want to ruin my country.

  • Lol Lol
    Lol Lol Year ago +58

    This presenter is too buff 😍😍

  • All I See Is boot cuts

    the presenter is a peng ting

  • Lord Of frog
    Lord Of frog Year ago +17

    man said shaggy..

  • Big Whoosh
    Big Whoosh Year ago +52

    lol the two white men did better than most of the blacks

    • irGuilty
      irGuilty Year ago

      +Intellectual look at you trying to separate uk and US its the same race, u cornball

    • K
      K Year ago +6

      irGuilty you're American what are you doing here? fucking retard. British black history is different from African American history. Go fly in a hurricane murican

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male Year ago +20

    She's beautiful bmt

  • Mo B
    Mo B Year ago

    @ 1.09 that's Will Derbyshire !!!

  • Norman Stansfield
    Norman Stansfield Year ago +2

    darkskins hold this L. its all about lightskin

    • Norman Stansfield
      Norman Stansfield Year ago

      +The Lion just in case...heres the future L

    • Norman Stansfield
      Norman Stansfield Year ago

      +The Lion You really think I would use my real name? Lmao stop assuming you idiot. Ive already told you this name is from a character in the movie "Leon". You look stupid. I'm hoping this is the last L that I will give you. I'm not counting on it tho

    • Norman Stansfield
      Norman Stansfield Year ago

      +The Lion I've never seen anybody take as much L's as you. How you gonna call me gay when your name is "The Lion"? Lol ur moist. Well done: another L

    • Norman Stansfield
      Norman Stansfield Year ago

      +The Lion just like you assumed I was white you waste man. Bro u catching these L's heavy. I think this is a record

    • Norman Stansfield
      Norman Stansfield Year ago

      +The Lion Nah fam ur darkskin..that's why u took that L from the off. Here's another L to go with it

  • Abisola Balomun
    Abisola Balomun Year ago +2

    white dude knows his stuff man.

  • Lennis I
    Lennis I Year ago +1

    Rocky Nti

  • liamdor
    liamdor Year ago +19

    South London girls are peng

    • liamdor
      liamdor Year ago +1

      +JayoJay trust

    • JayoJay
      JayoJay Year ago

      liamdor croydon girls are the best

    • liamdor
      liamdor Year ago

      +Swerve rah k den loool ik

    • Swerve
      Swerve Year ago

      liamdor it's different still, people know

    • liamdor
      liamdor Year ago

      +Swerve lool same with most girls rly

  • Garn 1
    Garn 1 Year ago +3

    'Marfin' uno 😂😭

  • Gareth Nana
    Gareth Nana Year ago +14

    I wouldda got her number stillll

    • Gareth Nana
      Gareth Nana Year ago

      +Junior K
      lol im not Ghanaian

    • Steve Yeboah
      Steve Yeboah Year ago

      +Junior K chwww see your head like my smoked fish

    • Junior K
      Junior K Year ago +4

      Gareth Nana you silly Ghanaian go and eat fufu

    • Johnny Gat
      Johnny Gat Year ago +14

      Gareth Nana course you would have Gareth

  • JS
    JS Year ago +2

    Some of these answers are terrible! How can that girl say Greece

  • __ N.S
    __ N.S Year ago

    who built the pyramids?

  • JACP
    JACP Year ago +3

    There's a lot of work to do...

  • T. Driller
    T. Driller Year ago +86

    She's actually too dank

  • 7thSection
    7thSection Year ago +67

    gheeze being black is so great.💯💯

  • tuxi187
    tuxi187 Year ago +3

    The cooning in the upcoming generation is on something else .

  • MrDominicw13
    MrDominicw13 Year ago +38

    funny how the old Irish white dude did the best

    • Tweetstar1 1
      Tweetstar1 1 Month ago

      He’s my uncle............

    • K
      K Year ago +1

      Dot B De black culture is not linked with black history so your point is invalid. They may have a slight correlation but they are not dependent on one another. Correlation does not equal causation.

    • irGuilty
      irGuilty Year ago +5

      Irish people and carribeans have a long history together that goes beyond slavery

    • Free Minds
      Free Minds Year ago

      Bmt that is wierd, i didn't even know it was black history month.

    • cb king
      cb king Year ago

      MrDominicw13 no he never the other person did

  • Royalti
    Royalti Year ago +164

    how can the girl drop slavery was abolished in the 2000's stupid un seasoned albino walrus

    • H011
      H011 Year ago

      Dead looooooooll

    • Boa123
      Boa123 Year ago


    • Brianna Bryant
      Brianna Bryant Year ago

      moody405 pls. Bye. I get you don't even pay tax because your claiming off the state. Your comment was extremely ignorant and you need to think about what you're saying. Thanks

    • CapiTen10
      CapiTen10 Year ago

      The question was wrong as slavery was never abolished in the uk sińce its never been legal in the uk. Shouldve asked what year was it abolished in the empire

    • moody405
      moody405 Year ago +1

      I don't hate black people, I've just realised that they're the only ones who benefit from multi-ethnic society.
      The only thing whites get out of the migration of Africans/ pakistanis (and all other ME groups) is eroded native communities, increased crime, and increased government spending which in turn causes us to pay higher taxes to0 accommodate you. All In all, the result is negative.