4 Levels of Fettuccine Alfredo: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of Fettuccine Alfredo. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which Alfredo was the best?
    Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE food blog: www.ice.edu/blog/fettuccine-alfredo-with-truffle
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    4 Levels of Fettuccine Alfredo: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious
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  • double chin ultimate
    double chin ultimate 2 hours ago

    I have experience with fettuccine Alfredo

  • Forged
    Forged 4 hours ago

    ive never been hungrier in my entire life when I saw that nice black lady cooking up fettuccine Alfredo

  • Elyse M. Cunningham
    Elyse M. Cunningham 6 hours ago

    I was good with Frank's idea until he busted out the truffles and cheese wheel. I get he's a level 3 chef, but get out of here with that. Heck, Gordon Ramsay is more down to earth for the everyday man.

  • Thanya
    Thanya 7 hours ago

    I just recreated Stephen’s Alfredo (cause it’s cheaper 😂) but it’s honestly the best Alfredo I ever made

  • Amelia L
    Amelia L 8 hours ago

    I always think that the home chef in these videos has the best looking food

  • Headache Mik
    Headache Mik 10 hours ago

    Frank: Nda sì bell. Bravo. Porca zozza, bravo!

  • Hyde Jekyll
    Hyde Jekyll 11 hours ago

    The food scientist chick need some extra pasta on her diet

  • Jo-Gianna Hall
    Jo-Gianna Hall 11 hours ago

    That Jamaican!

  • Jessica Thomas
    Jessica Thomas 11 hours ago +1

    I love that level one cook! He’s so funny.🤣

  • The King
    The King 11 hours ago

    Damn Steven is a cheapo

  • John Matrix
    John Matrix 12 hours ago

    First time I’ve watched this and thought that Level 1 was the best

  • Kosson kosab
    Kosson kosab 15 hours ago

    >we dont need many ingredients, and it's easy to make
    >Brings up a wheel of cheese

  • Jack
    Jack 16 hours ago

    Steven is the goat

  • Starblocks
    Starblocks 17 hours ago

    i wish julie was my grandma she's so wholesome

  • Angelou Davis
    Angelou Davis 23 hours ago

    She’s the best home cook I’ve ever seen

  • Covalent Bond
    Covalent Bond Day ago

    first guy is probably enjoying it the most

  • Sarah
    Sarah Day ago

    Yeah Frank is a pro but I feel like the real winner is Steven for all the reasons.

  • John12
    John12 Day ago

    Chef Frank, how do you store your cheese wheel? I want to start making pasta.

  • SParasyte
    SParasyte Day ago +1

    "everybody likes cheese"

    What about lactose people??

  • whosmiguel 1
    whosmiguel 1 Day ago

    Num 1 looked beter than Num 2 just saying

  • SmartestGirl Alive

    Every Caribbean island uses a lot of spices

  • Sparkle P8nter
    Sparkle P8nter Day ago

    I think they should each taste each others foods

  • Mr. Chang
    Mr. Chang Day ago

    10:34 the background music is literally the instrumental from Beck's Where its at changed slightly.

  • brooke madison
    brooke madison Day ago

    Steven brought a whole store bought sauce and her made it in case he messed up lol

  • HM J
    HM J Day ago

    No one
    Not a single soul
    Not even a strand of fettuccine

    Level 2 chef: aS a SaUcE bAsE

  • TwinkieToes
    TwinkieToes Day ago

    How do you clean your cheese wheel?

  • hallie daniel
    hallie daniel Day ago

    hey Julie. will you adopt me?

  • El Pel
    El Pel Day ago +1

    These clowns...how can you make such a hustle free easy to make pasta look so time consuming.

  • Tapiwa Kundishora

    Why Fank always like "its a simple recipe" but then proceeds to use the most EXTRA ingredients

  • Hope Holien
    Hope Holien Day ago

    Frank: I like fettuccine alfredo because it’s easy and doesn’t take a lot of ingredients.

    Also Frank: Makes his own pasta himself and FREAKING COOKS HIS ALFREDO IN A CHEESE WHEEL. A CHEESE. WHEEL.

  • Yog Sothoth
    Yog Sothoth Day ago +1

    Food scientist: "alfredo" thing is a hoax and a historical misunderstanding, it doesn't exist in Italy (or rather it's just pasta with butter and pecorino) and you shouldn't be cooking that... OHMYGOD DID HE SAY GRANA PADANO?

  • Khushboo Singh
    Khushboo Singh Day ago

    That’s so unhygienic. Putting pasta in the cheese wheel and then reusing it. Ewww

  • Ashley Siciliano
    Ashley Siciliano 2 days ago

    Like how he got into cooking to save money! Yaass!!!

  • Shawna's Ideas
    Shawna's Ideas 2 days ago

    5:08 - Um, what did your mother used to say?

  • yeinhorn
    yeinhorn 2 days ago

    70% Truffle
    30 % pasta

  • Worrystone AJ
    Worrystone AJ 2 days ago +2

    you know it's gonna good when steven and frank show up in the same video

  • Bubbl3Bubbl3gum
    Bubbl3Bubbl3gum 2 days ago

    I alwys carry 25kg of cheese with me where ever I go just in case I wanna make some pastas

  • pierre g
    pierre g 2 days ago +2

    "Creeping on to level 2 territory" ok cheesecake boi

  • An B
    An B 2 days ago

    Who's your nutmeg dealer ma'am

  • Jeremiah Bachmann
    Jeremiah Bachmann 2 days ago

    Who wants a $800 pasta??? Screw that Frank guy.

  • football masters vlogs gaming and other cool stuff

    Stephen: creeping on level 2 territory
    Meanwhile: adding cheesecake to pancakes and can't make ice-cream

  • Audriana Michelin
    Audriana Michelin 2 days ago

    Oohhh she got Jamaican nutmeg. 🇯🇲

  • Martina Skupin
    Martina Skupin 2 days ago

    Right after I will get my disability pension, I will go and buy truffles. (sarcasm).

  • Martina Skupin
    Martina Skupin 2 days ago

    Level 2 chef learnt about wooden spoon? Wow. Shock. (sarcasm). Isn´t she level minus 2 chef?

  • Martina Skupin
    Martina Skupin 2 days ago

    Chef making their own pasta? I can´t imagine such chef in the Czech republic. I am not so naive.

  • Martina Skupin
    Martina Skupin 2 days ago

    Level 2: "now we are going to heavily salt this." Translation: now we are going to kill you all". For god´s sake, how much salt she put there? It was awful to even look at it! I don´t want to know about state of her heart. She won´t be alive for too long, if she is using salt like this and with my illness, it would probably kill me in really short time.

  • Random Tandom
    Random Tandom 2 days ago

    Best amateur I’ve seen yet

  • azyh
    azyh 2 days ago

    you already know i would demolish all 3 bowls of pasta

  • Deus Costa
    Deus Costa 3 days ago

    level 3: truffles=skill?

  • Golden Shaker
    Golden Shaker 3 days ago +1

    Did Frank said "it has a little thug to it"
    Then they cut to Steven?
    Or am I just hearing things😳⁉️

    • NaturallyNatKat
      NaturallyNatKat 2 days ago

      I think he said it had a little “funk” to it.

  • Keiku
    Keiku 3 days ago +2

    steven: make it at home because it's cheaper
    frank: truffles tho

  • 00_Keven 11
    00_Keven 11 3 days ago

    why is the title 4 levels and they only do 3 levels?

  • Tanooki Gatcha
    Tanooki Gatcha 3 days ago

    “Surprise. A whole wheel of cheese.”

  • F.F.
    F.F. 3 days ago

    Lv 1 was the best.
    Easy to make and looks the best.
    And I mean seriously who has a whole cheese wheel in their house?

  • Microne mar
    Microne mar 3 days ago

    Im lactose and tolerant :')

  • Babita Kumar
    Babita Kumar 3 days ago

    That's pasta for 3 budget levels too!

  • Merissa B
    Merissa B 3 days ago +2

    I didn’t realise that this wasn’t a competition 😅

  • Frederique P.
    Frederique P. 3 days ago

    they all look good tbh, buT FRANK...IF YOU'RE READING THIS RIGHT NOW PLS CALL ME-

  • Clasher MVP
    Clasher MVP 3 days ago

    sauce *B A S E uuhhh*

  • Franchesca Mia
    Franchesca Mia 3 days ago

    Can someone tell me if Fettuccine Alfredo is just carbonara or are they different?

    • Ethan Quirk
      Ethan Quirk Day ago +1

      Franchesca Mia
      fettuccine alfredo = butter, starch water and parmesan cheese
      carbonara = egg, black pepper, starch water, guanciale and pecorino cheese