12 Craziest Foods at the LA County Fair!

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • “Whoever thought of putting buffalo chicken and mac & chest together in an ice cream cone…I want to marry that person.”
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    Today we’re at the Los Angeles County Fair to taste test all the crazy foods you’ll only find at a modern state fair - from deep fried avocados to the triple decker Krispy Kreme burger to a Girl Scout Cookie donut - the food was indulgent & awesome. Basically, Cheat Day hit the road! And it was great - until our car got hit on the way home... Never a dull moment with the Clevver crew!!
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  • ChaseliketheBank 420

    “Nothing over anything, we’re getting it all!” **2 months later Defy Media claims bankruptcy**

  • Ava Nicole
    Ava Nicole 3 days ago

    5:55 or a wife. love you though

  • Shanaia Mann
    Shanaia Mann 6 days ago

    Pickles are cucumbers marinated in a vinegar solution

  • Ellen Murphy
    Ellen Murphy 9 days ago +1

    I dislike coconut, but I love samoa cookies. Go figure.

  • Jaden Hernandez
    Jaden Hernandez 11 days ago

    Cucumber with vinegar

  • Mandee Iyer
    Mandee Iyer 11 days ago

    i hate somoas

  • Rawr XD
    Rawr XD 12 days ago

    I have never had coconut so idk if i like it

  • Diego Castillo
    Diego Castillo 13 days ago

    Dam I haven’t watched this channel in like 6 months and lily looks so weird like an alien her face is just so weird

  • Ally Hatter
    Ally Hatter 13 days ago

    Samoa’s are the ONE coconut food
    I like, I like the flavor of coconut,
    But the texture is not good

  • Emma Swan
    Emma Swan 13 days ago

    Pickles are cucumber s that you leave for a week in somthing sourish

  • T Marie
    T Marie 15 days ago +1

    “pickles are a type of cucumber” .... honey no..... pickles are cucumbers ...... soaked in vinegar .......

  • Carley Hamblin
    Carley Hamblin 16 days ago

    Pickles are cucumbers

  • Josh Viola
    Josh Viola 16 days ago

    One of these girls bout to get pregnant. .....With a food baby........sickos. Yea they hot though.

  • Dude1010 Miller
    Dude1010 Miller 17 days ago

    Pickles are cucumbers that are soaked in vinegar and other stuff

  • Grace Carabillo
    Grace Carabillo 17 days ago

    literally no one:
    not a soul:
    erin: iM fRoM tHe SoUtH

  • Brettbren
    Brettbren 17 days ago

    *The innuendos are STRONG with this one!!!*

  • Spaghett I
    Spaghett I 20 days ago


  • Flora Sagapolutele
    Flora Sagapolutele 20 days ago

    Wait did I heard them right? I think I've heard 'em said, SAMOA?

  • Haihao Zhu
    Haihao Zhu 20 days ago

    Pickles are cucumbers 🥒 marinated in vinegar

  • Unique Wallace
    Unique Wallace 22 days ago

    Hate coconut

  • McKenzie Cooper
    McKenzie Cooper 24 days ago

    please count the amount of times Erin says, "I'm from the south"

  • Kyla Duffy
    Kyla Duffy 25 days ago

    I love coconut

  • arjun dawar
    arjun dawar Month ago

    the amount of times she has said im from the south drives me insane

  • Rosse Klunchoo
    Rosse Klunchoo Month ago

    Was I the only one thinking really dirty

  • Hannah Carlin
    Hannah Carlin Month ago

    I just watched a 15 minute video about food..

    Now I need to fly to LA

  • Charity West
    Charity West Month ago +1

    Man you guys really don't care about calories anymore

  • Lesbian _
    Lesbian _ Month ago

    I feel like I’m the only one who goes to the fair for the rides o_O

  • Harmony Cartwright
    Harmony Cartwright Month ago

    no one:
    absolutely nobody:
    erin: "i'M fRoM tHE sOUtH"

  • julie bourgeois
    julie bourgeois Month ago

    I hate coconuts

  • Valeria Cruz
    Valeria Cruz Month ago

    You thought that was a fair come to the Houston Rodeo

  • Official Jeisleen
    Official Jeisleen Month ago

    Yo girl I ate a half a jar of pickles because I was mad at something 😂 lol.

  • OwO Queen
    OwO Queen Month ago

    She really said it’s not real frog 🤣👏🏾

  • Cici Citrus
    Cici Citrus Month ago

    I wanna see these girls more

  • Katia Gil
    Katia Gil Month ago +1

    The girl with the black hair is too ignorant to not know that frog legs are from frogs

  • Coco and Polly 1523

    I love coconut

  • Mia Kathryn
    Mia Kathryn Month ago

    I hate coconut

  • winterbabe101
    winterbabe101 Month ago +1

    9:38 how fast my mood changes

  • Jillian Tuttle
    Jillian Tuttle Month ago

    love you guys!!

  • Jillian Tuttle
    Jillian Tuttle Month ago

    pickles are pickled cucumbers!

  • Vicky O'Malley
    Vicky O'Malley Month ago

    I love the energy in this video

  • Katlynne Stiles
    Katlynne Stiles Month ago

    I love coconut so much.

  • Georgia Amacker
    Georgia Amacker Month ago

    no one:
    erin: im from the south 😂

  • Abbey Rich
    Abbey Rich Month ago

    Where was jostlin

  • Lexi Eastman
    Lexi Eastman Month ago

    I love coconut

  • Denver Bankuti
    Denver Bankuti Month ago

    I love dip n dots

  • janeen radha
    janeen radha Month ago

    You have to eat a warm fresh
    deep fried oreo. Tastes better warm nobody eats them cold

  • Ali’s Corner
    Ali’s Corner Month ago

    The deep fried Oreo in my town have powdered sugar

  • Niamhthe Lover
    Niamhthe Lover Month ago +1

    I just had teriyaki chicken was full

    I’m drooling now

  • Jackie and Jordan
    Jackie and Jordan Month ago

    Pickles are small cucumbers that you pick early and then jar with dill and other seasoning. I used to make pickles with my grandmother. :)

  • Brittany Clark
    Brittany Clark Month ago

    Definition of Pickle- You leave a Cucumber in a jar of vinegar AMD wait a little bit VOILA YOU GET A *PICKLE*

    MARINA DERUYCK Month ago


    erin: iM fRoM tHe SoUtH

  • sophia Moon
    sophia Moon Month ago +2

    When you were at chicken Charles u should have got chicken and waffles on a stick😭😭

  • Hannah Rizzo
    Hannah Rizzo Month ago +2

    “I’ve never been in a cop car!”
    “Oh I have, it’s really fun! Oh not illegally” 😂

  • Jess Kelly
    Jess Kelly Month ago

    I’m with lily hate coconut love dippin dots

  • I’m an ogree Shrek
    I’m an ogree Shrek Month ago +2

    All of you girls are so pretty

  • Haylee Tincher
    Haylee Tincher Month ago

    these may be the dumbest people i’ve ever seen holy shit. get that coin tho ladies 😇

  • You needd Jesus Jk u need milk

    I would never share my food but u guys are really good friends so keep on sharing

  • Ania Bowles
    Ania Bowles Month ago +1

    Lily :Erin thinks it's healthy
    Erin:I'm from the South

  • giovanna warner
    giovanna warner Month ago

    *stomach has left the chat*

  • spookie socks
    spookie socks Month ago

    This video reminds me when Elton and Heath went to a fair with Megan

  • Gordon Dmello
    Gordon Dmello Month ago

    Like she stamped the a puppy 11:07

  • kitty mom
    kitty mom Month ago

    1. La has the worse county fair ever. Ive been to 10 diff states. La is the absolute worse.
    2. Cotton candy is easy to make. There is nothing you can do to make it better. Just pick a flavor you like.
    3. deep fried filet mignon.. so... country fried steak. Except not pounded down.. and no gravy. So not as good.
    4. The big d joke stopped being funny after the first time. At the 50,000th time it was just mind numbingly stupid.

  • Alajah Williams
    Alajah Williams Month ago

    Who is watching this so late because you love food

  • Jasmine Satchwell
    Jasmine Satchwell Month ago

    I ❤️coconut

  • Allison Sadecek
    Allison Sadecek Month ago

    I like jalapenos with cream cheese inside wrapped in bacon

  • Kristen Schmitt
    Kristen Schmitt Month ago


  • Ripuli 247
    Ripuli 247 Month ago

    I can give you the big d.....

  • Kaily Alvarez
    Kaily Alvarez Month ago

    pickles are just cucumbers that are dunked into vinegar , I'm kind of sure I dont know

  • Ava Ettedgui
    Ava Ettedgui Month ago

    I don’t really like sweet sweet things

  • Ava Ettedgui
    Ava Ettedgui Month ago

    I don’t like coconut but I love Samoaes

  • Ava Ettedgui
    Ava Ettedgui Month ago


  • Tamra Riley
    Tamra Riley Month ago +2

    Calories never count of her at a fair

  • Daniela Contreras
    Daniela Contreras Month ago

    Pickles are cucumbers 🥒 soaked in vinegar? I think 🤔

  • Scarlett Ya
    Scarlett Ya Month ago

    10:45 lmaoioioo

  • Scarlett Knowles
    Scarlett Knowles Month ago

    "I love big d" or "I've not had a big d in a while" 🤣🤣
    I love how they keep talking about it 🤣🤣

  • 360 View
    360 View Month ago

    14:08 killed me lol

  • Jillian Gomez
    Jillian Gomez Month ago

    10:47 Thunder thighs 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sarah Casha
    Sarah Casha Month ago

    I hate coconut too lilly

  • Kasey Wood
    Kasey Wood Month ago

    Pickles are cucumbers that have been canned in vinegar, salt, and sometimes other spices. The fact that people don't know what pickles are made of confuses me. lol

  • Alivia Cole
    Alivia Cole Month ago

    2019 anyone

  • Alivia Cole
    Alivia Cole Month ago

    Ugu do not like counot nasty

  • Alivia Cole
    Alivia Cole Month ago

    I am hugrey as af

  • melplaysROBLOX !
    melplaysROBLOX ! Month ago

    See you can really mess up cotton candy,like cotton candy candy is a secret thing like u cant just make it, u just dont make it and it like be good................... (Do u know how to make cotton candy?) .. Uh no. 😂😂

  • Samantha1162001
    Samantha1162001 Month ago

    "Im FrOm ThE sOuTh" ok sis we get it yee haw

  • Brianna Arnold
    Brianna Arnold 2 months ago

    I loved the coconut girl scout cookies but then I found out I was allergic to coconut

  • Me Turner
    Me Turner 2 months ago

    I got the shivers every time someone ate the cotton candy hate the texture of cotton candy

  • Nat is my Name
    Nat is my Name 2 months ago

    After the clever scandal

  • susums _2513
    susums _2513 2 months ago

    Yes, pickle is a pickled cucumber

  • Are Sol
    Are Sol 2 months ago

    I've lived in California my whole life and live less than 3 hours away from LA and have never went to this fair!!! Omg I've gots to go

  • Lia
    Lia 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but how the heckkkkk are you guys still that skinny!!!???

  • Rylee Powers
    Rylee Powers 2 months ago

    You r making me hungry

  • Rylee Powers
    Rylee Powers 2 months ago

    Love me some coconut

  • Ashley Monohan
    Ashley Monohan 2 months ago

    It very likely is a frog legs a lot of people say frog legs taste like chicken

  • Brandle
    Brandle 2 months ago

    If it's in the yard and you can kill it than we eat it
    Me: even......a human child??A KITTEN??A NEWBORN PUPPY oh mAh gad !

  • Maribel Navarro
    Maribel Navarro 2 months ago

    3:11 how offensive I'm a girl scout😔😔😶😂😫😫😫😂

  • beatrizesque
    beatrizesque 2 months ago

    “It feels like it tastes healthy” I want to lie to myself as good as this girl lies to herself

  • Roz Brown
    Roz Brown 2 months ago

    The lady in the background at 4:33 is judging them so hard! 😂

  • Sims.gamer93
    Sims.gamer93 2 months ago

    I hate coconut flavored things :P

  • hol x
    hol x 2 months ago

    I feel sick