Beware The Sack Man - Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • In today's episode, Sapphire tells the tale of a young girl who encounters the Bubak, a scarecrow who eats children...
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Comments • 5 213

  • Lily Gamer :3
    Lily Gamer :3 2 hours ago

    Hears crying coming from the other side of my room
    Me: ....................YEET *jumps out the window than realises i left my cousin*
    Me: *countines to run* I DIDNT LIKE HER ANYWAY....!

  • Gacha Rose
    Gacha Rose 3 hours ago

    DID SHe

    I'm panicking aajnsjchrjemhxka
    Did her perants believe her
    Is this a true story did the thing leave

    I need answers!!!!!

  • isaac lopez
    isaac lopez 4 hours ago

    Lucia is a rude and disgusting person she killed the baby chicken

  • cuphead lover
    cuphead lover 8 hours ago +1

    Well she dead.....mabye alive?.. :3

  • destinnyx
    destinnyx 10 hours ago

    After that voicemail I finna come out of my hiding space and give up

  • JUSTNL Minderhoud
    JUSTNL Minderhoud 12 hours ago +1

    Yea the chills down my spine really came from this one

  • blink
    blink 15 hours ago

    When I saw him in Lucia's bedroom I was scared af

  • o f f i c i x l l y k x n

    Sasori, is that you?

  • Jaela Bailey
    Jaela Bailey Day ago

    4:55 I'm sorry but that run was- girl what is you doing 😂

  • DJFNAF Freak
    DJFNAF Freak Day ago +2

    *hears baby crying*
    Me:YEEET *throws baby bottle* SHUT UP YOU BUG BABY!!!

  • Arshil Haque
    Arshil Haque Day ago +1

    *bubak gets in my room*
    Me: get kinda scared
    Bubak: cries
    Me:*gets mad*
    Me:your in the wrong house fool
    *Kills bubak and saves cousin*

  • SKRIMY 37
    SKRIMY 37 2 days ago

    This should be the new origin story of scarecrow from DC

  • Just a regular gurl
    Just a regular gurl 2 days ago +1

    So like she died? Or what the fuck happened you can’t just leave us like that

  • Plazma Star
    Plazma Star 2 days ago

    When she said he'll put her in his sack, my little sister was like "which one?" And I was like "HiS bAlLs" 😂😂😂

  • twice bby
    twice bby 3 days ago

    he looks like a beggar in the philippines-

  • Katie /gacha\
    Katie /gacha\ 4 days ago

    Me: hears crying*
    Sak man: Shows body and tries to go after her
    Me: i fit in the smallaest thing in the kitchen

  • ZACK playz
    ZACK playz 4 days ago +2

    sack man boi:u will eat u
    lucia: fear me hooman

  • Gifted 2019
    Gifted 2019 4 days ago +1

    I am after watching a video before this and I shite me self

  • Sarah Gacha Life
    Sarah Gacha Life 5 days ago +1

    I never get scared of these


  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray 5 days ago

    Wait finish the story. How does it end?

  • Jeremy Ray
    Jeremy Ray 5 days ago

    Spooky scarecrow. What scarecrow?

  • Anna Balcarová
    Anna Balcarová 5 days ago

    I'm from the Czech republic, a bubák (in here) is just a ghost or something in general. If someone scares you, you can say, Oh, I thought you were some kind of bubák lol. I thought about this when I heard The Bubák. It would be cool if you would do some legend from the Czech republic

  • Aaliyah Saldana
    Aaliyah Saldana 6 days ago

    Can you get those something scary jackets

  • Amari Wells
    Amari Wells 6 days ago

    He protecc
    He attacc

    But most importantly his name bubak

  • Roaring Lion
    Roaring Lion 6 days ago +2

    Cousin: we have to stick together okay
    girl: “locks herself in her room”

  • Shoshitake Takeyani
    Shoshitake Takeyani 6 days ago

    This one is so sad. There was no hero twist just death

  • Plazma Star
    Plazma Star 6 days ago

    Me: *hears baby cries*
    Me: NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE *gets up, grabs matches and lighter, walks to my backyard and puts my phone on the ground* NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE *lights phone on Fire* NOPE

  • Mihail Gerasimovski
    Mihail Gerasimovski 6 days ago +1

    What 12 year old will get up and check out the baby noises coming from there room

  • Alex Tsuki
    Alex Tsuki 6 days ago

    i have 2 memes:

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly
    he scary as hacc
    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly
    he may put you in a sacc if u throw egg on his facc then he may eat u as a snacc

    sorry if bad english

  • sleepy kitty
    sleepy kitty 7 days ago

    It’s Santa Claus! He told me to get in his sack. That’s where the toys are!

  • Ahegao Akunie
    Ahegao Akunie 7 days ago

    This was the scariest animation ever

  • Nosey Kim
    Nosey Kim 7 days ago

    I got a baby brother so I can’t tell

  • Alice Graham
    Alice Graham 7 days ago

    Umm how many times does the girl have to see that thing to stop thinking it was just a prank?

  • Janaphyxiate23- 0
    Janaphyxiate23- 0 7 days ago

    What happened to Lucia did the bubak find her and eat her with her cousin or did she stay in that hiding spot until her parents got their and they just ate her cousin

    • Janaphyxiate23- 0
      Janaphyxiate23- 0 7 days ago

      And don’t worry guys I watched this already but I’m just asking cuz I just wanted to know

  • Rosie 453
    Rosie 453 7 days ago

    What happened to the cousin was she took away??? I have so many questions

  • Lucija
    Lucija 7 days ago

    My name is Lucija

  • Lovely Loser
    Lovely Loser 7 days ago

    i love this so much i wish that you can make part 2 of this 🥴

  • Shellie Gama
    Shellie Gama 8 days ago

    And this is why I am a pack sibling with 2 old enough siblings but what scares me is that I have a 1 year old baby brother

  • The STRANGE Balloon Boy

    Admit it... a horror movie about the Bubak would make a great movie...!!!!

  • Lenard The Memer
    Lenard The Memer 8 days ago +1

    Bubak: I ain't a scarecrow boi but I am a baby

  • Lenard The Memer
    Lenard The Memer 8 days ago

    Bakbak not bubak
    Do u guys know the USclipr bakbak?

  • Roses Animation
    Roses Animation 8 days ago

    Ahhh the comments are safe

  • Susilo Silo
    Susilo Silo 9 days ago

    *oh no*

  • Aryen Ganesh
    Aryen Ganesh 9 days ago

    I need to know real quick how young are young children just asking so I am know i am safe as 15 yo

  • Naturalli _ Melanin
    Naturalli _ Melanin 9 days ago

    Do a prat two

  • Ewi Tube
    Ewi Tube 9 days ago

    I'm making a big mistake watching these at night

  • K Kay
    K Kay 9 days ago

    Husband: Honey the baby is crying
    Wife: We don't have a baby.

  • Chocolate Switzerland

    Lol, when I saw the title "Bubák" I was... kinda surprised, because that title actually is in my native language "Czech" and we normally use this like a title for.... example - bubák in closet. In Czech: bubák ve skříni. So yeah :D

  • Mpdude
    Mpdude 9 days ago

    Who else read Snack man

  • Minnie_ Xox
    Minnie_ Xox 9 days ago

    Lucia pissed me off

  • Karina300
    Karina300 10 days ago +1

    Wow cool story

  • The Gamingpiñata
    The Gamingpiñata 10 days ago

    Thought from Jupiter’s channel he protecc he atacc he even keeps kids in a sack but he also eats kids as a snack

  • ezra playz
    ezra playz 10 days ago

    R.I.P Lucia and Emily

  • Get Ur LIFE
    Get Ur LIFE 11 days ago

    It’s Jeepers Creepers

  • Gacha is in the Air
    Gacha is in the Air 11 days ago


    nice try cus.......

  • thats my sun
    thats my sun 11 days ago

    Who calls their cousin “cousin” instead of their first name?

  • Chewy Cat
    Chewy Cat 12 days ago

    Sapphire shows want to hear something scary I run and pee my pants after but don't forget to leave a like Snarled videos plz like Sapphire 😘

  • Jeesilyn Canizar
    Jeesilyn Canizar 12 days ago

    tbh that was an ugly ass cry and the vol was so loud and the cry was so friction ugly my ear hurt

  • Kadyn Chan
    Kadyn Chan 12 days ago +1

    i live right in front of a field wtf-

  • ana llama
    ana llama 12 days ago +2

    My friends at sleepover:so that why you should be beware of the bubak

  • Drea Paulette
    Drea Paulette 12 days ago

    Is she really gonna stay in that covard for another 48 hours

  • 20k subs with 10 videos
    20k subs with 10 videos 13 days ago +2

    (• - •)
    /> 🍉
    Want some *WaTeR-MeLoN*

  • Davy Salt
    Davy Salt 13 days ago

    Eh, this one just doesn't make sense. If it's just going to sneak up on you at night, why does it cry like a baby to lure you to it? Her cousin would've had to have been ambushed because she already knew about the legend and wouldn't have fallen for the cries. Lucia was ambushed as well, and only got away because the thing made a bunch of noise and woke her up before it could get her. It just seems like two separate monsters mashed into one story but they don't go together.

    EAZY GAMER 14 days ago +1

    That ending was a big slap in her face

  • Quiara B. Qrowns
    Quiara B. Qrowns 14 days ago +3

    Wait what happened did Lucia get found is there a part to did the Bubauck give up and leave dose she save her cousin Emily I need answers please

  • ETN Cupcakes
    ETN Cupcakes 14 days ago +3

    *hears a baby crying in my room*

    Me: Nope

    *grabs bat from under pillow*

  • Christine Taylor
    Christine Taylor 14 days ago

    am silbon wannabe

  • Daniel Barnes
    Daniel Barnes 14 days ago

    Cross off the last Dook please

  • Daniel Barnes
    Daniel Barnes 14 days ago

    The ba. ba-dook. Dook. Dook. Dook.

  • Aidan Simpkins
    Aidan Simpkins 15 days ago

    Open the door and run