Beware The Sack Man - Scary Story Time // Something Scary | Snarled

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • In today's episode, Sapphire tells the tale of a young girl who encounters the Bubak, a scarecrow who eats children...
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Comments • 5 571

  • Lyan Albawi 7BF
    Lyan Albawi 7BF 10 hours ago +1

    the pictures make it 100 percent better

  • Jimena Hernandez

    Me: *see's sack man in the field*

  • Aisyah Zahrah
    Aisyah Zahrah Day ago

    This story was sooooo similar to this movie "scary story to tell"

  • shio otanashi
    shio otanashi Day ago

    No one found this scary? Both the baby sitter and the girl are dead and her parents won't be home for a few days. No one found that concerning?

  • Jay Johnson
    Jay Johnson 2 days ago

    Sapphire : Beware The Sack Man
    Me: SANTA??!!?

  • Stacy Osborne
    Stacy Osborne 3 days ago +1


  • Stacy Osborne
    Stacy Osborne 3 days ago +1

    That's not your cousin girl

  • Stacy Osborne
    Stacy Osborne 3 days ago +1

    Docs not a prank

  • catty
    catty 4 days ago +1

    Sapphire: wanna hear something scary?
    Me: my life

  • Lloyd Garmodon
    Lloyd Garmodon 4 days ago

    Ok Number one: if you hear a baby crying but theres no baby in the house would you follow the sound???

  • Tyler Krigger
    Tyler Krigger 5 days ago

    (Lucia throws an egg at the bubak)
    Bubak hunts Lucia
    Bubak: this is revenge for throwing that egg at me!😤

  • Weather Geek
    Weather Geek 6 days ago +1

    Only dirty minded people would misinterpret the title 😂

  • Bxop :V
    Bxop :V 6 days ago

    I misread it as durak

  • lieutenant general copper

    Lucia if you don't believe someone I slap ten time

  • TheRainbow_ Cat
    TheRainbow_ Cat 8 days ago

    This is why i dont watch scary videos. Btw i freaking love your videos! They always give me chills and make me stay awake at night!

  • ShadowSquaderon Chaos
    ShadowSquaderon Chaos 8 days ago +1

    5:55 oh shit

  • vuki BMX
    vuki BMX 9 days ago

    dude i just shit myself

  • Alexandro Villagomez

    This story is amazing

  • Aurora_MF
    Aurora_MF 10 days ago

    I keep on watching all your vids i don't why but there good

  • MapleGames Animation
    MapleGames Animation 10 days ago

    So you wanna tell me that the bubak can do its thing during the day

  • FreshyBoi
    FreshyBoi 11 days ago

    I misread it as "Sock man" at first and Love yo videos keep it up and no I not copying JustLivinLife. 😊🤣

  • Cami Flora
    Cami Flora 11 days ago

    Well serves her right for being dumb she's not playing lucy GEEZE!

  • Chitsuki :3
    Chitsuki :3 11 days ago

    I cant take that creature seriously because of its name..
    Bubák? Are you kidding me? 😂😂😂
    For you to understand Im a Czech and Bubák means some little ghost 😂

  • * fozy *
    * fozy * 12 days ago +1

    If you ever see a monster just shoo it off with a broom. The broom wins every weapon.

  • linda aucamp
    linda aucamp 12 days ago

    I shat myself !_!

  • B W
    B W 12 days ago

    Me: oh it’s just a creepy scare crow
    Me 4:43 minutes+seconds later:
    wait snake scarecrow? SNAKE CROW

  • Rebecca Bee
    Rebecca Bee 13 days ago

    Anyone remember little big planet?

    Yea... i was thinking of “sack boy” when I saw this?

  • HI GH
    HI GH 14 days ago

    I laughed so hard at the VM part omg
    Lucia: My parents will be back by tomorrow morning, I could make it out alive
    Parents: You were right Lucia, you are a big girl. There are tons of meetings and we won't make it tomorrow
    Lucia and Emily: (pikachu meme face with tears)

  • Ranjit Nagdev
    Ranjit Nagdev 15 days ago

    Make video on Demon Drummer of Tidsworth or about Springheeled Jack

  • penny The deviant
    penny The deviant 15 days ago

    I have a story!!!! " me and my friends were playing truth or dare,my friend dared me to get my OUIJA board out since they knew I had it so she also said "let's play it!!" and I got scared but I still did it...I regret it every single day, so after I asked the basics I finally asked " are you a evil spirit " and it went to yes ,every thing in my house went black/dark and something fell so we all ran but.... we didn't say goodbye and I never found the OUIJA bored so but when we were running,something grabbed my leg and said "if you move... I'll find you.... if you run I'll find you..."but I just thought it was nothing...and now every night I hear stuff falling ..." that's all

  • Anne Joe
    Anne Joe 15 days ago

    just came back from watching “scary stories to tell in the dark”

  • Ultra X Instinct xx
    Ultra X Instinct xx 15 days ago

    They call him *SACK* man for a reason

  • paul tynan
    paul tynan 16 days ago +1

    🙂 😎

  • ACE E
    ACE E 16 days ago +1

    Ate Means Sister In Phillipines sry i dont know how to spell

  • Juliana aHhh
    Juliana aHhh 16 days ago

    r u a filipino ate sapphire?

    • Juliana aHhh
      Juliana aHhh 16 days ago

      i mean if u r a full blooded filipino

  • Jazmine C
    Jazmine C 17 days ago

    That story got me, just imaging myself in that situation as an adult would be terrifying! 💀

  • Kelrick Mansaray
    Kelrick Mansaray 17 days ago


  • Krxnical
    Krxnical 18 days ago +3

    Emily: Lucia RUN!
    Lucia: *Hides*
    Me: *dolphin dives out window*

  • Janette Cantos
    Janette Cantos 19 days ago

    You always eat egg.

  • I like suga kookies with a side of j-hoe

    he protecc
    he attacc
    but most importantly...
    he got a sacc.

  • Pie Good
    Pie Good 20 days ago +1

    Good story :)

  • Sachin
    Sachin 21 day ago

    I thought she waz 5

    Plz dont judge

  • Jalyssa Fountain
    Jalyssa Fountain 22 days ago

    I love these stories❤️💕❤️

  • oh yeahyeah
    oh yeahyeah 23 days ago +1

    I feel like Saphire owns this channel tbh

  • Lárus Thor Bogason
    Lárus Thor Bogason 23 days ago

    Super scary

  • Cyber Fear
    Cyber Fear 23 days ago

    Lucia is this a overwatch reference

  • joseph
    joseph 26 days ago

    the what

    ¡LA AWESOME! 27 days ago


  • GalaxyWolf YT
    GalaxyWolf YT 28 days ago

    Wow The Parents Called At Best Timing EVER

  • sweet girl
    sweet girl 28 days ago

    Really scary

  • Paloma Sias
    Paloma Sias Month ago

    I remember a time when I was eating with my sister and mom and we al heard somebody crying in my room and I’m like to my sister it’s the bubok and when my mom went in it was just my dog crying because i left him in there:)

  • Haylee McCann
    Haylee McCann Month ago

    This had a horrible ending!!! Part 2!!!!

  • Low Quality Memes 4 A Reasonable Price

    *HOLD YOUR HORSES*! If Emily said that they should have sticked together what would they have done? Get abducted simultaneously? NO!! They would wear a suit and form themselves to look like a huge man, which would have tricked the monster that there were no kids in the house. Only if Lucia followed the plan.
    Also, how did Sacc Man get inside the house?

  • Adri Williams
    Adri Williams Month ago

    This shit creepy

  • Brice Griffin
    Brice Griffin Month ago

    So was her cousin in the sack

  • Foxtony
    Foxtony Month ago

    I shit my pants

  • Julie Forsling
    Julie Forsling Month ago


  • Zaidsaymaa Jf
    Zaidsaymaa Jf Month ago +1

    Lucy: *Throws egg at bubak*
    Bubak: It.. is... time.. to face... your demise, *shows body details.*

  • rebecca xoxo
    rebecca xoxo Month ago


  • Jerrold Ong
    Jerrold Ong Month ago +1

    lol! I read the title as: Beware the SNACK man

    that... would have been a completely different story than this one XD