P!nk Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on Nov 15, 2017
  • James enlists some commuting help from P!nk, driving around Los Angeles singing her classics, and the two end upside down to prove once and for all you can sing better inverted.
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Comments • 14 690

    GERMAN RAGNOR KING 7 hours ago

    Love pink as much as I love TRUMP.. Truly I love both ...πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Mariah Avila
    Mariah Avila 13 hours ago

    How cute I didn’t know that about *NSYNC tour

  • Nikki B
    Nikki B Day ago

    Love them both so much 😍❀

  • Viktor Mitan
    Viktor Mitan Day ago

    Her personality is just everything lol

  • Jessica Fletcher

    I love you so much. you are so damn awesome

  • dedengkot pugeran

    Spirit singing.

  • David Rabinowits
    David Rabinowits Day ago +1

    Sucks πŸ‘Ž

  • A Turtles Dream
    A Turtles Dream Day ago +1

    Pink is everything. πŸ”₯

  • Ian Sinclair
    Ian Sinclair Day ago

    Pink is a trip.

  • UmeK
    UmeK 2 days ago

    Perfect! I love P!NK and this program so much, But unfortunately there is a bad thing. I wanna hear her singing more and more... Hope that she will come back to the show again.

  • Andrea Martinez
    Andrea Martinez 3 days ago +1

    One of my favorite singers she's awesome

  • Shante Henry
    Shante Henry 3 days ago +1

    I love pink so much she is so talented

  • Lindsey Klauer
    Lindsey Klauer 3 days ago

    Being upside down actually helps you sing louder for some strange reason.

  • Eve Desrochers
    Eve Desrochers 3 days ago +1

    I love your music😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • Tanayah Reynolds
    Tanayah Reynolds 3 days ago

    youtube needs a love button

  • Rashid Trifisse
    Rashid Trifisse 3 days ago

    P!nk laugh make me laugh too, so contagious, and her music make me live, and forget my problems completely 😘😘😘

  • MrsNanaBlue
    MrsNanaBlue 3 days ago

    What a great voice and a great character Pink has

  • Luka a
    Luka a 3 days ago

    Anyoneee in 2019???

  • Daily Insider’s Scoop

    It’s 4 years now that I’ve started listening to Pink and I’m promised to myself that I’ll keep remembering her sings

  • Alicia Byrd
    Alicia Byrd 3 days ago

    Siiinnng my fellow Alicia!(her real name) lol

  • Jessica Oxendine
    Jessica Oxendine 4 days ago

    me and my little boy just laughed so hard at this! pink is so funny she seems like a really nice person.

  • Sandra Rodriguez
    Sandra Rodriguez 4 days ago

    I can't believe the pink store made a singer!

  • steini1255
    steini1255 4 days ago

    so funny .... she is so nice

  • Haha Ha
    Haha Ha 5 days ago

    Is he even on the phone at the start?? You can see the apps from the home screen?

  • Claudia Irons
    Claudia Irons 5 days ago

    Love Pink! She is the BEST!!!!!

  • Rhoanne Gabucay
    Rhoanne Gabucay 6 days ago


  • Johnny Maxim
    Johnny Maxim 6 days ago

    Gaga inspired me with Pokerface because of my Hungarian heritage "MAKSZIM" love you also collaborate with me, and like my Parody ,work with me on some other things ?

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly 6 days ago +2

    dear pink
    I hope you are reading this with me and my mom when ever we are in the car I always want to listen to pink music and if a song that isn’t pink I plug my ears and don’t listen to that song when ever there is a pink music song coming up I get crazy I have been listening to your music since I was 3 and now I am 8 and I still love it and I even been to your concert

  • Waffles ;-;
    Waffles ;-; 7 days ago +23

    P!nk only gets 17 Million? I know it's a lot but... She deserves more views!

  • Loes Bongers
    Loes Bongers 7 days ago +1

    alle nederlanders luister 9:24 tot 9:26 en luister ik hoor "Haal me uit de doos" HAHA

  • Milo Stylo
    Milo Stylo 8 days ago

    Pink is beautiful 🌹

  • kleeblatt
    kleeblatt 9 days ago +1

    perfect mixture of party songs and deep emotional songs, all sung by a beautiful, strong woman.

  • 'Yunita Dinni Setiawati

    Pink we've been waiting your concert in JAKARTA PLEEEAASSEEE....

  • Moe Rukn
    Moe Rukn 9 days ago

    I love this

    BAILEY KAYAK FISHING 10 days ago

    She's the best, down to earth, super funny, a great great person...never change that Pink

  • george pasquel
    george pasquel 10 days ago

    Am i seeing james Corden dream job beeing fullfill?? jajajaj LOVE pink SHE'S THE best human funny person ever. and she can sing soooo good. thank G-d

  • Hannah Steedman
    Hannah Steedman 10 days ago

    billie eilish carpool karaoke?

  • RB B
    RB B 10 days ago

    If I had Pink's voice and talent, I'd never stop singing.

  • Hayden MistStream
    Hayden MistStream 11 days ago +17

    P!nk is an amazing loving funny human being and she also has the most amazing voice ever, ahhh I love her so muchπŸ’–

  • skyclimber7
    skyclimber7 11 days ago

    Pink needs to do a movie.

  • Marsh Mello
    Marsh Mello 12 days ago

    I loveeeeeee p!nk 😍. Her voice is sooo amazing. Wish I could meet p!nk 😩. I would literally cry

  • Denise Hart
    Denise Hart 12 days ago

    That was really enjoyable! :)

  • Preachers Angry Truth
    Preachers Angry Truth 12 days ago

    Pink is a dude wake up

  • Gosia Wieczorek
    Gosia Wieczorek 12 days ago

    Love Pink 😍😍😍

  •  12 days ago

    Before I love Red. Now, I love Pink! Yeah!!!

  • Kimberly Shepherd
    Kimberly Shepherd 12 days ago

    So funny I love this 😊

  • Bunny Tsukino
    Bunny Tsukino 13 days ago

    I like pink more than Christina

  • Jeanette Stuart
    Jeanette Stuart 13 days ago


  • Vishak Ramesh
    Vishak Ramesh 13 days ago


  • Nicole Ellis
    Nicole Ellis 14 days ago

    Just made my day! So hilarious thank you

  • Nicole Ellis
    Nicole Ellis 14 days ago

    I love this!!

  • Sarah L
    Sarah L 14 days ago

    God l love her πŸ’•

  • Gacha Fire
    Gacha Fire 14 days ago +2

    Pink makes my black soul turn pink

  • betsy kelley
    betsy kelley 16 days ago +1

    When will she get the recognition she deserves?

  • Karrie Kvasager
    Karrie Kvasager 16 days ago +4

    I love how happy James is when they harmonize

  • Katrin S
    Katrin S 16 days ago +1

    I just love Pink.
    She is authentic.

  • Tiemo Verboort
    Tiemo Verboort 16 days ago

    Pink out of the best of luck in your life

  • Amy james Hart
    Amy james Hart 16 days ago

    amy r hart is the real me sea set il

  • deby silva
    deby silva 16 days ago

    Brasil ❀❀❀❀

  • Matteo Kanaan
    Matteo Kanaan 16 days ago +2

    What About Us
    Get The Party Started
    Beautiful Trauma
    Raise Your Glass

  • Ashton
    Ashton 16 days ago

    Pink singing just like a pill in a upper key ...... πŸ˜₯

  • Edengamergirl09 Reynolds

    Love you pink

  • o o
    o o 17 days ago +1

    She's adorable and has a great voice. Wish she recorded more songs that will stand the test of time.

  • Texas Gypsy
    Texas Gypsy 17 days ago +1

    I’ve been in love with P!nk since I was 6

  • FOxie SmartCookie
    FOxie SmartCookie 17 days ago +1

    I just love her.. because she can sing whenever she wants and feel the music. She also has some part of lithuanian roots...

  • Rico Roberts
    Rico Roberts 17 days ago

    πŸ—£SUCK A fat one🏚 πŸ•Ί

  • aldrien cadir
    aldrien cadir 17 days ago

    Pink is so damn good.

  • Linette Reyes
    Linette Reyes 18 days ago

    I love her

  • Linette Reyes
    Linette Reyes 18 days ago

    I love her

  • Jescika Rodriguez
    Jescika Rodriguez 18 days ago +1

    I love P!nk! My favorite artist ❀️❀️❀️ thanks πŸ™

  • Shon Stills
    Shon Stills 18 days ago

    Pink, you are an amazing woman

  • Ken Davis Music
    Ken Davis Music 18 days ago

    Pink Is Amazing! What About Us ?? Its The Song of The century! Ken Davis International Composer From Sydney Australia

  • Maiken May
    Maiken May 19 days ago +10

    I've been girl crushing on Pink the last 10 years at the least .. my God, I love that woman.

  • Randall Ketcher
    Randall Ketcher 19 days ago +6


  • Randall Ketcher
    Randall Ketcher 19 days ago +2


  • Connie Kelly
    Connie Kelly 19 days ago

    anyone else notice James phone at the beginning?

  • Itzel Olivera
    Itzel Olivera 19 days ago

    Lmao πŸ˜† James

  • courtneyylyn
    courtneyylyn 20 days ago +8

    Omg I remember going to a concert around year 2000 in Hershey, PA and it was *NSync with Pink as the opening act. So good.

  • half pint
    half pint 20 days ago

    This is great to watch when high πŸ˜‰

  • Tricknologyinc
    Tricknologyinc 20 days ago

    Traffic is terrible... Is there any way you can help me get to work?????????? DUDE! You are SO TALENTED and THAT's all you can come up with? It doesn't even make any sense! It hurts watching you put so much sincerity into such a stupid line! Your acting is good enough to make me think you are actually an idiot!

    • joe pierson
      joe pierson 6 days ago

      Tricknologyinc of course it makes sense it's called CARPOOL karaoke, when you carpool you can take the fast lane and get to work quicker

  • Stephanie Stowers
    Stephanie Stowers 20 days ago

    Just as good Live as recorded....the best ever

  • Sarah Sanders
    Sarah Sanders 20 days ago

    Laughed so hard I had a coughing fit. πŸ’š

  • amy mcmahon
    amy mcmahon 20 days ago +4

    James cordens voice is strange these days. It's half posh half american

  • zuza gromulska
    zuza gromulska 20 days ago

    I wish the guy would just shut the f up at least sometimes and let us listen to the singers actually sing. How about that? OMG he's not even funny. Pink is so awesome, not fake or posing and nice.

  • kristinns19
    kristinns19 21 day ago

    Fucking hell. She doesn't even know I could drink her under the table and be my literal best friend for life.

  • Quantum resonance Frequencies

    That's right he's a tranny also

  • Quantum resonance Frequencies

    This dude loves to ride around with tranny's

    • Quantum resonance Frequencies
      Quantum resonance Frequencies 21 day ago

      Kirsty Wright usclip.net/video/xaIjzsBOIlQ/video.html

    • Kirsty Wright
      Kirsty Wright 21 day ago

      Not really, no. She's a woman with short hair, it doesn't mean she wants to change her gender.

  • ai suba
    ai suba 21 day ago +3

    Love her so much!!! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Adorable Balmaceda
    Adorable Balmaceda 21 day ago

    I love me some PINKπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ’–

  • xXAshley ScottXx
    xXAshley ScottXx 21 day ago +1

    πŸ‘ŒπŸ» brilliant! Xx

  • Karen Bebiera
    Karen Bebiera 22 days ago +1

    She looks fine. ❀️

  • Erin J
    Erin J 22 days ago +1

    Her husband is a jealous fuck has been. She deserves so much better

  • dbreardon
    dbreardon 22 days ago +7

    I've always thought Pink has had a great voice. Unfortunately, her genre of music is not really my thing. But the few songs I have hear her sing, I've enjoyed her voice.

  • car shreve
    car shreve 22 days ago +1

    i love p!nk so much its painful

  • kurtzcol
    kurtzcol 22 days ago

    what a cool gal

  • Olu Bukonla
    Olu Bukonla 22 days ago

    George Michael will always be my favorite.

  • Misty Beene
    Misty Beene 23 days ago

    Omg P!nk😱🀩🀩

  • Consumer of All
    Consumer of All 23 days ago +1

    Love P!NK! You can visibly see her life experiences and emotion in her face and body and hear them in her voice! Amazing!

  • CacherT
    CacherT 23 days ago


  •  23 days ago +1

    I want to see NIRVANA carpool.