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    Who thought this was gabbie Hannah and sapphire

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  • Iyana Garcia
    Iyana Garcia Year ago

    Hi hopes you enjoyed your time at vid con !! So happy for you ps. I love your USclip channel and your awesome stories 😄😄 can’t wait to see more!!

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    Padme Amidala Year ago

    Are y'all lesbian?

  • Vicky Martenez
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    😿😓😢 I didn't come to vidcon

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    Yo i have a crerpypasta

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  • ToXiC Panther GameING! MUAH

    one in every corner

  • ToXiC Panther GameING! MUAH

    @ my old house i went to the back yard and found four dead birds

  • ToXiC Panther GameING! MUAH

    something real happend

  • KamilaKalette&Lana Vlogs

    Wow that's awesome snarled!!

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    Do the scary story square travel circle

  • Alex Dobre
    Alex Dobre Year ago

    You're the best!😗

  • Jake Valle
    Jake Valle Year ago

    Are you going to do something scary or school so spirit tomorrow

  • Emily drak frag
    Emily drak frag Year ago

    Have you heard till of the kelpie also it's some time it is call the Water Horse

  • Pay Love
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    What happened to dark 5

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  • `Aquatic` - `Universe`

    lolz i wish i saw this live rn but i cant. Lel

  • - SPLITZ
    - SPLITZ Year ago

    hey i know who your doppaler ganger is and she my mums friend

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    mak stories

  • Alicia Pledger
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    i finna unsubscribe

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    Snarled this is a important notice for you someone just copied your creation (the name of the channel is ARL Tube and translated your video into Bangla and uploaded on his channel)the second video of his channel with a ghost doll thumbnail (I hope you will give him a copywrite strike.

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  • thesavagejah 12
    thesavagejah 12 Year ago

    Are your scary stories real

  • Teagen Harmon
    Teagen Harmon Year ago

    I have a story that some of you guys may enjoy, I still don't know what this THING was.. my cabin goes back many years. But no matter how old I get there is always an off feeling. One night I woke up at exactly 3:00 am, I look outside because that always seems to calm me. But this was different. I looked around, full moon, whipping waves, and a humming sound.... It sounded like a young woman outside... I wake my brother up shining a flashlight into his eyes.. I asked him "do you hear that?" He looked confused.. he looked out the window and fear struck his face. A woman with the skin of scales and the eyes... I will never forget those eyes, pure black with one red speck in the middle. We we're terrified, I ran to warn my grandmother and she woke up within seconds. We we're all staring at the woman when she started humming again. The tune sounded familiar... I got dizzy as the humming grew louder... She disappeared into thin air right as my brother yelled. The next night my grandmother, brother, grandfather, great uncle, aunt, uncle, mother, and I we're all gatherd next to the campfire as we all shared what happened to us last night. Surprisingly it was not just my brother, grandmother and I who experienced this woman. My great uncle started speaking "this woman, the eyes, I refrained from looking in them. They were an abyss leading to nothing.. yet I felt obligated to take a peek..." Everyone nodded in agreement... But I had looked in them, the red dot... Now that I'm thinking about it, kinda looked sad, like her songs were helping her escape from something...

  • Ava Furman
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    For"something scary" do Winchester!

  • Brothers From Another Mother

    I love your storys

  • Antonio Villafana


  • Johnczar Almeyda
    Johnczar Almeyda Year ago

    I have a story pls dont juged
    One day me and mom were the only people inside the house my brother arived and the day was fine
    Until the night
    All the lights closed
    All door was closed
    We went to sleep
    I woke up i looked up my clock
    It was 3:34
    Looking outside the window
    There i saw what i called nine tails
    Might sound funny but also scary
    But only for me
    I know nobody was inside the house or outside
    My dad was in a cruship
    Scared i wake uped my mom
    I told her what was that
    Nine tail ran away I have away
    She curled her feeth up to me
    The next night i prapered
    I looked outside the window
    Before going to sleep i puted a candle
    Opened the light outside befire sleeping
    I saw it agien

    But it looked more clear....
    It has no 9 tails it has only 1 tail
    But has a horn
    It has red eyes
    It has fury tail
    Did not harmed me but only looked
    I woke up mom agien
    It kept repeating and repeating same thing night aftef night
    I was begining to get a less scared
    My mom got tiried of this waking up in night every time
    It was all the same everytime it would show up 3:34 right...??
    So mom bought a dog
    We would left the dog outside
    At the same time it would bark bark and bark
    But there was no nine tails...
    It was only a cat with red eyes
    I was like whoooo.......
    I didnt know........
    It was a ......
    Nocking on door huging mom tight
    My mom woke uped opened the door and i saw my dad arived at....
    3:34 the same as i saw it in the window one last time
    But i aproched it
    I said"why are you doing this"
    "I want to help"
    Nine tail said no by its head waiving it or shake it to me
    And that day we became friends
    Aho would have known mt nightmare would be my friend
    But im the only who can see it
    Oh i forgot i said
    I unlocked the door to my brothers room
    But found it eptey
    My friend was getting mad for it looked liked i was replacing it
    I said i would never replace you
    I love you.....
    Your my only friend
    It shooked its head agean
    And disapeard
    And then....
    My brother arived wooned from an acsident
    A motorcycle one
    My did not see
    I just told her
    The night i did not sleep
    Night tail arives
    Just looks
    Mom would wake up
    Dog would bark
    I tryed to know what this thing realy is
    But the puzzle was not done
    I think i was 6 when that happend
    Now im 11 and im not scared anymore.....
    Or it was just my imagiation
    Its nightime when im writhing this by the way
    I forgot to tell something on the firsts day nintails arive weird things strated to happen
    My mom saw yellow thing right by her foot
    My dog would stare at something
    And died cuz of nothing
    And i could see what would happen on the future
    I keep seeing it in my mind
    If its happens i my mind would show up what hapoened and a check would show up
    But if it did now happen my mind would x it with a tail on it.....

    Im sorry if it was a bad one(story)
    It actualy happeb somehow i still
    Dont know what it is
    And i really could see whats going to happen
    Bad things would happen if it did not came true
    My friend broke and arm
    My brothers acsident
    And more worse than the others
    And thats my story hoped you liked it♡♡😇😀😁

  • Lil Musse
    Lil Musse Year ago

    Nice quality

  • marblephh
    marblephh Year ago

    Saphire is my crush i love you SAPHIRE

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  • Joel Rivera Jaso
    Joel Rivera Jaso Year ago

    Just so you know I'm missing something scary to please bring it back

  • Joel Rivera Jaso
    Joel Rivera Jaso Year ago

    Shot me out my name is Joel Rivera I've been watching your videos for a very long time I have experience nixperience I was playing my toys and then something pulled me under the bed and it scratched me bad the lifted up the bed nothing was there I have I have witnesses

  • Danwin Hernandez
    Danwin Hernandez Year ago +1

    Safire come back to something scary

  • Vargas Sisters!!!

    I am tired of waiting I can’t no more when is the next school spirit chapter going to come!!!!


    Waiting for the new series of school ghost , post a new story .

  • Cheryll Javier Mabalot

    Hey wanna share some story....
    I was guarding my baby sisterl,she is sleeping....When sudden I heard a footsteps on the room beside our room where me and my baby is.....I think it was 6-7 times and then I stood up and it stops, I thought that its just my mom hanging our washed clothes....IAnd I go outside to see whats happening and no one is there....I dont know who it is and I was creeping out

  • Ernest Flowers
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    Please post School spirt chapter 6

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  • Cash Boy Logan
    Cash Boy Logan Year ago

    It's haunted me and my cousin

  • Cash Boy Logan
    Cash Boy Logan Year ago

    It's a demon God made on a xident

  • Cash Boy Logan
    Cash Boy Logan Year ago

    Hey I have a story it's true and it was a demon call cigerath el quto

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    Say hi to Rebecca, tabbes, itsalexclark, cypherden, and artisticookie for me

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    just so you know.. I miss the something scaries :(😿 please bring it back..

  • Anonymous MD
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    Well you seem to be enjoying yourselfs