Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 - Operation Apocalypse Z Trailer

  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
  • The Apocalypse is here.
    Play as Reaper in MP, drop into newly updated Blackout maps, take on a new Zombies experience, and much more tomorrow in Operation Apocalypse Z for Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 on PS4, with other platforms to follow.
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  • Sumin’s Knight
    Sumin’s Knight 3 hours ago

    When will you make call of duty games in 3rd person?

  • Baseballgamer25
    Baseballgamer25 3 hours ago +1

    Damb the zombies are going to be doing 360 no scopes on us. Now it’s really then end😔🤣😭

  • Brian Torres
    Brian Torres 4 hours ago

    REMASTER bo2 and bo1 please for ps5 maybe ps4 but please i need these games back i gurantee u if those two get remastered more people will actually play call of duty again

  • xDPGx KingOmega
    xDPGx KingOmega 6 hours ago

    Ese multijugador si se puede jugar xd

  • Roachy Roach
    Roachy Roach 7 hours ago

    So why do I have to pay $50 for season pass when I just want to play 1 zombies map?

  • Abigail Kemp
    Abigail Kemp 9 hours ago

    This operation = garbage

  • Charlie Tiller
    Charlie Tiller 9 hours ago

    Half of its not even about zombies

  • Twitch Smogless
    Twitch Smogless 10 hours ago

    At 0:50 it looks like the m16 slow down time to 0.25

  • Adrian Hafer
    Adrian Hafer 11 hours ago

    I'm so hyped for M.shadows

  • TheFallen
    TheFallen 14 hours ago +1

    That was closed
    Soo you can said he is *Not Ready To Die*

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 14 hours ago

    How about all these ideas for exchange for a 3D setting, like both 3D for my Xbox and Anaglyph/Classic for my PlayStation Vita. PC players have a way playing all there games in 3D and I'm not sure about easy a Anaglyph/Classic 3D setting would be but I've you can it be nice to have a little bit of depth and have the mini-map pop out a little bit and about VR Phone Headset 3D and Anaglyph/Classic 3D settings in Call of Duty Mobile. Can pretty please put Call of Duty Mobile only on the PlayStation Vita digitaly or on the Nintendo Switch. It a free Call of Duty so it wouldn't hurt to try. I know it would be big for PlayStation fans and I know Nintendo Switch fans wouldn't turn down a free Call of Duty.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 15 hours ago

    Yeah PlayStation fans would absolutely love it, if you updated Black Ops 4 so you can map all four touch buttons to he back of the PlayStation Vita and gave us full button mapping system, so we can put buttons where ever we want. That and the boots off ground event. Now we don't need a update on Black Ops 3 and ever PlayStation fan has a portable pro controller. So please and thanks Call of Duty.

  • Goldenmaster 270
    Goldenmaster 270 15 hours ago

    Make the blackout character challenges easy

  • WmmW
    WmmW 16 hours ago

    Watch my video💓

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 16 hours ago

    Yeah why not a pre-order bonus foe the hundred dollar edition of Call of Duty Black Ops 4, like you get to pick a free DLC weapon of your choice. That really up your game sell, like the Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles edition. The Zombie Chronicles edition didn't come with the Season Pass did it, so I'm hoping a hundred dollar Black Ops 4 Complete Edition will do.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 17 hours ago

    Dear Treyarch please update Black Ops 4 so we can put all four touch button on the rear touch pad of the PlayStation Vita and a full button mapping system, so we can b put a button where ever we want. This way us PlayStation Vita fans can have a portable pro controller. It definitely make me want the hundred dollar edition for PlayStation. Please do that with all your Call of Duty titles.

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 19 hours ago

    We need Prototype 3, not the next COD, we need Prototype 3, I would buy it, no matter the cost

  • ByLuisMiBox
    ByLuisMiBox 19 hours ago

    Un comentario en español sigue bajando :v

  • ByLuisMiBox
    ByLuisMiBox 19 hours ago

    Ahora si se biene lo chido :v

  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 19 hours ago


  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 19 hours ago


  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 19 hours ago


  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 19 hours ago


  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 20 hours ago

    Fkt euch Treyarch Fkt euch Activision und Fkt euch Call of Duty ihr drkgen Husos 👍🏻

  • warriorgt7 Gr
    warriorgt7 Gr 21 hour ago

    Is this call of duty?

  • Legendary Mystique Hyperneticversity Gaming

    IN NEXT YEAR 2020 ,

  • Night Detector
    Night Detector Day ago

    This game is pay to win now☹️

  • Мать Егора

    Treyarchs Call of Dutys are all FANTASTIC

  • Colin Koehn13
    Colin Koehn13 Day ago

    Can we have a call duty on switch

  • codemanz191
    codemanz191 Day ago

    I havent played cod in a few years and this trailer has me completely lost as to wtf is going on

  • Jharold. xd gonzalez

    perhaps I just saw the TRANZIT map of black of 2 :0

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 Day ago

    Dear Call of Duty I try to get into a match it says failed to host lobby please fix.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 Day ago

    Sorry but me my friend want to be able to pick our gun reticules in the create a class for Black Out. So when we pick up a reticule its what we pick in the personalization.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 Day ago

    Also thinking about hand gun cinematics, why not something right off of campaign. Like you sick a sticky grenade to the enemy and kick them away and you have to shoot the explosive or sticky grenade to finish them off and explode them.

  • Friday the 13th returns

    Better than Fortnite

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 Day ago

    Why can't customize are gun reticules in Black Out, please fix.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 Day ago

    Please add the dive and corner leaning in Black Ops 4, please and thanks.

  • Majic Lemon 8200
    Majic Lemon 8200 Day ago +3

    We need a remaster of Black Ops 1 and 2!!!

  • Juste Ahmed
    Juste Ahmed Day ago

    1:21 This voice 😍

  • An Overdose
    An Overdose Day ago


  • Yeanette Jimenez

    best beat drop and ORGINS IMA GET A PS4 NOW OH HERES THE CLIP 0:36

  • mr turtle plays 234

    Best update for cod 4 ever

  • Pika Pika we :V
    Pika Pika we :V Day ago

    2:29 machete como personaje o.O Machete like a character

  • Tummy Aches
    Tummy Aches Day ago

    I kind of forgot this game existed

  • TordIsBored
    TordIsBored Day ago +3

    Everybody: Endgame is the biggest cross-over ever.
    Call Of Duty: hold my beer

    • Miguel Guzman
      Miguel Guzman 11 hours ago

      CivilNinja um no kid: Smash Bros is

    • CivilNinja
      CivilNinja 17 hours ago

      Your gonna have to pay 9.99 to hold that bear

  • KILLER Sword
    KILLER Sword Day ago

    Cant wait my man M.Shadows is in this hell yeah fav band avenged sevenfold 🤟🏼

  • Consequence No. 62
    Consequence No. 62 2 days ago +7

    Zombies Comunitty.....let's take this game by storm. *APOCALYPSE*

  • Raymund Velasco
    Raymund Velasco 2 days ago

    Who came here because of Matt shadows

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 2 days ago

    The hundred dollar edition should come with all the Specialist. That and hand gun cinematic take downs should be like able to cinematicly take down two enemies at once if the in close range of each other, like Mason did in the reserve video during Spectre Rising. That be so over the top.

  • Cynthia Saldivar
    Cynthia Saldivar 2 days ago +1

    Holy shitballs.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 2 days ago

    So if you do go with my ideas and really hope will because that make alot of money like Fortninte and will bring the boots off ground fans, that and the Black Ops 1 and 2 fans for Barebones. The Barebones update shouldn't have the boots off ground Specialist equipment or weapon because you should keep Barebones old school. I'd be more and happy to buy Season 2 Pass. Depending on how many zombie and multiplayer maps you put in because if Zombies Chronicles cost 60 bucks including the main game, it might be more right. Maybe a hundred dollar edition and a Season Pass 2 for people that already have the game.

  • Nicholas Newbold
    Nicholas Newbold 2 days ago

    I have to ask now since this operation is out for oboe one how do Xbox one players get the new maps

    NEWROCKEROFFICIAL 2 days ago +1

    Still the worst song, that c*nt really is brain-dead.

  • ER Trolls
    ER Trolls 2 days ago

    Everyone gangsta till m shadow pulls up

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 2 days ago

    One more medium Black Out map for Grond War be nice, maybe a city map and open areas build for all kinds of engagements from close, medium and long range. With plenty of room for attack helicopters, ground vehicles and water vehicles. That and the map is also made for boots off ground. So a boots off ground Black Out map, 10 boots off ground multiplayer maps and maybe a boots off ground Specialist. Might want to one Specialist per team because don't want too much boots off ground, that we have a huge selection of Specialist. This would get the boots off fans running to Black Ops 4.

  • Thuglife Thuglife
    Thuglife Thuglife 2 days ago

    shadow man

  • Thuglife Thuglife
    Thuglife Thuglife 2 days ago +1

    I hope there is no rage quit

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 2 days ago

    About the boots off ground event the Specialist with the thruster pack and nano stasis field. You have to wait until the equipment is fully charged and you press the equipment button to activate the thruster pack then you can do a set amounts of multi-jumps and thruster power slides. I'd buy Zombie Chronicles 2 and the 10 boots off ground maps. Yeah this time sell us more then just Zombies.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 2 days ago

    Maybe the Operator Mod on the Paladin in Black Ops 4, High Caliber 3 should be a explosive round that damages near be enemies if not kills when touching range.

  • CoDKilliK1985
    CoDKilliK1985 2 days ago


  • leandro sierra
    leandro sierra 2 days ago

    Why cant i get the song??i just use shazam and it didn't work

  • Nym
    Nym 2 days ago

    I hate the loot boxes, i feel blackout is just unfinished still, this multiplayer in the weakest of all the black ops'. I don't even have it installed. And yet they make me want to play it with banger trailers like this.

    LEGO JOEY 2 days ago

    Really cool

  • CharlieBassMan
    CharlieBassMan 2 days ago

    I’m gonna get this just to play as M Shadows

    YOURE ANOOB 3 days ago

    When will cod mobile be released to public in iOS

    YOURE ANOOB 3 days ago

    When will cod mobile be released to public in iOS

  • Helioskrill Bloodgorger

    M. Shadow as a new blackout character

    NOOBYGUY TV 3 days ago

    call of duty this is legend!!!!!!!

  • Metalhead
    Metalhead 3 days ago


  • YTMusty
    YTMusty 3 days ago


  • ghost wavy
    ghost wavy 3 days ago +1

    U should have hero gear in bo4 like bo3

  • iRonin
    iRonin 3 days ago

    So we gon ignore the fact that the singer for Avenged SevenFold is gonna be a playable character?????

  • Riaoppa HZ
    Riaoppa HZ 3 days ago

    play shot zombies play call of duty fun

  • the unknown crime562

    Spectre looks low key terrified, like he wondering what's going on,

  • Permitted Expert
    Permitted Expert 3 days ago

    Outrider was holding an M16

  • Muhammad Fahmi
    Muhammad Fahmi 3 days ago

    I saw M SHADOW

  • xXanthonyXx54
    xXanthonyXx54 3 days ago

    We already had a nuketown zombie map but sure yeah charge us for another one. Makes total sense

  • The Miniman
    The Miniman 3 days ago

    Pvz garden warfare knockoff?

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago

    Oh what happen to the dive idea like you tap the duck button to slide and hold the button to dive, that also would bring the Black Ops 2 fans. That and the idea to let us pick the sensitivity on each individual class. That be so great because I hate going into the options when I'm picking classes that need a high sensitivity or a low sensitivity.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago

    To top it all off the bazooka should have anti-personal rounds or fire rounds that act like a Molotov cocktail.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago

    Oh the Paladin HB50 Operator Mod should be called High Caliber 3.

    • FN WolframE
      FN WolframE 16 hours ago

      Makes it a 1 shot kill from the knees up like the L115 from Ghosts. That would be amazing.

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago

    Operator Mods for the Paladin could make the body explode, like a real or pins enemies to walls. The SMD could have smart rounds and a custom scope that comes with it. That locks on to enemies when in the reticule sights, if you think that be over powered maybe a lock on time for the smart rounds. Yeah all this and the posts on the Call of Duty website and my post on Xbox. That should cover the guns and melee weapons for Operator Mods.

  • dead mask
    dead mask 3 days ago

    I liked it broo

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago

    If you could buff up the health of the Chopper in Black Out that be nice, definitely the most fun of Black Out. Oh about Ground War maybe create on more small Black Out map, thats suited for all kind of engagements. I good idea if you made it for boots on ground and off ground, so it be perfect for the boots off ground event. Why not a Season 2, weather its free or not.

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 3 days ago +1

    This still doesn't make up for how bad Black Ops 4 is!

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago

    The Captin Price Black Out character is nice but if you want us to buy the Operator Enhanced Edition, I'd like 5 or 10 reserve crates for a extra 20 bucks. Please and thanks. Oh Operator Mods for melee weapons should have cinematic take downs. Lets make Black Ops 4 unstoppable.

  • Daconti StrYKR
    Daconti StrYKR 3 days ago +4

    So no one gonna say anything about the M16 at 0:49 ?

  • andrico hinds
    andrico hinds 3 days ago

    I swear to God if I do have that mod I would be like Reaper and kill every zombie

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago

    Oh and why not Grear as score streaks in Barebones to, like buff up the Body Armor to level 3. People shouldn't care because the player had to earn them and have to re-earn them if they die, when equiped. The Barebones section is what the Black Ops 2 fans really want.

  • Mylan Maag
    Mylan Maag 3 days ago

    Omg I love this game

  • SanAnMan 1
    SanAnMan 1 3 days ago

    So where's the assault rifle with a grenade laucher and the Operator Mod is a 40 mili-meter shotgun round, so you can take down a large of enemies at once or a duck bill Operator Mod for the Rampage so the shotgun round spread is flat to take down multiple enemies. There's alot of things you can do to give all the guns Operator Mods and this way you can do gun streaks on Barebones. Yeah please do the Barebones update.

  • Skylar durrant
    Skylar durrant 3 days ago

    Can you add the C7 into the new call of duty because you add everything else but a Canadian rifles into your games with the exception of ww2

  • Desnous Julien
    Desnous Julien 3 days ago


    ETHAN MWR 3 days ago +1

    You should add bo2 and bo1 to ps4

  • Daniel Vávra
    Daniel Vávra 4 days ago

    Who else is replaing the reaper's comeback

  • Rudex, The Invincible

    Why are the robots from Origins in this? I can't seem to find them anywhere in the game.

  • Dragon Eye 700
    Dragon Eye 700 4 days ago

    Lol M. Shadows

  • Matt G.
    Matt G. 4 days ago +3

    They are great on making trailers that deceive you... blackout is not as creepy or as zombified as they made it out to be... bunch of liars

  • Deathman 135
    Deathman 135 4 days ago +1

    Um I just wanna say treyarch sense you add Sergei to blackout who only appeard in one mission can you add Weaver from the 1st game

  • Arcticwolf8319
    Arcticwolf8319 4 days ago