Irish People Taste Test American Breakfasts

  • Published on Feb 3, 2017
  • "It tastes like arse"
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    In this video we asked our lovely contributors to try many different American breakfasts. There was a mix of savory and sweet dishes and a mix of responses overall. Check this one out for a laugh!
    People featured in this video:
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Comments • 6 699

  • Aja Floyd
    Aja Floyd 18 hours ago

    Omg. This is the first time I’ve seen someone agree with me about hot fruit! So weird...

  • jakaa Campbell
    jakaa Campbell 23 hours ago

    They would die here. They think everything we eat is too much or too heavy

  • Rusty Brown
    Rusty Brown Day ago

    B&G is the best meal after you're shit faced

  • Sarah 18
    Sarah 18 Day ago

    I love these videos, most of the people are so funny and endearing but holy shit is it annoying AF that every video they have one bitchy, negative girl 🙄 there’s no way everything you taste you dislike , or is so bad that you make faces and act like you can’t even eat one bite of it... like gtfo with that for real...

  • sherilynn munoz
    sherilynn munoz Day ago

    it happens to be my favorite breakfast that or chicken fried steak with sausage gravy but the biscuits shown here were uggh

  • a person
    a person Day ago

    uhh....sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, orange juice. it's not that hard!!

  • Northeast 87
    Northeast 87 Day ago

    What's with the Trump comments??

  • TrekSwag
    TrekSwag 2 days ago

    Most of this is more like a Sunday brunch than breakfast. Most people here in the US would more likely eat something like cereal, fruit, a bagel, or yogurt for breakfast.

  • meh
    meh 2 days ago

    Those are pretty fancy breakfasts... like the kind you'd order in a restaurant... not the kind you'd make at home every day. While you will find pancakes and waffles at home, too... they aren't that fancy by any means. Most average Americans will eat basic cereal and milk, juice, oatmeal, fruit, toast, bacon, etc. Usually something quick. Waffles and pancakes, even biscuits and gravy... take more time and are often reserved for longer mornings, special days, etc. What was shown in this video? Nope... not realistic at all.

  • linzombie
    linzombie 3 days ago

    Skillets are the best!

  • Jklopoppcorn
    Jklopoppcorn 3 days ago

    Those are not American pancakes. Those are a disgrace to pancakes. Ours are much bigger and fluffy, those look like British pancakes. Same for the waffles.

  • Caela Bond
    Caela Bond 3 days ago

    definitely not american breakfast food. we don’t eat that in texas 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roseanne Ward
    Roseanne Ward 4 days ago

    Why do Irish people cuss so much? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Borne Stellar
    Borne Stellar 4 days ago

    That wasn't real biscuits and gravy. They'd be wetting their pants for legitimate B&G.

  • Jeremy Broussard
    Jeremy Broussard 4 days ago

    Sausage biscuits and gravy is called shit on a shingle for a reason.

  • mikin Casi
    mikin Casi 5 days ago

    I want to date blondie... open mind on food - and a meat

  • neverdonehere
    neverdonehere 5 days ago

    These videos are ❤️

  • Lucy T
    Lucy T 6 days ago

    Like ya da was sick and he put a crumpit on top

  • Titan Arts
    Titan Arts 7 days ago +4

    The problem with some of these America taste test videos, in my opinion, is that America has different regions with different ideas on how one thing is made. One area, they say pancakes and bacon is normal, another would say biscuits and gravy are normal. The US is a hard place to tackle and I'm saying that as an American.

  • Bec Thumma
    Bec Thumma 7 days ago

    See this is a failed experiment to begin with, if you have two people you are going to have two different sets of taste buds. You will always have some that love it, like it, or hate it. Always. We have different taste in the world. But it's fun watching the reactions.

  • Valerie Nyanforj
    Valerie Nyanforj 8 days ago

    Hi! I'm from the Northeastern part of the United States and a professional cook..not just the weird shit-a breakfast cook. Southerners will ALWAYS be convinced biscuits and gravy is wrong. It is not an easy thing to reproduce & getting kinda dated, as well. We have a huge rise in veganism so most of this isn't "traditional" ..I agree with the BEC (bacon/egg/cheese) commenters but plenty of ppl eat the plant based version of it.

  • Jeremy Malcom
    Jeremy Malcom 8 days ago


  • just the tip? band
    just the tip? band 9 days ago

    nah breakfest sausage n a can of cream of mushroom soup or stake n eggs n bacon is where its at. n no coffee or veggie omlet? how unamerican. a large part of us have a pot of coffee n left over dinner for breakfast. were called single guys 😂🍻

  • Ryan Rogers
    Ryan Rogers 9 days ago

    lol who is making this food?

  • Patrick Triggers Me
    Patrick Triggers Me 10 days ago

    Irish people are the only Europeans that truly appreciate our food! 😂 I’m half Irish myself!

  • Darth Soldier
    Darth Soldier 11 days ago

    This is why Americans are fat

  • Gavin .Cross
    Gavin .Cross 11 days ago

    Irish people cantale their mind up either you hate the bloody ball off of England or you love them you don't get to pick and choose

  • Dawn Marie
    Dawn Marie 11 days ago

    Why she licking that knife like that.

  • Jacob Helmuth
    Jacob Helmuth 11 days ago

    how to puss of literally everyone in the countryside of america. say biscuits and gravy is bad.

  • Chandler Martin
    Chandler Martin 12 days ago

    I feel like they just google what Americans eat and the first thing that pops up they choose even if it's not right

  • Louie Villa
    Louie Villa 13 days ago

    Dude I'm Mexican and I love Mexican food because it is delicious but I got to say biscuits and gravy is freaking awesome dude what's wrong with you people

  • Squirrels Flipmeoff
    Squirrels Flipmeoff 13 days ago

    We like bicuits and gravy, you like beer that tastes like a pete bog. To each their own.=)>

  • john thomas
    john thomas 15 days ago

    Bad mouth biscuits and gravy around here, and you will lose some teeth.

  • obbor4
    obbor4 16 days ago

    The blonde woman seems like the only one with an actual honest opinion and an open mind whereas the others are straining really hard to be funny by being smarmy and negative. I guess it's a millennial thing world wide by now, eh?

  • Blake Kenley
    Blake Kenley 17 days ago

    Most Americans eat the heaviest at breakfast. As an American, I hate it. I dont even eat at breakfast. I prefer to eat heavy at supper.

  • Gala Ceir
    Gala Ceir 17 days ago

    as american watching these, i recognize the entree names, but haven't a clue wtf they served. so far the P&J is the one that looked like what they named it.

  • Ralph Irwin
    Ralph Irwin 18 days ago

    we don't drink tea, we drink COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE

  • thepassionofthegoose
    thepassionofthegoose 19 days ago

    2:28 We drink coffee.

  • J T
    J T 19 days ago

    This is just wrong

  • AnonaMousetookmaname
    AnonaMousetookmaname 19 days ago

    If you little leprechauns are planning a trip to America, plan on gaining 30 to 40 lbs. If there's one thing in America we do, it's food. WE DO FOOD! Eating, drinking, getting high, getting laid, burning out, usually in that order. It's a wonderful life!

  • HIDDEN -
    HIDDEN - 20 days ago

    Chicken n Waffles

  • knriggz
    knriggz 20 days ago

    "Our breakfast is for getting over hangovers. Really stodgy, solid breakfast." Complains about the heaviness of the food the whole time lol

  • Lynx Light
    Lynx Light 21 day ago

    Yeah it's so American to put butter on pancakes that we're the only place that does it according to their reaction to butter on pancakes and no body in America eats waffles with Apple slices on top

  • nicole gasperson
    nicole gasperson 22 days ago

    Amazes me the food they give these people and say its American. My grandmother was Irish American she would throw this food at someone.

    NOCAREBEAR 23 days ago

    That was not real gravy. That was the shit from a bag. Gravy is made from a roux. Bacon or sausage drippings, flour, and milk.

  • Justin Sanders
    Justin Sanders 23 days ago

    Those were shit biscuits.
    Homemade yeast rolls or just eat some waffles.

  • Rosicrucian Master
    Rosicrucian Master 24 days ago

    the propagandized hatred for Trump in EVERYTHING is astounding...wait til you cucks see the next person white America elects..
    As our European populous wakes up to the zionist agenda of demographic replacement in ALL nations in the west , especially America, you are more than likely going to see a more Nationalist platform and candidate base and then what will all you lefty marxist whine and cunt hole about when then next leader actually has the audacity to state that white people have interests and actual rights...oy vey...
    fucking faggots.

  • Unknown Awakening
    Unknown Awakening 24 days ago

    "You can't dip these biscuits in tea!"
    Why the fuck would you dip it in tea

  • Caleb Springer
    Caleb Springer 24 days ago

    I wonder what they would say about Shit on a shingle? Sos. Or is that just an idaho thing?

  • Shirin AlAwadhi
    Shirin AlAwadhi 25 days ago

    “Blooooobrie” 😵😂💕

  • James Bond
    James Bond 26 days ago

    Tudors biscuits and gravy!! Not that mess!

  • Nicholas Conopa
    Nicholas Conopa 26 days ago

    Where tf is the six pack, these aren’t breakfast meals 😂

  • Dapper Dusk
    Dapper Dusk 26 days ago

    I wanna beat those chefs with a goose head.

  • Wonder Lady
    Wonder Lady 26 days ago

    the girl who tastes apple and makes a face kinda makes me worry about the future of humanity

  • random guy
    random guy 28 days ago

    Knew Americans would be complaining about their bread I mean biscuit in the comments lol

  • Darrel Gaines
    Darrel Gaines 28 days ago

    You could eat American foods for every meal and not repeat an item for years. America is a BIG place. Look at a map or something!

  • Angel Nelson
    Angel Nelson 29 days ago

    the biscuit and gravy does not look prepared right

  • Angel Nelson
    Angel Nelson 29 days ago +1

    we dont eat our hash like that its usually stringy

  • GingerkidRighthere
    GingerkidRighthere 29 days ago

    These videos should be called " Malnourished orphans get to eat."

  • MastercapeRS
    MastercapeRS 29 days ago +1

    Crispy hash breakfast fillet???!!! Lmfao whaaaaaaatttttttttt that isn't american lololol

  • ThePantherbb02
    ThePantherbb02 Month ago

    Did anyone notice the dude eating the pancakes with a knife instead of a fork?

  • Jesse Laster
    Jesse Laster Month ago

    Where was the eggs Benedict or omelets donuts and sausage or loaded bagels with cream cheese egg onion capers salmon

  • Ham Bacon Gouda Pepsi Turkey Chicken Cheddar Coke

    Nah where is the Chicken and waffles

  • jason bates
    jason bates Month ago

    This is officially my new favorite channel! God I love the Irish

  • 1423 171
    1423 171 Month ago

    One of these should have just been nothing cause that's what most americans eat for breakfast

  • I am just a mom
    I am just a mom Month ago

    I've never heard of several of these as an American. These are like restaurant type foods. Most families have no time in the mornings. A bowl of cereal or oatmeal, grits and toast is it. Muffin and coffee on the go, stuff like that.

  • I am just a mom
    I am just a mom Month ago

    I love pecan Carmel pancakes, or peanutbutter, or nuttela ones.

  • Aaron Henry
    Aaron Henry Month ago

    You guys should try Indian tacos also called Navajo tacos, tradition of Native Americans..

  • Nate Miles
    Nate Miles Month ago

    You guys need to have real Americans come and make the food for these videos I mean sheesh whoever the fuck is making this shit now it’s terrible and doesn’t truly understand American food these videos are so cringey and annoying

  • Rex Sterling Buchanan

    Bring a real American over to cook for you .................. Someone like me for instance ........... Most of those examples were shite !

  • Joe H
    Joe H Month ago

    If y'all haven't been to waffle House then you haven't really been to America.

  • VisualAddict
    VisualAddict Month ago

    Biscuits and gravy....where is the gravy? The girl with the glasses complains too much. What do you eat woman???!!!

  • Shelly Lamkins
    Shelly Lamkins Month ago

    I'm American and I find biscuits and gravy disgusting!

  • C Schmi
    C Schmi Month ago

    Is the blond girl really Irish? She was the only one that loved it all. lol

  • Christy Krueger
    Christy Krueger Month ago

    These breakfasts are sure NOT what we Americans eat for breakfast. Where is the pancakes with butter and maple syrup or real hashbrown potatoes with eggs and bacon?

  • alisha woods
    alisha woods Month ago

    Love biscuits and gravy!!! It has to be made right though

  • Robin Alexander
    Robin Alexander Month ago

    Try Hot Sauces

  • Roger Brown
    Roger Brown Month ago +1

    Black pepper on buiscuits and gravy and or some mustard . Changes the meal profile.

  • So Southern
    So Southern Month ago

    Americans react to how irish people eat food. They pick at it and smell it like it's an alien object.

  • anime0wolfs12
    anime0wolfs12 Month ago

    White gravy not that good.

  • Ziv MH
    Ziv MH Month ago

    1:00 A slice of buddha (triggered*)

  • Miasimon
    Miasimon Month ago +1

    Where's the real American breakfast?
    A single slice of toast that you had in your mouth like a dog with a bone as you rush to your car because you forgot to set your clock for daylight savings, so you angrily tear into that toast as you drive and hit *every single* red light in that 10 mile morning drive?

  • Brosprodution Productions

    Irish people are saying some dumb things

  • Nicole Fisher
    Nicole Fisher Month ago

    You can’t dip this ya tea... you yanks are mad! Hahahaha

  • Skipper Rosner
    Skipper Rosner Month ago

    I've lived in the US my whole life and I've never even heard of "Crispy Hash Breakfast Skillet?" Wtf? We have Hash, which is like potatoes and ham and onion and stuff all fried together, but it doesn't come in a patty, wtf is that?

  • David K
    David K Month ago

    That was the saddest biscuits and gravey I have ever seen. What an insult.

  • K J
    K J Month ago

    "Coming in here makes me love America even more when they give me shit like this" Dear Blonde Irish Lady, call me ;-)

  • musicloverhoney
    musicloverhoney Month ago

    "Taste like arse! Ugh! Tastes like Trump's ass." LMAO. Not that I don't completely love that he was able to get a shot in on that SOB, but what a unique way to do so. 😂
    I swear I love the Irish!

  • Tree Of Rage
    Tree Of Rage Month ago

    Haven't eaten In 3 days. Just watching videos about food. I get paid today, I'm going to eat so much food!!

  • Rainwinganimations
    Rainwinganimations Month ago

    My breakfast is a coffee with a granola bar

  • Rumple Foreskin
    Rumple Foreskin Month ago

    "Rehab group home patients eat", there , fixed the title for you.

  • Rebecca Reinhardt
    Rebecca Reinhardt Month ago

    Biscuits and gravy is the most nasty food ever

  • John McClain
    John McClain Month ago

    Them biscuits need more gravy

  • Rea Long
    Rea Long Month ago

    I know it's unamerican but I'm not a big fan of pancakes.

  • Dark Acorn
    Dark Acorn Month ago

    Those biscuits & gravy were a disgrace... SMOTHER IT DAMN IT!

  • Miroo Msp
    Miroo Msp Month ago


  • Scott J
    Scott J Month ago

    y'all just have to come on over for REAL biscuits n gravy...that is all...carry on...

  • sillilittlegurl Anne Payette

    No. No. No. Skillets aren't some weird hard patty like that.

  • Jeffs7180
    Jeffs7180 Month ago

    I normally like and appreciate the comments and reactions. But, this time there seemed to be one or more that were predisposed to not like
    what they were eating. The other comment that I would have is that some items didn't look to be the way they would be prepared here in America.

  • D Gunny
    D Gunny Month ago

    An attractive woman with an Irish accent is even sexier