Irish People Taste Test American Breakfasts

  • Published on Feb 3, 2017
  • "It tastes like arse"
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    In this video we asked our lovely contributors to try many different American breakfasts. There was a mix of savory and sweet dishes and a mix of responses overall. Check this one out for a laugh!
    People featured in this video:
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Comments • 6 835

  • Magnus Lolz
    Magnus Lolz 22 hours ago

    HASH?!? I love Hash. Ah jeez.

  • Tony Parker
    Tony Parker 22 hours ago

    Should have used homemade brown gravy, not the bad McD type.

  • Jesse Smotherman

    What is Hash?

  • casey quinn
    casey quinn Day ago

    You don't have to be from the south to make gravy. It's as simple as taking a pound of ground sausage. Brown it in a pan. You can drain some of it afterwards if you want but I keep it all. Whisk in some flour and some milk until think, put in some salt and pepper at the end and you're done. Now pour it over a biscuit (the whole thing, you don't put half back on top like it's a damn sandwich). Then feed it to these people and apologize for whatever in the hell that was you served them.

  • Dave McBroom
    Dave McBroom Day ago

    Nobody but Americans like biscuits and gravy.

  • Beatriz Rodriguez
    Beatriz Rodriguez 2 days ago

    They need to do some chicken n waffles

  • DevInvest
    DevInvest 3 days ago

    I feel sorry for the testers, because BISCUITS & GRAVY....
    is equal part biscuit and gravy..
    If either one if lacking- it’s shyte.
    If both are 👍🏻,, then there’s practically nothing better.
    And realistically- a poached egg on top is 🔥
    Usually, it’s the gravy that’s 🤬
    Much like that HORRID example of pecan pie in the Thanksgiving episode-
    That was some kind of D- tart... not pecan pie.

  • scott albert
    scott albert 3 days ago

    I'm waiting for the "Drunk Irish People Go to Waffle House at 3 AM for Hashbrowns -Scattered, Covered, Chunked, Diced and Capped" video. The interesting part will be the conversation with the waitress. We'll see whose accent is the thickest.

  • Susan Farley
    Susan Farley 3 days ago

    Sausage biscuits are pretty good, with a bit of mustard. Some come with egg and cheese also, but I like it simple, just sausage and mustard. Had some in a little restaurant in Valdost, GA, and they were small thin biscuits that didn't overpower the sausage with a pile of biscuit. They brought them to the table piled high on a plate. Very tasty. The restaurant specialized in quail dinners, but these sausage biscuits were their breakfast offering.

  • dcricket1
    dcricket1 3 days ago

    Seriously, where’s the bacon? Where’s the eggs? Get rid of all that fruit and enjoy the real pancakes!!! As far as hating sausage biscuits and gravy you just offended every southerner in the states!!

  • Wish I Was Sleeping
    Wish I Was Sleeping 5 days ago

    Irish person sees anything: "Is this a potato??"

  • mommy mawmaw
    mommy mawmaw 6 days ago +1

    Grits, scrambled eggs, toast w/jam or biscuits, country ham, red eye gravy and coffee.

  • inkmeal
    inkmeal 6 days ago

    Typical American breakfast: Cup of coffee and another cup of coffee if I have time. I don't know anyone who sits down for breakfast. Now eating breakfast for dinner?! Brinner? Hell yeah!

  • Thermalburn
    Thermalburn 6 days ago

    Best breakfasts are served at those roadside dinners in some middle of nowhere desert town which consists only of a gas station and truck stop. They make that hearty food for those truckers...

  • robskalas
    robskalas 7 days ago

    None of these are typical American breakfast fare. The biscuits and gravy are but only in the South.

  • Mario Mario
    Mario Mario 7 days ago

    Biscuits are cookies in the UK

  • Clairringer Berringer

    What I eat for breakfast if I do eat breakfast, frozen waffles, cereal, toast, breakfast bars and whatever I had for dinner yesterday. If were getting real fancy I have a egg, pancakes, frozen hashbrown, and bacon(i eat fake bacon because I'm vegetarian).

  • AbsoluteNut1
    AbsoluteNut1 8 days ago

    I can't believe people eat biscuits. Do they have no sense of taste?

  • jesse reece
    jesse reece 12 days ago

    You dumb ass four leaf clover eating bastards dont like biscuits and gravy???

  • Exit One20
    Exit One20 12 days ago

    Jesus! People relax! Enjoy the videos for the funny commentary they provide. They're not American, so why would they be spot on with our food? Do we cook Irish fare to their standards? My guess is no.

  • Mallory Dodson-king
    Mallory Dodson-king 13 days ago

    A slab of booter

  • Mouse Meat
    Mouse Meat 13 days ago

    Wow not what i expected from people i share heritage with. You are rude and insulting. I would prefer you not come to or evaluate my America.

  • Stitch o7
    Stitch o7 14 days ago

    How can you like Biscuits and Gravy? It's Horrid looks like something my cat spit up. Worst of all it's just left over fat and grease mixed with flour. Gag! I do like the Cat head Biscuits as we call them here in Tennessee.

  • Teighlor Vandine
    Teighlor Vandine 15 days ago

    I've never eaten whatever tf that second one was and I'm from Texas.

  • jeff jefferson
    jeff jefferson 16 days ago

    Without bacon and eggs your American breakfast isnt really that American

  • Logan King
    Logan King 16 days ago

    You are supposed to drown that sausage gravy on both sides of that biscuit , not just put it on one side lol

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy 17 days ago

    I have NEVER eaten that biscuit and gravy thing

  • kaely time
    kaely time 18 days ago

    I'm half Irish yayayayaayaa

  • OrionsBelt4life 1
    OrionsBelt4life 1 18 days ago

    How can Irish people judge our food? They eat sheep guts and potatos for breakfast lunch and dinner.

  • Ilene Kilburn
    Ilene Kilburn 18 days ago

    It is a biscuit. Your biscuits are cookies

  • Hannah DiSalvatore
    Hannah DiSalvatore 19 days ago

    Most Americans don't actually eat like this for breakfast. I personally never crave heavy food like that in the morning. I like to go to a diner and get breakfast food for dinner lol

  • Mayalon08
    Mayalon08 19 days ago

    not supposed to put a knife in your mouth!!!

  • Hungry Hungry Hippocampus

    For this to be truly American, anything savory has to be served with an optional side of ketchup and hot sauce

  • SouthernBassHunter
    SouthernBassHunter 22 days ago

    Áine😍 I'd make her American breakfast anytime

  • Tia XOXO
    Tia XOXO 22 days ago

    The tittls says Irish people trying American breakfast but the only breakfast I had as an American what's the pancakes and biscuits and gravy

    DANGEROUS DYLAN 22 days ago

    The second they shit on biscuits and gravy was the second I realized that I'm proud to be a Scot lol FREEDOM!!!!!!!

  • Alex of Allusion
    Alex of Allusion 22 days ago

    You don’t dip this in tea that’s British

  • Eddie Wright
    Eddie Wright 22 days ago

    Omg people most of America do not cook our biscuits and gravy like that, come on can you get someone who'll cook the food for these people the right way sheesh

  • Russ Brumbelow
    Russ Brumbelow 24 days ago

    Im gonna post a rebutal video in the morning when i cook breakfast. Biscuits and sausage gravy, grits, fried eggs over easy, and home made pear preserves. Jesus your consulting cooks need to acually visit the regions the say they are cooking food from.

  • Tasha H
    Tasha H 25 days ago

    Americans don’t eat that bullshit

  • R Sb
    R Sb 26 days ago

    Love these videos hate whoever it is making this food it looks like crap! Let me cook for these poor people! I feel Americans are mis-represented by this sub standard sub par food! Looks like shit they feed our inmates as punishment!

  • Antoinette Bway
    Antoinette Bway 26 days ago

    there’s far too much fruit for it to be american. slather that crap in fake ass syrup and bacon.

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 26 days ago

    I like the biscuits and gravy the best.

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 27 days ago

    Terrible representation of American breakfasts. But wait...don't Irish people eat kidneys for breakfast? 😕

  • Slang The Bum
    Slang The Bum 28 days ago

    Yeah those aren’t biscuits and gravy. Real biscuits and gravy they’d ask for seconds.

  • Cody Criss
    Cody Criss 29 days ago

    If you ever disrespect biscuits and gravy like that again with that sad excuse for a breakfast, I'll fuckin unsub, I swear to god

  • Marci Leatherboots1

    That looked like the SADDEST biscuits and gravy ever!

  • The Patient
    The Patient Month ago

    Ya know, there are plenty of quintessential American breakfast foods. But showcasing them would've been too difficult apparently.
    eggs (any style)
    toast (white, wheat, or rye with butter and/ or jam)
    sausage/ bacon/ ham
    hashbrowns/ grits
    waffles/ pancakes/ french toast
    coffee/ tea
    milk/orange juice
    ...oh, my bad. Not mastadon testicles. Just wanted to make sure you read 'till the end.

  • Kristina Rader
    Kristina Rader Month ago

    Not representative of what we eat for breakfast. The things that were remotely close to right were just wrong. Aaahhh!

  • Hens mom
    Hens mom Month ago

    The girl in the glasses complains about everything she eats, please get rid of her.

    RODSLINGER Month ago

    Not even close to enough butter! Butter should be at least 25% of each American hot breakfast

  • Trevor Reilly
    Trevor Reilly Month ago

    do me a favour...find an ugly Irish girl cause you are giving us the wrong impression on this side of the pond the girls there can't all be hot

  • Riley Joanna
    Riley Joanna Month ago

    I’m from America and don’t eat a lot of these foods

  • William Peck
    William Peck Month ago

    I'm so glad to be half Irish, if ya don't like the Irish, fook off .

  • Erin Simone
    Erin Simone Month ago

    I need them to do more research 😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • john thewelder
    john thewelder Month ago

    Cunts, one and all

  • dope ass playlist Orr

    He said gravy in the morning that's nuts 🤣

  • Devon Price
    Devon Price Month ago

    That first girl is kind of a dick

  • E Nigma
    E Nigma Month ago

    WTF biscuits and gravy are da shit!

  • Cala Maria
    Cala Maria Month ago

    I think instead of the "Crispy Hash Breakfast Skillet" I think they should've tried Hashbrown Caserole it's made with
    Prefrozen hash browns
    Some sour cream
    Shredded cheddar cheese
    And ham
    Bake for an hour
    Take it out sprinkle on more cheese (until it covers the entire top)
    Bake for 30 more mins
    And boom! Family meal! I Love it but hey I'm not judging if anyone else hates it.

  • Gina Scaduto
    Gina Scaduto Month ago

    gravy is way too thick

  • Swaymus
    Swaymus Month ago

    I looooove the irish language. The 'th'-sound is just great :D just love!

  • Shoelacy
    Shoelacy Month ago

    I like my pancakes with powdered sugar and butter it's so good.

  • Selene Sirian
    Selene Sirian Month ago

    Pffft. No one has time for any of that except on the weekend or grammas. Coffee and a protein shake or cereal or a piece of fruit.
    Also, who told y'all that was biscuits and gravy? Yuk.

  • Stal 14
    Stal 14 Month ago

    I don't know who cooks your food but they fuck up american food every single time!

  • melinda wolff
    melinda wolff Month ago

    Tastes like Trumps arse! LOL love it!

  • Linda L
    Linda L Month ago

    Gross. Don't dis our bisquits and gravy.

  • Sous Chef
    Sous Chef Month ago

    I don't like sausage gravy. Bacon gravy is so much better with biscuits. My gravy is especially good. The trick is a pinch of cayenne pepper.

  • Roman Pearl
    Roman Pearl Month ago


  • cheyanne boo boo
    cheyanne boo boo Month ago

    I don't EAT any of this for breakfast 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • josh goss
    josh goss Month ago

    Our breakfast are heavy because Americans work some longest days and work weeks compared to alot of other first world countries

  • Scott J
    Scott J Month ago

    ok...Irish people do not know how to make biscuits n gravy...

  • kat kouch
    kat kouch Month ago

    hash looks like garbage. good hash is corned beef, diced potatoes, a little diced onion, and fried in butter, and butter, and butter.

  • Jean Lujan
    Jean Lujan Month ago

    Some are not anything I have ever tried or seen

  • Nope Thanks
    Nope Thanks Month ago

    I like to call these videos
    Irish people find out why Americans are fat

  • Steve Mccart
    Steve Mccart Month ago whole life I've found Irish women irresistible. they are funny , full of life and absolutely beautiful and right now I am going to watch all of these videos at once

  • Tim Clark
    Tim Clark Month ago

    biscuits and gravy is a southern thing.

  • william shoemaker
    william shoemaker Month ago

    First of all that's not biscuits and gravy they really need to learn

  • Darsana Bloodmourn
    Darsana Bloodmourn Month ago

    I am so sad! its like can I just cook for these people?

  • abdu200
    abdu200 Month ago

    What's the ginger girl called at 0:15?

  • Emil Wharton
    Emil Wharton Month ago

    I don't think the world cares about the opinion of these people. Lmfao

  • omega311888
    omega311888 Month ago

    an anti trump joke... how.... unoriginal. not to mention someone obviously only believes leftist lies.

  • Naya Coleman
    Naya Coleman Month ago

    Jesus be an American chef. If y’all don’t gone on down the way with this bullshit food. You’re not suppose to be able to see the biscuits. And where the fuck was the western omelette,bacon,chicken and waffles. Throw the whole channel away

  • dwmyers751
    dwmyers751 Month ago

    Bruh, if you dont like biscuits and gravy then they totally fucked it up lol

  • Dave R
    Dave R Month ago

    put the gravy on the bisquits jeez

  • Lindsey Campbell
    Lindsey Campbell Month ago

    I always wonder why biscuits and gravy is so disliked by the Irish, English, and Scottish. We don't call cookies biscuits, because to Americans that isn't what they are. Biscuits in America are actually quite delicious, and it is just bread you morons. Have you also never heard of gravy? I highly doubt that. It is literally just ground pork sausage with white gravy. It isn't that complicated.

  • Julie Hoffman
    Julie Hoffman Month ago

    Love there opinions

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis Month ago

    Red eye gravy is old school to made from leftover coffee, usually eat in on a breakfast ham though.

  • Shawn DeChane
    Shawn DeChane Month ago

    Biscuit's & Sausages wit Gravy is buy far Disgusting 1-Gazillion% !!! & a Southern Plate !!!

  • Tara Austin
    Tara Austin Month ago

    Them hard ass biscuits... No no no. Give them KFC

  • mudra51
    mudra51 Month ago

    That’s what a biscuit is in America, so get over yourselves.

  • Bethany S.
    Bethany S. Month ago

    No eggs Benedict? No hash browns or home fries? Bacon/sausage and eggs?

  • Buchorellie !
    Buchorellie ! Month ago

    That 👏 was 👏 not 👏 biscuits 👏 and 👏 gravy! 👏 - a southern girl.

  • Isabella Jackson
    Isabella Jackson Month ago

    I’m fighting whoever made the biscuits and gravy that way

  • Arcamean
    Arcamean Month ago

    Aww no you didn't dis my biscuits and gravy... you HEATHENS!

  • Thomas Storwick
    Thomas Storwick Month ago

    I love these people so much❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

  • Dinosuar Lover
    Dinosuar Lover Month ago +2

    i dont like the red haired girl

  • ekbutle
    ekbutle Month ago


  • Artono Darmodjo
    Artono Darmodjo Month ago

    Aine O Niell hated biscuit and gravy in the BBQ tasting video. How did she turn around 180 degrees?

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Month ago