Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)


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  • Andy Boatman
    Andy Boatman Minute ago

    i have anxiety and it makes my stomach hurt all day no joke

  • Joseph Yeh
    Joseph Yeh 27 minutes ago


    • Joseph Yeh
      Joseph Yeh 25 minutes ago

      I had minor depression for a year and it is not good (having friends helps)

  • new puppypaw
    new puppypaw 38 minutes ago


  • barrel racing girl

    Once in class, we were talking about 9/11 and that summer before school I went to a stay away camp and every night they told us stories about the topic.And I wanted to tell one of the stories but when I raised my hand I really wanted to crawl into a raven and eat rocks alone in the dark and when the teacher called me I kept stammering. Eventually she called on someone else

    And with the John Mulaney the title was jewish girls i am a jewish girl ; ;

  • Tara Shah
    Tara Shah Hour ago

    I always think people are staring at me and is judging me so....... classify me pleas.?........

  • Ayano Aishi
    Ayano Aishi Hour ago

    Pee is stored in the -jump off a microwave-

  • Bumpmap
    Bumpmap 2 hours ago

    local anxiety found dead near microwave
    suspected cause of death:

  • Juan jose lopez patiño

    0:04 LOL
    *here! need some trears!?*

  • GachaKitty52
    GachaKitty52 3 hours ago

    *_Pee IS sTorED iN thE BaLlS_*

  • Lil Puggle
    Lil Puggle 3 hours ago +1


  • poo poo lulu
    poo poo lulu 3 hours ago

    pee is stored in the Clinical depression

  • jade draws
    jade draws 3 hours ago

    This animation has a lack for shading but your bouncy cartoonist art in it is so great i watched this many times.

  • Simonka Gogo
    Simonka Gogo 3 hours ago

    Pls help me,I still have the feelinng that someone is watching me ;-;

  • Funny Gacha
    Funny Gacha 3 hours ago

    I have anxiety and depression and Jaiden is right with the last part, you need to help people around you 'cause today a boy in my class had a nose bleed and the teacher didn't listen to him saying his nose was bleeding, so I had tichu's (sry for bad spelling) and gave him some until the deaf teacher finally heard him say his nose was bleeding. So yeah don't let depression be a meanie!

  • B_Cube_Person _235
    B_Cube_Person _235 4 hours ago

    yEs. SaVe ThE bEn.

  • itz_mê _iţzël
    itz_mê _iţzël 4 hours ago

    😭➡️🎂 Me tu

  • Trippy Donut
    Trippy Donut 4 hours ago

    Anxiety can go commit toaster bath.

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 4 hours ago

    I’m an extrovert but I feel like an interovert

  • Will. m
    Will. m 4 hours ago

    why does the title say it can go jump off a microwave

  • Circus Baby
    Circus Baby 4 hours ago +1

    I have social anxiety, I'm sensitive, I'm sad, and I have a a fear of everything.
    edit: fear of everything is where no matter WHAT HAPPENS, no matter HOW GOOD OR BAD IT IS, there's a thought in your mind where a REEEAAALLLYYY unpleasant situation pops up in your head and ruins it all.
    pls help me

  • Vivienne Russo
    Vivienne Russo 5 hours ago

    2:48 thats me at school thats why i never go in public bathrooms

  • Maya Marshburn
    Maya Marshburn 5 hours ago

    Why does this sound like me...Oh man im broken

  • Tamashii
    Tamashii 5 hours ago

    I was kinda worrying if I had social anxiety or not, but I don't think I do, I just have the worst trouble interacting with human beings in normal situations. hmmm...

    • Tamashii
      Tamashii 5 hours ago

      After thinking for a second I have come up with so many things that could mean I have social anxiety..

  • Jalen Lueth
    Jalen Lueth 6 hours ago

    my palms were sweaty nees weak are heavy vomit on my swater all ready moms pathsta with no sthos

  • Gaming With Zatch
    Gaming With Zatch 6 hours ago

    Where is pee storred?

  • Xxlolz popxX
    Xxlolz popxX 6 hours ago

    You can’t have babies HEHEHHEHEHEHEH

  • Hikachu
    Hikachu 6 hours ago

    I saw Levy from Fairy Tail in that crowd and started crying from loss-of-anime-anxiety

  • Schmitt Family
    Schmitt Family 6 hours ago

    If you think every one hates you then explain 4 million fans that live for you uploads, watch them and love you forever.

  • Xxlolz popxX
    Xxlolz popxX 6 hours ago

    my life

  • Quazex
    Quazex 7 hours ago

    So your mental health problems are Hermaeus Mora?


  • HUNter
    HUNter 7 hours ago

    Just dont give a shit about what people think about you!

  • Lily Combo gacha
    Lily Combo gacha 7 hours ago

    Me and my sis are like ANXIETY and NARCISSISTISM I’m ANXIETY and My sis is NARSSASISM

  • gamestarlover
    gamestarlover 7 hours ago

    2:48 Yeah... I would hate the thought of Somebody staring at me while I take a dump Q_Q

  • Liam Green
    Liam Green 8 hours ago

    jaden + rap = Eminem

  • Nat The Weirdo
    Nat The Weirdo 8 hours ago +2

    Social Anxiety+Introvert=Me (yay!)

  • Dark side of the moon
    Dark side of the moon 8 hours ago


  • Michael Jefcoat
    Michael Jefcoat 8 hours ago

    Why are the weeaboos in the back?

  • Nick Lastnamelol
    Nick Lastnamelol 9 hours ago

    I didn't know I have social anxiety before this video. I thought everyone feels like that at times, well dang :|

  • Chase Watson
    Chase Watson 9 hours ago

    Your amazing

  • RazorShark
    RazorShark 9 hours ago

    Pee is stored in the balls

  • Gina Favara
    Gina Favara 9 hours ago

    Bullied as a kid, social anxiety, depression, anorexic, suicidal. Yup name it I had. I had no one to really talk to, no friends. Parents, anyone really never listened. Dropped out of high school. Took me awhile to fight it and get through it. But I finally did. Now I have two boys and another on the way. It will take time to get through it but you will one way or another.

  • Bluz Animations
    Bluz Animations 9 hours ago

    Mr beast at the start

  • JKrowlingrockx
    JKrowlingrockx 10 hours ago

    3:33 Omg.....I do the same thing. Every time I raise my hand to say anything, I immediately get that sense of "what are you doing, put your hand down, what can you add to this discussion?" Then the teacher calls on you and you totally freeze and either do the smart thing and say "uhhh...I can't remember what I was going to say" (which is sometimes true, cause you were too busy telling your dumb brain to shut up)....OR you stare at the teacher blankly and try to say stuff while your face turns bright red cause every word that comes out of your mouth sounds dumb and you eventually get quiet and try to hide the urge to run out of the room from embarrassment.
    ....I mean, I'm always nervous. about pretty much everything. I tear up almost anytime I have to look people in the eyes while they talk, and I've felt like my knees were gonna give out on me while doing public speaking assignments before. Idk whether to feel...better?...that I'm not the only one who get this overwhelming feeling while speaking to people, or concerned that I should probably be doing something about it.
    Anyways....Guess it's a nice feeling. Subbed.

  • Winter Perry
    Winter Perry 10 hours ago

    Love ruself I luv u

  • Anibal Perez
    Anibal Perez 11 hours ago


  • Tiago Gray
    Tiago Gray 12 hours ago

    Pee is stored in the urinary bladder

  • Awedome99
    Awedome99 12 hours ago

    Thanks brain for our saddness and more sad things :)
    jk It ruins lives what are u thinking braiinn>!

  • Gabby
    Gabby 12 hours ago

    that is a really interesting perspective. like, anxiety being the idea that you won't be able to cope w a given situation. Like I constantly think I'm going to be late to something even if the place is like 5 minutes from my house and it's 30 minutes before i have to be there? i have literally no concept of time so i end up being somewhere super early and then have to be awkward about it while i wait. even typing about it is stressing me out,,,

  • Jaime Arellano
    Jaime Arellano 12 hours ago


  • fluidacid
    fluidacid 13 hours ago +1

    im a n ice person

  • fluidacid
    fluidacid 13 hours ago +1

    anxiety and extroversion are hard for my freind im introverted

  • Tori S.
    Tori S. 13 hours ago

    So you changed that title back, huh

  • Cookiette
    Cookiette 14 hours ago

    Those guys got a lot of problems,


  • lexi
    lexi 16 hours ago

    aaaa i genetically inherited anxiety and depression and developed some ptsd, both of which diagnosed by a doctor. i've been struggling with it all my life, even since i was 2 or three. good luck to those who have these illnesses, i wish you the best

  • Nari Sunshine
    Nari Sunshine 16 hours ago

    lol why is that me XDD

  • Rhino World
    Rhino World 19 hours ago

    3:24 I am like this all the time in French class, I will be sitting there thinking “this is so easy, how are you even slightly stuttering?” And then the teacher will call on me and suddenly I can’t even form a word in English

  • Mituna Captor
    Mituna Captor 19 hours ago

    Anxiety can kick itself in the butt and jump off a FURKING CABINET

  • chris hardy
    chris hardy 19 hours ago

    it took me from age 13 to some were between 21 and 24 to come to terms with my anxiety, depression and a large host of other problems before i started getting the help i needed. and took till this past year (27) to come to terms that therapy, just talking to someone trained to help people with issues like mine, wasnt enough and that i needed the help of meds aswell

  • Brodie Folkard
    Brodie Folkard 20 hours ago

    PEE IS STORED IN (kid friendly content)

  • freiddys dy
    freiddys dy 20 hours ago

    Me gusta tu estilo pero no le entro al inglish :'c

  • The Diamond MLG Gamer
    The Diamond MLG Gamer 20 hours ago

    Helping people is what keeps me happy......


  • Stella The Gay
    Stella The Gay 21 hour ago

    The mental disorder mailman works like the owl post: there is mail on Sundays

  • RaYzEJay
    RaYzEJay 21 hour ago

    Ok I help my best friend/ crush with her depression and she helps me with my social Anxiety

  • Chad V
    Chad V 21 hour ago

    Guilty on all counts...

  • SapphireCarnation Garden

    I have social anxiety too dunt dunt dun but no really I do

  • Derpy Penguin
    Derpy Penguin 22 hours ago

    Waht...Jaiden u have depression? I am so sorry for u

  • Haile y
    Haile y 22 hours ago +1

    I also have social anxiety😅😕

  • Gemy
    Gemy 22 hours ago

    This so relatable my gosh. I also having the feeling that I'm different but I ignore it but my health we are talking about mental disorders and I think I might have something ya hehe I'm awkward bye

  • Jacqueline Carlos
    Jacqueline Carlos 23 hours ago

    I suffer from ADD, Daprestion, and every anxiety

  • Sky the Dragon
    Sky the Dragon 23 hours ago

    No one hates you your practically cool and chill

  • Jacqueline Carlos
    Jacqueline Carlos 23 hours ago

    Please don’t think I hate you I love you and your Chanel so don’t say people hate you please don’t

  • Cara Frisk
    Cara Frisk 23 hours ago

    Hey I just pretend to be happy to my friend

  • InsolentBI
    InsolentBI 23 hours ago

    Lol I didnt think anxiety was that bad of a thing until once in health class I wanted to say something and I raised my hand but he started talking talking about something else and then called on me and I started crying anditsuckedandughhhhh

  • Pugsarelife hha
    Pugsarelife hha 23 hours ago

    Who is Ben?!

  • Luna Tuna/MEEGsquad
    Luna Tuna/MEEGsquad 23 hours ago

    Idk wats wrong with me but when I get scared or something... I feel like I can barely breathe....Also idk Why, but when a teachah yells at me for talking... I almost cry just bc she TALKED to me

  • Débora Pinto
    Débora Pinto 23 hours ago

    Holy molly the quality of this video is amazing! Great animation, staging, everything

  • tipabu
    tipabu 23 hours ago

    i enjoyed both the thumbnail and the title :)

  • Slick Garuto
    Slick Garuto 23 hours ago

    Cringe is now stored in by brain thanks to anxiety aka the waste of brain

  • Galaxy Daily Vlogs And More

    This is my life... ;-;

  • Emmy Pike
    Emmy Pike Day ago

    Jaiden I think I have that kind of anxiety

  • Aidan can talk now hooray

    Put all anxietys, depression while trying to be an extrovert and dying trying to be an extrovert and you get meeeeeeee

  • Aidan can talk now hooray

    You mean 6.2 million

  • Marielena Figueroa

    I don't hate you, your awesome :3

  • super aeden Crazy kid

    When I drink chocolate milk I have anxety

  • Sebastien Monette

    Kraco is the worst anxiety Kirby could have...

  • Kaitlyn Johnson
    Kaitlyn Johnson Day ago

    Pee is stored in the freezer.

  • Madalynn E
    Madalynn E Day ago

    7:26 i'm sorry jainden your wrong on that one, i did get squished.:(

  • Googletube 6
    Googletube 6 Day ago

    You are awesome don't think anyone hates you it helps (I should know)

  • Haven Dubroy
    Haven Dubroy Day ago

    she started quoting eminem

  • slashemxdeath -
    slashemxdeath - Day ago

    What's ligma

  • slashemxdeath -
    slashemxdeath - Day ago

    What's ligma

  • Minecaffe Labs Gaming

    i feel ya

  • Falah Hussain
    Falah Hussain Day ago

    First of all.. I think you have a beautiful personality.. I love you for who you are. Think of all your accomplishments in life. Your a great person!

  • Vaughn Ladley
    Vaughn Ladley Day ago

    I think your an amazing and hardworking person

  • Wizard Brandon
    Wizard Brandon Day ago

    Dont worry jaiden we all like you :D (and ari too)

  • somulisto
    somulisto Day ago

    Poor turtles 😥

  • Ash Is ME
    Ash Is ME Day ago

    Can I go jump off a microwave???

  • FireLions Bro
    FireLions Bro Day ago

    *So Jaiden is acting completely oblivious at turtles choking on plastic bags?*

  • FireLions Bro
    FireLions Bro Day ago

    *Social anxiety is basically hating yourself....Yay....*

  • Creative Rocket Studios

    *Isn't ironic this video makes you anxious?*