Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)


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  • WegDhass
    WegDhass Day ago

    I never knew this. But i guess i have anxiety.

  • Niamh McInnes
    Niamh McInnes Day ago

    0:10 omg it's Shane 😂
    And I have autism and selective mutism so before a substitute teacher told me to read something out loud to the class and I couldn't so then he thought I was refusing and we have c1 (warning) c2 (a B in your planner) and c3 (you go outside of the classroom) and he gave me a c2 because of something I was diagnosed with 3 years ago. And people shout at me and tell me to speak which makes it harder and I always feel like people are talking about me behind my back 😓

  • Itz_pixel Deer
    Itz_pixel Deer Day ago

    I’m sorry jaiden I hope it gets better

  • NeoKuro
    NeoKuro Day ago

    heh, but nobody that i know really cares about anything but themselves. nice to know that i'm gonna die without nothing but a horrible illness which makes me feel uncomfortable with myself :)

  • Fabled YT
    Fabled YT Day ago

    I just realised ive been going to therapy for 6 years...

    Damn Daniel.

  • Fhantom Slayer_
    Fhantom Slayer_ Day ago

    Jaiden said she wanted floaties for swimming, does that mean she can't swim?

  • rowena bradley
    rowena bradley Day ago

    Jaiden... why did you use an meme *50 secs b4*

  • MinisterPancakes

    Has anyone been paranoid about something out to get you even if you know no ones there? I've been there

  • Maddy Shy
    Maddy Shy Day ago

    When I was younger if I was in a public bathroom and someone walked in I would stay in the stall until they leave.

  • Ella Mullee
    Ella Mullee Day ago +1

    Anyone have selective mutism or is it just me ._. (I have anxiety too)

  • Midnight_ Tacoz
    Midnight_ Tacoz Day ago

    Wassup Shane Dawson!

  • ali gay
    ali gay Day ago

    my friend who is a gay feminist she had anxiety but she doesn't really and she uses it for attention but my friend denied it and hates me for it

  • Matni Fart
    Matni Fart Day ago

    Palms sweaty week knees heavy arms already got vomit on my sweater mom spaghetti

  • Matni Fart
    Matni Fart Day ago

    *choacs* ded like breathing

  • Matni Fart
    Matni Fart Day ago

    I may do as you wish king hmmmmmmmmm bow down to me and be rasist

  • Matni Fart
    Matni Fart Day ago

    I may do as you wish king hmmmmmmmmm bow down to me and be rasist

  • c i n d y
    c i n d y Day ago +1

    I don’t even know if I have any mental disorders because I’ve never been taken to a therapist or like a doctor or idk

  • c i n d y
    c i n d y Day ago +1

    I’m really shy to strangers like I’d go out of my way to avoid the any way I can
    But with my “friends” (I know they only keep me around to make themselves feel better) I’m like YEET ;-;

  • stackz __
    stackz __ Day ago +1

    All the dislikes must be from people in Australia, because they see it upside down.

  • Project Alex
    Project Alex Day ago +1

    Yes Eminem

  • Kaptin M3m3
    Kaptin M3m3 Day ago

    When I was seven I had to go to therapy a lot bc I’m depressed and I have anxiety therapy didn’t work and now I’m still broken and dying (I don’t think anybody cares 😂)

  • Rainbow Gunsh
    Rainbow Gunsh Day ago


  • Tibthecat 19
    Tibthecat 19 Day ago

    I’ve had the same problems and I’ve opened up to some friends then they got worried and wanna help me stop hurting myself and they beg me but I just think it’s out of pity and I feel like they hate me and I dragged them down with me and I don’t deserve them and I’m a waste of a life and I should just explode

    That’s my day to day life right there

    Sorry I wasted your time

  • SkylanderGod 239

    Was the Crown

    • SkylanderGod 239
      SkylanderGod 239 Day ago

      I meant to say was the crown supposed to be like the crown from tabbes

  • Ryujin The Third

    If you die
    You wont have to deal with anxiety
    *Suicide rates sky rocket*

  • Ryujin The Third

    Us/Them:Does somthing
    Also Us/Them:Shit

  • Ryujin The Third

    That class one is almost me

  • Antank
    Antank Day ago +1

    *And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D get a good night's rest tonight. that's an order.*

    sry jaiden gotta stay up all night animating

  • Yerkz Clan
    Yerkz Clan Day ago

    Someone: Here! Anything you say into this will reach hundreds of thousands of people!


  • Khosmo
    Khosmo Day ago

    Other stories say Narcissus drowned when he tried to kiss his reflection lol

  • Cxany
    Cxany Day ago

    0:09 omg it’s shane

  • DoggyTuseday DoggyTuseday

    My anxiety is equivalent to death. It’s just ...umm... yeah I need help.

  • Acaisiah Franklin

    Anyone els think about john Laurens when she mentioned turtles?

  • Hi isme
    Hi isme Day ago

    I have this to

  • LARZMAN playz
    LARZMAN playz Day ago

    Narcissism;I love myself and I know everyone loves me too
    Anxiety;I hate myself,everyone hates me, I'm weird and there's constantly a set of eyes on me also I have *really* sweaty palms like all the time
    Yup same thing

  • Mangaka-Sama
    Mangaka-Sama Day ago

    My anxiety makes me not draw because everyone asks me to see my sketchbook, and I can’t say no XD

  • my pet banana died help

    My mom always says “you need to let things go!” And I say “it’s not that easy” “you’re grounded for your attitude” when I’m having a breakdown which is about everyday and you know what she does?


  • Vina Kahtri
    Vina Kahtri Day ago

    I don’t want to go back to therapy it didn’t help they just gave me some drugs which made me never eat and I realized I’m a terrible person and I hate myself
    I know that sounds dumb so context
    I was diagnosed with autism and adhd by my therapist when I was I think 7 or 8. I am emotionally and mentally delayed but not intellectually so I was going to therapy to learn how not to be a brat and a lot of the time I would still be a brat (eg. not watch 60 minutes with my mom, cry when my sister dumped her food on my bed, complain about homework) I thought I was doing better and my mom tried to get me to be proud of being autistic and when ever I would my sister would say I was just trying to be special same with when I told my parents I was getting good grades same when I tried to do art (art is her thing ) so yeah I basically told myself if you even mention you you are being a selfish Piece Of garbage and you don’t deserve attention

  • Sakura da Fox
    Sakura da Fox Day ago

    I care, but I don't at the same time.
    I get embarrassed SOOOO much that it had gotten to the point that I don't but do care...I don't think that makes sense. (This honestly feels like something I would say on youtube)

  • Temmie 246
    Temmie 246 Day ago

    Arent we all just ticking timebombs, waiting to die slowly?

  • Kendra Kendra
    Kendra Kendra Day ago


  • Nena Yareli Rubio

    That is What i Cell like whin i go to the bathroom

  • LPS Blue Quartz
    LPS Blue Quartz Day ago

    In a large room where we each have our own corner to sit in and worry about not talking to anybody because turns out *everybody in that room is an introvert.* huh. Ok.. maybe that's not such a good idea after all.

  • Abby C.
    Abby C. Day ago +1

    how could u think everyone hates u when u got 5.7 M subs, and i havs no friends?!

  • Moonlight 20101
    Moonlight 20101 Day ago


  • coolguyvids
    coolguyvids Day ago

    😤me to 😧😧

  • Cookies And Cream

    Anyone see the Kirby reference?

  • Bruh moment
    Bruh moment Day ago

    Where's petscop 2

  • Mister T Gaming
    Mister T Gaming Day ago

    Narcissism is also known as megalomania, use that term (a 'megalomaniac'), and people will think your sans.
    These are pro life tips for life folks

  • Black panther
    Black panther Day ago

    I love you your great and it can jump of a cliff

  • I have an incredibly tiny penis, but,

    These jokes aren't funny. Or dark. Just sad.

  • Kanoni
    Kanoni Day ago

    3:40 moms spaghetti

    Take some pills they help

  • Glitch -
    Glitch - Day ago

    I don't like antidepressants personally I believe they give you a false sense of happiness

  • gabby gir5
    gabby gir5 Day ago +1

    I'm pretty shure I've got sosial enxiety, low self asteem and depression xd cuz your description is exactly what I feel 😅cri 🙃 help...

  • Gracy Par
    Gracy Par Day ago

    Find the pretty face

    Can't find it? The pretty face is reading this comment!

  • souR zerg
    souR zerg Day ago

    did you see mr beast

  • Philine
    Philine Day ago

    Anxiety, Yeah i can relate......... in 10th grade we had to read a book in my englisch class (I'm german) and the teacher asked everyone to say ONE freakin fact about the book and I literally could not think of anything... he asked me if I even had read the book and I said yes (which was the truth). I was the center of attention for a couple minutes and was literally in the most uncomfortable situation ever, he asked me what the name of the main character was and my brain was just blank. He stood in front of me and waited and I couldn't say a word. Then he became really angry with me bc he thought I hadn't read the book... How can you even forget the name of the main character of the book you just read?!?!?!?!

  • Shawn Palermo
    Shawn Palermo 2 days ago

    Mr.Beast 0:09

  • BananaBread the not so great

    i'm also struggling with depression and anxiety. so much so that everyone in school thinks i'm weird because i'm scared to talk because of fear that i'll say something wrong and everyone will laugh at me and yadda yadda dark deep swirling pool of dark thoughts. i love life

  • unicorn marveler
    unicorn marveler 2 days ago

    The anxiety is necessary relationed whit shyness?

  • KittyKatGamer_YT
    KittyKatGamer_YT 2 days ago

    It can just jump off a microwave?! XD

  • Carlos Velazquez
    Carlos Velazquez 2 days ago


  • Top Cringe
    Top Cringe 2 days ago +1

    Well actually extroverts can sometimes have more awkward moments than introverts because they try to interact more and it doesn't always go as planned I would know because I am an extrovert

  • Mateo Buteler
    Mateo Buteler 2 days ago

    why am i laughing that muuuuuch!!!
    youll make me die

  • altkovac
    altkovac 2 days ago

    Idk if anyone else has this problem, but I create scenarios in my head where I’m arguing with someone, it’s really fucking annoying because I can’t help it and it usually leaves me in the bad mood and ending up wanting to absolutely smack the living shit out of that person. I’ve talked about it to one of my friends, only just about it’s dream form when I’m sleeping. If somebody actually knew that I was creating random scenarios in my head in the living fucking day where somebody has actually betrayed me (but they haven’t) they’d think I’m insane. Lovely.

  • wee poo
    wee poo 2 days ago

    I’ve suffered from anxiety and I used to just sit in the corner of my class or stay in my room all day and I was stupid and during class one day my teacher asked my to answer a question so I through my brand new iPhone 8 I got for my birthday at the teacher and ran off and just hid all day in the very corner of the school where no one ever goes

  • Bhuvi _TIN?
    Bhuvi _TIN? 2 days ago

    i did try therapist .some one i can talk with . but 15 dollars for an hour was too much for me to give T_T

  • Karla G
    Karla G 2 days ago

    I have generalized anxiety disorder, and sometimes when I am too stressed I have seizures. Yup, my brain can't literally handle my anxieties that it needs to reboot.

  • strocksy
    strocksy 2 days ago

    I came to school and hid in the bathroom and today I came back home

  • DailyArmyTea
    DailyArmyTea 2 days ago

    Me: *Gathers the Confidence to Put up their hand and gets called* *Says the Answer*
    Teacher: Well done *Continues on with the lesson*
    My Brain: Did I sound weird? Was my voice deeper then usual? Are People Judging me? Does the teacher think Im dumb?
    My social Anxiety: Yes

  • Dave Gunner
    Dave Gunner 2 days ago

    Jesus, this pretty much describes my state of me...all the time

  • Otterly Brandon
    Otterly Brandon 2 days ago

    I'm stealing your "sadness cake" saying 😅
    Also I love your videos!! Really cute animation and I can relate to a bunch of stuff you talk about. You're the best!

  • Feisal Merali
    Feisal Merali 2 days ago

    Thanks fo this Jaden. I have generalized anxiety disorder, and this video makes me feel less alone and brings more attention to anxiety.

  • evan Welch
    evan Welch 2 days ago


  • FadingAway
    FadingAway 2 days ago

    I have social anxiety, and heck its not fun.

  • arain764niara
    arain764niara 2 days ago

    When you're depressed, have anxiety and paranoid, asking for help is the last thing on your mind

  • xXMarble FoxXx
    xXMarble FoxXx 2 days ago

    Ur me...srsly

  • Anime Ally
    Anime Ally 2 days ago

    I have depression and anxiety

  • Stephy Reyna
    Stephy Reyna 2 days ago

    3:44omg yes I know exactly how that feels I've done that too

  • Light River
    Light River 2 days ago

    QUEEN Shane Dawson

  • cici bear
    cici bear 2 days ago


  • Elizabeth Godwin
    Elizabeth Godwin 2 days ago

    Thank you for being honest about mental health.
    Just so you know, I'm pretty extroverted, but even though the problems I have are often different from yours (and trust me, I have plenty of problems) when people like you are honest about your struggles it makes me feel like I'm not alone.

  • Syntax_3rror
    Syntax_3rror 2 days ago

    Why do I see millions of anime characters in the background? IS THAT L? LIGHT? ASUNA AHHH

    HANNAH HANEY 2 days ago

    depression: you don't need ta wake up yet. you don't have anything you gotta do today...
    me: well crap

  • CARTS GUY 1995
    CARTS GUY 1995 2 days ago

    Jaiden, I discovered your channel yesterday, and video after video, I am more and more impressed with your stories. Theyre funny, wonderfully animated and so real. I hope to become a youtuber animator someday, thank you for your sharing your dealings with anxiety, as I know the feeling.

  • Puppy Love let’s play with me

    I don’t hate you

  • Kira Baucom
    Kira Baucom 2 days ago

    Um hi jaiden um what advice do ou have for someone who can’t really talk about their depression because no one really wants to hear about it?

  • gacha cat the game explorer

    5:18 that sadness cake is me too

  • Maggie Smith
    Maggie Smith 2 days ago +1

    Me thoooo!! Yes I have anxiety but not social anxiety. My sis has depression so I understand things a bit better because they are sort of the same. Most depression is caused by anxiety

  • Priyanka Maurya
    Priyanka Maurya 2 days ago

    I have never related more to anything on planet earth

  • Yoshi Lover
    Yoshi Lover 2 days ago

    The emergency island escape class was on one of the two days of school you missed.

    PANC44KESNOMNOM 2 days ago

    I have anxiety and uhhh, my eyes hurt a lot in class.

  • nennamonkey
    nennamonkey 2 days ago

    I don't hate you

  • luka marjanovic
    luka marjanovic 2 days ago +1

    I love you

  • Galaxy_tigerplays
    Galaxy_tigerplays 2 days ago

    Hi stranger with a degree, I'm here to tell you why I'm broken.

  • owo uwu
    owo uwu 3 days ago


  • Justaba
    Justaba 3 days ago

    *Gives antidepressants*

  • J w
    J w 3 days ago

    U need help

  • Kiki the cat
    Kiki the cat 3 days ago

    How did you have the nerve to talk to your parents