Lines In Endgame That Are More Important Than You Realized

  • Published on May 2, 2019
  • With allusions to previous MCU movies and references to comics that haven't made their way to the big screen, Avengers: Endgame reminds Marvel fans that the people behind the camera are just as enthusiastic as the ones filling the seats. Here are some lines in Avengers: Endgame that were more important than you may have realized.
    If you saw Avengers: Endgame in a packed theater, then the moment Thor's hammer Mjolnir flies into Captain America's hand probably inspired one of the loudest and most enthusiastic responses from the audience.
    If not, then it's at least met with enthusiasm from Thor himself, who yells "I knew it!" as he spots Cap threatening Thanos with the legendary weapon.
    So what did Thor mean by "I knew it?" In an early scene in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor gives the rest of the team permission to try to lift Mjolnir. Thor sits back, confident none of his mere mortal teammates will prove worthy to wield the hammer… until Steve Rogers gives it a shot.
    That brief nudge, and past comic book stories in which Cap has proven worthy of Mjolnir, left some fans theorizing that Cap could've lifted the hammer but chose not to in order to spare his teammate any humiliation.
    Apparently, the Odinson was one of those fans. When Thor yells "I knew it!" he betrays that he thought Cap was faking way back in 2015 as well. And how couldn't he? Cap's as worthy as they come.
    Watch the video for more lines in Endgame that are more important than you realized!
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    I knew it! | 0:16
    Made for this | 1:18
    Strange future | 2:18
    Stopping Tony | 3:23
    Avengers... Assemble! | 4:24
    You're so big! | 5:12
    Clint! Give it to me! | 6:07
    Hail Hydra | 7:06
    Asgardians of the Galaxy | 8:08
    Moving on | 9:06
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  • Looper
    Looper  2 months ago +2979

    What other important lines/scenes can you name?

    • Florian
      Florian Day ago

      I can do this all day

    • Mochi Tea
      Mochi Tea 5 days ago

      “That really is America’s ass”

    • Allan Rutland
      Allan Rutland 14 days ago

      There is also the post credit scene...well not so much a scene but audio. The hammering again from the original creation of Iron Man, thus leading to a new Iron Man possibly?

    • Rika Lionhart
      Rika Lionhart 15 days ago

      I don’t feel so good

    • Shoki Fujio
      Shoki Fujio 15 days ago

      There’s an identical mouse in Spider-Man homecoming that’s going into a hole. (You can see the mouse at the scene where Spider-Man changes to the costume)...and that mouse is going to be saving the world in endgame

  • James Davies
    James Davies 8 hours ago

    nah i’m thinking when Cap tried to lift mjölner the first time he couldn’t due to the fact he knew about Tony’s parents and how bucky killed them once that fact was known to Tony he was Worthy of lifting it

  • Zarek Scipior
    Zarek Scipior 21 hour ago

    The move on line was Sam's though.

  • Lucy Barlow
    Lucy Barlow Day ago

    Love the arrested development scene!!

  • Andrew Fryer
    Andrew Fryer Day ago

    Can someone please tell me what is the music in the background in the video

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 4 days ago

    00:50 ... You CAN do it... Beta Ray Bill.

  • thor odinson
    thor odinson 6 days ago

    At the end it said Tony stark will return

  • For Glory!
    For Glory! 7 days ago

    I'll go ahead and say it for the rest of youz guyz.
    There is WAY too little Dr. Stranger in the MCU!!

  • SecretBlue02
    SecretBlue02 8 days ago

    1:36 i think you mean 11 years. Endgame takes place in 2023

  • Jim O
    Jim O 9 days ago

    You people are dumb. How the hell do you take a movie script and find importance in it. How about reading real comic book...this movie was a joke. Stupid ! breaking down a movie script..breakdown the comic book. Let them know the real story.

  • Derryn E. Hahn
    Derryn E. Hahn 10 days ago

    Buddhist tradition of the teacher having to be asked 3 times before teaching a new student to prove that the student is ready to learn is why the Ancient One initially refuses to teach Dr Strange❤️✨

  • Mr. Karma
    Mr. Karma 13 days ago

    Dexter Manning

  • Shanmugappriya Manoharan

    6:27 there's another similar scene where CAP calls PETER "Hey Queens"
    but I haven't seen it mentioned in any videos about Endgame

  • Shoki Fujio
    Shoki Fujio 15 days ago +1

    In Spider-Man homecoming, at the scene where peter changes to his costume, there’s an identical mouse walking into a hole, and the mouse is going to be saving the world in endgame

  • Husein Alatas
    Husein Alatas 19 days ago

    Let me go , it's okay

  • MidnightMagic Ajpw
    MidnightMagic Ajpw 20 days ago +3

    *Is That All Of Them?*

    *What you wanted more?*

  • Nithusha Aravinthan
    Nithusha Aravinthan 21 day ago

    I thought the title of this video before clicking was " Lines in Endgame That Are More Important Than You " xD

  • A Diamond
    A Diamond 22 days ago

    Tony's lines are some of my favorite.. but Widow and Hawkeye's back and forth is pretty cool too

  • Hyper Gamer
    Hyper Gamer 22 days ago +2

    Quill : Everyone Knows the Captain of this Ship!!
    Fat Thor : Yes Yes of course
    Quill : ...........Me!...
    Fat Thor : Oh yes yes Of course Of course Of course Of Cooouurrrssee

  • The Insidious Dr. Chupa

    The Ancient One knew Strange was coming, but also knew that he needed to be humbled before he was entrusted with the power to protect Earth. He needed to be shaped into the man that would become the Sorcerer Supreme.

  • zac Capco
    zac Capco 23 days ago

    I knew it also when cap lifted thor’s hammer
    I saw it coming even before i watched endgame

  • yellow c a r d
    yellow c a r d 23 days ago

    the theater i went to was packed af but no one had a reaction when he picked up thors hammer and that sucked ://

  • Jadon Playz games
    Jadon Playz games 24 days ago

    I thought this was not the real looper channel but The Endgame Playlist has 176 vids so I was wrong

  • Rip torn
    Rip torn 26 days ago

    Abc money taken by brc no td bank little nemo on hbo abc stopped making sense popular hour wild fellowes hour I got from month world not amazed by newspaper.

  • Grant C.
    Grant C. 27 days ago +1

    That is America's ass

  • Kroesis Gaming
    Kroesis Gaming 27 days ago

    Pretty sure the sorcerer supreme's kicking Strange out was just a planned part of his training rather than seeing a reaction from someone else...

  • corturia
    corturia 28 days ago

    the ancient one tells strange in doctor strange that she has spent centuries peering through time,prevented many futures and seen many possible futures,she tells strange she never seen his exact future but has seen the possibilities and he could be great,she also tells him his most valuable lesson is that "its not about him" the full conversation and her thinking is why she realises in endgame that strange has made the right decision when she learnt the timestone was given to thanos,strange has overcome it being about him and she realises hes has embraced the arts and will become the best of them as she says,he sacraficed himself for the greater good and fufliing the possible future she seen. its masterfully written as most of the mcu is,no mistake or contradiction

  • rdns263
    rdns263 28 days ago

    Almost any line for the Ancient One is deep and thought provoking. This was the main reason I enjoyed the Dr. Strange film so much.

  • InformationIsTheEdge
    InformationIsTheEdge 29 days ago

    So, introduce time travel as a plot device and all bets are off. We get to see Captain America be the hero we want , sacrifice himself and his wants to his responsibility AND see him get the life of love and happiness with Peggy Carter that he deserves for all his heroism. Very satisfying.

  • Larry Jewell
    Larry Jewell Month ago

    She was testing Strange when she kicked him out.

  • Mihir Beg
    Mihir Beg Month ago +1

    Either stick with calling them by their acter's names, or characters names. You can't say "Downey said to Banner." That's bad writing

  • Robert Jackson
    Robert Jackson Month ago

    Scarlet Witch: "You took everything from me"
    Thanos: "I don't even know who you are."
    Scarlet Witch: "You will"
    Then she proceeds to beat the crap out of Thanos and strip him of his armor without even physically touching him. I believe that she could have easily killed him if he hadn't rained fire. Her power is underappreciated.

    • Jason McDaniel
      Jason McDaniel Month ago +1

      Especially, when she is the only one that can destroy the mind stone with her powers. This shows how strong she actually is.

  • 정우성
    정우성 Month ago

    Noob Master69

  • WhoIsTadhg
    WhoIsTadhg Month ago

    Ummm Looper, Captain America 2019 never fought his 2012 counterpart. However Captain America 2023 fought his 2012 counterpart.

  • Jackaroni
    Jackaroni Month ago

    If you didn’t know, cap can only pick up mjolnir when he has adrenaline pumping through his body, so he’s only kinda worthy.

    • Jackaroni
      Jackaroni Month ago

      Jason McDaniel okay.

    • Jason McDaniel
      Jason McDaniel Month ago

      But he picked it up when he was sent back in time to place the stones back where they came from.

  • w35t51d369
    w35t51d369 Month ago

    What happened to gamora? She wasn’t on the ship when the guardians of the galaxy were leaving earth.

  • Dario Castaneda
    Dario Castaneda Month ago

    Hulk fans need to have a better version or at least to have some redemption to the character.

  • ahmed adel
    ahmed adel Month ago

    It's not about importance, but everything Thanos said was so deep..
    - "I know what it is like to lose, to feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail, nonetheless. It's frightening, turns your legs to jelly, I ask you to what end?. Dread it, run from it, destiny arrives all the same. And now, it's here, or shall I say, I'm here"
    - to Tony Stark "you're not the only one cursed with knowledge".
    - "the hardest of choices require the strongest of wills"
    - "it's a simple calculus. This universe is finite, it's resources, finite. If life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist"
    - "you couldn't live with your own failure, and where does that bring you?!
    Back to me.
    I thought by eliminating half of life, the other half would thrive, but you've shown me this is impossible. As long as there are those that remember what was, there will always be those that won't be able to accept what can be. They'll resist"

  • Jim B
    Jim B Month ago

    this video is totally worthless. You scammed me out of lifes minutes yo basturds! May Thors hammer crush your balls!

  • A Mak
    A Mak Month ago

    The finger shake don't pull line from Howard stark.... Reminds Tony to shake the stones off Thanos... Not pulling the gauntlet off.... Strange reminds stark with the finger.... Just like Howard stark told him

  • B.
    B. Month ago

    i believe at the 06:12 mark, the clip with hawkeye running is the one that was edited, there 2, the trailer where hes running with nothing and in the movie hes running with the gauntlet

  • Martin Anastacio
    Martin Anastacio Month ago

    War Machine to Ant Man: "What's up... regular-sized man?"

    Unsaid line, Hulk to Ant Man "Here, have some tacos!"

  • Owen Weber
    Owen Weber Month ago +1

    I know this isn’t a important line in Avengers: End Game but what is the background music in this video????

  • Athar Shaikh
    Athar Shaikh Month ago +1

    Cap didnt lift thors hammer because thor would be embarressed? If thats true then cap did awsome acting...😂

  • Timothy Beltran
    Timothy Beltran Month ago

    First time in the MCU they used the name "Hawkeye" is Clint telling his daughter, "Nice shot, Hawkeye."

  • simplify
    simplify Month ago +1

    don't forget that rocket told tony stark "you're only a genius on earth pal" meaning there might be a multiverse

    • Al Rocky
      Al Rocky Month ago

      more likely other planets not other universes

  • sayx nOmor
    sayx nOmor Month ago

    "But that up there......thats the endgame"

  • IanTheGreat
    IanTheGreat Month ago +3

    Because of how long the title is I read it as "Lines in endgame That are more important than you" xD

  • Kavahsiae jordan
    Kavahsiae jordan Month ago

    Who didn't know what he meant by "I knew it" obviously if u a fan u knew what he meant

  • shortbare
    shortbare Month ago

    The Lines Aren't That Important

  • bruh
    bruh Month ago


  • Serpent31 Gaming
    Serpent31 Gaming Month ago

    Avengers ASSemble - Captain America aka man with a thicc America's ass

  • Visceris
    Visceris Month ago

    When Doctor Strange looks at the millions and millions of possible futures, he sees that the only future they win is the one he gives the stone to Thanos freely, so in the future, when Hulk asked for the stone and said that Doctor Strange gave the stone freely, the monge would give him the stone to fix the past.

  • Tharun Krishna
    Tharun Krishna Month ago

    When thor didn't valued his strength, Odin take back all his powers and said he's unworthy..(Thor 2011)
    When Cap was chosen to be the super soldier, Professor said, the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength, that's why u have been chosen..(Captain America: The first Avenger 2012)
    Now u know what makes, a man worthy..

  • Natasha
    Natasha Month ago

    why did it show up as "Lines in Endgame that are more important than you..."

  • sultan menambang
    sultan menambang Month ago +1

    If the thanos from future is still alive and met himself from the past he must've whisper this to the old him: *If you found a girl with red coat and red glowing eyes,i recommend you to just run away and pretending to fight someone else*

  • deadblood 4115
    deadblood 4115 Month ago +1

    I hate how cap whispered it

  • Placeholder Name
    Placeholder Name Month ago

    This is the guy from smashbits

  • Justin Dai
    Justin Dai Month ago

    Well I mean if strange didn’t give the time stone than banner wouldn’t even be there in 2012

  • La mea
    La mea Month ago

    What about Loki's lines before he died?

  • Veronica Garcia
    Veronica Garcia Month ago

    At 8:02 he says captin America 2019 when he is from 2024

  • Burning Cloud
    Burning Cloud Month ago

    these movies are for dumb pig ignorant they really need " breakdown" videos to be understood? REALLY!?????

  • Sam S
    Sam S Month ago

    Bhseins hebsiw wjrirb hduebehe....this is how he spoke....very very fast to follow

  • dman030
    dman030 Month ago +1

    these have become so loud and complicated they have lost touch with the original comics that i grew up with....disappointing from my perspective.

  • DDavid Mac
    DDavid Mac Month ago

    It was the size and quality of Caps Heart.

  • My life as Monika
    My life as Monika Month ago

    I need closer on
    Scarlet: You Took Evrything from me!
    Thanos: I don’t even know who you are
    Scarlet: You will.
    What exactly did he take away from her?

  • dbfidelisforever
    dbfidelisforever Month ago

    Did he say the writer of Cap turning hydra recieved death threats?

  • ям
    ям Month ago +9


    _We're In The EndGame Now_

  • Bilguun Adiya
    Bilguun Adiya Month ago

    Videos over 10 minutes in which the 10 minute mark is more important than you realized

  • Isabelle Torno
    Isabelle Torno Month ago

  • K P
    K P Month ago

    I think she threw him out to make him work for it, she knew exactly what was going to happen, every moment. She just didn’t let on that he was meant to be a hero, because he probably wouldn’t have evolved the way he did if it was “omg dude ur finally here ur gonna save us all!”

  • Jorge Bracero
    Jorge Bracero Month ago

    You missed a fun one. When ant man and wasp talk about needing to get to the van time machine, wasp calls captain america “ cap” and ant man smirks, this is clear making fun of the antman wasp talk they had on their movie in which ant man says cap and wasp mocks him for it. Antman begins “ its what we call captain america, cap”

  • Meredith Hagan
    Meredith Hagan Month ago

    The “assemble” line was ruined a little because “Avengers: Assemble” was the international title of the first group movie.
    Nebula should have been the one to kill her dad.

  • Max Batt
    Max Batt Month ago

    Background music anyone?

  • Cathelijne Visser
    Cathelijne Visser Month ago

    "see were you going" "uhah" "now worry on how you get there"
    barton clint and his dauhgter

  • MÃŘŚ
    MÃŘŚ Month ago

    Everytime loki dies, he steals tessaract

  • MÃŘŚ
    MÃŘŚ Month ago

    Talking about being worthy
    Why can't Tony lift the mjolnir? ?

    • Matt Smith
      Matt Smith Month ago

      At the time of Ultron, he had been a self absorbed, narcissistic womanizing arms dealer whose weapons were responsible for countless innocent deaths. I’m sure even Tony would not count himself worthy, even up to his final sacrifice.

  • Larry Thomas
    Larry Thomas Month ago

    Nope. Cap became worthy after he cleared his conscience about knowing about Starks dad's death and keeping it from Tony.

  • remi -
    remi - Month ago

    omg........ says......says.....

  • scarletrhodelia
    scarletrhodelia Month ago

    I cheered when Steve shaved that stuff off his face.

  • Waffoo101 The Dankest

    America’s ass

  • ktpinnacle
    ktpinnacle Month ago

    Cap wasn't worthy until he divulged what he knew about Tony's parents.

  • Adam Love
    Adam Love Month ago

    3:05 The time Hulk told the Ancient One that Strange gave the stone away and the time she rejected Strange at Kamar-Taj happened in different timelines. In the main timeline she never spoke to Hulk.

  • donald ohlgren
    donald ohlgren Month ago

    Thor's manliness took a big blow in this movie.

  • Raj Rawat
    Raj Rawat Month ago

    Ur background MUSIC please

  • FarSeeker8
    FarSeeker8 Month ago

    I think "The Ancient One" kicked Dr. Strange out for the same/similar reason she left him on Mt. Everest. Because everything he had done as a surgeon had come easy to him, Strange had to be pushed in order for him to try/work harder.

  • Tweenie
    Tweenie Month ago


  • Vincent
    Vincent Month ago

    God I DETEST this narrator's accent! ugh

  • Carlos Huiskens
    Carlos Huiskens Month ago +1

    I'm actually wondering what kind of crazyness might come out of Cap living out his life in the past. It definitely creates a lot of plot holes.

  • Chelsea Coro
    Chelsea Coro Month ago

    " avengers, assemble"
    - Captain America

  • emily 2
    emily 2 Month ago

    When Happy says to Morgan “you like cheeseburgers? You’re dad used to like cheeseburgers. ” That was a reference to how when he got back from being captured the first thing he asked for was a cheeseburger. And also when Bucky says to Cap before he leaves to return the stones
    Cap: Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.
    Bucky: How can I you’re taking all the stupid with you.
    If you reverse who said those lines that’s what Bucky said to cap right before he left for the Army.

  • magnetic horse66
    magnetic horse66 Month ago +1

    the ancient one is suppose to be god when we know he is a man
    Exodus 15:3 King James Version (KJV)
    3 The Lord is a man of war: the Lord is his name.

  • madelaine wood
    madelaine wood Month ago

    what you didn't see that coming

  • Shelton Matthews
    Shelton Matthews Month ago

    I'm fully recommending swamp thing

  • Shelton Matthews
    Shelton Matthews Month ago

    The kitchen looks like a fun ride

  • mark hayes
    mark hayes Month ago

    I think Endgame was horrible it was obvious that Disney didn't spend any money on the script. PROOF: Captain America was created by gamma radiation with cellular regeneration and little to no aging. Bucky had been reactivated over the decades and never aged because Hydra did to Bucky what Cap had done yet cap goes old..... BAH! Just horrible. BTW - How did Cap get to not one but 3 different planets?

  • The Opal Fox Channel
    The Opal Fox Channel Month ago +3

    (Portals open up)
    Thanos : "Motherfu..."

  • Alex Yan
    Alex Yan Month ago +15

    There is no fight. He washed my face with planet and that bloody street magician gives away the stone.
    - Tony stark -

  • Bleda Diaz
    Bleda Diaz Month ago

    The saddest ending EVER - when Thanos Dies!

  • Jeremy JMIAH Williamson

    The Russo brothers have done explained that CAP WAS WORTHY ALL ALONG!! lol