15 Best E3 Moments of Ownage, Embarrassment and Insanity

  • Published on May 27, 2018
  • Year in and year out, the Electronic Entertainment Expo has served as a place of memories. We remember the greatest reveals, the biggest announcements and the most shocking surprises.
    However, E3 has also been the site of major ownage, whether it's one company owning another or owning itself so bad that it plays catch-up in the sales for years. Of course, E3 has had its insane and embarrassing moments as well. Join us as we relive 15 of these joyous, at times disturbing, memories.
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  • Keifley
    Keifley 16 hours ago

    Jokes on Microsoft cuz the first final fantasy on Xbox was final fantasy 13.

  • gstut1
    gstut1 Day ago

    man...ever since Uncle Jack left it started getting shakey on Playstation

  • ESFAndy011
    ESFAndy011 3 days ago

    E3 2013:
    -Microsoft: "Fuck you."
    -Sony: "Hi."

  • Redwald Cuthberting
    Redwald Cuthberting 3 days ago

    I wish the PS was £2.99. XD

  • Hunt
    Hunt 3 days ago

    PC Master Race

  • Citizen Goose
    Citizen Goose 4 days ago

    wheres blizzard??

  • nick fillmore
    nick fillmore 5 days ago


  • Junior Chavez Reyes
    Junior Chavez Reyes 5 days ago +2

    This is why I like PlayStation more we get better games

  • Shark in the woods
    Shark in the woods 6 days ago

    The real question still stands. IS THE WORLD READY FOR KNACK 3 ON IOS??? YOU BET BABYYY

  • GoonerDark
    GoonerDark 6 days ago

    "299" is vicious. Unreal low blood pressure.

  • Far East The Silent Gamer and Movie Maker

    And here I am. playing on emulators 😂😂

  • TheN64man
    TheN64man 10 days ago

    AaAaAaAahHhHh Nintendo guy said ass the whole world is distorted and broken

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak 11 days ago

    Don Matric did some good things for Xbox 360. He bring Final Fantasy for the first time on Xbox console. Its inpresssive nonetheless

  • cradlerofdeath
    cradlerofdeath 11 days ago

    This guy is a liar because nfs rivals makes you go online even if you wanna play single player and far cry 4 will not work unless you're signed online as well just 2 examples of this sony suit lying his ass off while smiling about it what a joke.

  • Tj Cherry
    Tj Cherry 11 days ago

    the best ting about my ps4 games are that i never feel like selling them

  • nartron3000
    nartron3000 13 days ago +1

    S yet my Xbox is backward compatible..sorry Sony..

  • Terry Tibbs
    Terry Tibbs 14 days ago +2

    Sony deserved that win.

  • uriel galindo orozco
    uriel galindo orozco 15 days ago +2

    *Meanwhile Nintendo laughing at Sony and Microsoft bullshit*

  • Paul Thoresen
    Paul Thoresen 15 days ago

    just play the clips, don't pretend like it's your content...

  • Will Lean
    Will Lean 20 days ago

    Yeah and the Sega Saturn was 2x better than the PS. That console was legendary!

  • Clan Trust
    Clan Trust 20 days ago

    This was one of the most boring videos I have ever watched, how about the commentator doesn’t sound like Microsoft sams brother next time

  • steven contreras
    steven contreras 20 days ago

    4:39 holy shit FFXIII was so hyped at that time..little they knew, it was gonna be a huge disappointment

  • Tango-25
    Tango-25 21 day ago

    2019. Ps4 sold 89 million units, xbox1 42 million units.... Those are the facts so please tell me how the xbox 1 is better?

  • Blender
    Blender 23 days ago


  • 320speed
    320speed 23 days ago +2

    When Sony smell blood, they go in for a full Attack! RIP XboxOne

  • dannydude 64
    dannydude 64 24 days ago

    Using "ownage" in 2018...?

  • Lexzeyfer
    Lexzeyfer 24 days ago

    Whats a "kaynect?",sounds like a forggetabbe and useless sega add on

  • Jos Shibu
    Jos Shibu 25 days ago

    Don mattrick is an example of not needing brains to be the head of something as massive as the Xbox brand!

  • Jimmy Neutron
    Jimmy Neutron 26 days ago

    microsoft fucks up pretty much every e3

  • Motohunt94
    Motohunt94 27 days ago

    Hahahah I really liked the way Sony Ps made look Ms Xbox such a stupid platform to own. And when a company comes up with such policies like Xbox did then they should be really owned just like Sony did with them!

  • Kayla Brown
    Kayla Brown 27 days ago

    2:14 That right there is the face of a man who *knows* sales will be great

  • S.L.C.
    S.L.C. 28 days ago

    plot twist. ff7 remake will be coming on PS5 actually :P

  • Machinima heros rise


    POCKET LINT Month ago +1

    "no online re-" This is why i went PC instead of PS4

  • Conor Davies
    Conor Davies Month ago

    E3 2013 will be remembered as the greatest E3 ever.

  • Solaria
    Solaria Month ago

    Reggie's debut was fucking awesome, fuck you.

  • DanDiabloJSY
    DanDiabloJSY Month ago

    And to this day.... Sony still on top with sales and better exclusive games.

  • DPM
    DPM Month ago

    An actual Final Fantasy 7 remake is about as likely as getting Half-Life 3 or Half-Life 2 chapter 3.

  • Slider X
    Slider X Month ago

    Xbox shot themselves in the foot

  • magburner
    magburner Month ago

    1:13 The quotes that was heard around the world!

  • Mr. Meatoad
    Mr. Meatoad Month ago

    the reason gabe didn't like the ps3 is because it was the 3rd one

  • Adam.exe
    Adam.exe Month ago


  • ______________
    ______________ Month ago

    the konami part was the cringest that i have to skip

  • Sundaydish1
    Sundaydish1 Month ago

    Who the fuck is Jamie Kennedy?

  • Conor Doyle
    Conor Doyle Month ago +1

    Dude gta wasn’t something new to Xbox 360 it games on the og one

  • EndZiiel
    EndZiiel Month ago +1

    If you look at today and look back you will realize that plastation is killing Xbox and Nintendo with hardware and exclusives

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous Month ago +1

    Hol up.....xbox didnt allow for ppl to play pre-owned games??? I gotta be missing something or misunderstanding, can someone pls tell me im wrong

  • guttural truth
    guttural truth Month ago

    Just console shit.

  • Ho Lee Long Wang
    Ho Lee Long Wang Month ago

    The 360 xbox guy was drunk

  • ryan y
    ryan y Month ago

    Microsoft handed it to Sony.
    Litteraly litteraly.

  • David Lee
    David Lee Month ago

    No offense, but I wish there were no exclusive games. I can't wait to play FF7 on my Xbox one if comes to it. I'm not made of money


    Why no Nintendo 2007

  • Washington Fox
    Washington Fox Month ago

    "Down the hall and $299.99."

  • N7 Engineer
    N7 Engineer Month ago

    I've started as a Xbox fan boy, but the DRM and response turned me into a Playboy, PS fan.
    I am glade that i did.

  • Whiterun Guard
    Whiterun Guard 2 months ago

    All i learned from this is how bitchy and entitled sonyponies are

  • RJAce1014
    RJAce1014 2 months ago

    It could have been better if each...
    Embarrassment, "Curb your Enthusiasm" theme plays at the end.
    Ownage, "Seinfeld" theme plays at the end.
    Insanity, "Deja Vu" theme plays at the end.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 2 months ago

    Playstaion Bodied Xbox that year

  • L'Quik Shrtz
    L'Quik Shrtz 2 months ago

    That is why i hate final fantasy and metal gear solid games, their owners are just a bunch of whores so they keep making crappy games just for the past, fucking let it go man

  • Winston McGregor
    Winston McGregor 2 months ago

    Playstation has always been a GAMERS system.

  • MWF508
    MWF508 2 months ago

    Microsoft wants you to forget about what xbox one was supposed to be

  • Angry Santa
    Angry Santa 2 months ago

    To follow previous great showing for 2019 sony has decided...to not have a press conference, no seriously....

  • geddoe316
    geddoe316 2 months ago

    Ps4 doesn't require you to be online? If you aren't the primary user it sure as shit does

  • Arjun Pun
    Arjun Pun 2 months ago

    So ready for pS5.

  • Cerus98
    Cerus98 2 months ago

    PS4 had the same policies as X1 until the backlash Microsoft got.

  • PhoenixOfFire
    PhoenixOfFire 2 months ago

    I feel like this is more of a playstation ownage moments rather than E3 in general.

  • MC Chase
    MC Chase 2 months ago

    $399 for the PS4? That's $200 more than the PS3!

  • Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan

    "Two ninety-nine" sounds like "$2.99" to me which would be a bargain. Where I live, we'd say "two hundred and ninety-nine".

  • James Gorman
    James Gorman 2 months ago

    That online requirement bottom of the barrel!

  • Gilmore
    Gilmore 2 months ago +2

    This is how you do a compilation video. Succinct intros and plays the clips without jibber jabbering all over them. 🤟🏻

  • andrewszombie
    andrewszombie 2 months ago

    3:45 here we see Sony inventing dropping the Mic 😂😂

  • Shinom4ever
    Shinom4ever 2 months ago +1

    I'm sorry but the anounced of games that didn't came out and are not planned to go out soon... is not an ownage thing... more of an embarrassment.

  • Droxxie
    Droxxie 2 months ago

    i don't understand the uproar with exclusives. don't we, as gamers, want everyone to be united and sharing experiences? to find enjoyment in the memories that are made.i've played from nintendo, to xbox, to pc- but i've owned a console or 2 from all of them.if my favorite game originally exclusive, goes to another platform, i'd be elated as more people get to enjoy what i have enjoyed. not to mention, the whole idea behind exclusives is a thing of the past, and at this point it's even condemnable. I mean unless you're nintendo, you don't really need exclusives to get people to buy your console anymore.. heh.

  • Samus isn't entertained

    Anyone remember crying over the LoZ Twilight Princess reveal?

  • IamJake98
    IamJake98 2 months ago

    I don’t remember gaming consoles being that much back in the day.

  • TheHixPart
    TheHixPart 2 months ago

    Fuck you an your 6 ads

  • Potato Bag
    Potato Bag 2 months ago

    ofc i can play used games what the fuck is going on here, something i aint seeing is coming up?

    IE BADBOY 2 months ago


    IE BADBOY 2 months ago

    PS4 needs to fucking make shit backwards compatible

  • Antonin
    Antonin 2 months ago

    I still remember smiling like an idiot through the FF13 reveal/trailer, only for the last frame of the trailer to say "Available for Xbox 360". My smile faded away instantly.
    And for those "jumpers" from sony to xbox(microsoft), think about Halo being available for Playstation

  • Nick Slouka
    Nick Slouka 2 months ago

    This was a long video

  • Jeb Logan
    Jeb Logan 2 months ago +1

    Xbox fucked up.

  • Gnome Warlock
    Gnome Warlock 2 months ago

    Where's Devolver Digital?

  • Mick
    Mick 2 months ago


  • daddy
    daddy 2 months ago

    Hahaha lol epic ownage despacito style /s

  • K Reaper 117 KR1
    K Reaper 117 KR1 2 months ago


  • waluigi waluigi
    waluigi waluigi 2 months ago

    4:50 can this guy speak english?

  • Landon Fausett
    Landon Fausett 2 months ago

    So older PS systems didn't support used games?

  • MrKornhead
    MrKornhead 2 months ago

    Wasnt gta San Andreas on the original xbox? Should t that have been the first gta game on the 360?

  • gscman11
    gscman11 2 months ago

    Xbox one will play used games

  • Josh York
    Josh York 2 months ago

    "...as the VP of sharpening things.." - cuts to many gabens alike

  • Cold_ Soup
    Cold_ Soup 2 months ago +2

    Reggie's debut was amazing.

  • Libertarian Dude
    Libertarian Dude 2 months ago

    Sony won e3 2013.

  • IndianTelephone
    IndianTelephone 2 months ago

    Man, I miss Kevin Butler!

  • The Mammalizer
    The Mammalizer 2 months ago

    But alot of the "playstation only" titles stated werent playstation only and appeared on xbox and nintendo consoles before the "ownage, embarrassment and insanity".

  • osbert
    osbert 2 months ago

    6:48 my reaction to every E3 announcement: "Yesss, wait, what? oh hang on, do I care anymore? no... ok, why am I here? they tricked me again into giving a shit. ok, done with this."

  • Icecube88
    Icecube88 2 months ago

    bunch of sony ponys in the comment section lmao.

  • Ryan Hoskins
    Ryan Hoskins 2 months ago

    12:59 English fail

  • Callum McCutcheon
    Callum McCutcheon 2 months ago

    In all seriousness, I’m glad Microsoft changed their ideas about the Xbox One. Thanks Sony!

  • Dsync
    Dsync 2 months ago

    But GTA: San Andreas came out for everything, so GTA IV wasn't the first Xbox grand theft auto. . .