The True All-Screen Smartphone is Here...


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    SLAVI M Day ago

    Ti eba maikata!!!

  • Rich Homie Tron
    Rich Homie Tron 2 days ago

    no one can design a case for that thing lol

  • rashell riddle
    rashell riddle 2 days ago

    Im looking for a phone that is 6" but not a long screen, a wider screen.. My 11yo daughter had the zte zmax pro and loved it.. Lol. I was thinking the note 5... Any ideas?? Thanks:)

  • xxBlack_Mentholxx
    xxBlack_Mentholxx 3 days ago

    When does it come to market .

  • Jeam Beam
    Jeam Beam 3 days ago

    Everything looks like ios. The way those fingerprints look.

  • gian alain
    gian alain 4 days ago

    What if the front cam is indisplay

  • Light Stain
    Light Stain 5 days ago

    How much ram does it have? Can u play high end games like fort nite?

  • Joshua Nkolola
    Joshua Nkolola 5 days ago

    Please may you send me this device😖

  • Joe R
    Joe R 5 days ago

    Love the screen to body ratio! But then we all throw that out the window when we put a protective case on a expensive phone... Just saying!

  • Daaveed Seth
    Daaveed Seth 6 days ago


  • golden
    golden 6 days ago

    what about the little chin?

  • Valkyrie-core
    Valkyrie-core 7 days ago

    Wow thisno phone looks so clean and minimal. I'm rocking an LG Aristo 2 and I love it but this... Wow

  • Misvaro Tallica
    Misvaro Tallica 10 days ago

    Nice table

  • Syafaaterzzs
    Syafaaterzzs 12 days ago +1

    Vivo Nex Changed Vivo Apex Or Sebaliknya

  • All In Tune
    All In Tune 13 days ago

    How much money did they give you?

  • Lil Raim
    Lil Raim 13 days ago

    Why is every phone copying the iPhone X camera

  • Jhay Lanz
    Jhay Lanz 13 days ago

    No camera flash

  • Nicolas Aguirre
    Nicolas Aguirre 13 days ago

    omg Like if you want it

  • Ayo Teo
    Ayo Teo 14 days ago

    What happens to your background

  • Sunny Kumar
    Sunny Kumar 14 days ago

    Way head phone jack are remove for all phone because the are copy iPhone style and Vivo not copy iphone

  • PTG Kwebellkop
    PTG Kwebellkop 14 days ago

    No... I'll buy smart tv

  • Thanya _natty
    Thanya _natty 14 days ago

    How much ?

  • Revier Jeril Alzate
    Revier Jeril Alzate 15 days ago

    The technology behind Samsung's concept design New Infinity tops this one, I think...

  • jordan jaleco
    jordan jaleco 16 days ago

    why manufacturers fighting for a bezelless fone? whats the importance lou?

  • Cheemeng Yap
    Cheemeng Yap 18 days ago

    I will buy this i go fishing use to hit the fish.

  • Marcus Rebello
    Marcus Rebello 18 days ago

    Thanks for unboxing the product on my Birthday

  • extreme_ gaming
    extreme_ gaming 18 days ago

    Your camera man has a handsome mustache

  • Alexandru Alistarh
    Alexandru Alistarh 18 days ago

    Stop clickbait-ing

  • Spaghetten
    Spaghetten 18 days ago


  • Ankush K
    Ankush K 19 days ago +1

    Man I had this idea to build a phone like this and damn these people already done this

  • Dan Seabreeze
    Dan Seabreeze 19 days ago +2

    People read texts and emails width-wise not with the ever growing up and down (tall) screen. The screen is NOT getting bigger its only getting taller and sometimes in sacrifice of the width which is most important.

  • Cammy Campbell
    Cammy Campbell 19 days ago

    Freddie Mercury is your camera guy?

  • L
    L 20 days ago

    That's the Vivo Nex S.

  • FallenBunny91
    FallenBunny91 20 days ago

    Vivo NEX??? Concept Prototype?

  • cfc1001001cfc
    cfc1001001cfc 20 days ago

    Awesome Pornstashe by Kirk at 02:23

  • gaetan Attikpo
    gaetan Attikpo 21 day ago

    wow wow wow

  • check me out
    check me out 21 day ago

    Who else is worried that headohone jacks are dissapearing and he don see himself ever not using headphone jack

  • villager's life
    villager's life 22 days ago

    What is the name of this mobile

  • Flávio Lisbôa
    Flávio Lisbôa 22 days ago

    Is he making this review at gunpoint?

  • Rayees Mathroof
    Rayees Mathroof 22 days ago

    This concept actually from samsung these people stole from them and lunch just before samsung

  • pavan gangawane
    pavan gangawane 23 days ago

    Apple will INVENT this design next year.

  • vortex fighter
    vortex fighter 24 days ago

    Theres a vivo v8

  • priyanshu kapoor channel D channel x

    Ammmmmmaaayyzing.😎😎 Iam of 15 and I really loved it. I want I want it.

  • Psychedelic Love
    Psychedelic Love 25 days ago

    Yo what the fuck, It feels like I've been outta the phone game for a millennia.... All these phones that have been coming out are awesome. Just picked up a Nokia 7.1 but god damn I think I might return it because I'm sure there is another one out there that blows it outta the water for the same price tag around $350

  • Shahrul Hafiz
    Shahrul Hafiz 25 days ago

    Which smartphone you should buy
    Vivo nex, appo find x. which one is better?

  • Marc-Ivens Gaspard
    Marc-Ivens Gaspard 26 days ago

    whats up with your voice

  • jughead18sp
    jughead18sp 27 days ago

    The double screen one I think is a better idea

  • Pretty Ricky
    Pretty Ricky 28 days ago

    Where's the unboxing? That's the best part smh I'm very disappointed

  • The Internet
    The Internet 28 days ago

    nope, sorry has a chin, there are so many trade-offs when removing the top and bottom bezels, it's only worth it if it's TRULY bezeless, no chin. I am far from an apple fanboy, but only apple has done it right with the X

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne 29 days ago

    Talks about utilizing the entire screen and how important getting rid of notches are, yet makes videos with half inch black bars on each side of the screen! 😆🤮

  • Stuart Sharpe
    Stuart Sharpe 29 days ago

    What was in your bottom lip?

  • Inori Yuzuriha
    Inori Yuzuriha Month ago

    is this from 2200?

  • David
    David Month ago

    Notice phone companies have gave up on making phones thinner and worked on the design and screen 7 mm thickness phones are good enough

  • MidnightAssasin T
    MidnightAssasin T Month ago

    Imagine if there is no hardware kind of front camera... What if the front camera is in the screen that would be epic

  • Ahmed Clay
    Ahmed Clay Month ago

    i wonder if they maybe mirrored the camera inside like the old dslr cameras so the image maybe reflect or something to the lens inside without that thing popping up everytime you take a picture ? i mean they are smart they can do it

  • Ironspe4R
    Ironspe4R Month ago

    rip stereo speakers..

  • Mithun Chowdhury
    Mithun Chowdhury Month ago

    Can u help me finding the better between oppo find x,Samsung galaxy s9 plus,vivo nex??I m from india..price is not a bar..

  • Ozan The Jedi
    Ozan The Jedi Month ago

    Xiaomi mi mix3 rocks

  • Fire Gamer
    Fire Gamer Month ago

    Look even this has a headphone jack. I think Apple should take some notes.

  • Red Gamez
    Red Gamez Month ago

    *but can IT run Minecraft*

  • Chris Rush
    Chris Rush Month ago

    They want to be iPhone

  • Technical Sabir
    Technical Sabir Month ago

    This is ammezing system 😉

  • Fish Stik
    Fish Stik Month ago

    This guy is kind of annoying. Finally watched one of his videos and I regret it. Just wish youtube would stop recommending them

  • Gacha Jamie
    Gacha Jamie Month ago

    Guess what? iPhonex has it too.

  • Mskd_ Gamr
    Mskd_ Gamr Month ago

    Lew without glasses confused me and I don't like it put them back on!! 😖

  • Sam2468 YouTube
    Sam2468 YouTube Month ago


  • kuldeep dinkar
    kuldeep dinkar Month ago

    I want a tongue print in phone.

  • kuldeep dinkar
    kuldeep dinkar Month ago

    Is there any kind of DC motor there to bring the camera out of the phone.

  • stephen rehberger
    stephen rehberger Month ago

    Lol might as well be on kick starter because you’ll never see this phone in the real world

  • Sukjin Son
    Sukjin Son Month ago +1


  • Andrew Glendenning
    Andrew Glendenning Month ago +8

    FBI will have all fingerprints and no one will know it. The future they will read your mind with the front facing camera. Ps I’m totally sane

  • Aaron Creagh
    Aaron Creagh Month ago

    This a phone for people that have a certain eye for technology.
    I like the way it looks, but show me something for around $120

  • Tony Diaz
    Tony Diaz Month ago

    Strange as it sounds, I prefer a little bit of bezel on a phone.

  • Jay Jenkins
    Jay Jenkins Month ago

    No it isn’t.

  • Name Name
    Name Name Month ago

    The professional music industry still uses AUX. AUX is not outdated. AUX should not be removed from phones. I use my wired AUX headphones almost every single day, and I have totally no complaints. We shouldn't be getting rid of something that works well.

  • Warren Pike
    Warren Pike Month ago

    New desk? Looks Nice!

  • wolo Loenemy
    wolo Loenemy Month ago

    Do only i find this phone ugly as fuck?

  • Mukesh Sodesa
    Mukesh Sodesa Month ago

    Hi Lewis, where can we buy Vivo Apex online? I know Vivo Nex is there but I like Apex, especially the flat surfaces. Thanks

  • Bobby Chow.
    Bobby Chow. Month ago


  • Eric Mitchell
    Eric Mitchell Month ago

    😲 😯 😮

  • MMmaster123
    MMmaster123 Month ago


  • Marlon King
    Marlon King Month ago +5

    This phone looks cool - but two finger prints - if someone really wants to unlock your phone you end up losing two fingers instead of one...


    Love YOUR video From Pakistan😉

  • Himanshu Rehani
    Himanshu Rehani Month ago


  • Multorum Unum
    Multorum Unum Month ago

    What about the first Aquos...?

  • can we hit 5000 with no videos?

    vivo actually copied huwawei.

  • Dinesh Kumar
    Dinesh Kumar Month ago

    What about mi mix???

  • Jerry Private
    Jerry Private Month ago

    bezel less looks ugly to me.

  • Jane Henderson
    Jane Henderson Month ago +2

    In 2012, Americans always said that the Chinese would outdo the Americans with knockoff phones

  • jonnel Panit
    jonnel Panit Month ago

    Why the battery of that phone is fast draining! I only recognize it while you are talking

  • Xquisitaz
    Xquisitaz Month ago

    Not even close to true about everybody wanting a big screen.

  • Victor Valadez
    Victor Valadez Month ago +2

    You should try the new Sony Experia xz3

  • kevin b
    kevin b Month ago

    1337 >1338

  • kiruba karan
    kiruba karan Month ago

    this video looks soo odddddd!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chase McDaniel
    Chase McDaniel Month ago

    This is cool, but the down side to a "zero bezel screen" , is that any meaty part of your hand is going to hit buttons..and worse ADS. And we all know people making ADS will capitalize on the "screen edge accidental clicks"... Were all going to be forced to type on our phones on a table.

  • Rohit Katiyar
    Rohit Katiyar Month ago +1

    Frankly note 8 and 9, s8 and s9 .. all have same hardware design. Apple is doing the same thing fpr the past 4 years 6,6s,7,8.

  • V Amazing world
    V Amazing world Month ago

    Awesome phone

  • samir ahmed
    samir ahmed Month ago

    What is this phone name??

  • muhammed alakir
    muhammed alakir Month ago

    where are you we like your videos in the garage wherever is it don't chance the atmosphere

  • piyush
    piyush Month ago

    Now that's the phone of future.