Huawei Mate 10 Pro: The Real Deal?


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  • Ziyab Najeeb
    Ziyab Najeeb 4 days ago

    Apple's Ball Sucker!

  • Slimzie
    Slimzie 5 days ago

    Is it worth buying this phone for 445 dollars going in 2019? Im currently on a Huawei honor 7, and Im looking for a upgrade and I dont really know what phone to pick but this is the one I have been thinking of.. or do you have any ideas ?

  • G Cart
    G Cart 9 days ago

    Freemason puppet, theyve got him wearing a sun t-shirt & in the background black cubes and red triangles 👍🏻

  • Abxxdy Blox
    Abxxdy Blox 15 days ago

    Watching on my mate 10 pro

  • Normi Senpai
    Normi Senpai 17 days ago

    How to proof good phones? Download PUBG Mobile and actually see if it lags.

  • Not Your Business
    Not Your Business 18 days ago

    Huawei owned by the Chinese government and the PLA. If your are an American who buys this you are a traitor to your country, you are supporting the filth of China that slaughters Tibetans, Falun Gang etc. You are no better than the dumb asses who looked the other way with the Nazis, because they helped the German Economy. Huawei is an evil imperialistic communist company.

  • FireFly
    FireFly 21 day ago

    i have tried the mate 20 pro and the mate 10 pro and i find the mate 10 pro great i do a lot of Video's for youtube and find it better than the 20 pro and lots of other uses so the mate ten pro is the phone for me

  • Frank
    Frank 22 days ago

    When I first saw you, I was fascinated by your personality

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre 22 days ago

    Honor View 10's big brother

  • Brando Cruz
    Brando Cruz 22 days ago

    The most bias reviewer ever 😂 😂 😂... You should review your own dog 😂...

  • JUDALATION gamestrodamous

    Where do the haters have the nerve to comment like this on a Video? JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE DISAGREES WITH YOU DOES NOT GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BE JERKS...

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez 27 days ago

    I consider your channel a one stop shop for anything phone related. This phone has gone down to $480 new, and I watched since I'm considering replacing my current phone. One thing that I feel was out of place was the fact that the processor was only mentioned as "an octacore processor", which is very vague in my opinion. Sure I could Google or search another video for that info, but it takes away from why I love you videos so much.

  • Darkjbruh 122
    Darkjbruh 122 27 days ago

    Hit or miss I guess they never miss huh I bet your boyfriend doesn't even kiss ya

  • Big Boots
    Big Boots 27 days ago

    Don't buy don't trust Chinese

  • Maurício MP
    Maurício MP 28 days ago

    God Damn It. I saw the Mate 20 Pro for around U$ 1500 on Amazon... Jesus!! Not switching anytime soon.

  • pedro teixeira
    pedro teixeira 29 days ago

    Well the number of dislikes says it much as we like MKBHDs reviews...this one was kinda biased sorry no hate👊

  • Maurício MP
    Maurício MP Month ago

    I´m seriously considering trading my Samsung or iPhone for a Huawei. But what´s the point if Huawei´s top phones have also eliminated the earphone jack and to make things worse, won´t even give wireless charging at this price??!!

    • Maurício MP
      Maurício MP 27 days ago

      Sucker Hacker Gaming Ok thank you. I'll look deeper into the radio stuff.

    • Sucker Hacker Gaming
      Sucker Hacker Gaming 27 days ago

      +Maurício MP no it can last for 2 days or a day and a half iam saying if u leave the screen on It will last 7 hours and I don't really know about the radio I got it on my phone but I don't use it so I can't tell u anything

    • Maurício MP
      Maurício MP 27 days ago

      Sucker Hacker Gaming You mean it lasts 8 hours? I didn't get it. Also at the store they told me I had to download a radio app that only works online, is that correct? With Samsung I can listen to the radio offline

    • Sucker Hacker Gaming
      Sucker Hacker Gaming 28 days ago

      I love that phone but I don't have money for it 😢 I only have a p20 lite but iknow a lot about mate 20

    • Sucker Hacker Gaming
      Sucker Hacker Gaming 28 days ago

      U can watch some reviews

  • booshka booshka
    booshka booshka Month ago

    what color is this?

    RED MOBILE uk Month ago

    always good reviews

  • Nermin Bee
    Nermin Bee Month ago +1

    I have this phone for almost one year and really this phone is trash im unhappy that i spend 800€ on this trash phone. Guys samsung pr iphone no other phones!

  • Jack Son
    Jack Son Month ago

    I cannot find the remote control right now, before it's ok. Could anyone help me? Please

  • Brando Cruz
    Brando Cruz Month ago +1

    You are so biased.. The phone is so good that cannot match all the iPhone phone!!

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson Month ago +1

    We have to put aside the fact that under Trump, Most Chinese phones seem to be getting bad rep.. no surprise there then..Hauwei are good... was gutted they never made the next Google 6P was awesome. I'd rather buy this for £450 new in the UK than £1000 here for an iPhone XS... no phone is worth that...Just my opinion..

  • Dr Snacker
    Dr Snacker Month ago +1

    After this review, all I ask is: how in hell does this guy has more than 7M subscribers?!

  • Hulla Baloon
    Hulla Baloon Month ago

    worst phone I ever had (P9 and p10). Great Camera, but apart from that...utter crap! didnt lasted 11 months

  • Dylan Maldonado
    Dylan Maldonado Month ago

    You've fallen for the US propaganda against China. It has clouded your judgment for this review.

  • Christian Marmol
    Christian Marmol 2 months ago +1

    Dam dude is so dam wrong! great phone and screen is beautiful! He is just an apple head stuck in that world

  • RealTime Fun
    RealTime Fun 2 months ago

    Everyone's hating on his Huawei videos, but that's because they think he's biased against Huawei. He said a lot of good things about the phone, but you guys only focus on the bad things he said. Very poor reactions.

  • RandomTech
    RandomTech 2 months ago +1

    why didn't you mention about processor? just 8 core?

  • Shuhaid Savahl
    Shuhaid Savahl 2 months ago

    Hi. Can you tell me what's the difference in battery life between the mate 10 pro and the Samsung Galaxy S9? Thanks alot.

    • RealTime Fun
      RealTime Fun 2 months ago

      The Galaxy S9 has a 3000mAH battery, and the Mate 10 Pro has a 4000mAH battery, and the S9 has a 5.8 inch display, and the Pro has a 6 inch display. In my opinion, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro has better battery life than a Samsung Galaxy S9.

  • LM2017 ITALIA
    LM2017 ITALIA 2 months ago +1

    I felt this review lacked journalistic objectivity.

  • GP
    GP 2 months ago

    In early 2018 I looked at every phone on the market and this seemed the perfect balance between cost and capability. 9 months later and I still enjoy using it every day. And battery life is amazing! BUT where the heck can I get an original Huawei wall charger for UK use. I have one on long-standing order with a reputable online store but all I get is apologies and willingness to return my money. Same for my wife's P20 Lite. Huawei support in the UK seems non existent! Can anyone tell me where I can get these chargers please?

  • HaDeZ Clan
    HaDeZ Clan 2 months ago

    This or the OnePlus 6t I need a new phone

  • syed yaya
    syed yaya 2 months ago +1

    the kirin 970 chip does not support wireless charging

  • Mahir Iftikhar
    Mahir Iftikhar 2 months ago

    2018 November no need ti buy mate 10 pro

  • A.Ahmad Studio
    A.Ahmad Studio 2 months ago

    If it was 500 $ then is that deal a good one?

  • Calisthenicsnoob
    Calisthenicsnoob 2 months ago

    Its not wa wei, its hua-wei lol

  • Ofentse Mwase Films
    Ofentse Mwase Films 2 months ago

    Looking back, its a ugly phone

  • jose Maria lezcano
    jose Maria lezcano 2 months ago

    I got one (111 us dollars) and it is an amazing experience, but I miss the headphone jack

  • Junayd A.A
    Junayd A.A 2 months ago

    Mate 20 pro is just such a big Improvement from this

  • Junayd A.A
    Junayd A.A 2 months ago

    Still worth In 2018

  • Zane Atkins
    Zane Atkins 2 months ago

    I absolutely love this phones looks.

  • Janne P
    Janne P 2 months ago

    Im planning on moving on from my broken OnePlus 3. Now trying to figure out is it going to be OnePlus 6 or this Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Both 499€. Not going to get OnePlus6T because it is not "Never Settle" anymore. Someone help me out 😅

    • crazymelon22
      crazymelon22 Month ago

      For this money is expensive. If you find it under 360 it's value for money. It's 2018 November....

  • Sloppy Joe
    Sloppy Joe 2 months ago

    no headphone jack = no deal

  • B
    B 2 months ago

    I bought it new recently. Really cheap now . UK cost £ 360.00 . Great phone for this low budget price .Great specifications. Beats a lot of phones out there now . Love it.

  • Skinny Bones Jones
    Skinny Bones Jones 2 months ago

    LGBT 30?!

  • VitoTheo
    VitoTheo 2 months ago +1

    I really want to know if the mate 10 pro is genuinely better than my s7 in enough ways. (Definitely the camera!)

    • crazymelon22
      crazymelon22 Month ago

      Battery life, camera, bigger screen (important to see easier everything), pc mode (you can use it as a pc with a cable without a base), and for my hands better grip.

  • Vadi Bracaj
    Vadi Bracaj 2 months ago

    I think these new Huawei phones have improved a lot but they're too expensive.

  • Martaine70
    Martaine70 2 months ago

    Good review, but don't forget it has great storage too 128 GB built in (though no microSD slot)

  • potxman007
    potxman007 3 months ago

    is it worth it to get in 2018? the price has went down quiet a bit from the start and that might mean something bad maybe? i would apreciate some help ASAP

    • Stephen Bannister
      Stephen Bannister 2 months ago

      Hi I use the usb headphones in the box and I'm happy also come with 3.5 jack in the box if you've got a nice set or buy wireless at some point I do also agree with the other guy to wait for the one plus 6t launch to see what they say I don't know the price difference will be. but it will be on pie as well one plus and Huawei make make some very nice phones an old apple user would be more familiar with the Huawei one other thing I notice with mate 10 pro is LTE downloads extremely fast and rear fingerprint sensor can be customised to pull down you notifications also supercharge about 1hour 20 minutes battery brilliant a light user it will last 2 days easy .face I'd is good but not in low light but you've got to optoins

      H!RAGAR R!DHAM 2 months ago

      +potxman007 get maye 20 bro...or one plus 6t which is coming VERY shortly ...also can you tell me budget what is ur budget!?

    • potxman007
      potxman007 2 months ago

      +Stephen Bannister and what about the lack of a headphone jack? Did it affect you much?

    • Stephen Bannister
      Stephen Bannister 2 months ago

      potxman007 hi had this phone for 7 months .battery unreal .i love this phone.and there releasing android pie update shortly