TOY STORY 4 Trailer Breakdown! Super Bowl Pixar Easter Eggs You Missed!

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Toy Story 4 Trailer from the Big Game! Thanks to Massdrop for sponsoring this video! Get the headphones I use to make these videos:
    What did the Toy Story 4 Super Bowl promo spot tell us about the fourth chapter with Woody and Buzz Lightyear? Who are the new characters in Toy Story 4, and what could be the mysterious ending teased by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen? Erik Voss breaks down this new Toy Story trailer for all the details you might have missed, including the Pixar Easter Eggs hidden in the imagery. What shots showcase Pixar's impressive attention to detail? And did you catch the missable animation error?
    SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS (, including these beautiful people:
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    Post Production Supervisor: Devin Cleary
    Editors: Joshua Hurd, Devin Cleary, Aaron Carrión
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  • Silvia Chapita
    Silvia Chapita 10 days ago

    Buzz you got a friend in me woody to infinity and beyond

  • Serveaux's Cosplay Nerdery

    Woody: We were toys made for lonely housewives this whole time.
    Buzz: I know, our names should have made that obvious sooner. To virginity and beyond!
    (Buzz presses a button on his arm)

  • John Wick
    John Wick Month ago

    final lines
    buzz:we will stay together..
    woody:to infinity and beyond

  • Monster Energy101
    Monster Energy101 Month ago

    Someone is going to die in this

  • Cardamom Peanut
    Cardamom Peanut 2 months ago

    Final lines:
    Duke: Duke
    Duke: caboom

  • Jennifer Elling
    Jennifer Elling 2 months ago

    Final lines:
    Woody: we will always be so much more then toys.
    Buzz: for infinity and beyond.

    To be continued😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • dewi sartika
    dewi sartika 2 months ago

    Buzz : You Should Have Gone For The Head!!
    Woody : Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  • Everything Everything
    Everything Everything 2 months ago

    Duke kaboom was in the crib in the clip

  • PupIsTheCoolest/PITC
    PupIsTheCoolest/PITC 2 months ago

    If you look when bow pep shows woody the toys you can see Tin toy

  • Everything Cool
    Everything Cool 2 months ago

    Disneyland rip off

  • Mr. Brony / The Emulator

    I think it will end with the phrase,
    "You've Got A Friend In Me."

  • Dumb Secrets 2
    Dumb Secrets 2 3 months ago

    Last two lines (Woody)"well you may go,"(Buzz)'yes I know :) through my shoulder."

  • Zora Catone
    Zora Catone 3 months ago

    1. The character on Bo Peep's shoulder is female.
    2. Duke Kaboom is NOT from the same line as Buzz Lightyear.

  • Riley Sollerud
    Riley Sollerud 3 months ago

    Woody: Buzz, I am your father!
    Buzz: We already did this one. Zorg is my father. GOD, WOODY CHECK YOUR FACTS!!!

  • sarosh ENCORE
    sarosh ENCORE 3 months ago

    Final two words are :

    "Pika Pika" 😁

  • finn Bradley
    finn Bradley 3 months ago

    Does it have a microphone?

  • the life of nintendo
    the life of nintendo 3 months ago

    Who do you think will be the Villain of Toy Story 4? Bunny and Ducky or Zurg?

  • i ship JELSA
    i ship JELSA 3 months ago

    Buzz- "Woody-"
    Woody "So long partner."
    They both nod at each other and then slowly walk there separate ways. Jessy and buzz away from the sunset and Woody and Bo-Peep walking in to the sunset.
    A toys final journey.

    JNKYGRENADE 3 months ago

    Last lines

    “Goodbye woody “Goodbye buzz”

  • Takaaki Handwerk
    Takaaki Handwerk 3 months ago

    Alright we’re a113

  • ineedspace 128
    ineedspace 128 3 months ago

    You're not a toy😔.so long partner

  • Brainz
    Brainz 3 months ago

    I heard on the radio woody says to infinity and beyond and leaves with bo

  • XxSophie PlayzxX
    XxSophie PlayzxX 3 months ago

    Lotzo is not left behind he is my favorite plushie

  • Kaden Vanciel
    Kaden Vanciel 3 months ago

    How would these interpretations mingle with Lobster Theory's video about Toy Story 4 being a tale of creativity and death?

    And to answer the question of my idea of those final two lines, here is what could be an idea.
    Buzz: Goodbye, Woddy.
    Woody: Goodbye, Buzz.

    I hope no one, especially Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, was lying when they said they needed time for themselves after reading their final lines.

  • Danger Noodle
    Danger Noodle 3 months ago

    Duke kaboom?.....DUKE NUKEM'??????????????HMMMM

  • Barry’s Racing Productions

    Woody: I gtg bye

    Buzz & the rest: So long pal 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  • tails doll chao Heartless Roxas

    Cocoa is Garbage

  • Gail Green
    Gail Green 3 months ago

    1Good bye buzz
    2 to infinity and beyond

  • Quade Pieters
    Quade Pieters 3 months ago

    8:05 the toy is next to jack jack

  • Marsha Schmitt
    Marsha Schmitt 3 months ago

    Buzz- I guess this is goodbye
    Woody- goodbye buzz.

  • Take a Break mate
    Take a Break mate 3 months ago

    The octopus looks like a spider.

  • WarmedStorm6559
    WarmedStorm6559 3 months ago

    Omg John wick in toy story. "How ripped my dog's stuffin."

  • Elliot Loveluck
    Elliot Loveluck 3 months ago

    "Apparently this character is hidden SOMEWHERE in Incredibles 2!"
    *shows only clip in Incredibles 2 with a non-generic toy in it*

  • Joe Milligan
    Joe Milligan 3 months ago

    Buzz’s battery’s die (buzz is dying) buzz coughs and saids “so long partner”
    Woody “to infinity and beyond” closing his helmet to respect him.

  • CJsAwesomeWorld
    CJsAwesomeWorld 3 months ago

    Buzz : bye cowboy
    Woody: so this is the end space ranger😢😢

  • Master Blaster25
    Master Blaster25 3 months ago

    Last lines
    Buzz: ‘We are..’
    Woody: ‘..Toys.’

  • Deezy
    Deezy 3 months ago

    Woody: "To infinity, and beyond..."
    Buzz: "So long, partner..."
    Woody walks off into the sunset, abandoning Buzz.

  • More Crozzeyed
    More Crozzeyed 3 months ago

    If you pause at 3:22 then you will see that buzz head goes into the helmet

  • Daniel Bosse
    Daniel Bosse 3 months ago

    Also buzz’s head is probably squishable plastic so maybe it’s not clipping

  • Nhlalo Ndlovu
    Nhlalo Ndlovu 3 months ago

    Woody will take back everything he said from toy story 1

  • Branreb Garcia
    Branreb Garcia 3 months ago

    Woody: k bye

  • Devin Rosychuk
    Devin Rosychuk 3 months ago

    not really a mistake, it would be akin to a smear frame in traditional animation. The greater the distance between the two frames, the more of a "punch" the action will have, it settles slightly into his geo and then pops back out. I mean, sure it couldn't actually happen but I am 100% certain it was intentional. The frozen hair thing however? i dunno, still a trash heap of a film.

  • Esteban Ramírez
    Esteban Ramírez 3 months ago

    Woody: “so long...”
    Buzz and Woody: “...partner”

  • angela palmer
    angela palmer 3 months ago

    Woody: To infinity.... Buzz: ...and beyond

  • Dante03106
    Dante03106 3 months ago

    The end scene...
    Buzz and woody lost the gang the where Sitting on a path and a old person in late 50s picks them up sadly and takes them in a antique shop selling them to 2 different people buzz says so long pal and woody says to infinity and beyond and it shows buzz and woody in different cars showing flashbacks the end

  • Sharko Fish mouth
    Sharko Fish mouth 3 months ago

    Buzz: “What the heck!”
    Woody: “LANGUAGE!”

  • Dr.Gollem
    Dr.Gollem 3 months ago

    You missed duke caboom he is shown at 8:05

  • zippy
    zippy 3 months ago

    8:05 look in the crib

  • Diocelina Arroyo
    Diocelina Arroyo 3 months ago

    Woody huh there's no gost in this video
    Buzz it's just a car driving down the ro- *buzz gets jumpscared*

  • Not Your Typical Donkey

    2019's gonna be a great year.

  • Savio Almeida
    Savio Almeida 3 months ago +1

    Buzz: Im going to say the n word
    Woody: Buzz no u can't say the n word!!

  • Hector Gutierrez
    Hector Gutierrez 3 months ago

    Woody says the n-word confirmed

  • Elijah Jones
    Elijah Jones 4 months ago

    keanu plays that toy in jack jacks crib 8:05

  • Woj Tek
    Woj Tek 4 months ago +1

    Is that Slime from Dragon Quest next to wizard bananas?

    • Red Ringed Games
      Red Ringed Games 3 months ago

      I think it is, or it’s just a Planet with a face that looks like Gooey. From Kirby. Who also looks way too close to Slime.
      Well we all know Toy Story And Planets They go together like Aliens and Potatoes.

  • Staru Tubby
    Staru Tubby 4 months ago +1

    Woody:we must shut us dow
    Bo beep:but woody...
    Woody:sorry bo
    Buzz: on 3 we shut all of us down ok
    And they shut there selfs for good

  • John Chandler
    John Chandler 4 months ago

    WOODY: don't kill me. BUZZ: oh I am not gonna kill ya, I am just gonna make you hurt. Really, really BAD.

  • Bum
    Bum 4 months ago

    Toy story 5: when toys become humans

  • MrDr Koala
    MrDr Koala 4 months ago

    "you got a friend......" "and me"

  • Everything 80's Podcast

    the final lines will be whispered by Woody to Buzz while they're in the middle of a busy street in Tokyo. We won't catch it but Buzz will say "Ok" then they'll kiss and walk away forever. Cue Randy Newman

  • Everything 80's Podcast

    These movies are all dark af at their core but I'm down with it

  • it'smabeanz Kid
    it'smabeanz Kid 4 months ago

    Maybe the last two lines are :"We dont have to be toys" and then "So long partner"

  • BrayBrayy_
    BrayBrayy_ 4 months ago

    Woody is gonna leave to go with po and he has to leave buzz and the gang
    And the last 2 lines are gonna be from woody and buzz.
    Buzz: So long partner
    Woody: To infinity and beyond
    Then woody and po walk away and the movie ends.

  • The Wild
    The Wild 4 months ago

    Woody: bye partner * waves to buzz*. Buzz: and to you partner * buzz waves*. * woody walks off to the distance *

  • Sparkymist
    Sparkymist 4 months ago

    It’s going to be “Avengers Assemble”

  • Jaden - Summerbiker 2019

    Woody "You!! are!! a!!! toy!! you!! aren't!!! the!!! real!! buzz!! lightyear!!! you're!!! an!! ACTION!! Figure!! you're!!! a child's!! PLAYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • The Lonely Nerd
    The Lonely Nerd 4 months ago

    The final line
    Buz I don't feel so good

  • Maria Bizacka
    Maria Bizacka 4 months ago

    GOOD Buy

  • Lissa Murawski
    Lissa Murawski 4 months ago

    Last two lines.
    Buzz: So long partner.
    Woody: To infinity and beyond.

  • Lloyd Share
    Lloyd Share 4 months ago

    Upscaled artifacts isn't clipping

  • Ethan Hagler
    Ethan Hagler 4 months ago

    You got a friend in me

  • 은재
    은재 4 months ago

    i love seinheisser

  • xp Melons
    xp Melons 4 months ago

    Why is no one talking about the fact that John Wick will be in TOY STORY 4

  • Eli Wuensch
    Eli Wuensch 4 months ago

    Mr Potato is going to say the n word

  • Jonathan Op
    Jonathan Op 4 months ago

    I think That woody will go Another path and buzz will go Another path to

  • Infinite Abyss
    Infinite Abyss 4 months ago

    Buzz and woody take a last look at each other. Buzz will say,"So long partner," and woody will say,"to infinity and beyond."

  • Star Santana
    Star Santana 4 months ago

    not an octopus a spider

  • MSE Nation
    MSE Nation 4 months ago +3

    I think buzz will say "so long partner" as he fades off into the sunset!!

  • UniHannah !
    UniHannah ! 4 months ago

    8:06 right there. Duke kaboom. In the crib!!!

  • not thefirst
    not thefirst 4 months ago

    Playtime must end

  • Michael Herrera
    Michael Herrera 4 months ago

    As they part ways
    Buzz: "so long partner"
    Woody: "to infinity and beyond"

  • A113
    A113 4 months ago +2

    What was the Neolithic Revolution summative assessment

  • Nerdy Nick
    Nerdy Nick 4 months ago

    4:05 see that antique shop in the background maybe bo peep came from there

    • Nerdy Nick
      Nerdy Nick 4 months ago

      I know he mentioned it I commented before watching

  • Timmetje
    Timmetje 4 months ago

    Bo Peep IS in Toy Story 3 (well, as a silent cameo) look when Andy is watching a movie to the right and you wil see Bo

  • Purplelord 129
    Purplelord 129 4 months ago +3

    Final two lines:
    Woody: What is it buzz
    Buzz: It's free real estate

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 4 months ago

    Woody: What is a spaceship?
    Rex:I'll do u one better, why is spaceship

  • blessed army
    blessed army 4 months ago

    Woody: hey, buzz? i love you
    Buzz: love you too partner


  • Yeeter Skadeeter
    Yeeter Skadeeter 4 months ago

    The final scene will be mr potato head saying the n word

  • Teanna Byerts
    Teanna Byerts 4 months ago


  • Teanna Byerts
    Teanna Byerts 4 months ago

    fandom will be in tears to infinity and beyond... first, the Final how To Train Your Dragon... now, the final Toy Story...
    onions, it must be the onions...

  • Broodermetal9
    Broodermetal9 4 months ago

    Duk caboom is john wick lol

  • AberSaber67 2077
    AberSaber67 2077 4 months ago


  • Mario Mateo
    Mario Mateo 4 months ago

    What is at the end Bo Peep and Woody kiss so the last last words in the movie could be Woody saying to Bo Peep that he loves bo peep

  • discount morty
    discount morty 4 months ago

    holy shit I didn't knew John wick was in it!!!

  • Chubby Bunny 5000
    Chubby Bunny 5000 4 months ago +6

    Woody: So long partner
    Buzz: We went to infinity and beyond
    *Cue every kid born between 2000 and 2003 crying*

  • ol'one-eye'd_CarlWD !
    ol'one-eye'd_CarlWD ! 4 months ago

    "We weren't dusted" Thank God to infinity and beyond"

  • Joshua Conine
    Joshua Conine 4 months ago

    Woody- ye ha
    Buzz-ya he

  • Budget Films
    Budget Films 4 months ago

    6:57 I noticed that before watching this : P

  • Bectek props
    Bectek props 4 months ago

    Buzz: Would you like me to lie to you now?
    Woody: Yes, yes

  • Tymetrain
    Tymetrain 4 months ago

    Woody: 'You should've gone for the head'
    Buzz: 'NOO-'

  • II Faqz
    II Faqz 4 months ago

    Last 2 lines
    Woody: “Buzz I don’t feel so good “
    Buzz: “So long partner”